wake up and bike

Some of you are saying that the citizens of Hasetsu probably think Viktor is just Yuuri’s eccentric foreign boyfriend and I cannot say how much I agree.

“What a nice young man,” says Tamura-san, who used to run the fish shop in town and now usually sits beside the register and chats with customers while her grandson rings them up. She was born before ice skating was declared an Olympic sport and has absolutely no idea who Viktor Nikiforov is. 

“Yes, we’re very glad to have Vicchan staying with us!” Hiroko says of Viktor, who’s standing behind her cradling fifteen pounds of tuna and smiling brightly at Tamura-san. 

“How good of you to follow Yuu-chan home after he graduated!” Tamura-san continues, about ten decibels louder than she needs to. Tamura-san is about 87% deaf in her old age, but nobody has the heart to tell her so. “You must love him very much!”

Viktor, who has no idea what she’s just said to him but who heard Yuuri’s name, just blindly says, “Oh yes!” and grins even brighter. 

“Have you seen Viktor Nikiforov?” demands a rabid paparazzo of some poor fisherman just trying to do his job.

“Who?” asks the fisherman, frowning at the lens of the camera. 

“He’s tall? Foreign? Silver hair?”

“You mean Katsuki-kun’s boyfriend?” says the fisherman. Katsuki-kun’s boyfriend had run by ten minutes before with his poodle in tow, European synth pop blasting so loud from his headphones that it could be heard for a full minute both before and after he ran past. The fisherman doesn’t exactly know where Katsuki-kun found that guy, but he looks at Katsuki-kun like he hung the stars, so the fisherman can’t blame him.

In the end, he tells the paparazzo to go the opposite direction of the one he just saw Katsuki-kun’s boyfriend go.

A girl from Hasetsu graduates high school the summer Yuuri returns from America and is inspired by his experiences to go to college in America as well. She arrives in her freshman year dorm room and is greeted by a poster of Viktor Nikiforov hung up by her roommate.

“Why do you have a picture of Viktor?” she asks, bewildered. Viktor is wearing a pair of black slacks and a bright pink shirt unbuttoned almost to his navel.

“Oh, you know who Viktor Nikiforov is?” her roommate asks, excitedly.

“Do YOU?” the girl asks, incredulous. Viktor is known to her as “That foreign guy that followed Yuuri back from America when he came home” and also as Viktor-Who-Puts-Jam-In-His-Tea-Like-Who-Even-Does-That. Certainly not as Viktor Nikiforov, Five-Time World Figure Skating Champion and definitely not as Viktor-Who-Deserves-To-Be-On-Someone’s-Wall.

Come October, Viktor has started introducing HIMSELF to people as Viktor I’m Yuuri’s Boyfriend. While half of Russia reads articles about Figure Skating’s Living Legend, a sleepy town in Japan wakes up every morning to Yuuri’s Boyfriend Viktor wheeling through town on his bike with Yuuri and Their Cute Dog.

Viktor loves Hasetsu.

fate of the fast & furious (m.)

;pairing — taehyung/reader

;warnings — very smutty | very fluffy | slight daddy kink | sexting & nudes | a lot of sweet talking | mentions of masturbation | mild drug use | some of these aren’t even warnings | bye

;summary — you’re a first-generation college student and taehyung is the hot guy with a love for motorbikes who lands the job babysitting for your family while you’re away. basically a mix of domestic!taehyung, biker!taehyung, racer!taehyung all at once, and a whole lotta sex. a weird kind of slow-burn. enjoy

;word count long 17k


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Seventeen greaser/prep!au

Intro | Jun | Vernon | Seungcheol | Joshua | Jihoon | Mingyu

Originally posted by minghaon

  • there were two major groups in school: the preps and the greasers

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99 Problems (2/?)

         Summary : You are an agent that worked alongside the Avengers , with an unusually close friendship with Captain Rogers. What happened when he reveals his true feelings for you before you leave on an undercover mission?  By the time you return from the mission, you’ve missed the events of Civil War.  What happens when you come home and most of your friends are gone? And when they return?

Pairings :  No official pairings yet, but Steve Rogers x reader, Johnny Storm x reader, Tony stark x reader, avengers x reader.

Warnings : swearing, angst,tiny bit of fluff

Italics are memories , & bold is the readers thoughts

                                                   Chapter 2

Johnny doesn’t ask any questions, just holds you hand as the elevator descends. As soon as you’re both out in the cool New York air, your demeanor shifts from gloomy to devious. You turn, sending Johnny a smirk.

“Let’s get this party started, Sparky!“ You excitedly say as you approach is motorcycle. He chuckles, following you and hands you a helmet. You slip it over your head and speed off.

  Johnny takes you to the bar you both usually go to when you have a night out, Night Owl. You always laugh at the lame name but the bar is always fun with him. As you head in, you notice it’s more busy than usual. You eye the bodies on the dance floor, watching the way they move together so sexually. Jesus, do they know they are in public? Johnny pulls you towards the bar, starting your night off with five shots of Tequila.

   Drinks keep showing up in front of you, either from guys sending them over or Johnny being a little shit and telling the bartender to keep them coming. Damn it, Storm. Before you know it, you completely bypass the tipsy stage and land right in the drunk zone. The bar keeps filling with people, pushing you closer to Johnny. He slides his arm around your waist keeping you anchored at his side so he doesn’t lose you in the crowd. As you both down another shot, the song switches to something familiar. You can’t remember the name but the beat grabs your attention. You turn to Johnny, trailing your hand over his chest. He raises his eyebrow at you but doesn’t stop your antics.

