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@TheCometMemesAnother contest! Tell us your funniest in-show cast interaction and our favorite will win a few pages of War and Peace from The Abduction!

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The cast performing “Pierre” on GMA

Dating Alfie Solomons would include:

  • Him being immediately attracted to your fiery personality
  • Parading you around the office and showing off to his men how beautiful his girl is
  • Taking a while to get used to how ticklish his kisses are because of his beard
  • Drunken nights were you convince him to go to the ‘Bakery’ and try all the ‘bread’ resulting in you guys having sex on his desk and waking up on the steel floor the next morning to one of his workers dismay

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I saw Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812. This has taken me a while to post. I saw it 5 days ago and am still trying to fully process what I just saw. No words can do it any justice. Hands down the most unique theatrical experience I have ever had. 

The music is brilliant. It’s a perfect mix of traditional and contemporary and so much fun. Heck, they even break into a club/rave scene filled with strobe lights and the ensemble dressed in glowing neon and a DJ with a computer clubbing it up. What show does that??? I also got a pierogi thrown at my face and I love free food.

The show is perfectly cast. Josh Groban. Josh freaking Groban. He is much more than a pretty voice used to up ticket sales. He is perfect. His voice fits the music and the part of Pierre perfectly. He is literally an angel. And his acting moves you to tears (Dust & Ashes was a definite highlight). And let’s just talk about the fact that he learned how to play the accordion just for this role. He’s been waiting for the right opportunity to accept a Broadway role and this was definitely the right one to wait for.

The rest of the cast was brilliant as well. Denee is so youthful and beautiful. Lucas Steele was a definite highlight. He has the part of pretty-boy down. I could only watch his facial expressions the entire show and still come out extremely entertained. Amber Grey and Grace McClean were also AMAZING.

The Imperial Theater isn’t even recognizable. The staging, set, and lighting is mesmerizing. You truly become a part of the show as soon as you walk through the doors and enter into 19th century Russia (not to mention get delicious pierogis thrown at you). And there is so much fun audience interaction. Some highlights include audience members having to pass a letter from Anatole to get it across stage to Natasha, Natasha + Mary taking stools and awkwardly sitting at some tables on stage and singing across the tables in the midst of the audience, Anatole kissing so many women’s hands. I sat in the orchestra but can only imagine that those stage seats are worth the price tag.

I’m already extremely excited to see this show again, I can’t see it only once. 

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Thoughts on Wonder Woman

Well, I went to see the movie I had been quite apprehensive about given its setting and it turns out…it’s one of the better superhero movies of the past twenty years, and so far above the rest of the DCEU that it kind of retroactively breaks MoS and BvSDoJ. 

More spoilery thoughts below the cut.

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I gotta be honest, dceu twitter has been sort of a sobering mirror to look into and as much as I’d like to say that behavior doesn’t represent me and distance myself from it, I have to acknowledge that I haven’t figured out how to not take the mean-spirited derision that a lot of people have toward the dceu personally. I haven’t really figured out how to pretend like the kind of terrible things that people were saying about me, as someone who loved the film, in the wake of Man of Steel, didn’t stick with me.

I’ve been called a misogynist, a fake fan, a shill, pathetic, a liar, and an idiot- because I like a film that a lot of people didn’t.

I also know that these films don’t really need my defending anymore. Nothing is gonna stop this franchise or successive films, but I’m concerned we have developed a fandom that jumps so quickly to defense (largely out of reflex, I think) that we have trouble distinguishing between constructive criticism and dismissal or sabotage.

That’s not to say that I don’t think the bias isn’t real, (not conspiratory, but geeks have their own systems of bias) or that most people couldn’t take a minute to examine WHY they hate these films so much or WHERE they got the impression that they could be so easily dismissed. I just want to evaluate my little tinge of hurt each time someone takes a shot at these films and consider whether it’s justified or cumulative.


joshgroban: An amazing #tbt to our second annual @fylfoundation gala dinner where we raised over 500k again for arts education. I am so grateful to @davemalloy, @rchavkin and my supportive brilliant cast of @greatcometbway for coming and singing with me….To the extraordinary @drdimenna and @saraharison for co-chairing and helping make our night such a success…to our honoree of the evening, the inimitable legendary artist Chuck Close who spoke so beautifully about his own arts ed upbringing and how it saved him…and of course to the artists I admire and look up to who graced our stage: @joshuabellmusic, Brian Stokes Mitchell, @idinamenzel (who basically changed the lives of the kids from @newarts_newtown by singing Let It Go with them. Their faces: 😃) and @realrichardkind for being such a fun auctioneer. Not to mention guests like @jason_mraz, @realalfrewoodard and my whole family. My brother @mr_groboto also made an incredible short film doc of the NYC programs we’re helping. Link to that is in the bio, check it out. Also thanks to Ross Halleck of @halleckvineyard for helping me craft a special Find Your Light wine! Can’t wait until next year and thanks all who have supported FYL in 2017!!!

Thank You (Jay Park)

viewsfromkmusic asked: Holã, can you write a scenario where you have been dating Jay Park for a while, then he finds out that you have a three year old daughter from a previous relationship. (Happy ending please and thank you)

Originally posted by vampire-alien

    “Thanks so much for today, Jay,” you said, giving him a quick kiss on the lips.

