wake county public schools


This is an actual thing my cousin’s son is going through. He has been bullied and terrorized and physically harmed and the teachers and principals will do NOTHING to stop it.

This is happening in the Wake County school system in North Carolina at Lacy Elementary School.

Nothing my cousin or her husband have done is working. The teachers and administration refuse to help him. The school board is ignoring them.

The actions of the adults involved–adults that kids like my cousin’s son are supposed to depend on to protect them and keep them safe–are not only wrong, but ILLEGAL in North Carolina. Yet they have decided they are above the law; their “funding” and “stipends” are more important than student safety.

I want this to go viral. I want everyone on the Internet to know how little the teachers, administration, and school board care about the kids that attended their schools.

Wake County Schools: Include transgender based bathroom discrimination in school policy.

My friend Hayden Riner just wanted to use the restrooms at Athens Drive High School.  This should be no big deal, right?  You need to go when you need to go.  Instead, Hayden was instructed by his teachers he could not use the men’s restrooms and instead had to use the women’s.  Why?  Because Hayden was assigned female at birth, despite the fact that many of his peers accepted him as being a man.  That’s why I am petitioning Dr. James G. Merrill, Superintendent of Wake County Public School Systems (WCPSS), and Dr. Jim Martin, Chair of WCPSS Policy Committee, to ask for a change in WCPSS policy to specifically protect transgender student’s right to use a restroom congruent with their internal identity and protect them from bullying and harassment from students and faculty.

It would mean the world to me if you gave my petition a spin, and shared it on tumblr, twitter, facebook, or wherever is convenient for you.