wake up sir!


“I’d like to buy some flowers for my wife.”
“Wonderful! Do you know what types of flowers she likes?”
“What are those ones in American Beauty?”
“She likes those. And what about in that Black Dahlia movie?”
“Uh, dahlias?”
“Yes, she loves dahlias. And then what about the things in March of the Penguins?”
“Yes, she adores those. A dozen penguins will do. And then what about those ones in Being John Malkovich?”
“John Malkovichs?”
“My wife can’t get enough of those. What colors do they come in?’
“White works. Oh, and finally, what are those guys from Anaconda: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid?”
“I’m guessing you’re referring to anacondas?”
“Yes! My wife is all about anacondas! A bouquet of those as well!”
“Of course, sir.”
“When will all the flowers be ready?”
“Whenever you wake up from your coma, sir.”
“Hahaha! What, did you talk with the chocolate shop guy across the street? He used the same joke on me right before this!”
“No, sir. You’re in a coma. You need to wake up.”
“…no. It can’t be.”
“But it is, sir. You must wake up! YOU MUST WAKE UP! WAKE UP!”
The man ran screaming out of the florist’s shop. The florist picked up his phone.
“Hahaha. We sure pranked that guy! How’s the chocolate selling, buddy?”
“It’s selling well. It will be selling better whenever you wake up from your coma.”
“Haha, yeah right. The joke won’t work on me.”
“I’m not joking. You have to wake up! WAKE UP!”
“When everyone’s in a coma, nobody’s in a coma.”
“I love our town.”

Night Light

Tony Stark x Jasmine Stark, daughter!OFC, Tony x Pepper

Summary: Jasmine Stark is afraid of the dark, come on she was only four and there was only one night light that helped her sleep.

Word Count: 1,217

Warnings: nightmares, dad Tony fluff, Tony being protective, fluff, Tony being such a loving husband, Pepper standing up for Tony, supportive Pepper

A/N: This is my first Tony based fic, so be gentle. I wanted to write a fluffy one because Tony needs some love too! I’m thinking of writing a drabble series based off of this, so there’s a good chance of being more Tony/Avenger/Jasmine fluff!!!

I’m also going to post the next part of Motionless tonight. So I hope your feels train in on track, ‘cause it’s gonna be a rough one. 

Originally posted by addict99

There was a thunderstorm going on outside, but Jasmine didn’t mind it much. It just reminded her of the god Thor. And Thor was a friend, he brought her gifts from Asgard. Plus he let her braid his hair.

But her nightlight died and made her room turn dark. If there was one thing that scared her the most, it was the dark. She hated the dark, not being able to see where she was. She started crawling out of bed, her tiny legs scrambling to reach the floor. Jasmine grabbed her Winnie the Pooh blanket and Bucky Bear and headed down the hallway. Her dad spent most of his time in his lab and made sure that JARVIS kept her company when he couldn’t.

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You and your team barged into Sebastian Moran’s mobile home, up in the middle of nowhere. 

[Y/N]: Wake up, sir. Put your shirt on, and please follow me outside. 

You then turned to the woman next to him, “Ma’am, I would strongly suggest you to stop screaming or one of my men will have to knock you out.”

Minutes later, Sebastian walked out, not even asking you any question.

[Y/N]: Good morning, Colonel Moran. I am [Y/FN] [Y/LN], sent by Mr. James Moriarty. He is alive and has requested your return. You can say yes, or you can say no, but I will be back the day after tomorrow with more men if your answer is the latter.

SM: Moriarty is dead.

[Y/N]: Ah yes, that. He had told me to answer with “Don’t be daft, tiger.” and here, he gave you a new phone. He said the password is the same as your old one.

You lowered your voice, “He also said he missed you.”

Request #10 - Things I wanted us to experience (dean x reader drama/fluff)

diving-down-to-wonderland said: Hey 😊 I want to request something :) I maybe thought of something where you’re friends with the winchesters but you and day always had a thing for each other. Then one night you go on a hunt together but then the creature hurts you badly and you nearly die in deans arms. Then days later in the hospital you wake up to dean telling you he loves you :) maybe something like this, fluffy but drama :) and if you like both povs :) thank you love ☺️😘

AUTHORS NOTE: Hey sorry I tried doing shifting POVs but I never really done that before. I hope it turned out okay and that you like it 

Your POV:

“Y/N” Dean ran across the cemetery and did a knee slight to your side just as Sam staked the zombie back into its coffin. You were coughing up blood as you pressed your hand to your stomach before you held up your hand to assess the damage. Your hand and sleeve was soaked in blood and the terror on your face was evident to Dean as he reached you. He gently lifted your head and shoulders into his lap but the pain from the wound in your stomach still made grinch. “Dean I’m sorry I…” you started but Dean hushed you running his hand through your hair before he looked up, “SAMMY!!!” You were starting to shiver and you knew that wasn’t a good sign.

Sam jumped up from the whole in the ground and ran across the grass to get you and his brother. Sam froze a few steps from you when he realized how bad you were hurt. “Sam go get the car,” Dean ordered as he threw his keys at his brother. “Dean…” Sam began realizing they may not be able to move you but Dean interrupted now yelling, “Damnit Sam! Go get the car! NOW!” Sam swallowed but nodded and turned around running out of the cemetery to get to the impala 3 blokes over.

“Dean I’m sorry I shouldn’t…” you tried again but once again Dean interrupted you, “it’s okay. You did good. Sam is getting the car. We’ll get you fixed up. Good as new.” Dean’s voice was husky as he fought back the tears. Knowing there was a really real chance he was lying, but he just couldn’t lose her. Not like this. Dean took of his plaid shirt and pressed it against your wound. Dean flinched as your scream filled the night air. “I’m sorry sweetheart,” a tear was now running down his right cheek, “we are gonna get you better. Stay with me. Please!” “Dean!” you begged reaching for his free hand as your world started turning black. Dean grabbed your hand and squeezed it, “you gotta fight. Sam is coming. We’ll get you to a hospital! You nodded but couldn’t fight it any longer your eyes.

