wake up now please

I have news notifications on my phone on and it’s so scary every notification seems to be a weird nightmare. Executive signing of DAPL. Cut funding of grants to stop violence against women. Censor the EPA and climate change scientists. Possible Cold War with China. Executive order against abortion surrounded by white men that will kill women in developing countries. Repealing healthcare that will kill millions of people. Executive order that will stop allowing refugees into America. Yeah okay uhm can I please wake up now this is getting far too scary, someone pinch me PLEASE

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Thank you. I'm extremely suicidal and your art has given me something to look forward to everyday please keep creating gorgeous art!!! ❤

Darling, dont ever do it. I just cant take another suicide from someone I know, I just won’t be able to withstand it. I still remember the sunny day they shoved me out of my class and put me in the taxi, the whole time I KNEW, I could predict about what I should expect when I got home. Even when I knew, I just cant comprehend the feeling when I saw my dad lying there, never to wake up again. Even now I still can’t. So please please dont do it, I will continue to draw if that’s something you need, I promise.

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Imagine going on a hunt with Dean, which doesn’t turn out well…

Dean x Paired!Reader

Word count: Around 1.5K

Warnings: Hunt gone wrong, language, some fluff, some other stuff in the beginning


   “She’s unresponsive! Starting compressions now,”

   “Y/N, please wake up. Dammit don’t leave me, I can’t do this without you…I won’t,”…

***24 Hours Earlier***

   “Dean Winchester, what are you doing?” you giggled lightly as your boyfriend kissed the side of your bare stomach, pinning you down with his body weight as he did so.

   “Well aren’t you demanding, not to mention short,” he never stopped what he was doing, speaking in between each time his lips gently touched your skin.

   “This is a very serious investigation dammit, bucking your hips up carefully, you got him to stop and look at you. His eyes playfully scanning over your revealed body.

   "And I’m being very serious about the work and actions I’m doing,” he smiled, trying to return to his ‘work’, but you sucked all your weight in as much as you could to get his attention, it did.

   “I won’t let you distract me, this case is almost finished and we have a strong lead,” Dean sighed at your words and dramatically plopped his head down onto your chest, allowing you to wrap your arms around his head and neck.

   “Seems to me I was doing a pretty good job at distracting you…before you ruined all the fun,” you couldn’t help but laugh at his pouting.

   “Awe, you poor baby, you’re so neglected and abused and we never do anything intimate whatsoever,” the playful and mocking tone in your voice made him turn and lift his head up to look at you.

   Without warning he grabbed your body and flipped you over, making you rest on his hips.

   “Well then…I say we change that,” both of you grinned. No actual work would be getting done for awhile longer…Good thing Sam stayed at the bunker for this case.


   You woke up to a little bit of sunlight peeking into your face as Dean held his arms tightly around you, not allowing you to move. Having dealt with him as a boyfriend for almost two years now, you had a feeling he would do this. So you did what you usually did when this type of situation occurred: Reached slowly behind you, placed your hand directly above his waist with your pointer and thumb finger only sticking out, and grabbed his hip bone, tickling it until he let go. Which was usually instantly.

   “That’s not even close to fair Y/N,” he would exclaim as his grip instantly came undone and he curled into a ball to protected his hips. Even though it didn’t matter because you were already out of bed and buttoning up his flannel to cover your cold body.

   “Yeah, just like you doing your 'work’ isn’t fair,” your hair was thrown into a ponytail while you made your way to the bathroom to get ready.

   “Taking a shower?” a certain smirk appeared on his face that made you smile in a taunting way.

   “Not that you would be joining me if I was, because you’re going to get ready and be ready by the time I’m out in twenty minutes,” you walked into the bathroom and shut the door. Not yet locking it figuring he would do his normal thing.

   Slowly and silently you opened the door back up no more than a minute later, poking your head out from behind only to see your boyfriend passed out and comfortable still under the covers. You grabbed a towel, balling it up and throwing it at his sleeping body.

   “I’m up! I’m up!” he instantly sat up, afraid you might throw something more heavy at him. You only laughed and continued to get ready,


   For what seemed like hours (it most likely was), you and Dean had been following up on your lead. Trying to figure out what the hell you two were hunting and who it was disgusting themselves as a human. Just like any other day with just you two, you were riding shotgun doing some quick research while he drove.

  “Wait, I think I’ve got something,” you spoke with excitement and relief, making Dean pull over so you could show him what you found. “Read this, what does it say?” he wasn’t thrilled. “You’re still not pouting about this morning are you?” a look was shot in your direction. “Such a baby…anyways, this report says that a child was the one to call 9-1-1, but when police showed up there was nothing there at all,”

   “Nothing except two dead parents,” the sour look on his face was gone.

   “No but get this-they were gone too. There was no blood…no anything. It’s like the entire crime scene just disappeared,” the two of you both got this look on your face.

