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Something I’ve wanted to do for years: drawing all of the Strawhats together in one picture (~°^°)~
I was never contend with any of my ideas until now! (..and I remade this two times) My favourite scenes in One Piece have always been those were everyone is sleeping together in the same room after a battle/party/whatever so yeah

Not So Vanilla- Frank Iero Smut

Sooo I combined two requests to make this one. I hope you enjoy it. I experimented with third person point of view, tell me what you think of it. I know I enjoyed it a lot better then second person point of view.

I was yelled at a lot after I had some friends proof read it, so I think that’s good? I’m pretty confident with it.

Frank walked through the house, bare ass naked and tired. He didn’t even care at this point. He was getting bored with his sex life, and so was his girlfriend. It was obvious to both of them.

Y/N didn’t even feel a spark with the sex anymore, and they both felt it was weighing on their relationship like a stone above their heads. Y/N didn’t know how to spice it up, didn’t even know where to begin, not being exposed to anything but the vanilla sex with Frank. That was it. There was nothing special about it.

She got dressed this morning and headed out to a friends house for a few drinks and a binge watch session of a random cartoon they found on netflix. Y/F/N made some popcorn and some cocktails, setting them down on the coffee table in front of them both. Y/N grabbed a blanket from the closet already, spreading it over her lap after she sat down. Y/F/N picked up the controller, selecting Netflix on the screen.

They snuggled into the couch and watched a few episodes before it started to get late. “This show is getting kind of boring, can we sit and talk for a while?” Y/N asks politely,  causing her friend to sigh, and then nod. She responded by pausing the show and turning toward her best friend.

“What’s on your mind, hm?” She asks, taking a swig of her beverage before setting it back down. Y/N does the same and mimics her.

“Frank and I have been constantly fighting, I don’t know how long this relationship is going to last.” Y/N says quietly, refusing to believe any of the reasons that were brought to her before hand.

Her friend frowns, her brows furrowing in confusion. “You were always a happy couple,” she thinks to herself. “How’s the sex going?” Y/F/N asks right as you were about to take another drink.

She pulls away from the cup, furrowing  her own eyebrows. “Excuse me?” You ask, startled by her question. Y/N’s cheeks become heated, and she sets her drink down quickly, crossing her arms over her chest.

“I know you know what I mean. Your sex is lame as fuck, and I can tell by how uptight and rude you are all fucking time, you need this, Y/N. We’re going to go shopping, get your shoes on,” She gets up, making her way to the door and pulling some shoes out of the shoe cubby against the wall.

“Are you fucking serious? No!” She says, huffing loudly.

“Get your ass up, or I won’t give you a ride home,” Y/F/N replies back just as coldly as Y/N.

She finally complies, getting up.

Y/N finds herself at a very obscene store downtown, Christmas lights decorating the roof.  She was slightly ashamed of herself, forgetting it was Christmas eve. All her shopping was finished a month in advance, so she just naturally lost track.

She comes in the store, her friend guiding her to a section with a bunch of sexy lingerie on sale for the holidays. A corset, matching panties and stockings with a garter. her eyes were drawn to it and Y/N made up her mind before  she even looked at anything else. She sure Frank would love it.

“Y/F/N, I want that.” She walks up next to the mannequin wearing it and stands next to it so her friend can see.

Y/F/N smirks back at the friend in front of her. “Are you sure you want that?” She asks, making sure her friend has made up her mind or not.

Y/N nods excitedly, grabbing her size from the pile in front of her. “I feel like Frank is going to enjoy this…” She mumbles to herself shyly, a blush rising on her cheeks.

The check out was embarrassing for Y/N and the car ride was short and silent. She was impatient to get home to Frank.

Frank sat at the kitchen table, a drink in his hand. Gerard sat next to him, filling another glass for his buddy. He was drunk now, but Gerard figured he should just be there for him, and refuse to lecture him.

“Like, I don’t even know why… she just isn’t fun anymore! I just wanna have fun, and she’s so uptight, Gee, it’s not fair!” He yells in a drunken stupor and falls into Gerard’s shoulder, the stench of alcohol spilling off of him, almost knocking Gerard off his chair.

