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I love Michael Masters and he and Danny being bffs is astethic af

Yiiiiiiiiiis~ Mike is near Jazz’s age in the show. He’s like big bro to Danny

first study then you can go ghost

Honestly nothing will ever make me as confused as that one mike/will scene in season 2 of stranger things. You know the one. Where they’re talking about the monster and then will starts panicking and mike places his hand on top of his?? Yeah, that one.

It wouldn’t make me as shook if they hadn’t blatantly made a point of Mike doing that. Idk man, just. They could have easily made that a long shot (idk camera terms fight me) and just have Mike subtly put his hand atop of Will’s. But they do it so blatantly and have the camera zoom in on it. And I can’t help but wonder why they’d make that choice unless there was supposed to be some sort of intent behind it, no matter how subtle.

I genuinely didn’t have any sense that byler (or even one sided byler) could be canon in any way shape or form until I saw some of their scenes in season 2, especially that one. (and the god damn shed scene what the fu-)

Idk, it might just be insignificant to everything and you can call me a bitter lesbian that wants to see her boy Will Byers happy but… it just gets to me man.

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Things we have learned about Harry during his solo promo: Harry will never give a clear answer or possibly any answer at all to a question asked in person. He may consider sending an answer to a different question that you probably didn't ask by email or possibly carrier pigeon once the allotted waiting period of at least one week has passed. He is quite proud of his question dodging skills and the more you call him out on it the more he will smirk at you while still refusing blatantly to answer

Little known fact: in BTA, Harry was not hand-typing lyrics by candlelight in his bedroom, he was queuing up answers to a reporter’s questions.