wake eat

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….

  • friend: please stop talking about dad might. izuku's dad is still alive and married to inko
MBTI: Super Bowl
  • Wakes up super excited, eats way too much food, watches the game, can't sit still: ESTP, ESFP
  • Sits on the couch and watches it, gets a bit bored but doesn't admit it: ESTJ, ESFJ, ISTP, ISFJ, ENTJ, ISTJ
  • Just eats the food and watches the commercials, is very happy: INFP, ISFP, ENFP
  • Goes shopping while everyone else is watching the game: ENFJ
  • Wakes up in the middle of the day and has no idea why everyone is excited: INTP, ENTP
  • "Wait...what's a super bowl again?": INFJ, INTJ

hey so it’s been a hot minute since i’ve rly been on here but i’m just checking in to let u all know i’m doing a lot better than i have been for the past several months and finally i consistently feel good getting up everyday which is like…. seriously awesome??? i’ve made some lifestyle changes (eating MUCH healthier, exercising, trying not to sleep so much, and trying to get out more especially) and it’s really helped a lot and made my anxiety/depression a lot more manageable. 

all that being said cutting my time on social media has helped tremendously too. i think i’ll still be on here but just not as much as i used to bc i don’t want to fall into my old habits. 

anyway i just wanted to say thank you all for the kind messages and being patient with me on my bad days. it means a lot to me and i hope good days are coming for all of you too and i wish you all the best!

Why I run

-So I can eat more
-Wakes me up in the morning
-Feels like I’m working towards something
-I feel accomplished after
-My body looks bomb
-Food is the shit
-Helps my mood
-It’s relaxing
-Training my body to be at its peak
-I eat a lot
-Gives me alone time
-I just like running

In Awe

Author’s Note: I didn’t give ‘his’ character a name. You can imagine anyone you want. Dean, Sam, Cas, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Kylo Ren. Anyone. Hope you all enjoy!

NSFW (This is smut)

He smiles to himself, sleep still heavy in his limbs and rubs his face against the pillow. You’re next to him, a picture of bliss as you lay peacefully next to him. Your hair is splayed out on the pillow and he remembers having carded his fingers through it, pulling it as he pounded you relentlessly into the mattress just a few hours ago.

He remembers the desperation that had soared through his limbs as he fucked into you. He remembers your cries and whimpers, how the sounds scorched through him and straight to his erection, making it twitch inside you. He remembers your legs around his waist and the warmth of your panting body beneath his.

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