Dean’s POV:

Dean felt the pit in his stomach grow as your eyes fell shut. “Y/N, Y/,N, Y/N” he called out almost screaming the last one am Sam crashed the impala thought the fence and into the graveyard. “Sam! We gotta hurry!” Dean yelled to his brother as he got up. Together they gently lifted your unconscious body into the backseat, “stay with her! Keep preassure,” Dean ordered as he ran around the car jumping into the front seat. Sam had bare shut the door behind him when she impala flew backwards out of the cemetery. The wheels spun and Dean twisted her around and steeped on the gas as hard as he could. He ran every speed light, swinging in and out between the hunking cars, but he didn’t care. All he could think about was Y/N in the back of the car. “How is she?” Dean asked without slowing down or taking his eyes of the road for a second. “In and out of it,” Sam replied in a concerned voice. His tune made Dean press down the peddle till it hit the floor. “We’ll be there in 3 minutes,” he promised.

Dean’s POV:

“I now it’s been three days but it could take longer or she might not wake up at all. The operation went well but we just don’t know yet….” The doctor looked uncomfortable as he spoke and with good reason. Dean took a few ominous steps toward the man, “what do you mean you don’t know! She is waking up?!”

“Sir if you calm down there is a matter of insurance we need too…” the doctor’s voice was shaking as he stepped backwards but Dean just kept on coming. “Insurance?? You are telling me you don’t know if she wakes up and you wanna talk INSURANCE,” Dean was full on yelling the last word into the man’s face. The doctor stood with his back pressed against the wall with nowhere left to go when Sam jumped to his rescue, “whoa whoa Dean calm down,” Sam put his hand on his brother’s shoulder pulling him back. Dean shook Sam’s hand of him and twirled around starring out the window now fighting back his tears. Sam gazed at Dean’s back clearly concerned when he spoke, “you stay. I’ll handle this.” Sam pushed the still shaking doctor out of the room and Dean finally turned around to look at you. You were still pale from the loss of blood but it looked like you were sleeping. Just sleeping. Ready to wake up any minute and tare him a new one over the mess he had made of your cloth going through your duffel bag to find the dog tag he knew you had but never wore to get your blood type. Or just to scold him for taking to the doctor like that when he was just doing his job.

Dean smiled through his tears at the thought as he slowly sat down in the chair next to the bed. “Y/N? Can you hear me?” Dean slowly took you hand and held it between his. “You know when we first ran into you. I didn’t want you hunting with us. Me and Sam we got a… a beat you know. We knew where we got each other. Still do. I thought you were gonna be in the way, but you know what? You are one of the damn best hunters I’ve ever seen. You pulled our asses out of the fire more time than I can count. Y/N I am so sorry. I didn’t get to you in time. I should have protected you. Kept you safe. I failed you. And I am sorry.” Dean squeezed your hand and look down as a tear fell from his eye.

Your POV:

Sound was the first sing to come back to you. You heard Dean’s voice as from a distance. He was telling you too fight and how he should have protected you and his voice seemed to slowly get nearer. You still couldn’t open your eyes but you started slowly sensing the light through your eyelids as you listen to his voice. “but I guess that is what I do. Let down the people I love. I am toxic everyone around me dies. You gotta fight Y/N! I promise you I won’t let you down again.”

The people he loved…. Did you hear that right? You tried to control your breathing as you slowly felt the air go deeper into your lungs.

“There are so many things I wanted you to experience. Us to experience differently. I need you too come back to us. To me. Y/N I love you.” You finally gathered up enough will to open your eyes and you slowly turned your head. He was really sitting there with your hand in his. His head bend down and his eyes to the floor. “Dean?” your voice was husky and low but he heard you. His eye shot up to find yours, “Y/N” Dean drew a breath of relief as he got up, “I’ll get the doctors!”

“Wait,” you said still fighting to get out the words you refused to let go of his hand and Dean turned back around to face you, “did you really mean that?”

The surprise on Dean’s face was evident. He hadn’t realized that she had heard him but then he swallowed and nodded as he sat down on the edge of the bed still with your hand in his. “Yes, Y/N I love you.” You reached your free hand up and caressed his face and he leaned into your touch closing his eyes only opening them again as you whispered, “I love you too Dean.”

He slowly bent down over you careful not to lay any weight on your body as he pressed his lips against yours.

Hair Color - Pt. 10

Requested: yes, the idea came from this love

Pairing: Michael x Reader

A/N: so… I have something. This was the tenth part of Hair Color and I am going to put the series on the shelve for a while. It’s not over since I have so many ideas, I just need it to be paused for a moment. So enjoy the tenth part while I’ll be writing my Halloween imagines.

Description: Everybody has a soulmate. And whenever you or your soulmate would dye your hair, the other half would get the same hair colour. Which makes it kind of hard for some people.


You gasped slightly at Calum hitting the floor. He wasn’t unconscious for a long time, but a couple of minutes were still enough to freak everybody out.

“Carlos! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?” The stripper yelled, jumping down from the platform and stepped around Calum, like everybody else. The enormous man, named Carlos, shrugged at her words and crossed his arms.

“What was I supposed to do, Andrea? These people can’t just walk in here after closing time! I’m ready to knock out another one if they don’t leave soon!” Carlos said and stepped towards Michael with a little arm swing, but the stripper Andrea pulled him back and squatted down to try and wake up Calum.

“I am so sorry, sir, but the dog couldn’t just be out there in the rain. And we’re lost and…”

“Where you from?” Carlos interrupted Ashton with a seriously mad mime as Ashton coughed and looked at his passed out friend having a stripper above him, trying to wake him up.

“Australia, sir. But she’s not. She’s from here, I think.” Ashton pointed at you as you did a little smile-thingy to Carlos but instantly regretted it as you were meet by a frown. Andrea looked up from her seat on the floor and you finally noticed her brown eyes under that big, black hair.

“Don’t I know you?” She asked, looking at Luke with confused eyes. “Have you been here before?”

Luke instantly started panicking, “No… no, no, no-no-no-no-no, NO!” he yelled when he noticed Michael and you cracking up at the incident.

“Oh wait, I know! You’re the singer from that one band who sung about underwear!” Michael stopped laughing as your stomach hurt more and more from cracking up. Out of the corner of your eye, you could see Luke’s face getting red while nodding, as Ashton looked scary and innocent at the same time.

“That’s not the only song we did,” Ashton mumbled, glancing at you. Your smile grew wider, but the laughing stopped as soon as a small murmur came from the floor. Everybody looked down to see Calum squinting his eyes and looking up. What a sight it must have been. His bandmates, you, a stripper and the stranger that knocked him out were all leaning over his face.

