wake up snorlax

Pokemon Dub Quote Starters - Wake Up Snorlax

“Groovy! Greetings children of the universe.”
“Now that you heard my music, you have to give me some food.”
“Ain’t my flute playing at least worth a sandwich?”
“You should be begging for music lessons.” 
“How am I suppose to be careful? Everywhere you look there’s more thorns!”
“Good morning everyone, well it’s not really morning. Who cares anyway!”
“Ah, it’s/they’re/she’s/he’s sleeping. Still sleeping, watch closely everyone. This is how [ name ] looks when it’s/they’re/she’s/he’s sleeps. Oh, doesn’t it look cute!”
“We should have know [ name ] would mess things up.”
“Nothing makes me angrier than being told the truth!”
“You dimwit duck! It’s nothing noble about you!”
“…Those lips would give me nightmares too.”
“Give it/them/her/him a big wet one fella!”
“Keep your eyes to yourself!”
“Give it/them/her/him a smack attack right on the lips!”
“Disgusting, I quit! No wait–the hygiene!
“I’d hate to see them/her/him steal [ name ], but if they get it/them/her/him out of the way for us…" 
“Hey! Wake up you big lump!”
“The firsts are the worst!”
“Chow down [ name ], looks like you got a case of the munchies!”
“I ain’t kissing it!”

anonymous asked:

I'm not trying to fight you or anything but why do you think attack on Titan is bad? I'm just curious because all of my friends keep telling me I need to watch it and I'm a little hesitant

  • the author is pretty gross this nigga tug dick to imperial japan and the damage they did to korea and believes koreans should be thankful to japanese oppression back in the day
  • the manga suck ass like the plot everywhere the characters boring like you could move the speech bubbles between any of them it make no difference that shit boring one time my baby nephew wouldnt go to sleep so i read him the first chapter this nigga went into a nyquil bottle he aint wake up till his first birthday that shit max lethargy nigga that manga so boring it wake snorlax up
  • sometimes his lines come together to look like people and sometimes the people all look the same