wake up to you

RFA coming home to an MC who woke up panicking/ crying from a nightmare and didn’t know that they left while she was asleep??

Time to pour all of my inner angst into this


  • It felt so surreal
  • It felt so…terrifying
  • You saw everything so vividly
  • There he was, the damn hacker from several months ago, holding Yoosung within his grasp and in the other hand, a knife
  • “Maybe I’ll take both this time…” he manically laughed at you with that same twisted grin on his face
  • And with that, you were forced to witness the knife raise to blind your lover, one eye at a time
  • You were forced to hear the deafening pleads for you to save him, and yet you never moved
  • Right before the knife touched the second eye to be blinded, your body jolted up to wake you from your nightmare
  • In the panic, your mind hasn’t yet registered that in this reality, Yoosung was fine
  • “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry,” fell shakily from your lips over and over
  • Realizing that Yoosung was gone, you cried out for him
  • But nobody came
  • It was only a few minutes later that you hear a door closing and frantic footsteps going towards the sobbing noises
  • Yoosung immediately laid you back down and held you tight in his arms
  • “You’re okay,” you sobbed into his neck, “You’re okay.”
  • “Everything’s alright, I’m here, MC, I’m here,” he soothed
  • Needless to say, neither of you were leaving the bed anytime soon


  • The events played out just like when you were crushing on Jaehee and it felt so, so real, it was like reliving the memories
  • You have been Jaehee’s bestfriend and closest friend this whole time, and it was the night where you finally decided to confess how you felt to her
  • The confession was said word for word just like you did before
  • But your face fell when you saw her discomforted look
  • “I’m sorry, MC, it’s just…I don’t like you in that way, I thought you wanted to be my friend,” her eyes fell to her feet as she awkwardly shuffled, “I think it’s best if we stopped seeing eachother outside of RFA business.” and with that, she walked away
  • Did…she think that you were her friend just because you wanted to get with her?
  • You would have been fine with just being her friend, but she thought that that was all you wanted from her
  • And now she’s gone
  • Your eyes snapped open, but you didn’t have the energy to sit up, so you pulled the blanket over your head and cried
  • Time passed and the bedroom door opened to the sound of a concerned voice, “MC, are you on here?”
  • Your crying was a clear indication and she sat down on the bed with you
  • Mama Baehee scooped you into her arms and rocked you slowly, hushing you, and soothing your fears away


  • Your worst fear was coming true
  • Zen had finally risen to stardom, but that wasn’t the bad thing per se
  • His ego rose as he forgot about you more and more, and eventually he sat you down for a talk
  • “You’ve changed, MC…I don’t think you can give me what I want anymore.”
  • You froze, tears bubbling up in your eyes as he continued, “I just…don’t think I love you anymore.”
  • Upon saying that as if it were nothing, you felt a very sharp jolt of pain sting your heart and it hurt so, so badly
  • Immediately you bolted awake and fell off of the couch, onto the floor, and proceeded to cry 
  • The deafening voice in your mind tried telling you otherwise
    ‘Zen wouldn’t do this, Zen wouldn’t do this, Zen wouldn’t do this’
  • Of course he did, that’s why he’s gone, right?
  • When the front door closed shut to the sound of Zen calling out, “Babe~ I’m home~”, he immediately noticed the strained whimpers and your curled up form on the floor
  • He wasted no time dropping his things to hurriedly hold you, “Did someone hurt you?”, his tone of voice was on the verge of sounding angry
  • “N-no,” you managed to whisper, “Just a bad dream…a really bad dream. I dreamt that you didn’t love me anymore…”
  • Once the tears began bubbling up again, he cradled you into his lap and pressed kisses everywhere from your neck to your forehead
  • “I’ll never stop loving you, princess,” he softly said before finally pressing a gentle kiss upon your lips
  • And before you knew it, a quiet song was lulling you back into a more peaceful slumber


