wake up by your side

Imagine: Waking up from a big surgery and having Natasha by your side.

Imagine: Waking up from a big surgery and having Natasha by your side. 
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Reader

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Your eyes took time to get used to the light above you, and you groaned when you realized how your throat was aching.

“Y/N.” You heard, and your girlfriend’s hands quickly touched yours.

“Nat.” You smiled weakly under your oxygen mask.

“Hello.” She caressed your face.

She looked tired, like she had been there for hours, waiting for you. Knowing her, she actually was.

“How are you feeling?” The Russian inquired, her face softening while looking at you.

“Sleepy.” You sighed. “How long is it been?”

“You left surgery two hours ago.” She looked at her watch. “They took four hours, almost five.”

“The tumor is gone?” You asked, you eyes full of hope.

For the latest year and with Natasha by your side, you fought a battle against a lung cancer before you could have this surgery.

“All gone, baby.” She assured you.

“Good.” You whispered, closing your eyes. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

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"I love you. I love you, I love you, I love you. And I want to spend the rest of my life with you. But it just really sucks that you live so far away. I just wish I could wake up by your side every morning, telling you how much I love you - and mean it - and kiss you goodnight at the end of every day and soothe your nerves if you have nightmares in the middle of the night. I want to do all these, and maybe I will. One Day. I love you" - things I think about when I can't sleep

i kept this is my inbox as i believe it’s from a guy who used to love me. now i done so here, funny how people change

It’s 3:42 AM and everything hurts. My mind won’t let me fall asleep because the only thing on it is you. My body won’t fall asleep because it craves your gentle touch.

It’s 3:43 AM and I miss you. I miss everything about you. I miss how we were so close, closer than anyone I’ve ever met before. I miss turning over and waking up to your beautiful face every single morning on the other side of my small bed. I miss our late night drives, listening to great music, and ending up lost in the middle of nowhere. I miss our inside jokes and having a connection that no one understood but us. I miss the way you looked at me, like I was the only person that you could see with those green eyes of yours. I miss the way you pulled me closer when you were afraid of the lightning outside. I miss wrapping my arms around you and not letting go for what felt like hours. I miss your hand in mine. But, what I miss the most are the little things, like the way you had to read everything to yourself out loud or how you always had to sleep on your back. The list is endless.

It’s 4:05 AM and all I can think about is how somebody else is loving you. It is no longer me and you. It’s you and him. He is holding you the same way as I always did, but somehow it is different. You feel safe, secure, and calm. You aren’t doubting your feelings and wondering what it would be like if you were with someone else in the way you always did when you were with me. You wanted something that I could not give you.

It’s 4:10 AM and I’m thinking about how you never told me why you left. It’s painful being abandoned by you, but what hurts even more is that I wasn’t even worth an explanation. I’m trying to wrap my head around how I tried so hard and put my all in for you, yet it was never enough. I was never enough. I loved you unconditionally and expected the same in return. I guess I’m just not worthy of your love. He is.

And every day I wake up, look over at your side if the bed. And every time, you are not there. That’s when I find myself crying. Because even after all this time, I am still not over you. And I try everything to get you back, but nothing will work.
—  Excerpts of stories I’ll never finish// #196
SIX FEET UNDER | SugarDaddy!Seb x Reader – Part 3

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A/N: Um don’t act like this gif doesn’t make you fucking weak cause I’m 100% shook. Also pls enjoy this part, still setting up everything before it gets really juicy 💖 (and it’s about to get really juicy)

← Part 2

You woke up alone. You were about to rub your eyes until you realized you still had makeup on from last night. Instead, you sat up and allowed your body to wake up a little more. Dangling your legs off the side, you slipped off the bed. The plush carpeting welcomed your feet and you sleepily made your way to the kitchen. Upon entering, you saw Sebastian seated at the island, with a plate in front of him and a full glass of orange juice. There was another empty plate and a glass of orange juice beside him, which you assumed was for you.

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Being Batmom would include......

- Waking up every morning to Damian staring at you on your side of the bed.

- “Damian, sweetie, it’s 5:30 in the morning what are you doing up?”

- “ Getting up early is a healthy way of building strength and endurance and no mother of mine is going to be weak”

- But you get up anyway because you know he’s just trying to show he cares about your well being.

- Which means you make chocolate chip pancakes while he sits on the counter and talks your ear off about random things.

- Always being there for Jason when he has his nightmares about his death.

- He always in the kitchen in the middle of the night with tears in his eyes.

- You know because you hear his light sobs downstairs, knowing he doesn’t want any of his brothers to see him cry.

- As soon as he sees you, he hugs you tight as if you would slip away if he let you go.

- “it’s okay baby, you’re safe.”

- Dick always calling you when he can’t figure out the simplest of things.

