It's nothing but you tonight

I want to take you down, we can start on the bed and end in the shower. Taking my time pleasuring you to the fullest extent. We can take it slow or we can go fast. I’m going to lay you down in my bed, just kissing and biting you all over. Filling you with bliss just teasing you until you’re literally begging to fuck. I’d rub your clit until you’re dripping with pleasure. Then I’d slowly and gently push two fingers into you til the point that you just scream out of pure indulgence. Then slowly work my way up and just start kissing,sucking and licking on your nipples. I’ll slowly remove your shorts reveling your soaking wet pussy. I will quickly put my tongue in you; Licking you all the ways Imaginable. Sucking all your juices and NOT stopping until you cum. picking you up off the bed having you around me, I will put you on the wall and then I will start kissing you passionately, slowly grinding my body against yours. I’ll rip off all your clothes, being so close I can hear your heart start to race and deep breathe you take slowly being each other closer and closer. When we kiss you bite me lip as I bite yours. Working our way into the shower. Still passionately kissing, I’ll pick you up put you on the counter biting on your neck. I’ll turn on the shower and We will get In. I’ll turn you towards me while pulling on your hair, push you up against the wall and start kissing you. Then lay you on the ground, you’re just begging for it.. . I’ll just slid my cock inside of you and just FUCK you HARD. Have you screaming and scratching all my back and right before I bust I’ll pull out I just cum all over your chest. All soaking wet, I’ll go down on you one last time, but this time I’m giving it my all. Sucking on your clit, just non-stop licking you to the fullest extent. Feeling your body shake, arching your back and your screams will get as loud as ever. I’m going to make you cum and this time you’re never going to forget it.