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small detail from sense8: sun is always in her underwear because everyone keeps waking her the fuck up in the middle of the night seriously she must get like 3 hours of sleep, the nearest person who asks for her help is in fucking Nairobi, 6 hours away, phew, got that wrapped up by 11pm, time to sleep for three hours until Naomi wakes up in San Francisco and rouses her at 3 in the morning. 

anastasia rode down the hallway of the hotel on a segway while blowing into a party blower. “wake the hell up, san francisco miami! so I just invaded this cute little kid’s party happening in the lobby. the candy bags are lit! her name was rose and she’s my new best friend/mini me,” she explained while warmly grinning.

IVAN DUFFY IS DEAD… Mostly. He was definitely murdered, but he’s alive, and he might be a zombie. He’s got one thing on his mind: what the hell is going on? If you think waking up dead in a San Francisco alley next to your own dead body means there’s nowhere to go but up, you’re dead wrong. Armed with nothing more than a pocket knife and a leather jacket, this young punk’s got to get by on his wits. He hasn’t got a clue, a pulse, or any idea what he’s doing, but he’s doing it.

Dying means a life on the fringe, where mysterious doors appear in walls and monsters lurk in the shadows. The world is bigger than he ever imagined, and it’s got teeth– but so does he, and he’s not afraid to use them. He thinks he can spit in the face of danger, but Ivan Duffy has a lot to learn. Lesson one? Kill your double.

—  PINK VOL. 1 - Back of the book summary (first draft)

Wake up, Sunshine ~ listen

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Go to bed, Moonbeam ~ listen

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Stuck with You (pt. 2)

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Stuck with You (pt. 2)

Pairing: Pietro x Reader
Prompt: “Could you do a Part 2 to Stuck With You? I loved it so much! You’re writing style is amazing!”    

“Could you please do a Part 2 to Stuck With You? I loved it so much!”

Summary: You and Pietro spend the next 6 hours on the plane next to each other.
Warnings: None :)

Link to Part 1http://imagining-in-the-mcu.tumblr.com/post/122503965013/stuck-with-you

    You and Pietro walked together with linked arms to Gate 34. For the first time ever, you were actually excited to be on a plane. You grinned at Pietro, and Pietro grinned back as you two approached the line. 

    “I can’t wait to go on the plane,” you said. “I’m totally going to sleep right away.” Pietro chuckled. 

    “Same, dragul meu.” Pietro said. The two of you entered the line.

    “What’s ‘dragul meu’?” You asked. The line started to advance, and you and Pietro continued to get closer to boarding the plane.  

    “It’s nothing.” Pietro said quickly. You approached the staff member and gave her your boarding pass. She quickly scanned your pass.

    “Enjoy your flight,” the woman said with a kind smile. She handed you your pass and you thanked her. Dragging your luggage behind you, you walked through the connecter from the airport to the plane, and boarded. You turned your head the see if Pietro was behind you, and you found him rolling his suitcase behind him with his boarding pass in his hand. You smiled at him and turned back. You continued to walk to the back of the plane, finally arriving at your seat. Pietro stopped behind you. 

    “Do you need help lifting your carry on?” Pietro asked. Pietro threw his bag from his back onto his seat and proceeded to lay his carry on into the cabinet. 

    “No thanks, I got it.” You replied, lifting your own carry on and placing it next to Pietro’s. After that, you slid into your seat, which was luckily the window seat. Pietro slid next to you, letting out a big sigh once he sat down onto the chair. 

    “Ready for the next six hours?” Pietro asked, putting his bag underneath the seat in front of him. 

    “With you here, I guess I am.” You replied. You also placed your bag underneath the chair in front of you. You took out your iPod. “Do you want to listen to my hot mixtape?” You asked, laughing. 

    “If you insist,” Pietro said, also laughing as he took one of the earbuds you had and placed it in his ear.  You unlocked your iPod and played Arctic Monkeys. For the next few minutes, you and Pietro sat in your seat, waiting for the plane to take off. Pietro glanced out of the window. “I have always found flying fascinating.” Pietro said. You turned to look at the window as well.

