Welcome to our newest #5Linx #business partner gospel recording artist Hezekiah Walker!!! He came out and gave a surprise Mini concert to our members at the 5Linx International Training Event in Tampa!

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Keep pushing forward, keep smiling, and STAY POSITIVE!!… yeah it’s hard but thats why its called a challenge. If it were easy…EVERYONE would be doing it. somewhere there’s somebody whom of which you’ve inspired just because you wake up and you face your challenge everyday. Envision yourself SUCCEEDING!!! #WakePrayHustle #LOA #LawOfAttraction


You’re BIGGER than ANY STORM!! #WakePrayHustle

#MorniningMeditation Its our charge, as MEN, to be providers for our family, even if his woman makes more than he does. Its his God given ROLE as the HEAD of the HOUSEHOLD!! He’s supposed to be the one to LEAD his the family because in the end he will have to answer to God…whether he fulfilled his purpose….or not… #WakePrayHustle

Imagine your goal, imagine the feeling you’ll feel when you achieve it, Speak it into existence, write it and make it plain, now get up off your ass #WakePrayHustle

Instead of looking for the MILLIONS of reasons of “why it CAN’T work”. Look for the reason why it WILL!!! Instead of listening to people who do nothing but doubt you and your abilities…listen to those who see MORE in you than you recognize. People will always give you reasons as to" Why you ought to quit" these same reasons they are giving you are the EXACT SAME tools THEY used to talk themselves out of living THEIR DREAM!! And now… they want the SAME FOR YOU!!! Don’t feed into the negativity!!! Stay prayed up, remain focused, look at yourself in the mirror and ENCOURAGE YOURSELF!!!! You CAN do it!! Your BREAK THROUGH is on its way!!! So you might as well thank HIM in ADVANCE!! “Excellence….NOT EXCUSES!!!” #WakePrayHustle #ImReallyPreachingToMyself

On thos day 50 years ago…the 16th street bombing of Birmingham, Alabama. 4 little girls lost their lives because of a violent act of hatred… Only peace can combat hatred #WakePrayHustle