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“What do you say Storm, you up for a dance?” He laughs, grabbing your hand and guiding you through the crowd to the center of the dance floor. He pulls your body against his, leaving no space. You gasp as your chest pushes against his as his hands grip your waist. You both begin moving to the music, your bodies moving in sync with each other. You whirl your body around, pressing your back to his chest. You think you hear a moan from him but you ignore it, starting to grind your ass against him to the music. His grip tightens on your hips and he moves his mouth to your ear, sending chills down your spine when he grazes it.

Originally posted by pleasingpics

“I didn’t know you liked dancing, babe,” he says into your ear. You lean your head back against his shoulder and place your hand over one of his at your waist, pushing you against him harder. You can feel his clearly hard dick pressing into your ass and this time the moan comes from you. You dance against him for a few songs until you’re both over heated.

He leads you back to the bar and orders the both of you waters as you check your phone, not believing how late it is.

“Johnny, it’s 2am already!” you tell him as he hands you your water. He sends you a smirk then downs his water.

“You ready to get out of here, princess?” You roll your eyes at the pet name.

“Yeah, let’s go.” You head out, but when the cold air hits you both you realize how drunk you are. There’s no way Johnny can drive a motorcycle now.

“Alright, let’s find a cab,” you sigh, but he grabs your hand stopping you.

“Orrrrrrrr we can walk back my place and just stay there tonight.” He points his thumb over his shoulder and you can see the Baxter building (Home of the Fantastic 4) within walking distance.

“Fine, but you’re giving me a piggyback ride, human douche.” Your tone is nothing but playful. Johnny crouches down and you jump onto his back. He starts walking towards his building as you rest your head against his.

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“You know, when we get home you can have a different kind of ride.” You giggle then flick his ear.

“Behave yourself, Storm. Or I’m going to stay with Ben, ” you threaten. Johnny scoffs and mumbles to himself. His and Ben’s relationship is a bit rocky. No pun intended. He teases Ben about being ‘The Thing’ and his orange, stoney appearance constantly. Their friendship consists of pranks, arguments, and sometimes loving moments. You get along with the entire team: Ben, Sue Storm-Richards, and Reed Richards. They’re just like a slightly altered version of your Avenger family.

When you guys finally get up to his floor, he sets you down. You both go straight to his room, exhaustion from the night setting in. He goes in his draws, flinging a pair of flannel pants and a black t-shirt at you. He grabs clothes for himself and stays facing away from you to change. You blush when he takes off his shirt, quickly turning to give him the same privacy he gave you. You begin changing, pulling his shirt over your head, and as you go to step into the pants you hear a long whistle come from behind you. You snap your head up, catching Johnny’s eyes trailing over you panty-clad ass.

“So that’s what was pressing against me… can’t say I imagined anything less perfect.” You blush and pull up the pants and flick him off. You both fall into his bed, moaning as your bodies hit the mattress. He shuts his lights off and turns his body away from you. As you’re about to fall asleep, his voice startles you.

“Aren’t you going to be the big spoon?” You laugh but move you body to his. You wrap your arms around his waist, curving your body flush against his.

“Goodnight, princess,” you whisper. He begins to reply but you nuzzle your face into his back and pass out.

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  When you both wake up the next morning, you go to the bar to retrieve his bike and he takes you back to the tower. You leave him with a kiss on the cheek before walking towards the doors. You hear footsteps nearing you and familiar voices appear with them. They would be getting back at the same damn time. What did I do to deserve this? Bucky, Steve and Sam join you while you’re waiting for the elevator. You look to all of them, taking in their sweaty, hot as hell appearance. Damn it Y/n, stop it. You’re mad at him, stop ogling his sweaty, beautiful body. You shake out of your mind when the elevator dings and you all file in. You stay towards the front as they stand behind you.

“Walk of Shame, Y/n?” Sam playfully asks as he pokes your side.

“Don’t be jealous Sammy, I still have enough attention for you babe.” You send him a wink, causing him to blush. Bucky smiles, watching the interaction, but Steve just glares at your clothes.

Originally posted by hopeinloveinfinity

“Besides, can’t be a walk of shame if nothing scandalous happened, Wilson.” The elevator dings on your floor and you walk out of the elevator and straight to your room. You flop into your bed, thoughts of Steve swirling around. A knock on your door saves you from your own mind.

“It’s open,” you say, leaning up on your elbows. Wanda enters, still in her pajamas.

"Did you just get home?” she asks as she lays next to you.

“Yeah, I ended up crashing at Johnny’s last night. It was closer the bar we went to.”

“So that man, Johnny Storm, is he your boyfriend?” she questions hesitantly. You snort at her assumption.

“No, he’s just a friend. I was going to introduce you but I just - I needed to get out of here last night…“

"I understand, but aren’t you going to at least talk to Steve. Y/n, he-”

“Kissed another woman after telling me he loves me. I don’t care what he has to say Wanda, he actions say everything.” You both go silent, neither of you know what to say now.

“You up for breakfast?” she breaks the silence.

“Hell yeah! I’m going to change real quick then let’s go make some waffles!” You leap out of your bed and switch Johnny’s pajamas for your own. You tug on your pajama shorts and your usual sleep shirt. It was a navy blue Brooklyn shirt Steve gave to you a while ago. You sigh, grabbing Wanda’s hand and dragging her to the kitchen. You both shuffle around, grabbing all the ingredients for waffles. You have FRIDAY play music and you both start dancing as you cook. You end up with four giant plates stacked with waffles.