- “Mom, does cinnamon go bad?”

- “Hey, do you know how long does it take to dry clothes?”

- “Mom, how do you make cereal?”

- “Dickie, I swear it’s like you’re 14 and not 25,”

- Tim not liking when his school friends have crushes on you.

- “ If you even look in her general direction, I will find you ”

- “Tim, just because someone finds me attractive does not mean you can scare the daylights out of them”

- Damian getting extremely jealous because he has to share your attention with everyone else.

- I mean, very jealous.

- Jason and Damian being the most protective of you.

- And I mean frowning at every single guy that even glances at you.

- One time, you made the mistake of bringing Damian with you to the grocery store and there was a guy who started flirting with you in the fruit aisle.

- And then Damian judo kicked him in the stomach yelling “Get away from my mother, you asshole!”

- And then you hurrily leaving, pulling Damian with you before you guys got kicked out.

- “ Damian, I love you but you cannot just do that in public!”

- Each boy fighting over who is your favorite.

- if you’re lucky, nothing’s broken from their fighting.

- Alfred usually being the voice of reason when it comes to their bickering.

- But Bruce is the one to stop their physical altercations.

- Making you have a massive headache.

- Each boy not wanting to ever dissapoint you.

- You loving your babies with all of your heart.

- And they loving you just as much.

I hope you like this, anon. If you have any questions, message me.

Also, I didn’t include Winston, Bastion, Torbjorn, or Zenyatta. I hope you all understand why.


• He’d wake up to find your side of the bed empty.

• He nearly panicked until he realized that you had left a note explaining that you’d be right back.

• Reinhardt would fall back and wait, thinking back on the activities of the night before. He would almost be like a giddy boy when he noticed you in the doorway, carrying a tray of food.

• He’d be grateful, devouring every bit of it while also saying his thanks. (Even if it was terrible, he’d eat it anyways).

• After that, Reinhardt would want to thank you properly, repeating the events from the night before.


• If Reaper doesn’t leave before you wake up, you’ll be able to make him breakfast without a problem.

• He’d barely react when you brought him food, especially when he made the statement that food no longer brings him joy.

• He’d eat it when he saw the expression you made after that comment.

• He would never admit it, but he actually enjoyed that you did this for him. It was something he secretly thought a lot about when he was Gabriel Reyes.

• Reaper would finally mutter a thank you before he phased out of the room.


• It would be a shock if this man wasn’t awake before you, but he did enjoy having you make food for him.

• He’d be awake, smirking when he saw you, and you’d be reminded of the night before.

• He’d definitely try to feed you, which would probably end up with the both of you shoving food in each other’s faces.

• Genji would pamper you after that, claiming you had done so much for him. He wouldn’t let you move a muscle after that.

• He would cuddle you after that, holding you tight, and he wouldn’t let go until Zenyatta came to grab him for meditation.


• Junkrat would be wide awake before you, so it would take some time for you to convince him to stay down.

• He would be giddy the moment he sees the food, and he’d be jumping around when you set it down.

• Like Genji, he would attempt to feed you, but it would become more of a mess.

• Junkrat might attempt to repeat the night before, but the both of you would spend more time laughing and giggling over the mess you both made.

• It would take Roadhog dragging you both out of the bed for you both to finally get up.


• You would have to wake Roadhog up when you brought him breakfast.

• He’d mumble a thank you before removing his mask, something he didn’t do often.

• And then he’d devour the food, letting you sneak off a few pieces here and there. Actually, he would probably ask that you eat some, too.

• Roadhog would hug you after that, letting you have a few moments of peace without the noise or the yells.

• Expect a gift later on that day. It’ll probably be a plush pig or something like that.


• This boy would love you from the moment he saw you bring him food. You’ve definitely reaches his heart by doing that.

• He would be the type to feed you because he’d love seeing how it makes you smile or laugh.

• Lúcio would definitely spend the time after that making you laugh and smile, or thanking you in his own way.

• Expect to not leave the bed before noon.

• Also, Lúcio would attempt to do the same for you later, but it wouldn’t make more than an absolute mess.


• Hanzo would be the type to silently thank you after he finished eating.

• He would be thankful from the moment you brought him the food, especially since he knew that you had done so much for him already.

• Hanzo would quietly eat, holding your hand in his, and he’d kiss you after he finished eating.

• It would be much later when a gift arrived from him. Someone else (probably Genji) would deliver it to you.

• Expect Hanzo to make you food after that, even if it means waking up early to do so (which he probably does anyways).

Soldier 76:

• For once in your life, you managed to wake up before him. That didn’t happen often, but the night before had tired him out.

• A second would pass where he feared something had happened to you until you walked in with the tray in your hands.

