wakeboarding clothing

NT Moments - Proudly Overprepared
  • INTP organized an outing with friends to go wakeboarding.
  • The day before:
  • ENTJ: The weather forecast says there's 40% chance of rainstorm tomorrow.
  • INTP: It's still on. If it rains, we could go indoor rock climbing nearby instead...or just go swim at a pool...or go to the gym.
  • On that day:
  • INTP: Why do you have a huge bag?
  • ENTJ: *opens bag* Casual clothes for wakeboarding, swimming gears, rock climbing gears, flip flops, running shoes, gym clothes, a towel.
  • INTP: You could have at least worn one of these outfits instead of your formal shirt.
  • ENTJ: No, this is my look.