waking up early is not going to be fun with a final at 11

truthfullyideal  asked:

☾ + = my muse being found shirtless [[ hello I'm here to fluster Katherine ]]

[[ life ruiner strikes again, more at 11 ]]

It was eight o’clock in the morning, a time Katherine considered ungodly. However, the previous day she’d gone to bed early, and thus woke up early too. One good thing about waking up so early, was that Colress should have been at his house still before he went out and… did whatever he was going to do. Which, of course, meant that Katherine was fully able to go and pester him until he forced her away. She threw open her hotel door, fully prepared to go and bother a good friend. 

After walking, she finally arrived at his house, panting from having to keep up with her excitable Jolteon. She glanced to him, telling him to wait at the door while she decided to give opening the door a shot, just for fun. She turned the knob and leaned on the door so that she could make a grand entrance. Of course– she never actually expected the door to swing open. Katherine went with the flow of the door opening, suddenly standing in Colress’s living room, though she wasn’t expecting to actually see him in the room– shirtless none the less. Her eyes widened and everything in her body told her to run or leave or do ANYTHING that wasn’t just STANDING there. Sadly, she couldn’t move. Those feelings were returning, the ones she’d thought she’d finally abandoned after the Frigate. She finally turned, her face beet red.

Gah– Sorry!!”