   “Okay first of all-you need to stop hanging out with Sam so much, he’s rubbing off on you. Second-I think I know what our creature is,”

   “Zanna,” both of you said it at the same time and headed back to the motel to get what you needed and figure out what the plan was.


   Both you and Dean were running into the entry of a sketchy alley. Him making sure not to leave you behind. Once you rounded the corner and ran as fast as you could to the ending to turn another corner, he looked over his shoulder to see if you were being followed.

   “Stay right here,” he made you sit behind a dumpster, hiding your figure in its shadowy presence as he walked around to make sure the coast was clear. But when he came back to see you, he was greeted by an empty space where you once sat. “Y/N?” you were long gone.


   Another piercing scream filled the air around you as you tried your best to unscrew the screw that were twisted into your skin. How could you two not see this happening? A typical demon going out of their way to get you both in a weak state. Now you were being held against your will and trying to fight the demon off alone who had tortured you for information.

   “There you are! I was looking for you!” a sickening voice came from behind you.

   Before you knew it hands wrapped around the back of your neck, hitting every pressure point possible and making you scream in pain.

   “What’s this?” the demon moved your shirt back a little bit to get a better view of the black ink painted on your chest. “Awe, just for little old me?” your breathing became heavy, every ounce of fight that you had was gone along with the blood you’d lost. “Since you won’t tell me what goes on in that pretty little mind of yours…I guess I’ll have to figure it out myself,” a lighter was pulled out of your pocket by the 'man’, making you squirm as you knew what came next. “Hey Y/N, this is the sound of my flicking my bic for you,” the sound of screams and laughter were everywhere as the lighter was lit.


   Dean had found you, but he was too late…the demon had burned off your anti possession tattoo and jumped your bones.

   “Dean Winchester,” a voice came from inside of you that wasn’t your own, but it sounded just like yours. “It’s about time you came, you’re late for the party,” a smile appeared on your lips that you couldn’t control-in fact, you couldn’t control anything 'you’ were saying or doing.

   The demon had made it into a neighborhood with a roundabout. Luckily, they ran into your boyfriend before they could do anything.

   “Y/N, if you can hear me I’m going to get you out of this,” you could see him, and hear him…but you yourself couldn’t reply to him.

   “Well then what are you waiting for Winchester?” the lips he onced kissed now had a taunting grin…he began the exorcism.

   Before he could finish the last word-the last sound, the demon pulled out the gun resting in your back pocket, firing it into your chest. Lucky for you they ended up hitting your shoulder due to the fact they were being dragged back to Hell.

   “Y/N!” your own vision came back to you as his face became all you could see.


   Neighbors rushed out of their houses, it seemed as though they were all on the phone with the police, that being said because an ambulance was there within seconds.

  “You were right,” swallowing hard to keep the tears back from pain, you spoke to Dean as he held you, applying needed pressure to your wound and ignoring his head wound. “I’ve got a terrible shot,” a painful smile came to show on your face.

   “You’re going to be alright,” he didn’t leave your side, even as you two were being put on stretchers and set inside the ambulance.

   The last thing you saw was his eyes staring directly into yours as he laid next to you in the vehicle.

   “She’s unresponsive! Starting compressions now,”

   “Y/N, please wake up. Dammit don’t leave me, I can’t do this without you…I won’t,”...

Unconscious Sentence Starters
  • "...hear me? Are you okay?"
  • "...too much of a liability."
  • "You can't just leave him/her there!"
  • "Just ditch 'em."
  • "...to move, now! Please wake up!"
  • "...has passed away."
  • "...just call an ambulance!"
  • "Open your eyes."
  • "Squeeze my hand."
  • "What's your name?"
  • "...tell me what happened? Hello?"

     TAEHYUNG: i sleep at the top bunk and it’s really troublesome so i often sleep on jimin’s bed but jimin…
      JIMIN: after taking a shower and seeing him sleeping on my bed i’ll say, “go away!” then taehyung will go to jungkook’s bed instead. and then jungkook…
     TAEHYUNG: then jungkook will go to wake me up and say, “hyung, I have no place now to sleep. please go.” but i’ll wait until jungkook falls asleep, i’ll go back to his bed and sleep beside him. and then jungkook will get angry and say, “ah, hyung! please hurry up!” i’ll say, “ok, ok. i will, i will.” and then go back to my own bed.
     JIMIN: it’s like that everytime

i wake up to this.., well, please everyone, more than ever right now we need to show our love and support for each other right now. please take care of one another and help the ones most negatively effected. i know that there isnt much that i can really do, but please, i beg you, to never give up the fight for equality for all. this isnt the end, keep fighting! 