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“FRIDAY, alert the team there is waffle please.” The AI does as you ask and soon the kitchen is buzzing with conversation between the team. You all sit around the table eating and laughing. You hear the elevator door ding.

“Honey, I’m home!” Johnny? You abandon your waffles and meet him halfway.

“What are you doing here?”

“Maybe I missed you.” You fake gag at him. He laughs then pulls your phone from his pocket and hands it to you.

“Figured this wouldn’t be any good to you from my apartment.” How did I forget my phone? You wrap your arms around his shoulders in a tight hug.

“You’re a lifesaver, Johnny. I don’t care what your sister says about you,” you joke. He rolls his eyes, but before he can make a retort you ask if he wants to join you for breakfast.

“No, my sister needs me to try out a theory Reed has about my powers. I just didn’t want you to be phoneless.”

  “Don’t set anyone on fire this time, alright?” you warn, remembering the last time he was testing his flames with Reed. Before you sit down, a hand swats your ass. And not just any hand, a burning hand.

 “Ow! Damn it, Johnny! That the third pair of shorts!” You fan the smoke from his handprint seared into your shorts. Johnny is already running out of the kitchen but you chuck a waffle at his head, successfully (but barely) hitting the back of his head.

“Bye guys!” he yells from the elevator. You roll your eyes and sit back down. When you look up, all eyes are on you. Questioning looks and smirks are all you see.

“You and Hot Head, huh?” Clint asks as he stuffs a waffle In his mouth.

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“It’s not like that. Johnny just - he’s a good friend. What was I supposed to do? You all left. I’m way too needy and Tony wasn’t giving me enough attention.” you shrug, receiving laughs from them. Steve looks slightly relieved, making you angry. What right does he have? Shouldn’t he be screwing Sharon by now? Wanda shoots you a glare as she hears your thoughts. You send her a ‘whoops’ face. You volunteer to do dishes, so as everyone leaves you begin gathering the plates.

“Let me help.” Captain Manners always trying to help a damsel. You roll your eyes at the offer.

“I’m a big girl, I think I can handle doing the dishes alone, Steve.”

“I’m not saying you can’t, I’m saying you don’t have to.” You sigh, dropping the plates angrily into the sink.

“Steve, just stop. Stop doing whatever you’re trying to do.” You lean yourself against the counter across from him.

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He pinches the bridge of his nose. “Just let me explain Y/n, it’s not-”

“You don’t need to. I wasn’t your girlfriend, you can kiss whoever you want Rogers. I’m not your fucking keeper,” you spit out. He moves forward, caging you between his arms and the counter. Your eyes go wide as you look to his.

"How are you so fucking hard headed!?”

“It’s a gift, really.” you sass back. You see a mischievous look flash in his eyes. Oh boy, what is he up to?

  “Fine, you said I could kiss whoever I want?” You raise your eyebrow at him, not understanding what his angle is. His hand moves to cradle your cheek, pulling your face closer to his. For a second, you let the feeling of missing him get the best of you but then you snap out of it. As his lips are about to touch yours, you place both hands on his chest and push him back.

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“Are you fucking kidding me?” His mouth opens but you aren’t about to listen to his shit.

 "You really are something else, Steve Rogers. You think after telling me you love me and kissing someone else, you can just waltz back in here, kiss me and everything will be alright?“ you yell. You didn’t notice Bucky and Sam re-enter the kitchen.


“No! Fuck you, Steve. You were my best friend. I was content with being just that. You’re the one that told me you love me, you’re the one that kissed me, you’re the one that chose to kiss Sharon Fucking Carter. Not only did you just lose my respect, but you lost our friendship.” You storm past Bucky and Sam.

“I hope she was worth it!” you yell over your shoulder.

  You stay in your room for most of the afternoon, the mornings events on repeat in your head. You called Johnny right after leaving Steve in the kitchen and told him what happened. He offered to set Steve’s motorcycle on fire, but you declined (even though you both knew you wanted to say yes). Now you’re just staring at your ceiling, debating what to do with the rest of the day. FRIDAY’s voice appears, making you squeal from the shock.

“Agent Y/n, your presence is being requested in the communal kitchen in five minutes for a team meeting.” A meeting in the kitchen? What’s the point in having a conference/meeting room, Stark? Whatever.

“FRIDAY, what is the meeting concerning?” “I’m not at liberty to say but Secretary Ross will be attending.” Ross. Oh this is going to be a blast.

  Since the events resulting from the Accords, you’ve been itching to get your hands on Ross. The man chased after an innocent man, imprisoned your friends, and while containing them he mistreated them, mainly Wanda. Anger swims through your body at the thought of Wanda being restrained and, from what you hear, muzzled for awhile. You get up, changing out of your pajamas into your usual ripped jeans and a tee. You grab one of your throwing knives from your drawer and hide it in your back pocket. Never know what can happen.

  You leave your room and head to the kitchen ready to rip Ross apart. You enter the kitchen, keeping your face emotionless, and see the rest of the team is already present. Everyone seems tense which is understandable.

“Alright, now that everyone’s here, let’s get started!” Tony says, clapping his hands together. Ross steps forward now, a stern look on his features

. “You’re probably wondering why I wanted to meet in the kitchen. I wanted a less… stressful mood and the conference room didn’t seem to give that.” You roll your eyes but continue listening. “I’m here to discuss the return of the team. Since you’re in the states now you have rules to follow.” He pulls out a few papers and places his glasses on.

