wake of fame

Some PiaLR headcanons of mine that I don’t currently have a story to incorporate into:

  1. At some point, before he met John, Sherlock did one of those Japanese ad campaigns for a men’s luxury item.  A watch or something.  John teases him about it relentlessly.  Sherlock always retorts that John’s just bitter that HE’S never been asked to do a Japanese ad campaign for a men’s luxury item.
  2. John’s grandfather was Scottish, and John has a formal kilt of his clan.  He decided to wear it once to a formal event and when he came out in it, Sherlock just about injured himself dropping to his knees.
  3. Several more obscure films from both John and Sherlock’s back catalogues are getting re-released in the wake of their newfound fame, and after John’s Oscar win, “To a Stranger” got a theatrical re-release.  John and Sherlock did some publicity together for the re-release.
  4. The description of John and Sherlock as a “trailblazing power couple” got repeated enough in the press that it became an injoke among Team Awesome.  A fan sent the boys matching t-shirts that each read “TPC ½” and John is forever campaigning for them to wear them somewhere public.
  5. The boys had a close call once.  John and Sherlock spent a weekend in a hotel in Ibiza once, and they were filmed having sex without their knowledge (one-way mirror in the bedroom).  The video nearly got released, but Bruno and Mycroft caught it in time.  The hotel mysteriously found itself shut down for health code violations shortly thereafter.  The boys are blissfully unaware of this.
  6. After John and Sherlock got married, a few conservative radio stations held drives where people could turn in their DVDs of their movies to be burned in a giant bonfire.  John and Sherlock’s fans organized a counterstrike at the Atlanta station with the largest bonfire - they found someone sympathetic inside the station, absconded with all the discarded DVDs before the bonfire happened, sold them as souvenirs to other fans, and donated all the money to Lambda Legal.  They raised over $10,000.