i dab every morning when i wake up - full

yugbam dab boi

surprise dab

dab you to prom

‘i do it for you guys’ - dabking, 2k16

birthday dab 2k16

my dream is to dab with moose

mom dab

you can call us dab7 (and savage mark)


homerun dance practice

fly dab practice

ASC (DAB special) - full

yugbam dabcontact moment?

homerun (dab cam ver.)

too many dabs in a minute

the high comittee of dab discuss dab

dab carry HAE

‘if they ask who got7 is show them this video’ - full

*please feel free to add to this. this is all i can think of from the top of my head

Bambam: I dab every morning when I wake up *proceeds to dab*

Jackson: *looking up from his phone* Dab spelled backwards is bad. I rest my case.

*X-Files theme blasts from the other side of the room*

Today we explore some items recently placed on the Administrative Control Substances list for what it calls marijuana extracts; in other words High CBD and THC products. Mostly because we think the DEA has lost its Damn mind

Yes Tumblr we’ve got candy we’ve got waxs, we’ve got liquid THC, and we’ve got high CBD tincture. so if you need it Holla At Your Mama because we don’t talk to the DEA; not now or ever

Epic shot of some Larry OG
THCa sugar wax 🔥👍🏼
📸photo taken by @jefe_photography oil extracted by @goldnuggetextracts on Instagram
Make sure you give both of them a follow for great canna content 🍁👏🏼🍁📸🔥