“Rule number one: Barnes is not to attend missions alone. We cannot risk him compromising a mission if something triggers his…other personality.” He is really going to single Bucky out? This sounds like a different form of Accords. You release a dry laugh, pulling his eyes to yours. As you go to open your mouth, it seems Steve beats you to it.

“Even after everything, after proving Bucky is innocent, you have the nerve to make rules against him?” You can tell by his tone and the way his hands are fisted at his side that he’s barely containing his anger. And the show begins. Get him, Rogers.

Originally posted by stallingdemons

  “He’s a risk, Rogers. Anything could set him off. You’re biased when it comes to this, don’t you think?” Ross argues, pulling another laugh from you.

 "Is something funny, Agent?“ You smile.

"You think Steve is bias then what about me? I don’t even know him.” You look to Bucky, then continue, “You have to nerve to single out Barnes after he was wrongly accused in the first place? His mind was cleared of the trigger words, so what’s the problem? He is a war hero and a victim. We should be helping him, not singling him out and excluding him. That rule is such bull sh-”

“Y/n-” Steves captain voice sends chills through you. Fuck, I love when he uses that voice. Damn it, focus. How is he managing to stay level headed? I don’t even fucking know Barnes and I’m about to explode for him. You send Steve a look silently telling him now isn’t the time to hold back.

Originally posted by msdevindanielle

He appears to get your message, his posture gets even straighter as he confronts Ross. “She’s right, you’re making it sound like the tiniest thing is going to set him off. The doctors worked incredibly hard to make sure that doesn’t happen. The chances of him slipping are barely higher than any of ours. So why don’t you take these rules and rethink them before you step into our home and demand such offensive things, Secretary,” Steve says, holding Ross’s attention. 

  You move, standing next to Steve, arms crossed over your chest. Even though you are still sticking to what you said earlier about the friendship being gone, you have to stick by him to protect Bucky.

  “You heard the Captain. Pack your papers up, the doors that way.” You point in the direction of the elevators. Ross seems to snap.

 "Control your girlfriend, Rogers, before she gets herself into trouble.” He turns to glare at you. “Do I need to remind you that you didn’t sign the Accords either, Y/n? You should have been thrown in jail with the rest of them.“ That’s it, gloves are off. You slam your hands against the table,

 "What are you going to do Ross, put me in restraints and muzzle me like you did to Wanda? Or let your guards throw me around like they did to Sam? These rules are shit. Who are you make these? I don’t see you out there risking your ass to save the world, so why don’t you take your rules and shove them up your ass."  You turn to leave but Ross starts up again.

"They broke the law, they deserved to be there. Being heroes doesn’t exclude you from following laws. Restraining Miss Maximoff was a necessary precaution, she is a danger-” You whip yourself around, throwing your knife and embedding it the wall next to Ross’s head. Everyone’s eyes are wide. Steve is behind you within seconds, his arm around your waist pulling you back. You glance over your team, taking in the tears in Wanda’s eyes and what you think to be a look of gratefulness on Bucky’s face.

 “Calm down, don’t give him the satisfaction, Doll.”  Steve says, is lips close to your ear. You feel his grip tightening like he knows you’re going to lunge. You know the action wasn’t meant to be so intimate, it was suppose to stop you killing Ross; but Steve made it seem a lot more than that. You feel him move closer to your ear again, but you shoulders tense at the action and you push out of his grip. Because that didn’t feel weird. His words calm you, but not enough.

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“I’m not going to warn you again. Take your papers and get out,” you growl. Ross leaves the papers on the table but moves to leave.

“This isn’t over,” he threatens as he passes you. You’re damn right this isn’t over.


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Jugheadxreader Alone vs around others

Pairings: Jugheadxreader

Warnings: none

A/N: I did this request not in fic form purely because I have had no energy or motivation to write. I’m really sorry, lots going on with school but I still love you all. I’ve never done this style, it’s probably awful. If the person who requested this isnt happy, resend the request kitten.



•Friends not believing you were together

•Archie planning to Jughead how he was going to ask you out

•Shock when he told him yed been together three months already

•You finding that funny

•Jughead not finding it funny

•Your friends saying you wouldn’t last because ye didn’t act like a couple

•Other boys hitting on you for this same reason

•Jughead quietly boiling over this

•Archie trying to get Jughead to act on it

•Him not acting on it, instead quietly sulking but never for long

•Sitting on opposite sides of the booth

•Jughead typing his novel away

•People thinking he was ignoring you

•But he had one leg wrapped around yours

•Just holding pinkies when you do sit together

•Winks when nobody’s watching

•You wearing his flannels

•nobody noticing

•Jughead noticing

•Jughead loving it

•Smiles and nodds goodbye

•Everbody rolling there eyes at you two


•Never not cuddling

•Seriously, never not cuddling

•Talking about the future while sprawled out in bed

•Totally tangled in each other

•Regularly falling asleep together in FPs trailer

•Him having to drive you home on his motor bike when you wake up and  miss curfew

•Missing a lot of curfews

•Jughead telling you he doesn’t like when other boys flirt with you

•You laughing it off before reassuring him

•Heavy make out sessions following this

•Both of you littering the other with love bites

•in general just not being able to keep your hands off eachother

•Missing more curfews

• Jughead letting you read his book

• Constant professions of love

•Seriously, missing all of the curfews


Much love Xx


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   Part One

Warning: Awkward Aiden Making A Sexual Comment ;) But Mostly Aiden Fluff


“Why are you here?” Stiles snapped at the twins who both looked at each other before looking back at the boy who was frowning at them.


“Do we tell them?” Ethan asked Aiden who shrugged and glanced subtly towards Derek who shook his head.