“What the fuck?” he mumbled as the stripper looked up. You wondered how she managed to squat in those heels and still look flawless.

“Carlos.” Andrea the stripper whispered as a hint for Carlos to apologise.

“Sorry.” Carlos murmured so quiet that Calum didn’t he hear. “You can stay if you want.”

“Thanks,” Ashton mumbled and helped Calum get on his feet again. Calum closed his eyes as he swung side to side by standing up.

“Where’s the dog?” Calum mumbled and Luke’s eyes grew wide. He whistled multiple times before the Golden Retriever came running towards the small group of humans and jumped on Luke.

“You have to clean up, though. We haven’t cleaned since last year and we were supposed to do it tonight before you asses came barging in.” Carlos said as Andrea was heading away from the group and what seemed like a “backstage” room. You nodded as Michael sighed deeply. As soon as you got handed cloths, soap and stuff like that, everybody got started.

Andrea came out again, this time in an oversized, beige sweater and black sweatpants with huge, fuzzy socks. Her hair was pulled into a bun and Michael hit you and pointed towards Ashton who was pretty much drooling over the hot stripper. You chuckled and returned to scraping the gum of the table while Michael was washing the floor next to your chair.  

Carlos was standing behind the bar, drinking whisky. Andrea didn’t do much before she walked over to you and sat down beside you. The awkward silence started as soon as her ass hit the cold leather.

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a very minor hamburr

on request

One of them ought to stay awake and keep watch but they are tired and irritable with the day and each other and it doesn’t seem important really, Burr just shrugs it off, and Alex is still feeling touchy from the long walk and how goddamned wrong Burr is about every goddamned thing, and if he opens his mouth to speak he’s going to say all of that and more, so he doesn’t say anything at all; he just lies down in the wet leaves and shuts his eyes and prays he’ll sleep soon.

He does.

– and something wakes him. 

Not something. Someone

He’s sitting up and sweating and his hand’s on his musket before before he is awake enough to realize the sound is coming from beside him but it’s impossible Burr is making that noise –

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The Weight of my Sins

Summary: “You tell me to stop assuming responsibility over the ways in which I’ve made you feel, yet you refuse to accept that the weight of my sins is not yours to carry.” There are things Roy and Riza don’t need to say. But there are other things that they should. 

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Everything was darkness and then there he was, Roy Mustang, at the very middle.

The only thing he had was Riza’s breathing. It was the only sound in the room and he focused on it, he relied on it to keep himself sane. To remember there was something outside his head, and he wasn’t living a nightmare.

Except Riza was the very thing he wanted to tear his mind away from.

No. He shouldn’t let those thoughts bother him, not when the Ishvalan reform and reconstruction were ahead of them. Nights like these, he longed to take pen and paper and write, write everything that came to mind. All his ideas. All his questions. Planning ahead made no sense if he missed any important details or possible outcomes. He was getting his eyesight back, after all. So the possibilities were endless.

If Riza were awake… but no, her breathing was even, heavy, as it had been for the last few hours. Could’ve been minutes, could’ve been days. If Riza were awake, he could’ve asked her to help. At the very least, he would’ve had someone to talk to.

He sighed. There she was, again. Was there any use in trying to push her out of his mind?

The images assaulted him; Riza in a pool of her own blood. Her eyes, pleading, begging. Her smile, her sweet smile as he held her in his arms. Even as minutes earlier, it had been Riza putting a gun to his head, firm even in the face of his rage, his screams. Pleading.

Riza, telling him that if she shot him…

This was not just about him, but everything they’d fought for. Even if he was gone, Riza should live. Then again, without Riza, there was no dream. If there was no dream, then was there even a point? A guilt-ridden Riza was hardly a better option. Riza, living the rest of her days with a heavy heart. He couldn’t have that either. Things were difficult enough for her already.

There were days in which Roy had to be strong for both of them. Days in which guilt consumed her, the will to live abandoned her. It was not the guilt Roy was used to, that hit him like a punch on the stomach when it came around, and forced him to be better, stronger in his fight for a better future. It was guilt that enveloped Riza like a shadow and restrained her, little by little, taking her breath away until her mind became her own worst enemy.

He sat up, resting his head on his hands. He winced. So that was not a good idea, when his hands had yet to heal from the stabbing wounds. Great.

“Colonel.” Riza’s voice reached him through the dark, finally freeing him from the whirlwind of thoughts. It startled him, forcing his back straight and his eyes, his useless eyes, to fly open.

One word. One word was all Roy had needed. One word in that gentle voice of hers, a voice that held no bitterness. It was concern and devotion, thing he clearly did not deserve.

“You should go back to sleep, Lieutenant.”

It took Riza a few seconds to answer.

“This is when I usually wake up, sir. How long have you been awake?”

“I’m not sure I even slept.” There was no use in lying, not after he’d given himself away so blatantly.

“You should’ve woken me up.”

“I could never do that. You need to rest.”

“I have been resting more than enough.”

“Glad to hear you’re feeling well.”

He heard skin against fabric; she was surely shifting in her bed. He couldn’t know. Riza said little, but expressed more than she realized. Part of it was lost to him now, after the world had gone black. Her posture, the curve of her mouth, the light in her eyes. If he could only see her. If he could only—

“What has been keeping you up, sir?”

He wasn’t stupid enough to believe she wouldn’t ask, but how could he tell her?

“Just thinking about these last few days. I didn’t properly thank you for your work.” He forced himself to smile. Well, that was not quite a lie. “You’ve far surpassed any expectation I could’ve possibly had.”

“It pleases me to hear that, sir. But you don’t have to thank me for doing my job.”

“It’s not an easy job. A little gratitude can’t hurt.”

“I’m humbled, sir. Now, please, let me hear the truth.”

He lowered his head again. Even if he tried, Riza would never let it go. Guilt, he’d thought. And if he said nothing, it would stay with him forever.

“I’m sorry, Lieutenant,” he said. “I am so sorry for everything I put you through.”

“Well, there’s no need for that either.” She was soft, almost tender. “As you said, this is not an easy job. But you listened, sir. When you could’ve entirely lost your mind, you held back and listened. I wouldn’t have forgiven you if you hadn’t.”

