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Sexy and I Know It Wakesurfing

(by Ryan Woon)

Wakesurfing the Maumee

Some videos from a recent evening on the Maumee River near Perrysberg on Rick’s boat with John and Chad.

Video #1 - Wakeboarding Sunset

John took this video of Rick; and I lightened it up a bit, added music and stabilized using YouTube’s video editor.

Video #2 - Wakeboarding Sunset

Shorter video of Rick crashing and everyone on the boat. Edited this one using YouTube’s video editor as well.

Video #3 - Wakesurfing Hand-Off

Video that Rick mostly filmed while wakesurfing, using my Nikon AW100 waterproof camera, attached to a homemade flotation device.

Video #4 - Me Wakesurfing

Video of me catching a wave, probably the second longest I’ve ridden a wave so far, but definitely the best video of me riding a wave!


Skimboards are probably the evolution of all kinds of boads and in this video we can see te influence that they are bringing into wake surfing. really impressive!


Oh, yeah!! :)


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