“Tell us what?” Scott asked quickly, a confused look distorting his face.

“Nothing can we just get on with the pack meeting.” Aiden snapped. His eyes flickered dangerously, only returning to normal when you wrapped your fingers around his thumb.

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Taurus Boyfriend.

Anyone here looking for a faithful, cutie-pie boyfriend? Yes well, happy Taurus hunting. 

He’s a man of a few words when it comes to feelings, he believes in the saying “actions speak louder than words” so him buying you cute little gifts or cooking you a romantic dinner or simply holding you hand would probably be his way of telling you that you do mean something to him. 

Originally posted by your-lustful-thoughts

Even though he doesn’t say it much know that his feelings for you run deeper than you think. He is a man of thought and once you’ve got a spot in his beautiful heart know that he’ll share all his deep emotional thoughts with you.

Originally posted by summeya

When he chooses his beau, he’ll make sure they’re right for him and give them his unbreakable loyalty. Anytime, anywhere expect him by your side cheering for you and only you. 

Originally posted by newtypegifs

Mister control, he likes to know everything is going right. He’s a bit of a control freak with good intentions actually, he likes to know he’s making you happy and everything is going smoothly. And he keeps pestering you, know that he he means well.

Originally posted by kcgraphics

Along with that control, he may have a crazy temper so make sure you take things slow and don’t push him over the edge or he’ll get even more angry and a lot more stubborn. 

Originally posted by wonderlandgirlforever

One more  thing, they take pleasure in physical ways. (Not only sex you dirty, dirty people). They like things like cute massages, lingering kisses, playing with their partners hair, etc. 

Originally posted by highallthetime69

Lastly, they’re the outdoor junkie type so be prepared to wake up to him asking you to go on a hike, a bike ride or something outdoorsy. 

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Shooting Stars 
read on ao3
Stiles tells Derek to make a wish

Derek loved living on the coast, he liked waking up to the sound of waves, he liked riding his bike into town to get coffee in the morning, he liked his little bungalow, and most of all he liked that Stiles was staying with him while he studied the migration patterns of Pacific fish for his PhD. He’d been there for almost two months and Derek had never felt more at home.

Stiles still drove his old Jeep, though Derek wasn’t sure how the thing was still running. He thought might be a little magic, but Stiles claimed that it was the magic of duck tape. They’d agreed to disagree on that fact and Derek was sure that one day Stiles would admit that he was right.

“Let’s go for a drive,” Stiles said one afternoon, packing up his equipment and bumping his shoulder against Derek’s as Derek dried dishes, “I want to try that barbecue place you’re always talking about.”

“We could get it to go and eat at that overlook,” Derek said, putting away that last of the clean dishes and grabbed his keys, but Stiles plucked them out of his hand so that he could drive instead. 

It was a part of their ritual at this point, Stiles liked to drive and he hated Derek’s car. He said that Derek had downgraded with his new and practical Toyota four door, Derek said that Stiles would never been a real grownup until he upgraded to a car that didn’t need an entire toolkit and extra coolant in the trunk at all times.  

They got their food to go and Stiles drove them to Derek’s favorite spot on the coast. He used to go to watch the sunset, but since Stiles got there they’d been coming to watch the dolphins in the morning instead. It was nice, watching the sky change from dark blue to purple to pink to finally blue with Stiles most mornings.

Stiles parked the Jeep and they ate quietly, enjoying the sound of the waves as they beat against the cliff. When they finished eating Derek took their trash the garbage while Stiles sat on the hood of the car, eyes trained upward.

“Shooting star, make a wish,” Stiles said, leaning back on his elbows as he saw on the hood of the Jeep. It made an ominous creaking sound as he did which they both ignored. Instead he looked at Derek with a smile on his lips.

“Stiles, that’s an airplane and it’s broad daylight,” Derek said, shaking his head with a fond smile. He leaned against the hood and watched the airplane fly though the clear blue sky.

“Ah, ah, ah,” Stiles said, turning to Derek with a big grin, “I say it was a shooting star, now make a wish.”

Derek rolled his eyes, then closed them, focusing on his wish, “Okay, I made my wish.”

“Want to know what I wished for?” Stiles asked, looking at Derek through his eyelashes. It made Derek’s heart race, yes he wanted to know what Stiles wished for, but he was scared that the answer wouldn’t be what he wanted to hear.

“It would be easier if I show you,” Stiles said slowly, looking at Derek’s lips and then back into Derek’s eyes deliberately.

“Yeah?” Derek asked, swallowing as Stiles moved forward slowly, “Well go on, show me.”

And then Stiles kissed him. It was tentative at first, like he was afraid Derek was going to push him off the hood of the Jeep for doing it, but as soon as he figured out that Derek wasn’t going to push him away he cupped Derek’s face and opened his mouth, tugged on Derek’s lower lip and smiled.

Derek couldn’t help but let out a soft groan as Stiles’ pulled him closer and deepened the kiss, nipping at his lip and slipping his tongue into Stiles’ mouth.

When they broke apart Derek rested his forehead on Stiles’ and smiled, “So what did you wish for?”

“For that,” Stiles said with a laugh.

“No that was my wish,” Derek said, rubbing their noses together gently then rested their foreheads together.

“Then I guess we had the same wish,” Stiles said, leaning forward and kissing Derek again.

“I can’t believe wishing on an airplane worked,” Derek said with a laugh, wrapping an arm around Stiles waist.

Stiles finished his research three months later, it took him a couple weeks longer than  it should have because he was a  little distracted by Derek. Derek didn’t think he minded and he knew that he didn’t mind having Stiles around for longer.