“You would’ve never forgiven yourself.”

“You shouldn’t be worrying about that. That is my own responsibility.”

“I don’t understand the way you think sometimes, Lieutenant. You say that, you tell me to stop assuming responsibility over the ways in which I’ve made you feel, yet you refuse to accept that the weight of my sins is not yours to carry.”

“I was the one you tasked with setting you straight.” The warmth of her tone had disappeared. It clearly said, it’s too early in the morning for this and we’ve gone over this already. “That gives me direct accountability, whether you like it or not, and it’s only fair. I was the one who once trusted you and turned you into a weapon.”

“You understand better than anyone that the weapon doesn’t make the murderer. You say this all the time.” He shook his head. His chest was burning, slowly, building up. “Trust, you say. That was the one thing I was asking from anyone who would listen. You gave that to me, and I failed you. And yet you trusted me again, you trusted me time and time again, after seeing the person I became. Do you still think of it as a mistake?”

“That comparison isn’t valid, sir.” Harsh, firm. Defensive. Desperately refusing to give way. “There’s a fine line between faith and trust, and I don’t think you’re telling them apart correctly.”

It exploded. It wasn’t as destructive, or as evident, but his fists were clenched and it hurt and his stomach was tied in a knot. He couldn’t tell exactly what triggered it. It wasn’t her, no. He was not angry at her. What had she ever done? It had to be him, then. Him, because no matter what he did, he always found a way to hurt her.

“You asked me if you could trust me back then. You gave me the option of saying no. I didn’t. Part of me… part of me felt that I should have, but I didn’t. If I turned into a murderer, it was my choice, and I would’ve been a murderer with any other weapon.”

“I keep wondering,” she whispered, “how big is the part of you that resents me for arming you in such a destructive manner.”

Roy could only imagine how difficult it was for her to ask such a thing, how tired her eyes looked, how her face sank in sadness and fear. How long had those thoughts consumed her? Why hadn’t she let him know? Where had he gone wrong?

“I… I don’t resent you at all.” Roy sounded so desperate in his own ears.“I never did. I can only think of one occasion, in all these years, in which you’ve truly disappointed me and even then…” The images hit him, the tears streaming down her face, her grieving expression upon believing she’d lost him. It was enough to make what remained of his anger dissipate. “Even then, I cannot think of it as something to blame you for.”

Silence. Roy focused on searching for sound. Anything, anything coming from her side of the room.

“That’s… good to hear.” Riza finally said. Something, something in her voice —he might have been able to guess if he could just—

Roy turned around to sit on the edge of his bed. Cold tiles found his feet.

“Lieutenant, do you mind coming over here?”

Her answer were bare feet against the floor, and then the mattress sinking next to him. It was a sudden comfort, knowing exactly where she was. Not too close, not too far.

“What do you need, sir?”

His answer was his hand, a bandaged hand he placed between them, reaching, seeking. Then he felt it, a slight weight, something warm covering his fingers. Her thumb slid underneath his hand in a delicate grip. This. This is what he needed. Knowing she was there, safe, still willing to follow him even as he couldn’t quite lead her anywhere in that state.

“Tell me, Lieutenant,” he said. “Is the sun out yet?”

She released a shaky sigh.

“I’d say so. The light is orange, and long shadows have started forming.”

So that was it. Riza was breathing through her mouth, her voice uneven, breaking.

“I’m sorry I’ve troubled you.”

“Quite the opposite, sir.” She squeezed his fingers. “Thank you.”

His heart jumped. Suddenly such contact wasn’t enough. He slid his hand away and raised his arm behind her, finding her long hair first, her upper back, and she stayed still until he’d succeeded in wrapping an arm around her. After a few instants, he felt Riza rest her head on his shoulder. Her cheek pressed against his skin, her humid eyelashes tickled him as she blinked. It was her, Riza. She was there.

Roy didn’t know if he was seeking for comfort or offering it, but the darkness surrounding him wasn’t so oppressing anymore. If Riza’s unyielding mind had given way, even just a little, then everything was possible. If she could meet his many failings with so much loyalty, if she could accept his affection while forgiving him so readily… whether Roy deserved it or not, that was a question for a different time. She was there, and for a second or two, he had the power to make her just a little happier.

He pictured the rays of light as they shone through the window. Then Riza’s smile, hopefully there in response to his. Her gaze, full of kindness and love. If there were tears in her eyes, they were quiet tears of relief.

“Tell me, Lieutenant. Are you ready to start the day?”

Riza turned her head slightly. She was surely looking at him, and she was so close. So unbelievably close.

“You said you haven’t slept.”

“I asked a question.”

“Yes, sir.” She took a deep breath. A silent yawn, maybe. “Do you want coffee?”

Her hair brushed against his neck, his arm moved with her every breath. Riza was still there, waiting for an answer. An answer she suspected would be affirmative, no doubt. But she was not moving.

Roy squeezed her arm and pulled her even closer, his smile growing wider.

“You know what, Lieutenant? I think coffee can wait.”

For @saved-by-the-notepad

Here is part two of the Stony divorce!AU ft. Rhodey. Read part one here.

Grab some tissues (maybe).

Warning: Vulgar language.

“I’m cutting you off,” Rhodey states firmly. “All you do is sit in his office and drink.”

Rhodey rubs his temples. “I worry about you, Tony.”

Tony blinks at Rhodey, his head a little fuzzy, and shrugs. It’s not like he has much to do anyways. The Avengers are done and Tony is trying to not cause any trouble.

“There’s nothing for me to do, Rhodey. I’m just keeping to myself. I’m not,” he stops, licks his lips, and continues, “hurting anyone.”

“Just yourself,” Rhodey deadpans.

Tony just shrugs again.

“I can’t sleep,” he starts. “Not in our - my - bed. I have nightmares.”

Steve used to help me with my nightmares goes unsaid.

“Then come watch a movie with me. Or, at least, let me drink with you. Doing it here,” Rhodey waves his hand, “in the dark isn’t healthy.”

Tony looks down at the monkey drawing he moved to the desk earlier. Tracing a hand along the penciled lines, smudging them just barely, he recalls a time where he visited Steve in his office after a mission.

“You come back hurt a lot more often,” Tony mumbles as he strokes a fading bruise along Steve’s jaw.