“Frank, you just need to find a way to get her out of your shell, from what I heard she’s bored too. You both need to get your act together and just have fucking fun! Suggest something and see if it works, that’s how Lindsey and I are this close.” Gerard pours Frank another drink and pushes it over to him, patting the smaller guy on the shoulder.

Frank nods, taking a big gulp from his drink and shudders, the hard liquor settling in his stomach. Gerard gets up next to him, and claims he was going to leave before pushing his chair in and adding his coat to his body “Goodbye, Frank,” Gerard says tiredly before leaving out the door.

Frank sighs to himself, sulking in his chair even further. He lays his head down on the table, dozing off for a bit, deciding the problem at hand would fix itself in one way or another.

He was scared about losing Y/N but felt as if the problem was going to be adjusted sooner or later, especially with all this sexual frustration built up.

Y/N bust through the door to see her boyfriend asleep at the table. Concerned, she drops her bag and kneels next to him, and shakes him gently to try to wake him up. “Frankie, wake up.” She whispers, stroking down the hairs that were sticking up by his ear.

He opens his eyes groaning. They open in slits, and then wider once his vision was adjusted. He glances up and down Y/N, his cheeks heating up looking at her eyes, those beautiful e/c eyes that caught him off guard the first time they met. She wasn’t wearing makeup, and she looked just as beautiful without it, if not more than if she were to wear it all the time.

Frank grunts again in question. “How about we go to bed, hm?” Y/N says calmly and places her hand delicately under he drunk and sleepy boyfriend’s arm, helping him up as he stood. “Okay Frankie, lets get you to bed with some water.” She helps him to their bed in the room down the hall, struggling to turn on the light switch and support his weight at the same time. It results in Y/N turning it on with her shoulder.

Frank plops on the bed as soon as you let him go. He whines like a child when you tell him to put his pajamas on, and with his refusal he decides to sleep naked tonight, too tired to try to put anything on.

He takes his clothes off and plops them on the floor after shaking them off his limbs, and then curling into a ball under the blankets, falling right to sleep. Y/N giggles quietly to herself, and picks his clothes off the floor to toss in the dirty clothes basket in the laundry room.

She walks to the kitchen, picking up the liquor bottles and putting them away in the cabinet, and closes the door. Then, she wipes the table down with a warm washcloth, cleaning the stickiness off the table.

Morning was a struggle to get out of bed, for Frank. It was a pain to even open his eyes. The remains of a headache throbbed in the middle of his forehead, and he was forced to hold it to keep it from hurting even more than just a faint dull ache. The curtains were closed. Unusual, he thought as he climbed out of bed. One shard of sunlight made a path on the ground from the window to the closed bedroom door.

He made his way out of the room, still naked from last night, hoping he would catch Y/N in the middle of making breakfast like she did on Christmas morning every year. Maybe then, he could catch her in some good, and kinky sex, just like Gerard mildly suggested last night.

Instead of catching Y/N in the middle of making breakfast, he didn’t catch her doing anything but sitting. In fact, he didn’t even make the turn to the kitchen before he saw her. She was sitting under the Christmas tree, the window shining cool light on her in the red lingerie she bought last night, silver garland wrapped around her neck like a scarf and a felt Santa hat atop her head.

She sat on her legs, hands folded in her lap. “Merry Christmas, baby,” she says flirtatiously. The nervousness in her voice was almost audible but she forced it down with gulp. She moved cautiously, almost scared of what Frank’s reaction would be to this.

Frank on the other hand, was enjoying this, what he was craving for so long was finally coming true. The red laced goddess now standing in front of him was here, begging for his cock as she stroked it with her delicate hand.

Y/N’s plan was to dominate Frank, but unfortunately his plan was to do the same thing to her, and it was obvious when he grabbed her wrist and growled in his girlfriend’s ear. She would have absolutely none of this.

