_you need to wake up_

Drew up a lil something considering recent happenings. Yes back once again with some good ol fan art.
Hope you enjoy~


Wake Up

Characters - Thor x Reader

Word Count - 718

Warnings - Fluff

A/N - Apparently, I can only write drabbles now. Thor wouldn’t leave me alone so I had to write this. Please do not hesitate to give me feedback on this. I know it’s short, but I still hope you guys like it!

Waking up in your bed alone wasn’t always a bad thing. You had much more space to lay in whatever position felt cozy, you were able to sink into your plush pillows and blankets without interruption, and most times you knew it meant that you could take extra time to sleep in. At least until a big voice attached to an equally big body roused you from your peace.

“Good morning, my love!” Though Thor’s voice startled you, it wasn’t enough to make you even bother to lift your head, let alone open your eyes.

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