“Comes with the territory, Tony,” Steve says as he trails a hand down Tony’s bare arm raising goosebumps.

Reaching up, Tony wrapped his arms around Steve’s neck and kisses him. He laughs against Steve’s mouth when he’s picked up just barely and placed on top on the desk.

When Steve pulls away and presses his face against his stomach, Tony runs gentle fingers through his hair.

“You’re right,” Tony says after a moment and looks up. “Let’s…watch a movie or something.”

Rhodey smiles, but Tony can tell it doesn’t quite reach his eyes.


“I know he’s a super soldier, but the man barely eats,” Scott says. “We don’t see much these past few weeks.”

“Steve’s going through some things right now,” Sam states firmly. “It’s not our business to get involved.” 

“We got involved with everything else,” Scott mumbles under his breath.

Just as Sam is about to snap a reply, a voice interrupts them.

“I’m getting divorced.”

They both whirl around to see a haggard looking Steve standing before them. In one hand, he’s clenching the chain that holds, what Sam assumes to be, Tony’s wedding band and in the other hand, he’s holding a group of papers.

“You were married?” Scott yelps.

“Still am.” Then - “Technically.” Then - “For now.”

He lifelessly holds up the papers before letting his arm drop to his side as though it weighs too much.

“That’s…tough,” Scott says, then proceeds to flinch at Sam’s glare.

“It’s my fault,” Steve states. “I drove the wedge between us.”

Steve shifts the papers to under his arm and slips the chain onto his neck. He grips the ring briefly, gives them a nod, and walks away.

When he knows he’s out of sight, Steve palms his face with his free hand. Walking down the empty hall, Steve rests against a wall and then slides down to the floor. He drops the papers next to him, pulls his knees up, and wraps his arms around them burying his face into them.

“I’m sorry, Tony. I’m so sorry.”


“You’ve been holding out on me,” Rhodey says after a while.

They had been sitting in the living at the Avengers compound, drinking in silent company when Rhodey breaks it.

Tony snorts. “I stopped drinking for a while. This is just the stuff that’s left.”

Rhodey sighs. It’s now or never.

“What are you going to do if he refuses to sign the divorce papers?”

Tony gazes at Rhodey for a moment before looking away. “Is it stupid of me to have a little hope that he doesn’t?”

Rhodey wraps an arm around Tony’s shoulder and pulls him close.

“No, Tony.”

“I still love him.”

Rhodey tightens his hold. “I know.”

“I’m so damn angry at him. I don’t know if I’ll be able to forgive him.”

Rhodey buries his face into Tony’s hair. “You have every right to be. And you don’t have too.”

Tony snuggles close. “I still want him to come home, though. Despite everything, I want him to come home.”

“I know, Tony.”

“It’s not stupid, right?”

“No, Tony. It’s not stupid.”


When Natasha shows up in Wakanda, she punches Clint in the face (”How could you use Rhodey’s injury against Tony?”), hugs Sam, and hugs Steve. She gives a current nod to Wanda and Scott and doesn’t ask about Bucky.

“What are you doing here?” Steve asks as they walk through King T’Challa’s palace gardens. 

“I’m finding myself,” Natasha replies with a shrug. “How have you been holding up?”

They stop at a large water fountain beautifully sculpted in marble to resemble a panther and its cubs.

“Tony sent me divorce papers,” Steve replies quietly. “I really messed up, Nat.”

“We all did, Steve. I’m just as guilty as you are.”

Steve glances her way before returning his gaze to the fountain. “What happened in Siberia was a mess. We fought. I,” he closed his eyes fighting back the spring of tears, “hurt him so badly.”

“He hurt you, too. You hurt each other.”

“What he did doesn’t even compare to what I did to him.” 

“After I come clean about everything, you wanted to build a marriage on lies.”

“I’m sorry, Steve.”

Steve doesn’t reply.

It’s only later that he realizes he was so lost in thought that he didn’t notice Natasha had left him, but he notices a paper in her place.

It simply read: Call him.


Rhodey was in Steve’s old office when he hears the first vibration. 

Any other time, he would have FRIDAY alert Tony, but the other was passed out on the couch and Rhodey didn’t want to wake him knowing his best friend hadn’t been sleeping well.

He opens a few draws before finding the cause of noise. When he sees the old-style cellphone, his first thought was Rogers. Something like this probably felt more comfortable, he thinks absentmindedly.

But he freezes when he sees the blinking name in the tiny box on the flip phone.

Oh, hell no.

Glancing at the doorway, Rhodey says, “FRIDAY, let me know if Tony wakes up.”

“Of course, sir.”

Satisfied, Rhodey flips open the phone.


“It’s James, and you have some fucking nerve to be calling, Rogers.”

When it’s silent for several moments, Rhodey thinks Rogers hung up, but a quick glance at the phone tells him the line is still connected.

“Speak, or I’m hanging up.”

“I…don’t know what to say.”

Rhodey chuckles darkly. “You may not have much to say, but I have so fucking much to say that it’s taking every ounce of my being to not chuck this room against the wall.”

“Okay, Jam - Rhodes. Say what you need to say.”

And Rhodey is silent for a moment, collecting his thoughts, and then beings: “He was missing for nearly a week before Vision found him, you know? No one saw him after he left the Raft util he was found in fucking Siberia in a broken down, torn to hell, suit.”

Rhodey grips the phone harder. 

“He went there to help you, Rogers. He went there as a man wanting to help his husband and his husband’s friend. Tony had evidence to clear Barnes name about the attack in Vienna. He wanted to help you! And you! You kept the true death of his parents from him! A lie by omission is still a fucking lie! He may have not had a good relationship with his father, but Tony loved his mom so damn much. And he had to find out how they truly died by some villain. You knew and you didn’t tell him.”

He takes a breath to calm his raging heartbeat. “He told you everything. He gave you everything. All he asked in return was for you to trust him, to not keep things from. Like you asked him. It makes me wonder if you ever did love him -”

“I do!” Rogers snaps over the phone. “More than you know.”

“You have a piss poor way of showing it.” 

It’s silent for a moment, and then - “Will you tell me how he’s been?”



