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sitting here watching jacks videos and man how time flies. to think it’s been around 3 years since i found his channel by accident. all because my computer was being a major douche one day and i was too impatient to wait and literally clicked everything on screen. lol I’ll tell ya though when it finally worked and the wrong video loaded I sure wasn't​ disappointed because it introduced something new and exciting which was jack and his community. idk looking back it’s just cool to see all the things that jack and the channel accomplished while I’ve been apart of the community but to think i never would have known about it if it wasn’t for that one moment of bad luck I had years ago XD

So in the new 2x14 clip (slight spoilers) Simon is going with them? Why? It’s a Shadowhunter mission, he’s a Downworlder, and it’s completely weird and forced. They’re only doing it to further and force the Clace thing, which, whatever, but still. And Simon’s not even taking it seriously, which just shows how little he knows about the Downworld and how little respect he has for anything that isn’t about him. Jace shouldn’t let him go, and Alec would never. It’s a formal mission to keep a f*cking war from breaking out, not a little date for Cl*mon to be gross on. But Jace is gonna let it happen. 

Wow, this got long and weird. I’ll probably delete this, and I’m not trying to start anything. Just tired of the straights. Forced plots exhaust me, as does staying up for a day and half, so I’m done.

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TAG. YOU'RE IT. The rules are to state 5 random facts about yourself. Then go to ten favorite blogs and tell them they are it! *-*

Thank you, I love you very very much! Kinda mad you are so SAVAGE in your story post, tearing my heart apart like geez! ;))

1. I had a pretty bad stutter as a kid and it has come back a little bit since I have started going to university (I slur my words a lot).
2. Went to a performing art school for violin, it was fun!
3. My sister calls me Gina, never my actual name or any variation of it, haha! Inspired by the show Martin of course and now SZA has the song Go Gina and it is my new theme song. c:
4. My middle name is Taryn.
5. I have a black Labrador named Cosmo and a kitten named Agnes.

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Have you guys seen thescreenshots of the gillovny chat where they're saying really rude and nasty things about Gillian and Peter? Kind of pathetic. Their new insult for Peter is 'Turtle Pants.' They're so bitter about Gillian being in love, I almost feel sorry for them.

Thanks for stopping by, sailor. We have heard whispers about these screenshots but we have no desire to dig any further. The ramblings of a handful of people who are only fans of Captain Anderson so long as she is dating someone of their choosing, holds little interest for us. 

However, ‘Turtle Pants’ is something that we are interested in. Insult you say? We at HMS Gilligan view it as a term of endearment. After all turtles are majestic and gentle creatures. Not to mention, we love it when people state the obvious, it avoids unnecessary confusion - Peter most certainly does have a turtle on his pants. Captain Morgan is so on board with our nautical theme it warms the cockles of our hearts. Who would have thought it, eh? Please draw your eyes to exhibit A:

How lovely. Our captains enjoying their vacation and Gillian capturing the moment for posterity, Turtle pants and all. Those turtle pants have been on a journey this year: Costa Rica, Greece, Italy - and who knows what other exotic destinations they’ll visit soon. We dare say they’ll get another outing in Vancouver this coming August. Splendid, if you ask us.

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Fact: when Christine said "it looks like all of us want to go out with you" she was in fact referring to herself and Michael, with whom she had been speaking and bonding over their mutual fondness for Jeremy Heere before the boy himself woke up from his squoma (squip coma)

this is true i was there at the squiwakening (squip awakening)

TG chapter 130

My blood is boiling. The Kuroiwa family is too pure to get caught up in all of this.

Was heartbreaking seeing Iwao being told the news about his son and daughter in law. I’ve been waiting for some of the investigators to deflect for a while now, and I can see this as the beginning. But sincerely hoping it doesnt take Yoriko’s death to do that. Also, I wish we got to see Takeomi landing a few hits on Musuki instead of it happening off screen.

And while I love Urie, I’m so frustrated right now. I’ve been waiting for him to make some sort of move for ages regarding the madness that is Mutsuki. He’s being way too much of a passive enabler and I’m sick of it.