wake up jack

Imagine after Jack and Bitty come out, Jack posts a bunch of videos vlogging his morning surprise on his and Bitty’s anniversary on his Snapchat stories (which is basically old and dusty and unused because you know the guy only keeps the app for Bitty), and the videos go as follows:

1. The camera is too close to Jack’s face. There is shuffling in the background as Jack adjusts the angle until you realize the that Jack’s in his bedroom, and Bitty’s in a lump beside him, with covers up to his ears that’s drifting up and down to indicate his breathing.

Jack whispers to the camera, “I don’t make videos, that’s more Tater and Bits–Eric’s thing, but, um, it’s 5 AM on a Saturday, and today is our anniversary.”

2. About 20 seconds of Jack trying to leave the bed without disturbing Bitty. Bitty snorts about three times and you hear Jack catch his breath and freeze.

“I made it out of the bedroom. I’m going to make him breakfast in bed so, uh, hopefully that goes well and uhm…the kitchen doesn’t…catch on fire…not that it’s a possibility. I can make breakfast. Usually just eggs though.”

3. The kitchen is a mess. There is pancake batter and flour on the counter and a few floppy, pale prototypes in varying degrees of roundness in a pile on the island. The next shot is just Jack’s grimace. 

“So Eric can make biscuits from scratch–actually, he can make a lot of things from scratch. So, uh, I’m trying to make pancakes from scratch, because Eric has banned Bisquick from the house…um, I got Maman’s recipe the other day, but it’s not going too well? I’ll clean up though, Eric won’t notice a thing.”

4. Throughout the cooking adventure, Jack manages to flip a pancake over without a spatula, and the camera records Jack’s pleased mumble of “Yesssssss.” He narrates a bit of college life and what he eats usually, but it’s mostly quiet with the occasional “Oh, God” when he accidentally knocks something over.

“Eric makes it look so easy. He used to bake pies all the time when we were in Samwell. I mean, he still does. Oh, and it’s 6:21. Still plenty of time….I used to wake Eric up at 4 in the morning for, um, checking practice. I think he’s always hated me a little for that. And this is karma getting back at me. I’m going to flip this now.“ The camera shows the pan again, and on this flip, the pancake lands on the edge of the skillet, mushy-side down. Jack uses his fingers to peel the pancake off and set it in the middle. “Oh, shi–no. I can fix this. Good as new.”

5. The final product is a nicely arranged meal of pancakes, scrambled eggs, and bacon, with orange juice and coffee on the side. Everything is on the tray, and a vase of roses are next to it. Jack flips the camera over to give it a thumbs-up and a goofy smile. 

“Done. Finally. The kitchen is intact, which is, um, always a good thing. I put a lot of creamer and sugar in the coffee, because Eric doesn’t like black coffee. It’s just sugar at this point, I think. Um, it is 7:02 on Eric’s day off from the bakery, so he usually sleeps in ‘til 10. Hopefully he doesn’t kill me for this.”

6. Back in the bedroom, Bitty is rubbing his eyes and squinting, his golden hair a mess and still cocooned in the safety of his blankets. 

“Jack, honey, why are you up so early? Did you go jogging?” He yawns. “This is an ungodly hour, Lord, I don’t know how you do it.”

Jack’s voice comes through, soft and adoring, “Happy Anniversary, Bits.”

The video cuts off Bitty’s gasp when he notices the breakfast and flowers, “Oh, happy an–oh my God, Jack, you didn’t–?”

7. The last video is Bitty tucked under Jack’s chin, his face burrowed in the hollow of Jack’s throat. Jack is grinning like he just won a Stanley. 

“He cried,” Jack says, like he’s proud. 

“I did not,” Bitty’s muffled voice says. “You just surprised me.”

Jack presses a kiss to Bitty’s hairline and mumbles something. Bitty burrows in closer, if that is even possible. If Jack had been any louder, the viewers would’ve heard a low “I love you so much” in French. 

