Wakesleep Mix for International Tapes

From the Artist:

ROMANTIC BREAKIN’ STEP, hyper pür, glassy noise, noisy glass, lots of bells, chimes, and ringtones

play either extremely loud or extremely quiet

i put a new album out on afternoons modeling!

Gay air-conditioned nightmare

Gay air-conditioned nightcore

img source @muco_vetro on twitter

<3 to my friends and shouts out to intl tapes

DL link here


djwwww - nagisa + neko atsume theme - sophie - l.o.v.e.

DV8 - ミンキーマスタ

ken ishii - stretch (shogun remix) [a lil’ excerpt, anyway]

赤城エンタープライズ41 - Kanon Ending Theme (電気屋街の男たちに捧ぐ MIX)

TECHNOuchi - ChainDive Arrange Dijest

djwwww - arigato trailer

arca - xen (false witness remix)

hub master - ロボダッチ (Wife Mix) (インストゥルメンタルファミコンVer.)

nkisi - lament (the world is ending)

cycheouts サイケアウツ - kagayaki

dj nate aka bakaman & dre foe - the difference

dj babyboi - sailaway

sacred tapestry - 花こう岩cosmorama

ruddyp & taquwami - hold (cut by Djwwww)