Y/N stopped her stroking and pulled away from Frank’s body yanking her hand away as well. “Listen here, Frank. It’s my turn to fuck your brains out, not the other way around, if you so much as protest I will stop what I’m doing and leave you here with a painfully hard dick,” she licks her lips and looks up at him. “Do I make myself fucking clear?” She growls angrily.

Frank was shocked at her forwardness, but that made him even more turned on than before. He would willingly submit to her now. He whimpers quietly, begging for her to get on her knees and suck him off before he practically exploded with want.

“Frankie, I will not get on my knees in front of you,” Y/N smirks, her eyes making their way down his pale body and do the floor. Frank took the hint and sprawled himself out on the cold, hardwood floor of the living room.

Then, Y/N got on her knees, leaning over his semi-hard dick, breathing cool air on it as she looked at him coldly in his hazel eyes. She crawled up his body, her eyes scanning the tattoos on his body. She kissed his lips, gently as she unwrapped the itchy material from around her neck.

She licked down his neck, and down his chest, down his stomach and then finally looked up at him, pulling the garland straight and speaking. “Hands.” The word was demanding, but made Frank just that much harder than he was before. He held out his hands, and Y/N tied them together, tight, and pushed them above his head.

She didn’t bother to put on the panties she bought with the outfit, only the corset stockings and garter, this would make it so much easier for her to fuck him silly, and she loved it.

She made her way down again, ass in the air as she made herself eye level with his cock. She then grabbed it with her hand, and pumped him slowly, watching his eyes swell with lust. He whimpered to say the least, begging for her to do more with him, anything.

Y/N dragged her nails down his thighs, leaving red marks as she did so. “Y/N, p-please, more.” He continued to beg, pleading and moaning her name. When she complied, she wasn’t happy about it, so she gently ghosted the tip of her tongue over the head of his cock.

She let him squirm for a while, amusing herself with his begging until she got annoyed. Her tongue slithered down a vein, swerving itself to the underside, licking up and then down.

Y/N hardly sucked on the tip, just leaving in her mouth to press her tongue to every once in awhile to see him desperately try to buck his hips while she held him down.

Frank was sweating, his stomach ached from tensing them up every time he came even inches to an orgasm. He was pissed at Y/N by now, begging wasn’t helping and he was sure the only way to get her to speed up was to turn her on too.

“Baby, you look so fucking hot, teasing me like this,” he dirty talked, trying his best not to whimper. “I love seeing your glossy lips wrapped around my cock, if only I could see the other ones wrapped around it too…”

She frowned at him and took more of him in, bobbing her head quickly, causing him to moan in pure pleasure. “Fuck! I just want to see you ride me baby, you looks so sexy dominating me like this.” He whimpered this time, and Y/N seemed satisfied, taking him in until he hit the back of her throat. She almost gagged.

Frank tensed up, cold sweat running down his naked body as he flexed in an attempt to bread the garland around his wrists.

Y/N stood up, seeing this and walked away, walking to the doorway. “Well, looks like I’ll be leaving and finishing myself off, seeing as you’re not listening to my instruction.”

“Shit! Y/N please no, I’ll be still… don’t leave me!” He begged, whimpering like a puppy. Y/N’s smile returns. She explains how lucky he is before she returns, stripping herself of her corset and dropping it to the ground.

Frank groans, mesmerized by her appearance, and the sun glowing behind her figure. Y/N gets on top of him, running her slit along his shaft, teasing him. His hands curl into fists and his face scrunches up. He was so close. His heart rate sped up some more, and his hips started rocking with hers. She was wet now, watching her unfold in front of him was a glorious sight to see, and he was mesmerized. She was gorgeous.

Y/N was reaching a high already, her clit rubbing up against her head made her walls clench and release, spilling more wetness onto Frank’s painfully hard cock. He felt this, and almost spilled himself, but held on.

Y/N had to stop to recollect herself for a moment, Frank doing the same. During this time, Y/n had ripped open the condom packet that was placed inside her garter, and rolled the condom down his length.