Winter Morning

The first snow of the year.  Bitty can feel it before he can see it.  It’s an easy thing, waking up in Jack’s bed, a warm arm hitched tight round his waist.  It’s a possessive hold, but one that makes Bitty feel wanted and safe instead of trapped.

The light filtering through the crack in the curtains is a mottled white, bright without the sun.  The heater cranks on, but there’s a chill in the air in spite of the warm breeze from the vents and Bitty knows–winter’s begun.

It’s no chore, really, to make his way to Providence.  It’s no chore to stay tucked away from the outside world, making a home in Jack’s kitchen, making a nest of pillows and blankets in a bed he’s coming to think of as half his.  He’s got his side of the bed now, and Jack only lays there when they’re skyping and he misses Bitty.

He tells him that, too.  He hugs Bitty’s pillow and sighs and whispers, “I wish you were here with me right now.”

And Bitty misses him just as much, but it’s easier with the stress of games and classes.  Neither of them think about it all the time.  Just enough so when they’re finally reunited, that first embrace, those first kisses, are just a little bit sweeter.

They’ve been together long enough that Bitty can’t count their time together in weeks anymore.  One summer, and one Autumn.  It’s just before the holidays and neither of them are sure about plans, but they’re sure about this.  They’re sure about sneaking what little time they can get together.

It’s a weight, sometimes, not being able to tell everyone just how much he adores Jack, but sometimes it’s also a relief that this is just for him.

He reaches a hand out, brushing it along the cut of Jack’s jaw.  Jack is awake, his breathing is different when he’s asleep.  Jack’s mouth twitches up in a smile, but he doesn’t open his eyes yet.  He just shuffled forward and pushes his face into Bitty’s neck and sighs.

A warmth floods through Bitty.  One he’s never felt before, but it doesn’t mean he recognises it any less.  The words dance at the tip of his tongue like they’ve been doing for so long now, but fear keeps them at bay.  Fear, of not hearing them back.  Of seeing regret or hesitation in those wide, blue eyes that look at him with such affection.  He knows he can be okay with just this, so long as he never has to feel rejection.

So he’s quiet.

Jack is less so.  He isn’t loud, but he makes little noises–gentle hums against Bitty’s skin, the wetness of an open-mouthed kiss against Bitty’s collar bone, a groan when he finally pulls back to stretch and yawn.

Jack rolls onto his side, his fingers coming up to toy with the sleep rumpled fringe on Bitty’s forehead.  He needs a haircut, he thinks, but he likes the way Jack’s fingers are drawn to his hair.  Their eyes meet when Jack finally opens his.  Red-rimmed, bright blue, pupils wide and dark.

Bitty can’t help the warmth spreading from limb to limb, and he cups Jack’s face, the desire to be touching him in some way overwhelming.  He breathes in, and it’s a little shaky with this feeling, but it’s good.

It’s so good.

Jack smiles at him.  It’s unbidden and soft, and sweeter than anything Bitty has ever seen.  When he opens his mouth to speak, his voice is hoarse with disuse.  “Morning, bud.”

Bitty flushes a little.  “Morning, sweetheart.”

They stare, and Jack keeps playing with his hair.  His eyes flick up from Bitty’s, to where his fingers are buried in blonde locks, and then back down again.  He licks his lips, and his own breath has a slight tremble to it, but there’s no hesitation when he opens his mouth to speak again.

“I love you.”

Bitty blinks, and his entire body feels frozen, like he’s outside of himself.  Like this moment can’t possibly be real.  Not because he doesn’t think Jack can love him, but because he’s wanted this for far too long now, and he can’t believe he’s ever done anything good enough in his life to have it.

He knows he has to say something.  If only he remembered how to make his tongue work.

Sweetheart.”  He takes a second, because it’s just so much, and Jack is watching him with his intense gaze.  “I love you too.  So much.”

He’s rewarded with the smile he was hoping for, the one that looks like a literal ray of sunshine breaking through heavy snow clouds.  Jack touches his chin, cups his face like he always does when he kisses Bitty, like he needs to ground himself before their lips meet.