  • “We’re sorry to inform you that the plane that Mr. Han was on has crashed. Our condolences for your loss.”
  • You said nothing, obviously still in shock
  • This…this wasn’t real, this can’t be happening
  • Jumin always paid for the safest and most luxurious flights, how could the engine have malfunctioned? There was…no way he was dead. He said he would come home. He wouldn’t lie to you. Jumin always came back.
  • Jumin always came back
  • Your hand, pale from clenching onto your phone so hard, was thrown harshly against the wall across the room along with a loud scream from you, the device now donning cracks all over the screen
  • Loud scream crying echoed through the empty house and your knees gave out under you
  • Even with Elizabeth cuddling up in your lap, the penthouse still felt far too empty without him
  • Suddenly you were jolted upward, heavily panting and tears still running down your face
  • The first thing you noticed was the lack of a body next to you on the bed, and your loud sobbing resumed 
  • A loud thud came from another room, and a disheveled looking Jumin barged into the room, “What happened?!” judging where the thud came from, he must’ve been in his office
  • You quietly uttered ‘nightmare’ and that was all he needed to hear before slipping into bed next to you
  • His arms wrapped tightly around you and the sound of his beating heart were all you needed to feel to know that he was still there with you


  • Nightmares came often to you
  • They were really about anything that could traumatize you
  • Today’s nightmare looped you back when Saeyoung was pushing you away, but instead of eventually softening up, it got worse
  • He constantly ignored you, snapping at you more often and more harshly compared to what happened in reality
  • Your stubbornness would not relent, having you stand there and take whatever words he threw at you
  • It wasn’t until phrases like, “I never cared about you!”, “You’re a waste of time.”, “I’ll never love someone like you.” started spewing out of his mouth
  • “Why am I even bothering with you?”
  • You sobbed as Saeyoung gave up, packing his things early and leaving out the door without so much as a single word
  • It was like a timeskip had happened when you woke up in bed and realized that Saeyoung wasn’t there
  • He left you
  • You began to cry once again, body shaking furiously and air becoming very difficult to breathe
  • It seemed like an eternity had passed when the bedroom door was nearly dehinged by a frantic looking Saeyoung
  • His eyes landed on your panicked form and immediately enveloped himself around you, as if he was a shell of protection
  • You were barely able to form words, but he knew that another bad nightmare had plagued you
  • “Shhhh…I’m never going to leave you, I love you, you hear me? I love you so, so much.”
When You Wake Up and Realize You’re a Day Closer to Reading ACOWAR:

There’s less than 37 days to go… 


Keep It Quiet

Pairing: John Winchester x Reader
Word count: 972
Warnings: Smut. Oral Sex (Male).  Some dirty talk.  Unprotected sex.
Request:@plaidstiel-wormstache ) John waking the reader up for middle of the night sex.
Request: ( Anonymous ) Can you write a smutty One-shot with John? were they have to do it really slow and quiet since the motel walls are thin Dean and Sam are sleeping in other room.

Authors Note: Anon I’m not sure if you meant little Sam and Dean or adult Sam and Dean so I went with little, but if you want it with adult just send in another request !

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anonymous asked:

If you get put under to make a perfect clone of yourself, including all memories and scars, and you wake up an hour later to see another you across the room laying on a hospital bed, but you are also laying in a hospital bed, which one is the clone?

Does it matter? Time to get my freak on.

This became longer than I wanted to, but here it goes - my take on the friendship triangle of Archie, Betty and Jughead:

I don’t doubt at all that Betty loves Archie and will always love Archie or that she had this monumental crush on him because he will always represent that comfortable piece of her life when things were easier and simpler and they didn’t have to worry about such things as parental manipulation, sexual abuse, neglect or the general pitfalls of becoming an adult.

Betty probably thought Archie could still fulfill that role of childhood companion into their adolescence and young adult life with the extra benefit of also being a lover, but unfortunately Archie was not there yet. And it is okay. I think the story the show is trying to tell this season, which combined with Archie’s and Jughead’s friendship, is that there is a point in our lives that our friend’s experiences and our own diverge to a point which can result in either the perpetuation of that friendship because we still relate to it all or we end up drifting in opposite directions, becoming a mere fond memory of a increasingly distant childhood. And I repeat, it is natural and it is okay.  Betty and Archie’s experience are both still validly difficult (his parents are getting a divorce after all) but vastly different.  Archie still has a lot growing up to do while Betty has been navigating a troublesome family with mental health issues for quite some time which he must know about btw but can’t quite relate, just like Betty couldn’t quite relate with Archie’s experience of being a victim of Ms Grundy. 

