wakens the lovers

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modern au with Sinbad, Judal, Kouen, and Solomon watching horror films with their s/o who loves them!!! only that's actually a lie and they're terrified, hold them

So cute! Enjoy~!


  • It was strange, since he didn’t really remember them having told him about their interest in horror movies, but he decided not to comment about it as their excitement was enough to promise a pretty amusing night.
  • However, he knows something is off as he sees his lover shaking when the movie starts playing. He decides to wrap an arm around their shoulders and see how the situation develops.
  • By the first jumpy scenes, he cannot help the smirk whenever his lover is startled by the loud slam of a door, teasing them by saying that they will soon reach the ceiling.
  • His amused chuckles cease, however, as he starts to notice the tears gathering in their eyes and how their shaking had become more noticeable, Sinbad realizing that it wasn’t caused by the low temperatures.
  • With wide eyes, the man pauses the movie (hopefully by a part in which a monster doesn’t appear looking straight into the camera, because that would be some fine aiming), and brings his lover into a tight hug, asking them why they suggested something they would later be terrified about.
  • He holds them tightly after turning off the TV and lying down with them to resume their “spooky” night with cuddling and, probably, some inappropriate groping on Sinbad’s behalf under the excuse to cheer them up a little…


  • He is very thrilled about the idea of watching a horror film with his lover, to the point that he is so stubborn to select himself; and, of course, it isn’t the lightest one.
  • Expect many laughs from him, since he likes to criticize these movies as much as possible and, if his lover thinks they are totally realistic, they are made for children in his eyes. Judar is pretty slow to catch that his lover is suffering while watching the film, too.
  • But when he finally does, a wide shit-eating grin appears on his lips. Instead of pausing the film, he messes with them even more by going to those hardcore scenes he knows so well since he has already watched this movie. His lover was lucky that he didn’t spoil anything, not that they could actually care.
  • When they get to scream at him to turn off the damn TV he sighs but complies, watching them squirm under the blankets. He comments on how it was so silly of them to suggest watching such a film with him.
  • He dives inside the covers next to them only to whisper and blow into their ear, making goosebumps appear all over their skin. He traps them in a childishly tight hug while commenting on how he should search for other movies to watch together, be them horror or any other genre…
  • For the next few weeks he is going to make his s/o jump out of their skin, or to tease them as much as possible while nearly making them faint. Until he actually does send them unconscious to the floor, where he is both, worried and amused at the same time. The punch he got when they got up was totally worth it.

Ren Kouen:

  • He constantly asks them if they are sure, if they don’t want to watch another thing that wouldn’t cause them nightmares in their sleep. But as they stubbornly say they want to, he sits on the couch while they prepare the movie, snacks on the table.
  • He is emotionless about the events going on in the movie, but is quick to catch the way his lover’s breathing caught in their throat as it developed, listening to their small whimpers as a scary scene seemed to come up, and nearly smirking when they stole the covers from him to try and hide the TV from their sight.
  • When he finally finds them hiding under the blanket, he sighs and turns off the TV, uncovering them and murmuring a very serious, yet slightly amused, “I told you” and receiving a glare from them, but they knew he was right.
  • He asks them if they want to watch another thing, suggesting some documentaries about the origins of Halloween that could be enjoyable, or if they would prefer to call it a day and go to sleep.
  • In any case, Kouen is in constant touch with them, be it by grabbing their hand, leaning them against his chest or wrapping an arm around their waist or shoulders.
  • That night, he isn’t surprised when waken up by his trembling lover. He knew they would suffer a nightmare, but doesn’t comment on it as to not make them feel worse. He brings them back down with him, saying nothing, until they fall back asleep.


  • He knows from the very start this won’t end well. He has noticed the way they shook as the movie started, how they clung to him when the first dark scenes came. But he didn’t try to persuade them, wanting to see how the thing would turn out before taking action.
  • He offers some of the unhealthy snacks, and is amused as his lover uncovers a trembling hand from under the blankets only to shakily bounce it into the bowl and bring a handful of candies to their mouth, still hidden.
  • When the screams coming from the TV suddenly stop, they reveal a peering eye, only to find Solomon looking at them with kind, yet slightly mocking eyes. He reminds them that they had never liked horror films, earning an embarrassed blush and grunt from them.
  • He suggests that, rather than watching those explicit and completely surrealistic movies, he could read them some of Poe’s Gothic literature, if they still wanted the thrill of horror stories in the format of his soothing voice and complex words.
  • He is more than happy to read something that night, be it out loud for his lover, or to himself while the slept, as they cuddled together on the sofa and wrapped in that blanket, movie completely forgotten.
  • Solomon never comments on their behavior toward horror films to other people, but he finds it great teasing material when he finds himself a little bored. He never goes to the extreme of scaring them though, he doesn’t want to take advantage of them with their own fears.