When Y/N rose to slide herself on his dick, Frank watched. He stared at himself disappearing inside of the woman who promised him she would fuck him silly. She rolled her hips on his, looking into his eyes as she did so. “Frankie, moan my name.” She said sweetly, clawing down his ribcage. He did as he was told, letting her name rip through his throat dramatically as she rode him.

Frank watched her intently, panting and begging her to go faster when she slowed down. Y/N leaned down to kiss Frank, putting his face in between her hands, digging her nails into the side of his face and she left a big sloppy kiss on his swollen lips. She bit down on the bottom one, pulling it with her as her head rose, and then let go, seeing satisfied while watching it snap back into place.

“Frankie watch me.” She moaned quietly , sliding her hands down her body. Her hand ran past her nipple, making visible goose bumps on her skin as she continued to sweep her hand down her stomach and to her clit. “Watch me run my finger around this bundle of nerves as your thick cock slides inside of me Frankie.” She practically begs. She was beginning to feel hot, and her skin was slicked with sweat. Her movements were quicker as she rubbed on her clit quickly, and rocked her hips, Frank’s dick rubbing against her g-spot every time she moved back. And every time she moved back, she shuddered, biting her lip even harder.

“Y/N, I’m gonna cum,” He whispered.

“Not yet, baby.” She replied, rubbing her clit faster. “Together,” Y/N pants.

Y/N moans and collapses on her pleading boyfriend, her hips moving slowly as she brought herself and Frank to an orgasm. Frank came inside the condom, spilling and leaving himself feeling finally satisfied through all of the teasing.

Y/N’s body shakes against his, a powerful orgasm sweeping through almost painfully as it flooded through every nerve ending in her body. Her walls were clenching around Frank, groaning as she rode his orgasm out. She clenched her hands into Frank’s shoulders, forcing herself to come down from her high.

Finally, her high pitched moaning quieted, leaving Frank with overwhelming relief

Y/N rode out her own orgasm, clinging to Frank tightly and digging her fingernails into his shoulders. She still shook against him, their sweaty bodies sticking together, Y/N having to pry herself off of him, when she finally had herself settled down enough.

She stood up, almost falling over as she did so. She sat on the couch, panting heavily as she watched Frank get up. He held his hands out to her so she could untie the knot she had made.

Frank rubbed his wrists gently, overjoyed at being released. He then, took the condom off and tied it, walking around into the kitchen to throw it in the trash bin.

He sat next to Y/N wrapping his arm around her, sweat once again making them stick together. They were silent for a while until Frank spoke.

“That was satisfying,” he admitted, blushing. “Who knew you’d be able to make me whine like that. You’re so gorgeous, Y/N”

Y/N smiled. “Well I’m glad we found something that works for now. That was really tiring through. I could use so rest.” She lays her head on the arm of the couch, Frank followed her movements, cuddling up behind her.

“I really Liked how you called me Frankie. That was hot,” he chuckles behind Y/N.

“Do you now, Frankie?” She giggled back.

“Can we have breakfast now, I’m starving,” Frank groans, sitting up.

“Only if you help me this time, you lazy ass.”


I AM SO LATE, I KNOW. Visiting relatives have made it difficult to work on anything this week. Hopefully you don’t mind seeing some leftover Christmas cheer on your dash. xD I HOPE YOU ALL HAD A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Or….a great December 25th for those of you who don’t celebrate it. :P

Imagine Me and You (I Do) — A Single Dad!Ashton AU

Summary: Ashton is a father to twin boys, a YouTube vlogger, and also your best friend. 
Rating: T
Word Count: 4,858
A/N: This is the result of a series of text messages sent back and forth between Rachel and me. We’re kind of obsessed with Dadshton. I hope you like it, @gladsyoucame​!!!

It’s 8:30 in the morning on a Saturday when Ashton decides it’s time to wake his boys up so they can start their day. He himself has been up since five, long since finished his daily routine of checking his schedule for the day, powering through some yoga and meditation, followed by a few miles’ jog on the treadmill. 