And here is where Jughead comes in.  Betty’s and Jughead’s stories fit in a way I don’t think either was actually counting on. It was a nice surprise. They can empathise with each other because they are both struggling with parental abuse: her with overprotection and gaslighting, him with neglect and abandonment. Again, I am not saying Archie’s life doesn’t have valid struggle in it, because it does, but it is a different kind of struggle while Bughead’s is fundamentally similar.  

But imagine this: from childhood these three lives went in parallel lines to each other, each their own with different colours and different shapes, but running next to each other and going in the same unavoidable direction that is adulthood.  But at some point they start taking different turns. Jughead’s father starts to drink, Betty’s sister runs away from home and Archie’s parent are fighting at home. And this goes on and on and each turn they take their lines sometimes cross each other (Betty promises to marry Archie when they are 18), sometimes move in different direction (Jughead never tells any of them his father is a Serpent), and sometimes they go back to run in parallel (Betty is still Archie’s best friend, who in turn is still Jughead’s best friend).  

But at some point in time and space Archie’s line just went one way, while Jughead’s and Betty’s went the other.  Archie might have been oblivious, but I believe Betty has been fighting this whole time to try to keep those lines close together while Jughead is also doing the same from his end with his obsession for the Riverdale of old and the “American Dream”, Archie being the archetypical character in his nostalgic dreams (that knife in his back bears so many connotations).  In both cases, Archie is still the centre piece.

But then everything that summer comes to a head, Jughead is planning a trip with ‘Archie and Betty finally decides to take their friendship to another level… but both of them fail. Big time. He is snubbed and she is rejected while Archie continued to be clueless about any of the implications.

When Jughead finds out that Archie slighted him for Ms Grundy, I think it really put a fissure in their friendship.  The same way I think what really crushed Betty’s expectations of a romantic happy ending with Archie was his “You are so perfect” speech. I think that really broke her heart because how could this boy who lived next door, who was her best friend and knew her their whole life not see her. Truly see her. And it was the first time she realised their paths might not be going in the same direction after all.  

They will always be the best of friends, but they are definitely drifting apart and on her way there she found a kindred spirit in Jughead, another cast away of friendship’s tortuous ways, when before she was sure Archie’s was the right path for her. How far will they drift away from each other, and how much will Jughead’s and Betty’s line become intertwined, is what we will have to wait for.  

numbertwooflorien  asked:

Prompts for someone talking to thier boyfriend after coming out of a coma?

“I…thought I lost you. Everyone was saying you weren’t going to wake up, but I knew you would.”

“You’ve always had too much faith in me.”

“It paid off, though!”


“You asshole, you had me so worried. I thought you would never wake up!”

“Nice to see you too, babe.”


“Never do that to me again.”

“I won’t.”

“No, you have to promise me. When I thought you were gone…I never want to feel that again.”

Happy writing!

-Ashley ❤

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You wake up to your wife sitting next to you in bed, gripping a cup of coffee and watching the snow. Your children run into the room and tackle the two of you, smiles and laughter fill the room. A snow day, the family bakes cookies and watches Disney movies. The children play in the snow as she pulls you close and kisses your cheek. Everything is ok.


The Lost Memories - Part 2

Originally posted by jengkook

Genre : Angst/Romance

Summary : Y/N’s life turned upside down, the moment you wake up next to a guy claiming you are his wife. The worse things is he is Jeon Jungkook, the guy that you dislike since you are in the middle school.

Words : 2.3k

a/n : hi, i’m updating it after 2 weeks past. Thanks for reading, xoxo

《previous | next》(coming soon)

“You can use the guest room first until you get better, then you can moved to mine back” Jungkook exclaimed while pushing your luggage into your new room. You can see his veins appeared along his arms as he tried to pull your luggage that seems heavy. You wonder about what things that your mother packed in the luggage which probably full with your clothes because she really want to get you out from the house in order for you to stay here with him.

You mother’s intention might be helpful for Jungkook but not for you. At this moment, you don’t even wishes to stay nearer to him until you finally figured out what is actually going on with your current condition. Why in a sudden as they claimed, you are forgetting almost half of your memories. The most important is why Jungkook willing to give up his dreams because of you. You still can’t believe the reason given by Rose this morning.