    “Me too. It’s hard to believe you are sitting in a seat that is thousands of feet in the air,” you said. You and Pietro watched as a man in a golf-like-go-kart zoom past with luggages in the back. The TVs on board suddenly turned on, showing the safety protocols for different scenarios. However, you and Pietro continued to listen to your iPod. Your felt the plane move. “Pietro, look! We’re moving!” You whispered excitedly. 

    “Good-bye San Francisco…” You heard Pietro say. An announcement was made on the intercom.

    “Flight attendants, please prepare for take-off.” The voice said. You turned to Pietro, smiling.

    “Ready?” You asked.

    “Ready.” The plane suddenly started to rumble. The both of you turned your heads to the window again. You saw the plane start to rise off of the grounds as you started to experience of weightlessness. You giggled at the feeling. You watched as the plane continued to fly off the ground, and you could see San Francisco starting to wake up. The sun was rising slowly, casting pink and blue streaks across the sky. The stars and the moon was quietly fading away. You looked down. Cars started to as tiny as ants and buildings became the size of your thumb. The street lights and the lights inside of tall buildings were on, making it look like stars were settling down on San Francisco. 

    “It’s beautiful,” Pietro whispered. You slowly nodded. You sat back on your seat.

Hour 1 

    You and Pietro were still listening to Arctic Monkeys together. You pulled out a blanket and a book from your bag, getting ready to get cozy on the seat. 

    “May I join you Y/N?” Pietro asked you. You nodded, extending the blanket onto him. Pietro grabbed the other end and wrapped the second half of the blanket around him. You cracked open your book and read a few chapters for more than half an hour, before you felt Pietro’s head slump onto your shoulder. You turned your head and had to restrain yourself from laughing out loud. Pietro’s mouth was open and was snoring quietly as he slept on your shoulder. You shook your head to yourself. You continued reading more chapters before accidentally falling asleep on Pietro’s head.

Hour 3 

    You felt something move. You groaned quietly and stretched your arms, with your eyes still closed. You fell back and slowly opened your eyes. Finding your head leaned against Pietro’s shoulder, you quickly sat up and brushed yourself off. Pietro was currently reading his book. “What time is it?” You asked quietly with your raspy, morning voice. 

    “Good morning sexy,” Pietro laughed. He glanced at his watch. “It’s 7 in the morning.” You looked out of the window, only finding clouds and the rising sun. You sat back. 

    “I’ve been sleeping for two hours…” You said. Suddenly, your stomach growled loudly. You grabbed your stomach in embarrassment. “Shoot…” You muttered. Pietro chuckled beside you. He leaned to the aisle, then turned back to you.

    “There’s a cart with breakfast food on it, don’t worry.” Pietro informed you.  

    “Thank god.” You said, impatiently waiting for your the cart. Once the cart came to yours and Pietro’s seat you immediately ordered. “Can I have coffee and a bagel?” You asked. 

    “Make that two bagels, plus some orange juice.” Pietro added in. 

    “Coming right up.” The flight attendant said, starting to take out the food.

Hour 4

    After reading and eating for another two hours, Pietro stopped you.

    “Y/N, I’m really bored. Do you want to play a game with me?” Pietro asked. You turned to him and found him with his tablet in hand, with a game already launched. You smiled and put down your book, turning your whole body to face him. After adjusting your blanket, Pietro started the game. You and Pietro played for another half an hour before he paused the game. 

    “Sorry Y/N, but I really need to go to the bathroom.” Pietro said, unbuckling his seatbelt.

    “Oh yeah of course!” You replied, putting the tablet on your lap. Pietro stood up and dashed to the bathroom. You sat there, gazing at the clouds, until the plane started to shake. 

    “Damn turbulence,” you muttered. Suddenly there was a loud beep and the seatbelt turned on.

    “A reminder that the seat belt sign has turned on, please make sure your seatbelt is secure on your lap.” A voice said over the speakers. You checked your seatbelt. Suddenly, you realized Pietro is still in the bathroom. 

    “Where are you Pietro?” You asked to yourself quietly, leaning to check out the aisle. Pietro was not in sight. For some reason, you were nervous. The plane continued to shake. Then, you saw Pietro step out of the bathroom and trying to keep his balance as he slowly made his way to his seat next to yours. You let out a sigh of relief. 

    “That took a while,” you giggled. Pietro laughed as he buckled his seat belt again.

