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i feel like vilde is going to be that girl who like, knows she’s into girls when she graduates high school but then she gets to uni and takes her first women’s studies class and spends the whole term having a Revelation and that revelation is literally just holy shit i love women???? and not always in a sexual or romantic sense, but just reading all these incredible women writers and theorists, learning about all the amazing women who have broken ground in every field, rethinking all she’s ever known about history once she realizes the ways women and their contributions have been systematically erased and feeling all the pain and indignation for them, as well as all the pain and indignation she feels for herself that it took her this long to find out about it. just vilde finding a whole world of writing and of thought about women, written by women, focused entirely on women and their relationships with each other and the power contained there. and the more she learns, the more comfortable she starts to feel with expressing that she’s drawn to women, that she’s fascinated by them, that she thinks most everything they do is fantastic. and a lot of that is intellectual, but a lot of it also starts to loop back into what she’s still discovering about her sexuality and how much she loves like, the way women dress and how they smell and the sounds of their laughs and the shapes of their bodies and what they can do with them, and it’s all just like !! holy shit!! she loves women!!! more than she ever thought was possible, but every day she finds something new, and it’s amazing. women are amazing. w ow.

why is the first phrase that comes to mind when I wake up ‘wakey wakey eggs spaghetti’ like srsly brain now is not the time for carbonara

On Fire

Will opens his eyes.

He blinks. Once. Twice.

He’s been waking up to the same sight for the last few months but it still feels fresh.

Hannibal is lying there, naked, with his back turned to Will so that all he can see is his shoulder and hair falling down like a waterfall of thousand shades. It’s almost impossible how quickly Lecter’s hair grow. The man insisted on taking care of Will, cutting his hair every month or so, but he did not ask the same of his partner and, at some point, he started braiding it. Will cannot deny how much he loves Hannibal with long hair.

He blushes as he thinks of all the times he was pulling on or running his hands through it. From his current position, Hannibal looks almost like a woman. It’s only with more details revealed that the whole picture unravels, presenting an image of a handsome man in his fifties. There are the sideburns, which, strangely, Will finds endearing despite them being somewhat old-fashioned. Then, there are broad shoulders, which, after pulling on the sheet, turn out to be the most prominent part of Lecter that Will can see.

Hannibal’s skin is fairly smooth, with beauty moles, wrinkles and plenty of scars. From Will’s viewpoint, the most noticeable one is the huge branding mark he got indirectly from Mason’s hands. There are also some, which Will never asked about – small, narrow, minor cuts.

Will sighs and stretches his hand. He doesn’t touch Hannibal; he doesn’t want to wake him up. The body inches away emits great warmth and the skin to skin contact is not necessary. At this point, Will knows the texture by heart and has the map of Hannibal’s body memorised.

“Most people complain about having to wake up.”

Lecter’s voice reaches him in a slightly deformed way. Still, he can make out every word.

“I have a feeling you’re about to say that we’re not most people.” Will teases and finally has the opportunity to place his hand on Lecter’s shoulder without waking the man up in the process. “There was a time when I hated sleeping.” Will confesses while caressing his lover’s skin.

“What about now?”

“Sleeping feels like wasting our time. But I cherish the knowledge that you share the bed with me.”

“Does it make you feel safe?”

“It makes me…” Will ponders while tracing paths with his fingers on Hannibal’s back. The skin there is hot, almost burning Will’s fingertips. The touch is electric, causing Hannibal goose bumps and waking his whole body even more. “You make me…”

Will buries his face into Hannibal’s spine. The safe nook between the shoulder blades is the only place Graham will needs as a shelter. He doesn’t need to hide; not from the man in front of him or anyone else for that matter, but the sole awareness that there is a safe space waiting for him anytime makes him calm.

He feels the body next to him move and in no time, Hannibal lies face to face with Will.


after pulling an all nighter, I finally finished the B.A.P. pieces for WAKE ME UP !! It’s the first song I heard by them, and it’s soooo good. I lost count of how many different performances I watched for it aha;;


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Everyone seems to wonder why the big reveal in the Supergirl storyline with Mon-El felt so obvious, why we knew so incredibly long ago, before they got close to being a canon ship, that he was the prince of Daxam whether or not we ever touched a comic or read commentary.  The reason is:  if we knew for a long time, we would get used to the idea.  So rather than identifying with Kara’s shock, fear, and outrage, we would identify with Mon-El’s discomfort and shame.  That’s the way you subtly focalized a story through one character’s perspective in order to make them appear as the more vulnerable and identifiable party.  They never did anything like this in season one.   

my tumblr is just progressively turning into an alteration between shitposting, crying about my ocs, and posting about hating myself, so here’s all three at once:

-I gave my Ryder a tool hairstyle and I love him so much
-I hate myself especially a lot today (mostly body image and future-me shit)
-Cody bought a ring sizer and made me test out how big my left ring finger was so that was !!!!

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anonymous asked:

How would the US and SF brothers deal with it when their S/O doesn't want to get up in the morning? Like they're even hanging on to the bed posts.

This is me XD
(Sidenote, I had finished writing this ask… but then I forgot to save it ;-;)

Having Paps as a brother, Blueberry is used to laziness. That doesn’t mean he won’t try and get you to wake up! Usually he lets you sleep in until he gets back from his morning patrol, but after that is free game! Blue is pretty strong so he won’t hesitate to lift you from the bed and/or pull you away from the bed post. Good thing he then gives you up with your daily “shower of kisses” X3

You’re talking to the king of laziness here! Paps doesn’t mind letting you sleep in as long as he’s there too. But, on the occasion where he knows you have something important to do, he’ll actively try and wake you up. He starts by trying to drag you off the bed. It’s funny to him and even funnier when you hold onto the bed post. At that point, he’ll float you into his arms and chuckle at your sleepy whining~

Raspberry isn’t taking any of your shit! He has a schedule to keep up with and you are going to abide by it. Being the “giving” monster that he is, Raz lets you sleep in while he gets ready for patrol but that only takes 30 minutes max. After that, he’ll pull you out of bed…. or try to. Raspberry isn’t patient so when you hold onto the bed post, he ends up ripping the cover off and attacking any ticklish points of yours. Good luck XD

Russ might not be king, but he is part of the royal court of laziness! He sleeps in about as much as you do but when Raspberry wants you both up, he is willing to wake up. Russ doesn’t want to scare you so he tries to gently wake you up with nuzzles. When that doesn’t work, he’ll try and lift you up and out of bed… but that’s when you have a death grip on the bed post. Russ knows how to fix this though and he chuckles. He’ll float you up into the air and call for one of his blasters. Hope you like getting woken up by ecto-licks and bone nuzzles ^^