His hair is still wet from the shower when he creeps up to Frankie’s room, pushing the door open to find the four-year-old tucked up beneath the blankets, eyelashes fanned out against his round cheeks as he snuffles softly in his sleep. Ashton walks over to the edge of the bed and sits down gently, leaning in to press a soft kiss to Frankie’s cheek.

“Frankie,” he whispers gently, nudging Frankie’s ear with his nose, “it’s time to wake up, Pal.”

Frankie grumbles tiredly, turning his head so he can bury it in the pillow.

He’s always been a light sleeper, and Ashton knows after all this time that if he doesn’t wake Frankie gently, he’ll be cranky all day.

“Gotta get up, Frank,” Ashton tries again, “I need you to help me make the pancakes.”

“Pancakes?” Comes the garbled reply, Frankie lifting his head to look at Ashton.

“Oh yeah,” Ashton grins, lifting Frankie from his sheets and cradling his slight frame against Ashton’s own. He knows Frankie’s getting too big for it, but he wants to hold onto his babies for as long as he can. 

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Саундтреки к жизни

Есть такие тёплые песни, которые помогают подвести итог прожитого кусочка жизни. Слушаешь, и сразу вспоминаешь, всё что было, и всё так ярко, как будто только вчера. Я составила плейлист из песен, которые ассоциируются у меня с какими-то определёнными периодами жизни, и являются прекрасными произведениями. Я называю их “Саундтреки к жизни”. Приятного прослушивания. 

  • One Direction - History 
  • Nirvana - Smells like teen spirit
  • Макс Корж - Жить в кайф 
  • Макс Корж - Стань же моей рукой 
  • Artik & Asti - Не отпускай 
  • The Neighbourhood – Wiped Out
  • Иван Дорн - Школьное окно 
  • Imagine Dragons – Whatever It Takes
  • SEREBRO - Между нами любовь 
  • Kiiara – Whippin (feat. Felix Snow)
  • Artik & Asti – Глаза в глаза
  • Михаил Круг и группа Попутчик - Владимирский централ (да, именно)
  • Franky – Wake Up
  • The Neighbourhood – Cry Baby
  • One Derection – Drag Me Down
  • DNCE – Cake By The Ocean
  • Sia – The Greatest
  • The Cab – Temporary Bliss
  • Монатик – Выходной
  • Bring Me the Horizon – Follow You
  • Bring Me the Horizon – True friends 
  • Sia – Cheap Thrills
  • Face - baby
  • Лина Милович – Про детство
  • Fall Out Boy – Centures
  • Noize MC – Устрой дестрой
  • Black Coast feat. M. Maggie – Trndsttr
  • найтивыход – Киты умирают в лужах бензина
  • Не ваше дело records – Бесконечность
  • Лолита - На титанике 
  • Our Last Night – Sunrise
  • Milky Chance – Blossom

(Я меломан, так что какая-то из этих песен точно должна вам понравиться) 

Всех люблю, всех целую, всех обнимаю. Ваша mallymalinn

Amateur Hour

Violet (Jason) x Pearl (Matt)


A thump. A curse. There was a blinding light and Violet’s rouged lips, slowly, came into focus.

Her breathe fogged up the screen: “Is it on?”

“If the little light is red, then yes it’s on. Remind me again how you’re suppoused to be the future of drag?”

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anonymous asked:

An average day in the life of Frankie?

Wake up, maybe get some breakfast, check if he has anything he needs to do that day, where things split in two. He either goes and runs whatever errands he needs to, or he does whatever he wants for the day, might practice with his gun. Takes a walk, staying in the shadows, gets some ‘actual’ food (Red Bull mixed with coffee and a 5 hour energy shot isn’t food, Frankie.) and tries to get some rest.

I am Frankie Twist

>Frankie loses power
>Frankie shuts down
>for a few minutes Frankie is presumed dead
>Frankie wakes up
>Frankie isn’t a robot but a cyborg with her human mind alive, she only regains her consciousness when her synthetic side loses power

lift her, pull her, from the orchids (grace/frankie, 1200 words, g)

@dearophelia​: don’t make me write that fic

…I wrote that fic. Also available on AO3.