    “That was the second most scary thing I have ever done. Peeing while the plane was shaking.” Pietro said. You laughed out loud.

    “What was the scariest thing you have done?” You asked. Pietro shrugged.  

    “Battling aliens, I guess.” Pietro said. You were about to ask how that happened, but you dropped it.

Hour 5

    Pietro fell asleep again on your shoulder. You were currently on your laptop, working on an essay you had to do prior to entering in medical school. As you typed, you listened to Pietro’s quiet snores. After another half an hour, Pietro woke up. 

    “Good morning sleeping beauty,” you said to him as you continued to type. 

    “Wha- what are you doing,” Pietro muttered as he squinted to read your report. 

    “An essay for school. Did you sleep well?” You asked as your closed your laptop. Pietro nodded slowly, rubbing his eyes. He then took out his tablet again with a pair of earbuds. 

    “Would you like to watch a movie with me?” Pietro asked, offering an earbud to you. You smiled, taking the earbud into your hand. 

    “Thanks,” you said. Pietro opened an action movie for the two of you to watch, before it was your turn to drift off and fall asleep on his shoulder.

Hour 6

    You woke up from the seatbelt signal, following with another voice on the speakers. 

    “Please prepare for landing.” The voice said. You sat up and turned to Pietro, who was currently packing up his earbuds and tablet.
    “Almost here?” You asked.

    “Almost here.” He replied. You slipped your laptop back in your bag and folded your blanket and stuffed it into your bag. “Is anyone here to pick you up?” Pietro asked you. 

    “No, I was planning to take a taxi to my dorm right away.” You replied. 

    “Oh, my friends are coming to get me, you can come and meet them!” Pietro said. You grinned. 

     "Sounds better than my plan,“ you replied. You and Pietro lifted your tray tables, before turning your attention to the window. New York City was above you, and you could see everything. Buildings flew past you and tiny yellow taxis filled the street. You and Pietro continued to watch as the plane became closer and closer to the ground, finally landing. The plane rumbled loudly, before slowing down.

    "Welcome to New York City, and we hope that you enjoyed your flight with us.” A voice said from the speakerphone. The plane finally stopped and the seatbelt sign turned off. 

    “Finally,” you heard Pietro mutter. You watched him as he unbuckled and stand up, stretching his arms. You followed his actions, standing up as well. He opened the overhead compartment and took down his carry on. Before you could protest, Pietro got yours down as well. 

    “Thanks!” You told him.

    “Anytime,” he replied. He strapped on his backpack and walked out, with you following him. You and Pietro stepped out of the plane and into the New York airport.

    “Well… That was fun.” You said, letting a sigh out. 

    “I agree, now follow me. I want to show you my friends.” Pietro said, already dragging his luggage with him. You ran to catch up with him.

    “Where are they?” You asked. Pietro was walking so quickly, that you jog to keep up with him.

    “I believe they are outside of baggage claim,” Pietro said quickly. He made a sharp turn, causing you to almost slip. You followed him onto the escalator, finally arriving at baggage claim. The two of you walked outside, and you saw a group of people waving madly at Pietro. A girl with a red leather jacket ran up to him.

    “You’re finally here!” She exclaimed in a similar accent like Pietro. She hugged him, causing him to step backwards. 

    “I know, finally!” Pietro said, laughing as he hugged her back. 

    “What the hell Pietro, you said you will be here at 11.” Said a man with brown hair and sunglasses on. 

    “It was delayed for a two hours, but luckily I had some company.” Pietro said. You stood quietly in the background.

    “Everyone, meet my new friend Y/N.” Pietro said, motioning to you. Everyone’s eyes landed on you. You waved back shyly, wishing you had done something to your hair instead of keeping it in a messy bun. Pietro continued talking. “She kept me company during the delay, and she sat next to me on the entire ride. I was thinking that we should show her around and take her to our tower.” Then, the girl that hugged Pietro walked up to you.

     "Hi, I’m Wanda, his sister.“ She said. You said hi back, and the others started to introduce themselves. 

     "Are you here on a vacation?” One of them, Steve, asked.

    “No, I’m actually moving here. I’m going to attend medical school here.” You replied. 

    “That’s awesome, you can hang out with us!” The brown haired man, Tony, said. You grinned. 

