wake up and smell the testosterone

anonymous asked:

hey I started testosterone last week, I know you’re suppose to start seeing or feel some changes within 1-3 months but is it possible to notice some stuff like within a week or 2. for example, I’m starting to get hot and sweaty already and I’m usually not doing much of anything, my odor downstairs/urine smells different, I’m not as tired when I wake up now, I just feel like I have a bit more energy. Does that mean the t is taking effect?

First off, congrats on starting T!

Yep, all of those things are absolutely normal. You may also begin to notice some bottom growth in the first few weeks after starting T. There’s also a chance you’ll experience what’s known as “T Cold.” You may experience symptoms similar to a flu or cold (runny nose, sore throat); this is common among a lot of trans men in the first few weeks/months of beginning HRT. It’s annoying, but it should only last a week or more.

It’s also worth checking out anecdotes from other transmasc people.“Here’s what changes first” guides are very general, and every person experiences things differently. Some people noticed changes very quickly, others it took a few months.

Here is a good guide on what to expect