And then they do.  Bitty drags his fingers against Jack’s coarse chest hair, and the kiss stays small because their tongues are sour, but this kiss means…

Everything.  It means everything.

Jack breaks away, pressing their noses together, still smiling.  “Pancakes?”

Bitty laughs, then nods.  “I still have some blueberries left.”  He closes his eyes against the onslaught of emotions, and let’s Jack hug him before he’s drawn up, and into the day.

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: the death of Ianto Jones was completely unnecessary and it just makes me angry that they killed of a great potentially bisexual character (even though he said to his sister that it wasn’t men, it was only Jack) and no one cares about him and im just so angry that they couldnt let Jack keep someone he loved even for just a human lifetime and Ianto was so underappreciated and i really really love him and the audio books are great but i just wanted more of him in the tv show and i feel like they wasted a great opportunity for a great plot regarding him and Jack and they completely fucked the show up for me and series 4 sucks ass and everything sucks and I Miss Ianto Jones A Lot™ and then they both die and Jack wakes up among all the bodies and He Just Sits next to Ianto's corpse and mourns and i hate this show
right there

It’s August, and maybe Jack can blame it on that.

Because it is hot out, and they are still holding each other, albeit lightly. Bitty’s arms are snaked around his back, Bitty’s face gentle against his chest, and Jack’s leg is slung over Bitty’s thigh. So maybe, maybe if Bitty wakes up, Jack can say it’s just the heat, and get away with it.

But no, no he can’t. No, he wouldn’t. He’s never lied to Bitty and he’s not going to start now. As embarrassing as this is.

He can’t believe he forgot about it. How stupid can he get? But he had Bitty in his arms and in his bed for the first time, and afterward they were so happy and so sleepy, and before Jack could even pull his boxers back on Bitty was asleep in his arms. So what could he do? He closed his own eyes and let sleep take him.

Stupid, stupid. Dumb. He never should have. He should have placed Bitty on the pillow next to him and rolled over onto his own side and made sure there was plenty of room between them before falling asleep.

Now he’s stuck. Stuck with a (warm, wonderful, welcome) boy in his arms and  sweat everywhere.

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Bitty was awakened by a series of soft kisses that began at his temple before making their way down to his neck. It was soothing and pleasant causing Bitty to sigh as he leaned into the arms that had been wrapped around him all night. The kisses soon reached his left ear and there was light tug at the top of his ear which made him release an amuse huff. 

He didn’t even know what time it was but he guessed that it was around early morning if Jack was awake. The boy never seemed to sleep in, even if it was one of his days off. Bitty inwardly rolled his eyes and tried to capture a few more minutes of sleep but Jack was being persistent in his quest to wake him up. 

“Good morning.” Jack greeted, smiling softly as Bitty opened his eyes. The sight of Jack’s warm blue eyes was something that Bitty would never tire of. “Good morning.” Bitty murmured, his voice slightly hoarse and still filled with sleep. He raised a hand to rub at his eyes before staring at Jack with a slight pout. 

“May I ask why you’ve woken me up at heavens o’clock in the morning?” Bitty demanded though there was no heat in his words, only mere curiosity. 

Jack leaned closer until the tips of their noses were touching before grinning as he said:

“Come jogging with me.”

Bacon, Forts and Cuddles - Jack Maynard Imagine

This is my first imagine so lets see how it goes… thoughts on it are welcome, I’d love to know what you think and ways to improve :)

summary: just a lazy day with jack building a fort, eating bacon and cuddling. enjoy :)


It was nearing 11 am when you woke and rolled over to find Jack’s side of the bed empty and cold. Rolling out of bed you made your way to the kitchen, not missing the distinct smell of bacon wafting through the flat.

“Jack? Are you cook-“ you started only to realise it wasn’t Jack in the kitchen. “Morning y/n” Josh said brightly with a grin on his face. “Hey Josh, have you seen Jack?” you replied, laughing to yourself at the thought of Jack waking up before you to cook breakfast. “Nah, thought the lazy shit was still in bed, did you want some bacon? I cooked too much and I gotta head out in 20 minutes” Josh replied turning around and tending to the bacon. “Can’t say no to bacon,” you grinned sitting down on the couch.