Then Stiles stuck around, working on his dissertation and working for a the state of California doing more research. He left for a week to defend his dissertation. When he came back he was Dr. Stilinski and he claimed that he wished on an airplane before he went in and his next wish came true.

From then on, whenever they saw an airplane together they stopped and made a wish. Stiles even proposed on an airplane a year later, saying that he might as well make his biggest wish while they were riding in a shooting star.

Original, shorter version of this fic can be found here

Salvation // Lee Taeyong

- pt. 3 of Truth

words: 1260

category: drabble

warnings: brief mentions of torture + biting

author note: i was doing research for this and i found out that vampire’s are actually rlly creepy. and they actually can breathe, they just don’t really need to as often, so i edited the last two drabbles a bit. anyway enjoy this new installment and tell me what you want to happen next!

- destinee

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Dating - Edmund Pevensie

- Edmund usually falls for a friend, but don’t make a fuzz about it - he just confess his feelings;
- Very nervous on the first date, but cool with it after the first twenty minutes;
- Edmund plays the guitar and sings love songs to embarass his s.o. in front of strangers;
- Basically, spending every weekend together, watching movies and eating snacks;
- Edmund is the jealous one, but he tries to conceal it;
- Dates to the museum, aquarium and parks, but also, dates at 3am at McDonald’s;
- Edmund is the one who stop responding texts because he fell asleep;
- Basically, embarass himself to prove his love;
- Eating Chicken Nuggets Contest;
- Mario Kart to decide who will wash the dishes;
- Buys meaningful gifts - cheap ones or not;
- Teaching his partner how to play chess;
Sharing memes;
- Going to 80′s themed restaurant to dance;
- Study dates;
- Edmund sends one cheesy pick-up line everyday, when he wakes up;
- Pools, bike rides, picnics and water baloon fights in summer;
- Random facts all the time and universe talks;
- Air band with the Pevensies;
- Cooking together and almost burning everything, because they talk too much;
- He bought them a phonecase with his face, as a Christmas gift;
- Watching sunsets together;
- Whenever he has something cute to say, he whispers it;
- Falling asleep on the couch.


Just after midnight Thalia heard Rhys’ motorbike outside her window, she rolled her eyes… why would he be making so much noise. As she tiptoed down the hall out of her room. She stopped by Nathans room.

“ Nate… NATE..” she whispered. 

Nathan muttered a response barely looking up from his computer. 

“ I’m going outside I’ll be back in 10 minutes. Cover for me if Dad wakes up?” 

“ Yeah.. sure whatever.” 

She tiptoed down the stairs past her parents room and prayed her dad wouldn’t wake up with the racket of the bike. She was in enough trouble and the last thing she needed was for her dad to wake up and see her talking to Rhys… Thalia shuddered… that would not end well she thought to herself. 


Summary: Gonna try and start a series based on the hc post made by @hallmarkhanlon!! It’s the summer of 1990 when Richie runs away from his abusvie household, but will he be able to survive on his own?

Warnings: Mentions of physical and verbal abuse, LOTS of self hatred bc you know your girl loves to sUFFER. Remember to contact a local hotline if you are experiencing any abuse (physical/verbal/emotional/sexual).

Words: 1182


Richie can still remember when he finally escaped. When he finally ran away from what he was once able to call his home. In that moment, he realized that everything that his parents may have ever said about him was true. He was a sissy. He wasn’t strong at all. He was a queer and a faggot and an idiot, and he would never amount to anything. He wanted so desperately to believe it wasn’t true, but deep down, he knew it was. He was a trashmouth. He wasn’t a leader like Bill, or witty like Beverly, or smart like Ben. Mike was kind, and Stan was reliable. Even Eddie added something to the group because he was quirky and sweet; he was like everyone’s little brother. Richie? Richie was good for a laugh or two, and then became repetitive and meaningless. He couldn’t deal with the insults. He hated that pool of dread in his stomach every time he had to leave school or his friend’s house or the Barrons. He hated picking the glass out of his hair after his mother had a fit. So at 3:00 AM on a Sunday morning, Richie grabbed what he could and headed out.

Richie was awake before the alarm he set went off. He hadn’t been able to get much sleep in the first place, understanding the gravity of what he was about to do. He shut it off as quickly as he could. Grabbing his backpack, he tossed in what he thought were the necessities: Two pairs of boxers, two pairs of pants, two t-shirts, and an extra pair of socks. They were a little hard to squish in with his school books, but it worked. He tossed his toothbrush in as well, almost laughing because it seemed like something only Stan would do. He surveyed his room one more time, feeling rather bittersweet. His dad had beat him senseless on this bed many times, but it was also where he and Bill had made their first pillow fort. He wouldn’t take anything that dragged him down.

His eyes flicked over to his cassette player and cheap headphones. Yes, he would bring that. Richie grabbed it quickly and shoved it into his bag. He already knew what tape was inside- Toto IV. The one his dad had given him for his thirteenth birthday. Despite how much he could no longer stand his father, it didn’t change the fact that Africa was a classic. It reminded him of happier times.

Slipping on his black Vans, Richie snuck out the back door to grab his bike from the open garage. Making sure his bag was correctly balanced on his back, he sped off down his driveway, the humid July air warming his cold hands. He felt a smile creep onto his face. He was out. He was out, he was out! He could finally start living his life, finally get away from the harsh words of his parents. Stop being afraid all the time. Turning off of his street, he let a whoop out into the air. Derry was passed out, who would hear? Who would care about some idiot kid riding around on a rusty bike? They couldn’t even see him. He was like that guy from American Ninja, off to rescue somebody’s hot daughter. And then probably bang the crap out of her.