    “Come on Y/N, we’ll help you move in then show you our tower.” Pietro said, holding out his hand. You grabbed it, excited to start your new life in New York City.

Author’s Note: FACT - I was actually peeing when the plane started to shake, and I started to panic on the toilet seat 😂Special thanks to the two anons that requested this, hope you enjoyed 😊 Follow for more writings like this, and feel free to request, I’ll be happy to do them <3

In My Veins (1/1)(PG-13)

A/N: It’s probably unhealthy, stupid, the worst decision he’s ever made in his life, but Jim decides he likes Leonard McCoy, and to hell with anyone else who tries to argue the point.


Excellent mix, btw, for every flavor of OTP.

Jim spends his first birthday at the Academy at a trashy bar in the unsavory parts of nighttime San Francisco, and he wakes up the next morning with an empty bottle of cheap bourbon cradled in his arms and no recollection of the bar’s name or how the hell he ended up in a glittery gold miniskirt and nothing else.

Needless to say, Bones isn’t happy when Jim limps back into their dorm room three hours later. To this day, the sound of multiple hypos descending upon him still haunts his dreams.

The second birthday goes a little more conservatively, if not necessarily better. Jim wakes up in his own bed this time, still fully clothed and more or less sober, but his face is swollen enough to put off a Klingon and Bones, who refuses to speak with him for the next two hours, is sporting two majestically blackened eyes.

It’s not that Jim hasn’t come to terms with his birthday and all that it entails. No, he’s accepted all that years ago, even made a halfhearted attempt to move on before realizing he’s just fine where he is. It’s a part of who he is, like it or not, and if his yearbook picture is sitting right next to the definition of “daddy issues” in the universal dictionary of emotional bullshit, then so be it.

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Chris and Darren had finally set aside time to go visit Darren’s family, and share this news.  Chris’ gradually expanding middle had reached a point that it was only a matter of weeks before it was blatantly obvious to everyone at work, and both Darren and Chris genuinely wished to share this among family before they let the colleagues and select friends know.  Finding out Chris and Darren were expecting not one, but two, little ones sort of made this trip to Darren’s family a little more urgent. 

Although Chris’ doctor had assured him that flying was okay for another eight-to-ten weeks, Chris had started to reach this point where he was growing extremely paranoid that harm could come to their precious cargo.  Darren, too, was extremely concerned about safety, especially since Mia had been extremely silent absent a few nasty phone calls.  It really felt like a matter of time before things could leak out to any possible relationship between Chris and Darren.  Not to mention, Will knew of Chris’ pregnancy, although he didn’t have enough to confirm that Darren was the father. 

Chris had drifted off to sleep not long after Darren began the drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco.  He did wake up about an hour later, and he reached for Darren’s hand.  “Can we pull over somewhere?  I really have to pee."  He fidgeted slightly.  Monkey See or Monkey Do decided to rest on his bladder.  When they got to the gas station, Chris sat up and he instinctively pulled the form-fitting tank top over his middle.  In his sleep, the fabric of the shirt had ridden up, exposing some of the skin of his expanding belly.  Chris sighed, and he reached for the baggy pullover- hoodie he had stripped off when he entered the car.  "Thank god it’s cooler up north.  This thing and this heat, ugh."  He put on the hoodie and adjusted his sunglasses before he stepped out and hurried to the bathroom.

When he finished, he made an immediate beeline to the Beef Jerky.  Normally, Chris couldn’t stand it, but lately, he was becoming this total carnivore. His doctor had explained that this could be linked to Chis being deficient in iron, so he recommended that Chris take an iron supplement and eat iron-rich food.  Chris grabbed a bottle of water as well.  When purchasing it, he came across a tabloid magazine with a group picture of Darren, Mia, Will and Chis, along with the headline ‘trouble in paradise.'  He snatched it and  purchased it before he scurried pretty fast to the car.

When he was back in the car, he shed the hoodie and winced as he rubbed the bottom part of his belly.  Another muscle cramp.  They happened when he pushed his body to move faster than it wanted.  "Damn,” he breathed as the cramping subsided.  “Dare?  I know tabloids are usually bullshit.  But do you think people are talking?"  He hand the tabloid to Darren. 


hahaha one of the funniest moments on Full house ever =P

Becky-“grab yourself a cup of coffee”


so funny haha =P