wake up mexico

“Shaman” is an ancient word from the Evenki tribe in Siberia, a reindeer people, and it means “the one who sees in the dark,” or “the one who knows.” The Inner Shaman is the core awareness, the wise one within you who knows and sees the truth, who walks in beauty and balance, who has access to infinite knowledge, infinite power, and infinite tranquility. What better name could there be?
—  Awaken the Inner Shaman - Jose Luis Stevens, PhD
When Mexico wakes up from its Colonial Nightmare and realizes it’s STILL an Indigenous Nation no matter how bad the Thieving, Raping Spaniards tried to Erase our Identity, we’ll stop calling ourselves Latinos and reclaim our Birthright as the Children of the Ancient Native Nation’s and the Legitimate Heirs of our Tierra Natal-
—  Artisto702

The world and social media is funny, ebola is reaching 13,000 infected, were going to hit our limit on climate change soon, hong kong is protesting for freedom, ferguson against racism and police brutality, and mexico protesting for government silence over 43 abducted students………………………..but lol look at my selfie and this meme