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We are over the moon to announce a new novel called WAKE OF VULTURES. At its surface, it is a novel of a young girl who is awakened to the supernatural in the world around her and must start hunting monsters. But this novel is much more than that — and in a league of …

Lesson from Nature

A Code Green last episode on water preservation had Travellingcheapskates thinking back to safari drive moments that were about a week ago, at our very own beautiful Kruger National Park. The second visit for the traveler with a different group totally gave a different perspective to this whole nature business. An official stamp moment that pretty much echoed the education that happens whilst doing touristy things, one learns from their fellow travelers and of course the actual experiences that make up that particular trip.   

Travelling-cheapskates traveled with three Liverpool Hope University students, their mentor, South African frequenter Kenny otherwise addressed as Vulcan MC from Drum Works, in London and bush lovers husband and wife from the Johannesburg founded and based Sparrow Schools made the list of co- travelers. A fairly versatile mix,with male, female, young, old, international, local and interracial mix.

On our four days and three nights escape we spotted ; giraffes in their light and darker shades, a wake of vultures doing a circling dance in the air, actual zebra crossing moments. Some buffalo and wildebeest herds were grazing gracefully side by side, an alarmed mother elephant’s stomping and scream gave everyone on the Land rover a scare. Several monkey snack grabbing encounters had one staying away from the chips from fear of being ambushed. Thee highlight had to be the king of the jungle, spotted on the strip of the trip, the male was sun bathing ever so graceful with two female spectators that appeared out the bushes, moments after arms were stretched out the window for better shots-imagine the scare. When the females moved out of his sight he moved closer giving us a closer glance as he circled the cars for a clear crossing….

Back to the TV show that triggered this memory lane chapter, It was basically All about conservation. Game show setup that gave two contesting schools mental and a bit of fun, physical challenges around the subject of recycling. Great message targeted at the black you.

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I got no place to go, but I don’t wanna go anyway
‘Til the day I die, I guess this is just how it will stay
Black vultures in the air
Black vultures in the air
I like to ride old pick-up trucks
For a while it takes away the feeling of being stung
Black vultures in the air
Black vultures in the air
At night I get drunk and think of a girl that I know
I sleep in my clothes and I wake up alone
Black vultures in the air
Black vultures in the air