wake party sleep

I don’t need several boys to tell me I’m hot when I’m dressed up on a friday night. I just need one boy who tells me im the most beautiful girl he has ever seen when I’m waking up next to him on saturday morning.
—  Anonymous
Jimin Smut [Request]
  • Jimin Scenario

This may be a little in detail, so bare with me (;

Wake up, Party, Sleep, Repeat. That was basically your schedule every day. Most people think of you as the sweet caring girl, but that definitely wasn’t right. You were the type to go out, party till the morning, and leave with some random guy you found interest in. Partying was your escape from the image people tend to think you are. Most people who thought of you like that, were your friends.

Getting out of the car, you checked your phone to make sure the address was right. Jimin, had texted you suggesting you hung out. Normally, you would be sleep right now, due to the hangover from last night, but a few aspirins will work. Looking at the location, it was a beach you used to go to as a kid. You spotted Jimin sitting on top of rock, and ran towards him.

“ChimChim!” You yelled, catching his attention. His face lit up like a christmas tree, as he hopped of the rock and made his way towards you.

“_____! You came.” In one swift move, he scooped you up, while twirling you around.

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