“Fuck you, Rogers. He’s miserable. I find him in your damn office at the compound almost every day, drinking, and staring at those damn dog tags or that picture of the monkey. He’s passed out on the couch right now, exhausted. You and your merry band of misfits left him a whole fucking mess to clean up. I hope you’re happy.”

And he hangs up.

Rhodey waits a few minutes, scrubs his hands over his face, before sending two quick texts:

You broke his heart. 

I wonder if you can live with that?

~The End

*Sorry for the typos.


hola! prompt time - alternate universe where everyone has the same birthday as their soulmate and at midnight on their twentyfirst birthday they swap bodies with their soulmate and everybody runs around trying to find each other :) fluffy <33 i’ve had this prompt in the back of my head for ages and i wanted to send it to someone amazing at writing phanfiction :D ilyvm

genre: fluff with some angst, words: 2K, warnings: mentions of homophobia

A/N: Thanks for the prompt :) I hope you like what I did with it!

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He may not be a legit service dog, but life would be a whole hell of a lot harder without him.
I’ve been flaring all day, and haven’t really been eating or drinking much.
And I’m a person who can get dehydrated just from looking at a picture of a desert.
After he jumped up on me to wake me up so I could let him out, when he came back in he sat himself down in the kitchen and stared at me. He wouldn’t go back upstairs with me until I got water and food for myself.
And now he’s making sure I actually drink and eat them.

I honestly don’t understand how anyone could have the “it’s just a dog” mindset about dogs.
But I feel bad for them that they’ve never had this sort of bond with one.
Not only is Digby a (sometimes problematically) smart lil’ cookie, but he clearly cares about me enough to remind me to perform the bare essentials of survival. He wasn’t trained to do this. He just doesn’t want his malfunctioning human to die or whatever.

Sir Digby Chicken Caesar saves my life every day.
Even when he isn’t making me eat or drink.
He gives me a reason to get up, even on my very worst pain days.
He kicks me in the face when I cry (yes, I said kick. I think he thinks he’s petting me?)
I love this little hellhound.
Even when all 80lbs of him sits on me at 1:30 in the morning to wake me up.

anonymous asked:

SVT's reaction when he wakes up next to you?

this would be different depending on if the two of you are dating or not, but since I can come up with more individual reactions in the scenario where you two aren’t dating and you two somehow ended up sleeping next to each other (and the member didn’t know until he woke up), I’m just gonna do that and I hope you don’t mind ghgdhfdk

Seungcheol: would simply smile to himself a bit and then wrap his arms around you and pull you close to him to cuddle and go back to sleep  I’m so pained my heart

Jeonghan: would wake up and smile, and giggle a bit from being flustered. Then would cover his mouth as he wouldn’t want to wake you up and would just lay there thinking of what he should do in this situation

Joshua: when opening his eyes and seeing you, he would widen his eyes a bit, but be careful to stay calm as this sweetie wouldn’t want to wake you up. He’d probably try and get out of the bed as quietly as possible then go and ask the members if they have any idea as to what happened 

Jun: once he sees you, he’d smirk to himself and pull you closer as well just to see what would happen, but then you cuddle closer to him in your sleep (big mistake) and so later he’s telling everyone how you must’ve wanted to sleep with him because you were cuddling him even though hE COMPLETELY LEAVES OUT THE PART WHERE HE BLUSHED WHEN YOU CUDDLED CLOSER TO HIM JUNHUI YOU LIAR

Hoshi: would blush and smile to himself and then turn on the opposite side and just lay there smiling 

Wonwoo: would not even wake up first no sir you’d wake him up gently because he was holding you a bit too tight in his sleep and oNce he sees that he’s cuddling you like a big teddy bear BOY YOU WOULD THINK YOU HAD A DISEASE OR SOMETHING BECAUSE HE FLEW BACK AND FELL OFF THE BED SO FUCKING FAST AND HIS FACE IS THE REDDEST THING ON EARTH RIGHT NOW AND HES JUST A STUTTERING MESS LIKE “I-I’m sorry I-I didn’t mean- I-” (I’m laughing so hard picturing this rn help) and you just start laughing and tell him its fine and start teasing him on how that reaction was priceless ah yes

Woozi: such a smol shy child would probably fall out of the bed upon seeing you, blushing immediately after and slowly having a mental breakdown asking himself how and when did this happen how long were you sleeping together how did he not wake up what is happening 

Dokyeom: this would be great okay once he wakes up he’d start singing loudly but nicely to try and wake you up in the nicest way possible because who needs birds chirping when you’ve got seokmin’s voice and who needs the sun in their eyes to wake up when you’ve got seokmin’s smile they’re both the same thing anyways

Mingyu: was probably cuddling you in his sleep so once he opens his eyes, he would shrug his shoulders and go back to sleep

Minghao: I can see him just getting out of the bed quietly, and then later when you’re awake asking you how come you were sleeping with him 

Seungkwan: DJ Boo. that is all. (sorry for being a dick with this one)

Vernon: would just be frozen you hear me f r o z e n (let it go) would not speak would not move would not breathe no sir

Dino: it’s been said that this cutie always needs to hug something when he sleeps, so its safe to say he’d be cuddling you as well. Upon waking up and realizing he was cuddling you, he’d get a bit embarrassed and apologize even if you were still asleep, then he’d turn on the other side and go back to sleep.

lord help me that was so much, hope you enjoyed!


~Admin Sara ^^

Awaari did a whole bunch of comics for a Modern AU of her Galathan and Dorian that I really loved, and so I got permission to finish the story in writing.

Closing shift at the Spoiled Prince was never glamorous on a Tuesday. Most people still harbored memories of the weekend’s hangover more glumly than they regarded the remaining work days until their next weekend. Galathan didn’t have the same schedule anymore, but he could understand it. When he’d been studying he’d buried himself in the school work with no time for anything else, especially drinking. It might be ironic, then, that he was the college drop out serving drinks to some of those people he dimly remembered as having invited him once or twice to parties that no one could actually remember the next day. The elf made a point not to be bitter about it, whisking back and forth to take orders and mix drinks. When it came down to it paying for a roof over his head had come before paying for text books, and if it stung that some of the required books cost more than his monthly rent Galathan was good at pretending that it didn’t.

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Only You [Part 1]

Jungkook X Reader

A/N: Hey Guys! This is my first fic to be posted on here (Please don’t judge too harshly ;-;)


Genre: Fluff | Maybe Angst | Smut [In the future]

AU: Royal!Jungkook, College!Jungkook

Word Count: 1992

A lost prince who ran away from home.