It’s a Tuesday.

And not even a particularly remarkable Tuesday, at that.

It’s a Tuesday, and Frankie’s on the couch cheering on some kid in the spelling bee who’s stuck on a word Grace has never heard of. She’s shouting letters as if the kid can actually hear her, and if the grin she gives her phone is any indication - she’s just won ten bucks off of Sol. Grace puts her book down on the arm of the chair and peers over the rim of her glasses, with all intentions of telling Frankie to please keep it down.

But she doesn’t. Because Frankie’s grinning, not at her phone and not at the TV, but at her, and it does something funny to Grace’s chest.

(Not in a bad way, not like what happened in Robert’s chest last year.

No, this is funny in a good way, but she doubts there’s any word in the entire spelling bee to describe it.)

“I’m up fifty dollars,” Frankie says.

Grace gives her a little thumbs up, and Frankie re-crosses her legs so she’s sitting on them the other way.

“Concatenate,” the boy on the television says. “C-O-N-C-A-T-E-N-A-T-E. Concatenate.”

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#2 Where are you going dressed like that?!“

Where do you think you’re going dressed like that.” He said trying not to laugh
This morning your three year old decided to dress her self this morning.
“Shopping with mommy.” She said looking up at her dad.
“Y/N.” Chris said yelling for you
“What’s wrong.” You said walking in holding your six month old son.
Chris looked over at Raven who was playing with her favorite bear.
Raven had put on her pink tutu skirt and a ironman t-shirt with purple socks.
“It’s just a ironman shirt babe.” You said winking at him.
“Mommy thinks she’s funny doesn’t she.” He said taking Frankie from you.
Giving Chris a quick kiss you walked over to change Raven while he went to feed Frankie.

About thirty minutes later and the promise of ice cream. You and Raven made it back to the living room. To find Frankie a sleep and Chris watching football.
“I’m getting ice cream.” She said climbing in her daddy’s lap.
Times like this is what made you happiest. Chris was home. Your children were happy and it was so peaceful.
“I want ice cream.” He said pretending to pout
“You have to let mommy dress you like she wants.” She said looking at you.
“Well mommy does that anyway.” He said smiling at you.
“You two are so funny.” You said having a sit next to him.
“As soon as Frankie wakes up we will get ice cream.” Chris said
“Okay daddy. I’m gonna play.” She said getting off his lap and going to get her toys.
Opening his arm you moved closer to him.
“You’re the best.” He said kissing you.
“I’m sleepy.” You said kissing him back.
“Take a nap while he sleeps babe.”
“You’re the best.” You said cuddling into your husband side.

anonymous asked:


THERE WE GO! Now we’re cookin with fire!!

Who wakes the other up with kisses?
Robin wakes Franky up with kisses most of the time, it’s Franky’s favorite way of waking up, he usually perks right up with a “SUUUPERRRR”. However Franky has tried to kiss Robin awake before, she usually gets grumpy and forces him away from her until she wakes up on her own.

Who cooks for who?
Sanji always cooks for the whole crew, but there have been occasions where Robin has cooked up a nice little meal for everyone. Having been around the world she picked up a number of delectable dishes to feed the crew. She doesn’t like to openly play favorites, but she does secretly make Franky’s dish with a little extra love somehow.

Who is the morning person/night person?
Well according to Oda, himself, Robin goes to bed at 11pm and wakes up at 6am. Franky, however, goes to bed at 1am and wakes up at 9am. Sorry for the lack of creativity on that one but I’m quite proud of the fact that Oda answered that question on his own!

Who is the romantic one?
It’s hard to say, I feel like the both of them like to be romantic in their own special ways. Robin likes to be intimate with Franky, though it took her a while to be that way. She never trusted any men before because she knew what most of them had on their mind in regards to her, Franky was different so she grew comfortable being close with him.
Franky was definitely the type to try to woo her with super new inventions. Sometimes she was impressed, mostly she just loved how thoughtful he is.

