wake up sleeping beauty

more concepts:
  • yuuri and victor hosting dinner parties for all their skating friends all the time

“I’ll break out the wine!” “Ooh, where’s my pole???” “Christophe no!”

  • visiting hasetsu whenever they can to check up on the family (and because makkachin misses everyone so much)

“Yuuri, Vicchan!!! Please come in, I have katsudon ready!!” “Can I take a picture of you kissing??? The skating otakus will love it!” “Victor, please get your dog off of me.” “Oops, sorry Mari-chan.”

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andrew has so many ‘I’m So Gay’ moments when it comes to neil but when they move in together and he gets to wake up next to this beautiful boy who is soft with sleep, who still has pillow creases on his face, who’s hair is a tangled mess, he is so weak. neil catches him staring and andrew has said ‘yes’ before neil even gets the question out 

Imagine Deadpool making you breakfast.

The smell of pancakes hitting your nose has you stirring from sleep. Your body felt sore and energized at the same time, peeking your eyes open a mop of brown hair meets your gaze Your fingers move to tug lightly at a few strands, stirring the man lying beside you.

“Wake up sleeping beauties!” Wade bursts into the bedroom, wearing his suit and a pink fluffy apron, spatula in hand.

“Go away Wade,” Peter groans beside you, pulling you by the waist toward him. His chin rests gently on your shoulder.

“Oh! Is the big bad Spidey tired from last night?” Wade teases, jumping onto the end of the bed. He starts jumping up and down, leaning down to smack your bottom with the cooking utensil.

“DAMMIT, WADE!” You shout, pulling the blanket over your head. Peter grips tightly at your waist, mumbling sleepily into your back.

“You two horn dogs act like we spent all night making sweet, sweet love,” Wade climbs off the bed, walking toward the door, “Oh wait, we did!”

Peter grins against your back as you peek from under the blanket.

Wade stood at the doorway, “Get your beautiful, delicious, tight asses outta bed, pancakes are ready!”

The bedroom door slams shut behind the merc, the room fell silent.

“Your boyfriend is crazy,” Peter whispers.

Turning to face Peter, you flick away some hair from his eyes, “He’s your boyfriend too.”

hugs and kisses.

you see, i either write fluff or angst. no in between. i wrote a couple of these for fun and they’re short enough that posting them separately would have been pointless. so go ahead and pick ur poison. 

Early Morning Kiss

waking up to zen was quite possibly the most rewarding thing you would ever achieve in your life.

sometimes, you wake up and your eyes fall on this beautiful man sleeping peacefully beside you and the feeling of overwhelming love for him crashes over you in large waves. the rise and fall of his chest, his soft breathing, the look of pure serenity on his face. the man made sleeping look beautiful. you catch yourself just staring at him for hours, at times.

he was always quiet when he woke up; it took him a while to become the perky guy that he usually was. he would turn to face you with eyes barely open, give you this sleepy and soft smile and greet you a good morning. his morning voice was deadly, never failing to send a light flush to your cheeks. then he’d pull you closer, squeezing you the best that he can in his half-awake state and your heart fills with nothing but more love and more adoration for him. you loved these moments.

zen’s kisses in the morning were always so sloppy and they landed everywhere except the place where you actually wanted them to. your temple, your cheeks, the lids of your eyes but never your lips. this usually only ends with you grabbing his face and giving him a full kiss on the lips. which would then lead to a lazy make out session, with wandering hands and plenty of giggles. it was all fun and games. that was until he had to leave, of course.

Can’t Let Go Yet Kiss

you need to leave for work, jumin, you reminded him between his kisses, his arms wrapped tightly around your waist. you were standing on the tips of your toes, arms thrown around his neck as he awarded you with kiss after kiss. because even if you were already drunk from his kisses, you were still sober enough to remember that he had big responsibilities to carry out.

it was never meant to go this far. you only wanted to give him a simple goodbye kiss, something you thought would be short and cute and sweet. the concept must have completely escaped him because there he was, giving you what was probably kiss number fifty. you’ve tried to push him away, tried to reason with him but at the back of your mind, you knew that it wasn’t happening. he was probably going to be late. you almost regretted ever walking him to the door and asking him to lean down so you could give him a kiss. the flush that crept up his cheeks was priceless. you giggled then, finding it funny and wondering if it was possible that he would get any cuter.

you pressed your lips against his in a light peck, before pulling away and wishing him a good day. that was how it was meant to be. in your head, he would have straightened up with cheeks still slightly red. he would have bid his goodbye and promptly left. instead, he had pulled away with an unsatisfied look on his face. he wasn’t ashamed to ask for another, proper one. when you questioned him about it, he bent down and gave you one himself. the ungrateful brat.

Just a Normal Day by @the-slytherin-who-lived

“It’s time to wake up, Sleeping Beauty,” he muttered into her ear, biting it gently.  “Today is your big day.”

“Shut up, Draco,” she answered, but opened her big, brown eyes anyway.  “You don’t have to remind me.  And leave my poor ear alone, you evil beast.”

sherlock browsing his phone in the middle of the night while curled up next to john, whos sleeping, and sherlock finds an article he knows john will love or a meme he’ll laugh at and hes like darting his eyes back and forth to johns beautiful sleeping face knowing he shouldnt wake him up but he just really wants to show john the thing…very stressful but in the cutest way possible 

Reasons why the Nordics didn't sleep last night

Denmark: He read every single Creepypasta and he cried.

Sweden: He could hear anime openings through the wall thanks Iceland.

Norway: excuse me but mr lukas bondevik always gets his beauty sleep otherwise he won’t wake up looking flawless


Iceland: He binge watched all of Free!

morning kisses

send me prompts for little warm-up drabbles like these!!

Everything is softer in the morning. The sheets, the pillows, the fingertips pressed to temples and the smiles that come when lips meet every inch of exposed skin in a lazy journey home. Even Yuuri’s laugh is soft, and the groan that follows it, and the way he shakes Victor off and presses his face against Victor’s chest to steal even one more minute of sleep.

“You’re ridiculous,” he says, muffled, when Victor’s hands won’t leave his messy hair alone, and he begrudgingly lifts his face to give him a nasty look.

“What’s ridiculous is waiting for you to wake up, sleeping beauty,” Victor says, and pressed a kiss to Yuuri’s lips that hid no hint of bitterness about the delay.

“Aww, stop,” Yuuri mutters, after returning the kiss. “Morning breath.”

“I don’t mind.” Victor smiles and wraps his arms tighter around his fiance. “Nothing could stop me from kissing you.”