He attended a college in which he was able to meet you, a breadwinner for your family.
Having never been outside of his kingdom before, he has never experienced a lot of firsts. That was, until you came into his life.
His family hated yours for being poor and thrown away and signed Jungkook up for an arranged marriage that he wasn’t aware of.

Will you let him accept the arranged marriage and let him leave? Or will you fight together for your own love?

Surrounded. Crowded. Claustrophobic.

A prince was born. The news, the lights, the camera’s. Everyone craving his attention. People lining up at the door to see the face of the man that was going to be their new king.

His Life? Gone. His Friends? None. Parents? Strict. His Love? Don’t even think about it.
Was this something he asked for? A thrown away childhood that was taken because he would be pampered and spoiled his whole life? Never knowing the joy and thrill of learning how something is done because others were there to do it for him?
What ever happened to playing catch with your father or to bake with your mother? That wasn’t something necessary here. Not in this kingdom.

His name was Jeon Jungguk. He played the piano, he learned the violin, he studied and aced all his home-schooled exams. But what was in it for him? What praise did he get for exceeding in every possible area of learning?
Not even a single glance.

You could say that Jungguk hated his parents -in the least. The only people he talked to were the maids and butlers working and shuffling in and out of the rooms. They spared more of their time for him than his own parents did. He even thought that these people were more likely his family than the ones who sit on the throne all day writing papers or signing documents.
At the age of 10, his parents officially banned any trace of social media from filming him. They even went through the trouble of getting Jungguk his own personal guard, and his name was Min Yoongi.

Jungkook soon grew fond of this “Min Yoongi” man. They would talk to each other all day and all night, they would eat together, and Yoongi taught him everything he knew. Hell, Jungguk thought of him as a brother. He took care of him as he grew up. He protected him at all costs, ensuring Jungguk’s life before his own. They played together, racing down the halls of the castle, building forts out of the simply replaceable $1000 cushions. They even got in trouble once for causing such a ruckus.
Jungguk even remembered the -several- times when it was late at night and he would watch as Yoongi slipped out of one of the rooms, half naked, God knows why.

But that was another topic to discuss.

Yoongi would always see Jungguk stare out the window, looking at the kids playing across the street. The only thing Yoongi could do was put a hand on the boy’s shoulder and say, “Someday”

But that was just it. One day, Yoongi had enough. He was going to get Jungguk out of this hell hole of a place even if it meant he got fired.
So off he went, straight for Jungkook’s room just a tick part 4 in the morning, and woke him up. Jungguk gave him sleepy eyes until Yoongi said the words, “I’m getting you out of here”

And there they ran. Past the security and the half asleep guards. They ran until they were able to reach Yoongi’s car. There, Yoongi passed him a duffle bag. Inside of it were a week’s worth of clothes, a wallet with cash and a credit card, a phone, and his passport that had a plane ticket tucked inside of it.
Jungguk had so many questions, but didn’t dare speak until they got to the airport and Yoongi checked him in.
“Wait Hyung! What about you?” He finally spoke, voice a bit raspy from the time of day.
“Me?” Yoongi chuckled, “I’m staying here. It’ll be too suspicious if we’re both gone” He said as he walked right up to Jungguk, resting his hands on the younger’s shoulders, “You’re 19 now. You can take care of yourself. You don’t need some flimsy guard looking after you anymore” He smiled gently, “Now, once you get to your destination, I want you to do something for me.”
Jungguk listened intently, “I want you to go to college because you will always need an education to get anywhere. You don’t have to do it the day of. You can do it tomorrow or something. Enjoy your freedom, kid. If you have trouble with anything -and I mean anything. Then give me a call, okay?” He pulled him into a hug before waving goodbye, “Good Luck!”

Jungguk waved back and walked away. His heart rate slowed, but he still clutched onto the plane ticket in his hand as he walked towards his gate number.
Once he found a nice spot to sit down, he pulled out the phone. It was now 5 in the morning. His flight wasn’t for another 3 hours. What was he going to do now?
His eyes felt heavy as he rested his head against the back of the chair. I guess sleeping could be an option.

“Sir” Someone said, “Sir, wake up”.

Jungguk opened his eyes to daylight shining through the glass windows. He followed the sound of the voice until his eyes met hers, “You’re on this plane, is that correct?” she spoke, voice gentle. Jungkook rubbed his eyes and blinked a few times to adjust to the light, “Huh? Oh- yes, I am. Sorry”
She only smiled, “That’s quite alright. You got here awfully early for someone who’s flight is at 8 in the morning. But we are boarding now, so you might want to stay awake” She winked playfully before returning to the desk beside her co-worker.

“We are now boarding zone one. Please have your boarding ticket and passport ready” The voice echoed on the intercom.
Jungguk looked at his ticket. He was zone 4. He stared out the window and watched as plane after plane landed and took off. People slowly started disappearing as their zone got called.
“We are now boarding zone four. Please have your boarding ticket and passport ready”.

Jungguk lined up. He perked up his hood as he approached the counter. The familiar smile reappearing from the same lady that talked to him earlier, “Have a nice flight” she said.

He sat beside a man who was already half-asleep, easily slipping in to get the window seat. He took a deep breath and nodded, “I can do this”

He watched as the plane took off. The hurling sound of the engines ringing in his ears. He watched out the window as his city only got smaller and smaller as they touched the clouds.

The turbulence woke him up a few hours later upon realizing he was asleep. The flight attendant made an announcement, informing the passengers that they will be landing shortly. Jungkook looked out the window to see cars the size of ants and many tall structures. This was going to be an adventure.

