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Waking up on the 6th September 2019, knowing that IT Chapter 2 has been released;

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Somebody New Pt. 3 (Bill Denbrough/Reader)

part 1 / part 2

(A/N: I feel like this part is badly written but I’m so gosh darn tired. Also this STILL isn’t the last part but I think the next one will be. I really did not expect to write this much for one request lmao.)

Request: Imagine The reader loves photography and constantly takes pictures. Bill is her muse and she really likes him more than a best bud. She soon notices that Bill always steals glances at Bev and she bittersweetly gives up on him. Stan notices her melancholy and they grow closer. Stan starts to like the reader. But Bill actually likes her too and notices the closeness of her and Stan. He tries to confess to her but something comes up. She finds a new muse (sky). She wants to be even closer to Stan.

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the loser’s club as things my drunk friends did at disney world

ben: making the entire club wake up at seven a.m. to be at front of the gate at open, and set into a full out sprint for the frozen adventure ride.

richie: loudly announcing eddie’s presence as THE SPECIAL BOY IS HERE in any shop, attraction, or restaurant. when questioned, just reiterating that he is, in fact, THE SPECIAL-EST BOY

“is it your birthday?” “no. i have no idea why he’s doing this* 

bill: *walks up to duffy the disney bear* yes, hi. what is it that you do? how do you make a life, mr… duffy? was it?

mike: *disappears for an hour and a half* guys, shit is getting REAL at the a bug’s life playground. NO I CAN’T LEAVE, we’ve formed an ARMY against the other kids, and we’re just about to start tag- NO, NO, IT’S YOU WHO NEEDS TO CALM DOWN.  

stan: now, the “rumbucket” i see here on your menu, does this come in an actual bucket? yes? good, i’ll take two.

eddie: *yelling at a waiter at a nice restaurant* I KNOW YOUR SECRETS *begins to frantically fold napkin up in a not at all correct way* FANCY BITCHES THINKING THEY’RE BETTER THAN EVERYONE

beverly: *sees belle in her christmas dress* oh my god…. *grabs her hands* i love you bitch…i ain’t never gonna stop loving you…bitch….