waking up abbey

  • Skelita: I'm a skinny bitch but I still take the sausage!
  • Clawdeen: Got a fat ass but I still take the sausage!
  • Gigi: Got a flat ass but I still take the sausage!
  • Abbey: Wake up in the morning I eat the sausage!
  • Toralei: I'm a redhead but I still take the sausage!
  • Jackson: I'm a gay bitch and I still take the sausage!
  • Draculaura: Vamp girl swag girl and I still take the sausage!
  • Lagoona: Ughhughgswrvjigdsbhh-!
  • Spectra: I'm white and I'm thicc but you know I get the sausage!
  • Twyla: Yeah I read books but they all about sausage!
  • Howleen: I like girls, can I still take sausage?
  • Everyone: EEEEYYYYY!
One of my favorite conversations from the West Wing
  • President Josiah Bartlet: [trying to wake up his wife] Abbey... Abigail... Abbey, the kids are eating sugar.
  • Abbey Bartlet: Uh...
  • [wakes up]
  • Abbey Bartlet: Oh!
  • President Josiah Bartlet: How you doing? You know I gave the kids candy all the time, right?
  • Abbey Bartlet: Behind my back?
  • President Josiah Bartlet: Yes.
  • Abbey Bartlet: You bought their love.
  • President Josiah Bartlet: Well, it was for sale, and I wanted it.

after Sybil dies Thomas goes to his room and is crying and thinks about how everyone who is important to him in his life leaves him- the duke abandoned him, o'brien’s his enemy now. And the two people who have shown him kindness- Edward and Sybil- are both dead. 

and he wonders just briefly, just for one night, if maybe there is a God and maybe he really does hate ‘his kind’. 


Growing up (Jack Gilinsky Imagine)

Requested by Abigail

Hope you liked it, because I certainly enjoyed writing it! Tell me what you think ( : *


“Wake up, wake up Abbey.” I felt something tickle my nose. I had the craving to scratch my nose, but luckily my brain woke up before I did and told me not to scratch my nose so I slapped at the voice and shockingly I met his cheek. When I opened my eyes Taylor was looking at with his cheek covered in shaving cream.

Then voices around me started laughing and congratulating me.

“Told you my sister was smarter than you.” Jack said before handing me a towel. I gratefully took the towel from him and cleaned my hand before I remember that I was in my pyjamas and my room was filled with most of the Magcon boys.

“Get out! Now!” I exclaim pulling the duvet covers closer to me.

“Don’t worry we already saw everything we could.” Taylor said winking at me.

“Which was absolutely nothing.” Jack interjected before I could slap Taylor again. Jack, of course as my brother, was very protective of me, but the thing is he wasn’t the only one. Every single one of the boys felt like my older brother, because my entire life I grew up with them- that’s how my brain knew it was a prank, because I was so use to it.

“What are you guys doing in here?” I ask hoping the sooner I find out why they were disturbing me the sooner they would leave me in piece.

“Taylor wanted to make a vine of the prank that he just got schooled in.” Cam said taking a seat on my queen sized bed. Soon enough my bed was full of them invading my personal space.

“So why are you still here?” I say looking at Cam for an answer.

“We were making the vine, when your phone rang and showed it was a Charles calling.” Aaron started to tell the story.

“Oh no.” I say putting my head in my hands.

“Oh yes, it was then when we didn’t want you to wake up so Hayes answered the phone.” Aaron shifted his gaze to Hayes as an indication for him to take over.

“When I answered and asked who was talking he told me he was your BOYFRIEND.” Hayes says making the ‘boyfriend’ part sound like a sin.

“Which is weird because you’ve never mentioned him to any of us.” Nash spoke up raising his eyebrow in question.

“And for good reason. I knew that you guys would want to meet him and chase him away.” I say rubbing my temples trying to think of a way to avoid them meeting Charles. I’ve only been seeing Charles for a month and didn’t want anything to go wrong because I was really starting to fall for him. He was also a viner and we met at a VidCon a year ago. We’ve been friends ever since till finally he asked me out and of course I said yes.

“Are you embarrassed of us?” Johnson asked acting offended.

“Yes, when you chase away any guy that I like. No offense, but you guys are the reason that Charles is my first official boyfriend.” I say crossing my arms in front of me.

“Well then I think it’s time that we proved you wrong.” Carter said looking around for support.

“Yeah.” Everyone said enthusiastically.  

“If you like him, then we would want to meet him and make sure he is right for you.” Jack said rubbing my head causing my hair to get even messier.

 “Okay, but then you have to promise to go easy on him and not chase him away or scare him away.” I say holding up a finger and pointing it to all 8 of them.

“Alright then, we’ll meet him this afternoon.” Carter said and before I could say something else they were already piling out of my room. I fell back onto my pillow with a sigh, wishing that I could go another month without losing Charles, but there was nothing I could do about it so I just grabbed my phone and texted Charles when and why he should come over with a little warning of what to expect.