“Is that bacon?” Jack’s voice sounded from the hallway. “Yeah, my bacon,” Josh called out. “Aw babe, I thought you decided to make me breakfast this morning” Jack pouted sitting down on the couch next to you, slinging his arm across your shoulders and placing a quick kiss to your cheek. “And I thought the same when I didn’t find you in bed this morning, where were you?” you replied. “Needed to take a shit” he replied eying Josh making up two plates. “Should’ve known,” you mumbled to yourself shaking your head.

After eating half of your breakfast, giving up to Jack’s constant bickering for some of it, you found yourself back in Jack’s bed. “Babe, i’m bored,” you whined to Jack, who was finishing editing his vlog he was uploading later that night. “Y/n, I’ll be done in a couple of minutes. Shut up and stop your whinging,” he laughed playfully while running his fingers through your hair. “I wanna cuddle without your laptop being in the way,” you pouted placing a kiss to his cheek, followed by his jaw and then neck. “Y/n. Stop. Not now.” He clenched his jaw and shuffled away from you on the bed. You sighed and pulled out your phone deciding to scroll through Instagram until Jack had finished.

Half an hour later you felt the bed move and a hand was placed on your waist. You looked up to Jack, his face was just above yours to the side of your phone that was still in your hand. “I’m done with editing babe, we can cuddle now,” He grinned that smile you loved and flashed his perfect teeth, moving his face closer to yours slowly in hopes for a kiss. Deciding to play around you shifted your head to the side so Jack’s lips met your jaw instead of your lips, and you continued to turn onto your side away from him to continue playing on your phone. “Baby, what’re you doing, I thought you wanted to cuddle?” You could practically hear the pout in his voice, ignoring him, you smiled to yourself and kept your attention on your phone. You felt Jack reach over the top of you and your phone was pulled from your grasp, you turned around almost immediately and you found yourself underneath Jack, him holding his weight above you with his arms near your head. “Hi,” he grinned at you, staring into your eyes. “Hi. Bye.” You replied putting your hands against his chest to push him off of you, but he caught your hands in his pulling them away and laying all his weight on you, with his head now on your chest. “Jack! Get off me, you fatty!” you cried with laughter as you tried to wiggle away from him, “You’re crushing me!”. “Stop being so dramatic,” Jack rolled his eyes keeping your hands pinned above your head while peppering kisses all around your face and neck. All of a sudden he stopped and sat up, looking at you with the biggest grin. “What? Why are you looking at me like a psycho?” you asked while sitting up. “I have an idea,” he replied grabbing your hand in his and pulling you from the bed. “Oh no, thats hardly ever good,” you giggled.

Jack sat you down on the couch and told you to stay put while he ran around like a lunatic collecting things. “Jack, babe, what on earth are you doing?” you laughed watching him struggle to get around the table with a large blanket covering most of his body and face. “We’re making a fort!” he exclaimed excitedly while dumping the blanket on you.

Creating the fort took longer than expected with Jack continually getting distracted by you, claiming ‘you look too good in my shirt babe, but it’d look better on the floor’ followed by a cheeky grin and a wink and you throwing a pillow at his head laughing. “Done!” Jack screamed as he placed the last blanket down inside your relatively decent looking fort. “Jack, shut up!” you laughed covering his mouth with your hand, he grabbed it and placed a kiss to it and lead you down to the floor that was now covered in pillows.
“This is nice,” you tiredly looked up to Jack from your position on his chest. He grinned down at you and you placed a kiss on his lips. “Let’s just stay here forever, ok?” Jack replied, looking down at you lovingly. “I’m okay with that,” you replied with a yawn and resumed your previous position with your head on his chest and his arms around you securely, slowly falling into a peaceful slumber. “I love you, y/n” Jack mumbled before closing his eyes.