Simple, he did that for you because he loves you.

You wonder how important your existence in his life as your eyes traced along his facial feature, observing every inch of his face. Without him noticing, it’s been a several minutes you are staring at him who seems adjusting the luggage to the proper position so it would disturb your ways in the room. It seems you didn’t noticing that you are gazing lovingly at him compared to several seconds before when your gaze filled with curiosity. His gesture managed to flip your feelings in just a second when he seems to be busy tidying your new room.

Your palm started to sweat when your eyes met with him as he shifted his face from the floor to yours and you caught a smile dangled on the corner of his lips. Then, your heart beats in an unusual rhythm and you suddenly feel calm and relaxed; those feelings that you never felt when you’re being with him. When you finally acknowledged your current state, you immediately shook your head slightly to brush off those feelings.

As you crossed your arms across your chest, your brows bumped together into a scowl and a scoff came out from your lips. “Do you think that if I get better, I will sleep in your room? Like together with you?” His body stiffened at your remark as you can see he slightly flinched after hearing those words which you hope it might help you to regain your mind to conscious back after those weird feelings that managed to linger for a few seconds.

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‘Anyone wanna cuddle?’ || JOE SUGG IMAGINE

Part two of We don’t talk anymore 

“Love wake up.” As I opened my eyes I saw my best friend lying next to me editing.
“Morning Joe, what time is it?” I asked and turned on my side to face him.
“Ten, Zoe is making breakfast so I decided to wake you up so you can get ready.”
“Thanks babe.” I said and smiled at him. “When did you wake you?”
“Around five. Jetlag is killing me.”
“Why didn’t you wake me? We could have watched a movie or prank Zalfie.” I said and he laughed.
“Next time.” He said and gave me a small smile. We lied there, him editing and me scrolling through my social media until Alfie called us for the breakfast.

“Morning guys.” Said Alfie as we walked downstairs.
While we ate, we talked about future plans for youtube and Zoe talked about their last vacation and said that Joe and I should join them next time. We just laughed thinking about joining them on their romantic getaway.
After breakfast, Zoe and Alfie went to record a new Sims video and Joe went to edit. I stayed downstairs playing with Nala. After a while I went upstairs to change since we planned on going to town later that day.
As I walked in our room I saw Joe sleeping on the bed. Since he woke up at five I knew he was tired so I tried to be as quiet as possible.
“Come join me.” Said Joe half asleep. I looked at him to make sure he was talking to me. “Come cuddle with me.” He said and looked at me, as I laid in his arms he smiled.
“I’m really glad to have you in my life.” He whispered in my ear.
“I’m lucky to be the part of it.” In that moment, his arms squeezed a fraction tighter and a smile appeared on my lips.
This was normal thing for us, ever since we were kids we managed to say whatever we wanted to each other without being judged or fear of being misunderstood. And when we grew up we realized that no matter what we will always have each other and that was the case for the most of our lives.

Like a great rush of water, memory came back to me. I was laying in Zoe’s guest bedroom at 2am replaying all the things we did together, every memory we ever shared. I was usually okay with our situation. It wasn’t the first time I lost contacts with a friend. That’s life. But I’ve known Joe for years and we have been through so much, his parents getting divorced, my grandmother dying, his sister moving out and my brother going abroad to study. We have been through many boyfriends and girlfriends and the only thing that stuck was us. And now that thing was no longer there. It was strange being in this room by myself.
Walking the memory lane is a walk for both the heart and the soul. As much as remembering things that happened between us made my soul full and happy it tore my heart apart. Realization that the person I thought would be there no matter what doesn’t want to be a part of my life anymore was making my hear ache.
I took a picture of me laying in the bed and captioned it with ‘Anyone wanna cuddle?’ and posted it to twitter. Soon after I tweeted it, fans started tweeting me how they wished they could come join me but one DM surprised me. It was from Joe.
‘I would love one of our cuddle sessions if you will have me ;)’  It said. After I answered with maybe his name appeared on screen. Few moments later I hear voice I haven’t heard in little bit over a year.