Not even a minute later he texted back: ‘So excited to finally meet them, hope they like me.’

I was the complete opposite of Charles, I did not want this afternoon to arrive.


I felt my heart start to race as the time arrived for Charles to come over. As soon as the doorbell rang I almost sprinted to the front door. The rest of the boys were already in the living room waiting to meet him.

“Hey.” I greeted as soon as the door opened and it revealed Charles holding my bouquet of my favourite flowers.

“Hi.” He replied and immediately greeted me with a kiss.

“Uhhggm.” Someone behind us cleared their throat. Charles immediately broke away and stared in shock at the person behind me. When I turned around all of the boys stood there eyeing the two of us.

“Come on in.” I said, “Don’t pay any attention to them.” I whispered to him when he walked past me. We all went into the living room and took our places.

“So Charles, what is your full name?” Jack asks as soon as we all get comfortable in the living room.

“Charles Alexander Brown.” He replies without hesitation. He reached for my hand and I happily gave it to him. Cam, Jack and Nash was sitting on our three seater couch, while I sat next to Charles on the two seater, Hayes sat on the one seater and Carter, Johnson, Aaron and Taylor sat on the floor. This is what an intervention must feel like, although this was more a meet my weird huge family.

“And do you like the middle name Alexander?” Cam asked trying to make it sound important.

“Yeah, sure, I don’t have a problem with it.” Charles replied with ease. Cam’s question made me almost burst out in laughter just because of the coincidence of a shared middle name.

“What do you plan to do after high school?” Aaron asked.

“I’m hoping to get into college.” Charles shrugged like it was a trick question.

“And what do you plan to go study?” Hayes asked. All their questions were starting to irritate me a bit, like they were purposefully trying to destroy my relationship.

“I don’t really know yet.” Charles truthfully said.

“Then how do you expect to look after Abigail?”


“How do you plan to pay for a wedding, how do you plan to buy her a house or a car or pay for-”

“Jack Finnegan Gilinsky, stop it now!” I interrupted feeling my cheeks turn red. Jack sent me a death stare at the use of his full name. Good, now he knew how I felt.

“No, it’s okay Abbey.” Charles gave my hand a reassuring squeeze before looking at Jack, “I may not have an idea what I want to go study, but the truth is who does, right? And if I marry Abigail one day, I will make sure that she gets the wedding she deserves.” He says before turning to face me, “I care about her just as much as all of you do and I’ll climb as many mountains as she requests for me to climb.” He says with a cheesy smile on his face. I gave him a peck on the lips before letting them question him again.

“How many children do you plan to have?” Taylor asked. I expected it from Taylor, but his question made me remember that they didn’t love him as much as I loved him.

“Excuse me?” Charles asked shocked out of the moment we were having.

“When do you plan to sleep with Abbey?” Taylor asked. And right about then I’d had enough of their interrogation. I would never do something like this to them, so why were they doing it to me?

“Can I talk to you guys alone? All of you?” I asked feeling so angry like I was going to burst into flames at any moment. Charles stood up and walked to the other room leaving me alone with the guys.

“What the hell do you guys think you’re doing? Are you trying to ruin my relationship?” I asked crossing my arms and looking each and every one of them in the eyes.

“What do you mean?” Cam asked acting like he knows absolutely nothing.

“Don’t act dumb, you know what you guys are doing to me!” I exclaimed. I thought I couldn’t get even madder, but they have accomplished getting me to my limit.

“We’re not acting.” Johnson says with a frown.

“If you guys want me to chase away every single one of your future girlfriends away, then please, continue with this charade, but if not then stop harassing my boyfriend. And remember that I can chase the girl away in a matter of minutes.” I threatened trying my best to keep a straight face through my little speech and luckily for the first time succeeding.

“Okay, okay, sorry. We just don’t want you to get hurt.” Jack said before anyone else could. He gave me an apologetic look.

“Yeah, you’re like our baby sister and your heart is something that only a really special guy can have.” Matt added.

“I know and that was why I wanted you to meet Charles. If he ends up breaking my heart-” I started but Nash interrupted.

“We will break every single one of the bones in his body.” He says with a mocking smile on his face.

“No, of course not. Then you will accept that I’m grown up enough to handle it on my own. I know I’m like a baby sister to you guys, but I’m not a baby anymore.” I said feeling a little bit sad.

“You are really growing up fast.” Jack said with a sad smile on his face. I nodded my head knowing that if I talked now I would burst into tears, “Then we’ll give him a shot for you, but if he breaks your heart-”

“We will break him and bury him somewhere nobody will ever find him.” Taylor said with a wink.

“You guys are freaks.” I said with a chuckle.

“Freaks that love you.” Hayes said before Charles was called back in. This time they were nicer to him and less FBI interrogation. I smiled as they bonded over video games, music and of course vines. It all felt so right.

One of my longest imagines!**