“Jack! Y/n! We brought back dinner!” Conor yelled as he entered the flat, placing the bags in the kitchen followed by Josh. Noticing the fort made in the living room the boys made their way over to the opening to see you and Jack cuddled up asleep. “How the fuck is Jack in a relationship and I’m not?” Conor mumbled jokingly, glad his brother found someone as amazing as you.

A Scenario

Jack constantly falling asleep on Gabe during long transits because boy are they exhausted, Gabe is just s t u c k there like wtf do I do now I can’t move shit his hair looks so soft and shiny I wanna touch it but ppl are already laughing at us @ God why u test me like this?!?!?!

Bonus: Soft sleepy Jack waking up - ‘Oh looks like I dozed off again huh? Oops haha’ but when he rubs his eyes Jack kinda notices that grumpy Gabe is blushing and then he starts blushing and then they both end up sitting there in awkward silence whilst everyone around them smirks knowingly.

This is fun!
7000 divides equally into 7 days… 
= 1000 jumping jacks a day!
Which you could split up into 1/2′s!
500 Jumping Jacks in the morning ( to wake you up! )
500 Jumping Jacks at night!  ( to tire out, and help you fall asleep! )
= 1 extra lbs a week!

Losing weight will vary from person to person, 1lb is a average number but this also means this could lead to ever MORE weight loss for some people! How exciting!

Work hard, stick to your goals, and as always…


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lol can u imagine the first time jack wakes up in providence w/ bitty in his bed and he thinks about going for a run but then he remembers that his knee was kind of hurting him yesterday, and even though it feels fine he really doesn’t want to leave his bed, and it’s the first time he’s chosen to skip a run in a long, long time but he feels safe and secure 

Quick headcanon:

Everyone is allowed to fuck with Gavin, its an initiation really. But you’re not allowed to do it when he’s asleep for multiple reasons.

1. Gavin hardly sleeps in the first place, his two states are working or annoying, there is no time for sleep. So when he finally crashes, usually on a sofa (or more memorably, on the kitchen floor in front of newbie Jeremy) he is not allowed to be woken up.

2. He is a cat, and if you wake him up, he will drag you down and sleep /on/ you.

3. If you wake him up and he can’t get back to sleep, you have to deal with sad, sleep deprived Gavin, which is slightly worse than hyper, sleep deprived Gavin. Because at least hyper can’t do puppy dog eyes. (Also, you will have to deal with him, not Geoff, Geoff is fed up with the pet cat he seems to have adopted)

4. Jack is a mother, and she mothers all her children, and when you mess with one of her children, she will kill you. (Gavin needs to function when he does his job, let him fucking sleep)

(P.S, please imagine Gavin doing that thing that cats do where they basically massage their spot before curling up)(P.P.S, please imagine that this spot is Geoff’s lap)


I found this gem.



GOT7 on Weekly Idol 

GOR7 MARK Says ‘I Don’t Speak English Very Well’

What have I done?  

Naughty Boy JACKSON

In all the past, JB is living.

Please Don’t Cry JB

Water bottle wake up

MARK,JACK,BAM Korean Battle


I do not see.  

Owner of a crazy sense

The suspect Wang was arrested!

source:  ALL THE K-POP


#I just had this thought #of Ianto #when he wakes up with a scream #in the middle of the night #because he dreams of Jack getting killed again #and Ianto could do nothing but watch him die #so he wakes up #in pure terror #he breathes heavely #and then he hears this familiar voice #are you okay Ianto? #yes I am #he answers #holding Jack tight while falling asleep again #I’m okay as long as you’re here with me

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#onlyinamitypark U scream at the boxghost to shut up about boxes b'caus its pass mdnight and I want to SLEEEEEEP!!! and when Phantom finaly gets here and shut him Jack fenton comes and start Shouting About GHost and now the entire street its awake and my neigbours are crying Bcause they finally managed to get they toddler to not wake up at the boxghost but still wake up at jack fenton