• Soldier 76 would eat every bit of it, muttering his thanks. Don’t worry. He’s very grateful. He’s just grumpy because he slept late.

• You would have to coax him into cuddling with you, and it would go well.

• Until a recruit (probably McCree) would ruin it by knocking on the door.


• This man would wake up the moment you place the tray beside him.

• He’d be smiling the entire time he ate, telling you how happy you made him and how you were too good for him.

• McCree would probably try to get up and make you breakfast, but he’d either fail because you’re distracting or because he just wants to go back to sleep.

• McCree might repeat the night before, but he’s more likely to just cuddle and wrap his arms around you, whispering his thanks.

• He’d fall asleep after that, holding you tight.

  • Phoenix: [whispering to a sick and sleeping Edgeworth]) Hi, Edgeworth; it’s me, Phoenix… just stay sleeping. I am going to be here when you wake up. I will not leave your side.
  • [three seconds pass]
  • Phoenix: You could be asleep for hours. Maybe I’ll come back later. Hope you’ll feel better… okay… oh, and I know you think that I’m a jerk but I hope you can forgive me.
  • [leans in to kiss his forehead]
  • Phoenix: [wipes mouth] Gross! Your forehead is all sweaty, that’s gross!
  • Phoenix: …But I still like you … okay …oh, that’s disgusting [leaves the room]
According to Plan

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Pairing: Dean x plus sized!reader
Word count: 954
Warnings: Swearing

Part 6 of Fat and Beautiful

Rolling over, your hand met a cold sheet, making you open your eyes. “Dean?” You yawned, propping yourself up on your elbow. “Babe?” Looking around, you blinked. He was nowhere to be found. Normally you were the first one up, and he woke up not long after. Pushing the blankets back, you got out of bed and stretched.

You made your way out of your shared room and through the halls looking for him. As you moved towards the kitchen, you pulled your hair up into a ponytail. Something smelled amazing, and it was making your mouth water.

“There you are.” You said softly, making him turn to look at you. “I was surprised to wake up to your side of the bed empty.” Moving closer you saw his face fall just a bit. “What’s wrong?” You asked, worried.

Dean smiled sheepishly. “I, uh, was hoping to surprise you…” He told you. “Was gonna bring you breakfast in bed. Had a tray all set, have flowers in a vase and everything.” Dean motioned to the counter behind him. Your eyes flicked between him and the tray. “Surprise.” He chuckled slightly.

Smiling, you kissed him gently. “Thank you, babe.” You said against his lips. “It smells amazing.”

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NCT DREAM react to their s/o collapsing from overworking themselves.

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-Main Admin, M

Mark: He knew you were working hard for this comeback, yet you always cared for his health since he is a member of three NCT units.  So when he saw you falling to the floor on one of your stages, he felt guilty for not taking care of you the way you took care of him, and he would go and carry you off of the stage, even bringing you to the hospital. He wouldn’t leave your side until you wake up.

¨I’m sorry that I didn’t take better care of you.¨

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Haechan: He is always happy and smiling but he would always hype about you every time a song of your group came on, or whenever you won an award. He was always there supporting you, but something that didn’t cross his mind was that you weren’t taking care of yourself. When you collapsed at an event, his smile erased from his face and now he was almost crying because he couldn’t reach where you were, as he was backstage preparing for his stage. Even if he tried to go see you, there was always someone that didn’t let him go because he had to get ready. He was freaking out. 

“I need to see if she is okay, hyung.”

Renjun:  When you collapsed Renjun was doing his stage (My First and Last), and he knew he couldn’t stop the song to go see you. Instead, he just started crying while singing because he didn’t know whether you were okay or not.

Jeno:  He didn’t know what to do since that never happened to him or anyone he knew, but when you collapsed at the awards show, he stood up from his seat and went back stage as fast as he could to go and see you. He was really worried.

¨Y/N, from now on I’m going to take better care of you.¨

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Jaemin:  Jaemin had a problem with his health, so he wasn’t doing promotions with NCT Dream, and you were always taking care of him so he could get better. So he felt really bad and guilty because he couldn’t take better care of you, and you ended up overworking yourself since you wanted to take care of him.

¨I’m sorry, this is my fault.” 

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Chenle: Even if he was one of the youngest of his group, you were always taking care of him as you were one year older than him. He wanted to take care of you too, so when he saw that you weren’t waking up immediately, he got extremely scared.

“I will take better care of you noona, so for now just rest.”

Jisung: He was really worried about you, watching you perform from the dorm since his group wasn’t invited to the awards. So when he saw that you collapse, he would get really sad and probably start crying since he couldn’t be there.

¨Jisung don’t worry, she is going to be fine,”  Renjun would tell him and give him a hug.