He almost fell off his bike when it hit him- where on Earth was he going to go? He stopped his bike dead in its tracks. Oh God. He wasn’t going to turn around, that was for damn sure. He wasn’t a sissy. He wasn’t a sissy. Sissy. Sissy. Such a faggot. He shook his head vigorously, trying to force the words to escape. Thinking about that wouldn’t help. One of the Losers’ houses? He thought it over for a second, but then it hit him: Who would he go to? Richie Tozier was a waste of space. Forcing them to deal with Richie and his bullshit, was was he thinking? He would pay them back in what, crude jokes? Stupid. They had their own problems going on anyway. Selfish, sissy bastard. Never self reliant.

He would have to find some place out of sight. No one in Derry noticed anything in the first place, it wouldn’t be hard for him to hide away somewhere. He decided to bike around for a bit until he found a nice park bench or something he could sleep for the night. He’d then continue looking for something more suitable in the morning.

Richie could feel his eyes drooping by the time he had gotten to the edge of town. The warm air was now making him sleepy, and he was tired of gripping his bike’s metal handlebars. He forced himself to wake up, parked his bike, and started wandering the little intersections that were there. He couldn’t tell where the school was anymore; it had been a sort of landmark for the past duration of the ride. Suddenly, something caught his eye: What looked like a tiny shed near a faucet. Score.

Richie walked his bike over and parked it against the side of the shed. The red paint was peeling off the wood, and part of the tin roof looked caved in, but it was the best Richie could do. It would be like a tree house, he comforted himself. Cozy. Could be just a house with double doors that was… really small. Richie almost felt himself fall over as the weight of fatigue fell on his shoulders. Or was that just from wearing the backpack for so long? Praying that it wouldn’t be locked, he pushed as hard as he could on the doors and fell face first onto the dusty shed ground. Perfect.

No holes in the roof, he thought, tilting his chin up. He pulled himself forward some ways before sitting up and slowly closing the doors. The room was immediately blackened, so much that Richie couldn’t see anything. He quickly pushed the doors open more so a sliver of silver morning light could get inside. No one would find him here, it was too out of the way. His parents wouldn’t come looking for him. Leaving the door a little open was fine. If someone wanted to steal something… what would there be to steal? Some underwear and a couple of pencils? Richie had about five dollars in his backpack for desperate measures, but was anyone in Derry really that desperate?

Softer thoughts like these floated through Richie’s head as he used his backpack as a pillow and tried to get to sleep. He felt happier right now, on his own, then he ever did back in his house. The shed was pleasantly warm and there was a convenient shelf on wall in case he wanted somewhere else to store his things. It reminded him of Mike’s barn. Despite how much of a queer and a waste of space Richie was in his own home, maybe things here would be different.

Anthony Trujillo - Vegas (pt. 2)

Six months passed.  Six months before anybody in the house caught on to the fact that you were pregnant.  The first one to mention it was the one, the only, Nicholas Crompton.

“Wow,” he said, “You guys are really taking the pregnancy joke seriously.  Moving with time and everything.”

You sighed and rolled your eyes.  “Nick, it is not a joke!”

“What’s not a joke?” Jake asked as he walked into the office.

You paused.  “Jake, can you call everyone in here?  I need to make an announcement.”  You and Anthony had planned how you were going to tell everyone.  You hadn’t picked a date to tell them yet, but no better time like the present.  You had everything you needed already set up secretly in the office.  

Soon, everyone piled into the office.  Some sat on chairs, some stood, and some sat on desks. 

“Is everything okay?” Erika asked, looking at you from her spot on Jake’s lap.

You took a deep breath.  “I have an announcement to make.”  You walked over to where you and Anthony had set up a banner to fall, and pulled a hidden string to reveal the words It’s A Boy!

Kade immediately shot up from his seat.  “You’re pregnant?”

You nodded, smiling.  “Six months along.”

His eyes widened, and he ran over to you.  “I’m gonna finally be an uncle!” he said excitedly, giving you a hug.

You smiled and hugged him back as everyone began to clap, and Anthony stood up beside you.  

“But that’s not it,” you said.  This next part, you hadn’t told Anthony about.  You’d decided it on your own.  “One month before my due date, I am leaving Team Ten.  This is not a good environment to have a child in.  Anthony is staying in the house, but he’ll hopefully be coming to see me very often.  All of you are welcome to, as long as you don’t bring a ruckus with you.”

Jake looked at you with wide eyes.  “You’re leaving Team Ten?  Because of a baby?  Tatum and Oakley are here all the time!”

You sighed.  “They’re not here when you’re cutting holes in the wall with a power saw or waking everyone up with your dirt bike.  This isn’t a good environment for a baby, and I refuse to make you guys stop having fun just for a baby.”

Anthony looked at you.  “You never told me this.”

You looked at your stomach.  “Because I knew you’d convince me not to. I’m already looking at an apartment, I’m about to buy it.”

He shook his head.  “I’m not going to tell you to stay.  I’m going to ask to go with you.  I can come hang out here and live with you and the baby, because it’s my baby too.”

You shook your head.  “I can’t be the thing to break up Chance and Anthony.  You love that channel-”

“I also love you.  More than the channel.”

You put your hand on his shoulder.  “I have to quit everything to become a mother.  I have to quit Team Ten, I have to quit YouTube, hell I don’t even know how I’m going to financially support myself.  I can’t bring you into that life with me.”