i know that everything is going to hurt, really badly too, but you cant give up because it hurts. we need to fight through the pain for others as well as ourselves. we need to fight to protect one another, to never become complacent while others are in pain. to fight for equality, i believe that we can do it! 

never let them break your spirit! dont let them win! this isnt the end, it doesnt end until you let them win. 

never let the racism win, never let the sexism win, never let the homophobia win, never let the xenophobia win, never let them win

please never give up the fight and please, if you can, lend you hand to those suffering

i believe in the good in people, i believe if we keep fighting to spread love and fight ignorance that we can win. i believe in you! we can win if we never give up

and if youre really hurting right now friend, please, do your best to take care of yourself. youre very strong and im so proud of you for fighting already. i know things feel really bleak but we have not lost yet. youre amazing

i cant stress this enough everybody, please take care of others and yourself in these trying times. spread the love and never let the ignorance win

i believe we can make it, i believe we can win

Luke and Leia getting to have an actual sibling relationship is so important.

and i wish there was more stuff about that relationship.

I’d love to see Luke throwing bits of paper at Leia until she snaps and turns on him. I’d love to see Leia annoy the hell out of her brother by making fun of his jedi training stories.

I want to see Luke using the force link (which everyone seems to forget they have) in the middle of the night to wake up Leia and ask “You awake”


“Please don’t kill me.”

I want to see the twins learn what it is to have a sibling. i want to see them help each other work through being related to Darth Vader and what that means.

I want to see them realize that their twin is one of the most comfortable people in the world to be around. i want to see them argue, bc a sibling can annoy in ways nobody else can.

I want to see Leia and Luke steal some speeders to go racing. I want to see Luke roll his eyes when Han kisses Leia.

I want to see the Twins helping each other with their nightmares and being overprotective of this sibling they hadn’t known they had.

I want to see Leia and Luke trying to make each other laugh in the middle of meetings via force link.

I want to see Leia still talking to her brother, after ben goes dark and luke runs away. I want to see Leia curse Luke out for leaving, and then tell him about her day, bc he’s still her brother.

I want to see the Skywalker twins prank each other, prank everyone. I want to see Leia talk about politics til Luke is bored to tears. I want to see Luke trying to get his sister to meditate, and her just flipping him off and walking away. I want to see force tickle fights.

I want to see the siblings finishing each others sentences, and glaring at idiots in sync.

i want to see more of this beautiful platonic relationship. Because it could be so beautiful, but most of the fandom is too caught up shipping to pay much attention. (which is fine. i love shipping, but sometimes it feels like brotps are treated as lesser relationships.)

damn it, I’ll just have to do it myself.

i can’t wait for the Generations ep where N gets fucking eaten by Zekrom

I'm Sorry

Y/n’s POV:

I woke up in pain, i had a stomache ache and head ache. But Shawn on this other hand is sleeping peacefully next to me.

I smiled as I looked at him and it soon faded when I touched my tummy.

Pain was all I can feel, I touched it again and whimpered.

I looked at the covers and saw blood stains everywhere

No no no no this can’t be happening

“Shawn please wake-up I need you now.” I said shaking him up a little, he opened his eyes “What babe do you need anything o- no.” He said and his eyes widened, tears streamed down my face as I put my head in my hands.

“I’m taking you to the hospital.” He got up and put a shirt on and then carrying me bridal style to the car.

//At the hospital//

“I’m very sorry but you lost the baby…” The doctor sighed
“You probably want to talk to eachother right now and be alone, I’m so sorry.” He continued getting out of the room.

I looked at Shawn, he was crying and his cheeks were red he looked at me and gave me a small sad smile, I cried and shook my head.

“I don’t understand it.” I cried “What did I do to make this happen?!” I almost screamed “Shhhh Y/n baby look at me, please just look at me.” Shawn said cupping my cheeks with his hands “I’m sorry.” I tell him “No don’t be sorry, I-it’s not your fault.” He said.

“We could always try again.” He said giving me a sad smile again “No, no more trying again we’ve tried so many times to get her I think I’m not ready yet I’m sorry I lost our baby girl and I feel like extreme crap right now, and if you want to do it with another girl you could leave me anytime you want I understand but also understand that I need you, I know we were very happy but I lost her.” I said biting my lip “No I’m never leaving you, I love too much to leave you, trust me I don’t feel good too but I don’t care if we can’t have a baby, I love you.” He said kissing my forehead then my lips.

“I love you too.”

Baby, our love was a dream that’s transformed into a nightmare. It was meadows of flowers and sunlight hitting your green, green eyes just in the right way and screaming to our favourite songs with the windows rolled down in your beat-up car because it was the hottest summer of our lives. But now it’s foggy nights where we can’t really see where we’re going and the windows rolled up to stop the rain getting in and your eyes as stormy as the night and I really just want to wake up now. Please just let me wake up.
—  Let me go, please let me go, 09/04/2016