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B.A.P Reaction to You Making Breakfast in Just Their Shirt

Warning: sexual references

Send me y’all‘s requests though <3 Enjoy~!

*Note: Enough is enough I HAVE HAD IT WIH THESE MOTHA F*CKEN NOTES ON THIS MUTHA F*CKIN BLOG! … {basically, I own none of the gifs}


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Just imagine Oliver, with his calloused hands, holding his soft, pink, and perfect newborn for the first time. Imagine Felicity smiling softly at that sight while pretending to be asleep because Oliver insists that she needs rest. Now, imagine the hospital door bursting open, a overly excited William rushes in, excited to see his new brother or sister. Oliver gives William a stern look that says, “Don’t wake up your step-mother.” William climbs on to the side of the rocking chair wanting to get a closer look. Imagine Oliver meeting Felicity’s gaze and giving her his famous hearteyes. They melt Felicity’s insides, like always. Imagine Oliver feeling in that moment that his family is whole and complete. Just imagine it. You’re welcome.

Coming Home

You woke up alone today.

Getting up is always the hardest part. You usually have to get to work earlier than he does, so your alarm rings a good quarter of an hour earlier than his. And that means that he’s still in bed, when you wake up, his warmth somehow completely covering both your side and his, his arms around you, his head buried in your neck, breathing against your skin. So, every day, you have to make the sacrifice, you have to gather all your willpower to step out of the warm cocoon and into the harsh cold of the freezing city morning.

But today, by the time you got up, he was already gone, and so was his warmth. You couldn’t even enjoy those last minutes of clinging to the last shreds of sleep in bed, those last moments enveloped in safety and happiness, getting mentally prepared to get up. Today, by the time your alarm rang the sheets were already freezing cold, and he felt nothing more than a beautiful dream. Today life dumped you into the cold just after you woke up.

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Ash: [whispering to a sick and sleeping Misty]) Hi, Misty; it’s me, Ash… just stay sleeping. I am going to be here when you wake up. I will not leave your side.

[three seconds pass]

Ash: You could be asleep for hours. Maybe I’ll come back later. Hope you’ll feel better… okay… oh, and I know you think that I’m a jerk but I hope you can forgive me.

[leans in to kiss her forehead]

Ash: [wipes mouth] Gross! Your forehead is all sweaty, that’s gross!

Ash: …But I still like you…okay…oh, that’s disgusting

Misty: [smiles as he leaves the room]

NCT Yuta in a relationship

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Dating Yuta would be a hell of a ride. Your relationship would be the kind that everyone wants. Your relationship would be a playful one. You would wake up most days to a sleeping Yuta beside you, you would trace his features with your eyes, it would go from peaceful to crazy in 0.1 sec flat. He would wake up to see your face and pin you down, tickling your sides to you couldn’t breathe. If you both had the day off you would just cuddle watching a movie, leaving small and sweet kiss on each other’s lips.

He’s very busy with his work, to help with the stress factor, you would to try and visit as much as you can.  He could stress to the point he would explode but the minute he say your deep eyes and that small smile, he would feel relaxed. Every Time you would visit he would run from across the room, picking you up in his arms, never wanting to let go. The rest of them members of NCT are like his family, so you would have to be really close with each of them.

He takes care of them younger members like a funny uncle would. He also couldn’t say no to their puppy eyes the flashed. They would often come along on your lunch dates, you would always have to remind yuta that kids were with us as he tried to always hold onto you.

Yuta gets jealous very easily, but it’s a cute jealous, he could get jealous about you helping a member with cooking, or helping with homework. It went as fast it came. He would be attracted to you 24/7. Going tour would be the hardest part. Not opening his eyes to see yours staring back.

When you first went to see Yuta’s family, you would be scared. Hoping they will love you, family is really important and if there was a bump it would be hard in the relationship.  Luck for you Yuta would hold your hand as you walked to the door, once his parents opened the door with big smiles, every worry melted away.

   Congratulates you have a very sassy boyfriend. As much as he’s a little cute ball of cuteness the boy has a sassy side.  You guys would bicker all the time, causing the members laugh saying you’re like an old married couple.

Yuta in a relationship would be perfect.


You don’t have to worry, i won’t leave you. No matter what happens i’ll stay by your side. You don’t have to be afraid because you won’t lose me. You’ll never lose me because i am only yours. I will never give up on you. I’ll stick with you through the good and the bad times. When you wake up every morning, i’ll be right there by your side hugging you so tight to make you that you’re safe in my arms. I’ll always hold your hand to let you know that i am with you in every battle that you’re going to face. I’ll hug you so tight and tell you that everything’s going to be alright to assure you that you’re not alone. I’ll be there when you sip your cup of coffee in the morning. I’ll always show you my smile and let you know that we will make it through anything. You don’t have to be afraid because you will always have my heart.