Who is the top when it comes to sex?
Franky is often on top but worries about hurting her, she usually insists that she’s fine and begs him to continue. In the end he always seems to turn the tables and let her get on top so that she’s comfortable at her own pace.

Who would lead in ballroom dancing?
Franky, surprisingly. Robin knows how to ballroom dance but rather likes Franky leading. He is a pretty good dancer when he’s actually trying, but he still manages to goof up. She finds it really cute because he gets a very serious look of determination on his face as he tries to remember his footwork.

Who is the more cuddly one?
Franky enjoys cuddling more than Robin does but he hates to admit it. He really doesn’t like pushing his boundaries with Robin because of her past, and he certainly isn’t eager to let all the rest of the crew see him acting cuddly. Robin will usually initiate an opportunity to cuddle with him by leaning into him.

Who is more likely to pick the movie they watch?
Robin is much more cultured in the ways of the media so she always knows the right movies to watch. Franky isn’t picky and is usually intrigued by most of the movies she picks out. Robin prefers action and horror movies but likes to pick out sappy romances to see Franky get all misty eyed at the end. She loves to see him get all emotional, she thinks it’s cute.

Who is the one that pays for dates?
They take turns! All of the money comes from their limited allowance that Nami gives them. Robin usually insists on paying more often because Nami doesn’t mind giving more money to her. When she does, Franky insists on buying her new books to read.

Who is the one to initiate a quicky during (their visits to islands)?
(had to change it from ‘classes’ cuz that wouldn’t make any sense)
Most of the time it’s Robin but Franky will sometimes nervously hint to her that he’s in the mood. He has a hard time getting all the words out but she sits quietly until he tells her what exactly he wants, then she smiles, coyly.

You wake one unassuming Sunday morning to find the stove still burning. Blue flames lick the edges of nothing in particular and you remember your dream from the night before, warm; you dreamt that you were asleep inside the core of a living star. You saw nothing of the universe and it saw nothing of you. Galaxies crumbled and reformed like pieces of iron under a pulsing magnet as you slept; you never knew that a place called Earth existed and your life was no better or worse for it. In your dream you slept and slept so long that your beloved star grew weary of itself and shrunk, and all of the universe began rushing towards you. You wake up hungry.

At first Zach doesn’t even know what it is that is waking him up. It makes him giggle though, because it’s soft and a bit ticklish and it takes him a couple of minutes in his half awake, half asleep, maybe still slightly intoxicated state to realize that the thing he is feeling is Frankie’s lips against his neck.
“Baaaaaaaaabe…” He giggles, voice a soft whiny thing even though the smile gives him away. “I’m tired, go away.”
The last part makes Frankie giggle as well, and in revenge he nuzzles his nose against the soft spots on Zach’s neck, going up to bury his nose in his still styled hair and it is crazy how ticklish Zach is when Frankie is near, and it’s crazy how happy it makes him feel.
“Do you want me to go away?” Frankie mumbles, an arm wrapping around Zach’s waist to pull him closer and yes, part of Zach really does wants Frankie to go away right now because it’s not fair how he is all awake and sane and not a tired mess like Zach is, but he is warm and soft and beautiful.
“No, silly.” Zach giggles and turns around in Frankie’s arms so that he can face him, finger softly tracing his jaw. Frankie looks too awake, still so very pretty and Zach suddenly feels very conscious over the fact that he probably looks like a gross hungover thing. He closes his eyes, tensing up a little and Frankie seems to notice because he pulls him even closer.
“Yeah?” Zach murmurs, not opening his eyes, just cuddling closer to Frankie as Frankie’s grip around his waist tightens.
“I’ve missed falling asleep in the same bed as you. I’ve missed it since we left Big Brother.”
Zach smiles, nodding as nuzzles his nose against Frankie’s chest.
“I’ve missed that too, bae.”
He can’t see it, but he can almost feel Frankie smiling.
“Wanna be my bae?”
“Every day.” Zach mumbles, drifting off to sleep again. “Every day I’ll be your bae.”