    “My pleasure,” he said with a fond smile. “See you this weekend?”

    “You bet,” you replied. You waved as you stepped through the door into your apartment building. Another wonderful day with Jay, and another stone added to your pile of guilt. You went up to your floor in the elevator and walked down the hall to your apartment, quickly keying in the code.

    “I’m home!” you called as you swung the door open, and the sound of your mother’s voice shushing you responded from the living room. You set down your purse and walked into the living room to find your mom sitting on the couch with a book, your daughter curled up asleep next to her under a blanket.

    “Hey,” your mom whispered.

    “Hi!” you replied softly. “How was Myunghee?”

    “She was great,” your mom replied, yawning as she closed her book. “Did you have a good time with Jay?”

    You smiled. “Yep. I’m really excited for you and Dad to meet him someday. You guys will love him.”

    “Well, we’re ready whenever you are,” your mom said, standing and stretching before giving you a hug. “I’m gonna head home now. Love you!”

    “Love you too,” you said, giving her a kiss on the cheek as she pulled back. “Thanks so much for watching Myunghee.”

    “My pleasure,” she said. “See you soon!”


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The Temple of the Rogue

The worshipper approached the Rogue of Space’s Temple. The building held an Egyptian design, with sturdy walls and soaring painted columns. As always, they were awestruck by the grand and imposing structure that floated seperately from the city, which flew high above the world and brushed the clouds, emitting steam in its wake. The slick steel towers and bronze gears contrasted heavily with the marble and sandstone of the Temple of Space.

He passed through the silver gates and entered the courtyard. In the center stood a statue of the Rogue himself, standing and gazing fondly at the glowing star between his hands. The statue stood above a small fountain, as powerful oak trees stood to either side.

The interior of the temple was light by glowing crystals that drifted slowly in the air, the main hall being dominated by an orrery of the solar system. Straight ahead stood two large doors, engraved with various hieroglyphs telling a story the worshipper couldn’t understand.

Throughout the temple, guitar music could be heard. A simple melody that spoke of the power to move monoliths (“A Study In Skaia” or “Do The Windy Thing”). Slowly, the Worshipper approached the doors and pushed one open to see the Rogue of Space himself sitting on a black Egyptian-style throne studded with pearls strategically placed to imitate constellations. A large blue-green scarab was embedded into the back. The Rogue looked up from the guitar in his hands and chuckled faintly as the worshipper dropped to his hands and knees, stammering apologies for bursting in. He brushed the apology aside, and told him that he would help however he could.

dt-divided  asked:

ok i was going to say crim and pepper for the ship thing but hear me out: steel and lemon 8)

Will Bibi stop with the ship memes DONT THINK SO


who’s the cuddler: Listen neither of them are ‘cuddlers’ okay. They don’t like touching things much. But once Steel forced Lemon to read them a book out loud and then halfway through the reading they started to slowly drift off and ended up resting their head on his shoulder. Did they really take a nap? Was it just an excuse to get some much needed affection? Nobody knows >:3c

who makes the bed: Lemon because Steel thinks it’s pointless tbh

who wakes up first: Probably Steel considering if Lemon could he’d sleep for a thousand years xD

who has the weird taste in music: I think it’s Steel because they do listen to some weird stuff but for the most part they love Bon Jovi, which isn’t that ‘weird’ and I don’t think Lemon has a weird taste in music either (even if it’s pretty emo). So I’m gonna say Steel or neither.

who is more protective: I remember you mentioning Lemon gets protective when he cares about someone and Steel does too tbh. But Steel is kind of protective in the way that they will burn down the houses of people who mess with Lemon with no remorse or qualms whatsoever.

who sings in the shower: Steel has the most awful singing voice, it literally sounds like a dying frog begging for help. They would only sing to piss Lemon off tbh. If Lemon has a nice voice they’d totally eavesdrop but say nothing about it so that he’d do it again.

who cries during movies: Steel laughs at all the inappropriate moments tbh. If Lemon ever cries for some reason -which I’m not sure he would- they’d just stop for a second, maybe hand him a tissue or wipe a tear with the back of their sleeve and pretend nothing happened though because honestly they don’t like dealing with emotions (ANYONE’S emotions, not theirs not other peoples just heelies no feelies)

who spends the most while out shopping: Not Steel. Unless there’s fire equipment involved. Then they go on spending sprees x’D

who kisses more roughly: I like to think that if they ever kissed it would be a super quick, spontaneous peck on the lips and then they’d both pretend it never happened and never talk about it, ever. They’d both be kind of curious as to why the other one kissed them/accepted the kiss though but never ask and just suffer in silence and doubt and emotions ok ;~;

who is more dominate: I think both of them are dominant personalities but Steel is dominant in the sense that they don’t like people messing with their things or thinking they can have their way with them. They’re not really someone who will go out of their way to impose something on someone else. So in a sense they would back off/submit to Lemon but only under their own rules.

my rating of the ship from 1-10: I wish they’d just stop being so freaking tsundere and at least get along tbh. Like Lemon needs to accept the friendship and Steel needs to stop using friendships as a means to get revenge on people. And honestly? It’d be super cute if they ever got together but also super awkward and I’d just love it but the children are so dysfunctional and it makes me sad ;~; But I’m gonna rate it a 20000/10 hot dogs anyway >:3c