He shook his head.  “You don’t have to quit any of those things.  Just come by with the baby every now and then, you can still be on Team Ten.  Make videos that are less loud and rowdy.  Being on Team Ten and uploading to YouTube will financially support us.  I never said I’d quit my channel if we moved out.”

You put your hands on his shoulders.  There were tears in your eyes as you looked into his.  “I can’t do these things to you, Anthony.  This chapter of my life is over.  The part where I’m having fun, doing crazy shit every day, that’s over.  I have to find a stable job, and raise the baby normally.  I can’t make you give up everything, too.”

“y/n, we’re married!  Everyone else in this room that is married is jokingly married.  We got legit married.  Legally married.”

You nodded slowly.  “We’ll go to the courthouse tomorrow to file for divorce.”

Jake stood up.  “Stop, stop!  y/n listen to yourself!  You have a loving husband who actually wants to give up everything for you and your baby.”

“I can’t ask him to give up his best friends.”

“There’s plenty of people on Team Ten who don’t live here.  Nobody said Anthony’s channel will be any different.”

Chance nodded his head slowly.  “Yeah.  I think you should take Tony.  You can’t leave your baby without a father just for YouTube.  That isn’t fair to any of you, or the Chanthions.”

You looked around the room at everyone nodding in agreement, then let out a sigh of defeat.  You looked at Anthony and hugged him.  “We’ll go check out the apartment I was going to buy, see if you like it.  You better still do YouTube, because I won’t be able to.”

Anthony nodded and hugged you tightly.  “I will, I promise.”

You took a deep breath, then let out a light laugh.  “Look at where a week in Vegas landed us.”

He smiled and nodded in agreement.  “Married with a little boy on the way.”

I’m gonna start putting whether requests are open or closed on every imagine.  I have said SEVERAL TIMES on both wattpad and tumblr that requests are closed, and I’ve gotten four just today.  I have 20 in my queue.  I won’t accept more until I do those 20


Also I know this probably isn’t what you guys imagined for a part two to this but really it’s all I could come up with

I’m the girl who wakes up before the sun.
I open my blinds to the soft starless quiet before dawn to watch first light illuminate the sky in rose pink, gentle orange, soft purple, and pale blues. Though I dread the day ahead I greet the sunrise with a smile. Hello sun, let’s make today a beautiful one.

I’m the girl who loves the night sky in all it’s mystery. I sing to the moon and the stars as if they are my closet friends. I dance in the dimly lit streets when no one is out to see and write stories and prose until sleep takes me. I prefer the nightfall where no one is to judge. I am the girl of sunrises and stars.

While he’s the boy who chases sunsets. He does not wake up early enough to greet good day so he hops on his bike and rides to catch the sun just before it sleeps. He photographs the rayleigh scattering of strawberry, coral, and gold across the horizon and subtle cerulean that begins to shade. Goodnight sun, have a nice rest.

He’s the boy who pays no mind to the night but stays up late anyway. He’s the boy who calls to ask how was your day and will talk with you for hours about nothing and everything. He’s the boy who hears my songs to the night sky and tells me to be careful as I dance. He’s the boy who reads my poetry and the only one who does not judge. He is the boy of sunsets and love.

—  a.d. - For the boy who chases sunsets

young thieves

sick and spitting,
we carry heavy things here and swing them
like baseball. we didn’t grow up boys
we turned into them thru all the
running, too many bike ride tumbles
and waking up when the sun wasn’t.
start the day with a house fire and let the
rest come after
like smoke
i breathed myself a whole new sky
and took you with me.
new sun, a pink one and shiny
like a jewel,
new body, a pink one and ugly
like scrambling up hill, like break-ins,
like the crawl space and the things that
live there,
i make myself until the making stops,
i do it all until the doing stops.
my clothes don’t fit,
my legs don’t fit,
my hand holds a weight
big enough for the rest of us.

Motorcycles and Moonlight

So there’s been a lot of talk about Henry’s leather jacket and the family bonds that it represents. So I wrote a little fic on how I think he got it and who gave it to him.

Summary: Henry gets caught trying to hide his new motorcycle.


Henry tried to stifle his grunts as he pushed the bike into the barn. The wheels practically creaked as he moved it past the barn doors. He wiped sweat from his forehead, as he paused looking around the stables for a place to stash it. A difficult task considering how dark it was this time of night. He heard one of the horses whinny in its stall and immediately he shushed it. God forbid it wakes up his grandparents.

Gripping the handles again he started pushing the bike toward the darkest corner near the front of the barn. Maybe if he threw a sheet over it and hid it behind a few bales of hay no one would notice it was there.

“What the hell are you doing?”

He nearly drops the bike when a light flashes in his eyes. Spinning on his heel he sees his grandpa standing between the barn doors, pajamas still on, flashlight in hand and a curious, annoyed looked on his face. “Henry?”

He leans against the bike, trying to appear nonchalant. “Grandpa…hey.”

David narrows his eyes at him. “Is that a motorcycle?”

Henry gulps. “Yes,” he answers.

“Do you buy it?”

He hesitates. “Not exactly.”

David sighs. “Do your mothers know that you have it?”

Henry’s gaze drops to the ground, unwilling to answer.

David stares him down for a moment before sighing and dropping his flashlight.

“Leave it by the door and meet me by the kitchen table.”


Sitting in the dining room with a lukewarm cup of coffee in his hands David looked at his nearly-nineteen-year-old grandson with sadness in his eyes.

“So… you want to leave Storybrooke?”

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