wake up america

  • Some Fool, putting a folder on my desk:Here is a list of Spark headcanons I've--
  • Me, sweeping them dramatically to the floor:Moron! All these are inferior, FALSE. Spark isn't human! He's three pikachus in a trench coat! THREE, I tell you.
  • Some Fool:But sir--
  • Me, banging the desk:Spark isn't even a person's name! Now get out of my office.

“This was an actual game played at circuses & carnivals, mostly in celebration of “INDEPENDENCE DAY”, all over America from the late 19th century well into the early 1940s. 3 balls cost them a dime to hit a grinning Black CHILD peeking through a platform painted to resemble an African jungle while the child’s head appeared through the open mouth of a crocodile. This is a part of our history that you will NEVER see in any textbook or any class. Get in tune my people, to be ignorant of the past is to be blinded going into the future…. “