As soon as he got off the plane, he walked to the side -out of everyone’s way- and called up Yoongi.
“Hyung? I made it” He said as he looked around at all the people still exiting the terminal.
“That’s great to hear! Oh and, by the way. I was thinking that you should change your name.” Yoongi spoke through the phone. Jungguk’s eyes widened, “W-What? Why?”
“Because. You never know if someone will recognize you! It doesn’t have to be a drastic change you know. I was thinking about something along the lines of Jungkook.” He said calmly.
“Jungkook…” Jungguk repeated to himself, “Jeon Jungkook…”
“See?” Yoongi interrupted, “It doesn’t sound that bad”
“Yeah, I guess. But where am I supposed to do that?” Jungguk questioned as he began walking towards the bag terminal.
“At city hall. Just take a cab there. I have all your legal documents here, so just call me up when you get there” Yoongi said.
“Okay…” Jungkook said softly as he picked up his duffle bag and headed towards the exit.
“I gotta go” Yoongi said, sounding a bit rushed. Then Jungguk heard the voice of a female in the background, “I-I’ll talk to you late-!” Yoongi hung up the phone and Jungguk just rolled his eyes.

He stepped into one of the cabs that sat outside the airport, waiting to pick people up. He directed the man to go to city hall and with a precise nod of the driver, they were off.
The sights Jungkook saw were absolutely breathtaking. This was the most he’s been outside in his whole lifetime.
Upon getting there, Jungguk kindly thanked the driver as he handed him a $100, telling him to keep the change.

“I-I would like to request a name change” he spoke quietly as he approached the counter.

After hours of calling and waiting, he was finally able to step out of the building a new man.
Evening approached quickly as Jungkook felt famished. He quickly picked up something to eat before going to find a nice hotel to stay in for the night.

Another hour of searching got him to a five-star hotel.
When he got to his room, he threw his bag onto the floor and plopped onto the bed, staring at the ceiling. His legs ached from walking all day and his calves were killing him. Just then, his phone rang. He swiped his arm against the soft sheets until his hand grazed the vibrating phone. He didn’t even bother looking at the caller ID since he already knew who it was.
“Hello” Jungkook said as a yawn escaped his mouth.
“So, how’d the name change go?” Yoongi asked.
“Pretty well” Jungkook said as he rolled onto his side, now staring out the window, “It would have been better if you could wait to have sex with your girlfriend rather than hanging up on me last minute” Jungkook snorted.
“W-What? How did you know I had a girlfriend? I swear I didn’t tell you about her before” Yoongi said, taken aback from Jungkook’s words.
“You didn’t. But I’ve seen things” Jungkook coughed out.
“Oh god” Yoongi face-palmed, “Shit. Was it really that noticeable?”
“Well fuck. Okay then. Sorry” Yoongi said awkwardly, “Anyways” He cleared his throat, “I searched up the college’s nearby, and there’s a great one that’s quite close to you”
“Really? I’ll check it out then. Are they even open?”
“Of course. It’s almost the beginning of the semester. They’re probably really busy right now”
“Cool. I’ll drop by tomorrow”
“Good. It’ll be great for you to make some friends” Yoongi said, “and who knows, maybe you’ll find the person you love, too”
That made Jungkook think. Less about the friend’s part, but more about the love part. Would he be able to find the person he loves? Because he sure as hell wanted to know what it felt like.

“Yeah. Maybe…” 

I would love to hear feedback!
Definitely continuing~
Sorry if this part was boring, I just wanted to go through the background of things ^^

Thank You @btsfanficsandscenarios for helping out!

Feel free to leave in a ask, talk to me, tell me about your life!
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The Ultimate Master List 

Creepypasta #401: Wake-up Call

The ringing blows my dream world away in one shrill blast of reality. I nearly shoot up in the bed, my head still buzzing from whatever surreal nightmare I’ve just escaped from. What was it about? It’s leaving me already; I can’t remember.

The phone rings again. This one stirs my body awake to join my mind. Whoever it is has to go away. I’m not ready to face another day. My leg is twitching itself to life, and I run a lazy hand through my hair as my eyelids manage to pry themselves apart.

More ringing. A hand shoots out from my bed and snatches the receiver. I press the cold plastic to my ear, and a groggy voice that was probably mine says “Hello?”

“This is your wake up call, sir.”

“I didn’t ask for a wake up call.” Am I in a hotel? What city am I in? How much drinking was too much?

Silence is the response. The line’s dead. What time is it? There’s no clock in this room.

This room. I lift myself to a sitting position. This is not some motel room. This is not any room I’ve ever slept in before. The furniture is something out of Victorian New England, and the only light seems to be coming from old fashioned lamps mounted on the walls by the corners. The only item that doesn’t fit the pattern is the phone, straight out of 1950’s suburbia when everything was Smeg. What thankless situation have I gotten myself into now?

I shake the cobwebs from my head and try to remember just what the hell happened to me? How did I get here? Have I been kidnapped? There are no restraints around and no masked man with a knife watching me. Reassuring, I suppose. I don’t feel drunk or hung over, so how did I get here? It doesn’t matter right now; I just have to leave.

I stand up slowly. My legs work fine; thank God. Why was I sleeping with my shoes on? There’s daylight spattered across part of the ceiling from a partly-drawn curtain over the window. I almost look out but I just want to leave. I walk to the door; it’s open a bit and so I step out in the long corridor. Long is an understatement. What I presume to be the exit is a tiny red dot at the end of this solid, institution-grey hallway. The walls are bare, and though there’s no visible light source I can see just fine.

I walk forward. I reach a hand to my side. The walls are smooth and cold, untouched in some time or band new. I’m not sure. Have I been here before? The air seems to be getting thinner as I walk for what seems like forever. It’s getting colder and when I look I can see my breath now. There’s no sound. There’s no noise from pipes or vents, nothing from outside. I can’t even hear my own footsteps. Looking back, I can’t see the room I came from.

Then the noise comes all at once, shrill and overpowering, seemingly all around me. It’s long and slow, and somehow familiar. My head aches, and feels ready to spill its contents with each impossibly loud blast. It’s all I can muster to stagger on, my feet seemingly independent of my will, their own desperation to escape this endless grey the only thing keeping me moving.

The sound is closer now. Is it right outside? Is there an outside where I am? The corridor almost quakes at the noise, and I struggle to remain standing.

I reach the door. It’s the only touch of colour in this endless grey. I turn the handle slowly and push it open, letting it swing out into the brilliant, endless white beyond. The light hits me like a tidal wave and the sound is almost deafening, leaving my ears ringing. I shake my head and press my eyes, as I’m enveloped by the light.

The ringing blows my dream world away in one shrill blast of reality. I nearly shoot up in the bed, my head still buzzing from whatever surreal nightmare I’ve just escaped from. What was it about?

Credits to: King_Bulywyf