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AN: I wrote this in the two and a half hour break I have between my classes. I’ve literally just been sitting here, in the middle of my universities student union, typing away at a fucking smut in public.

What have I become.

ANYWAY. It’s not my best, but it’s something xD Enjoy~

Words: 1,321

Genre Smut

 Everything is a blur. You don’t remember getting home and sitting on your couch. You don’t remember what you had texted Taehyung to get him so riled up—but what you do know is that the brown haired boy is striding towards you with promise for punishment in his dark eyes.

“Tae?” you ask, flushing red when you look down to see that you’re naked from the waist up, and the only thing covering your womanhood is a pair of sheer panties that you don’t remember buying.

The door to the apartment clicks shut as Taehyung’s footfalls echo into the dimly lit apartment. He passes into the living room, his hands moving to his belt—an inch of tan skin on his stomach revealed to you as he unloops the buckle and tugs the belt free. The sight of Taehyung alone has your gut flourishing, arousal slicking your wall, and yet—

“Taehyung? What are you doing here? I–,” you begin to say, confused and embarrassed as you hug the blanket which had been next to you to your chest. Saying nothing, Taehyung rounds the coffee table, folding his belt in his hands, and your press yourself into the back of the couch. You can see the bulge beneath his fitted slacks, the outline of his cock showing perfectly against his thigh.

“Up,” his deep voice finally speaks, and a shiver racks your spine. Is he serious? The question bleeds into your mind as your wide eyes look up at him, searching his handsome face for any indication of a joke. You can’t find one.

“Up. Now,” he speaks again, fingers tightening around his belt. Swallowing, nervousness and excitement muddling in your chest, you press off the couch and stand in front of him, continuing to hug the blanket to your chest. He clicks his tongue in disapproval when he notices, and with one swift tug any coverage the blanket had provided is gone, leaving you to grapple to cover yourself, pink embarrassment sneaking onto your cheeks and down your neck.

“What a cute, shy little princess,” he chuckles, reaching forward. He grips one of your wrists and leans in, his lips connecting to yours. The contact immediately has you swooning, all of your worries momentarily forgotten as you step forward and kiss him back. Taehyung hums in approval at your submission, his teeth playfully tugging at your bottom lip, and already you’re going insane with lust. What has gotten into you?

“Good girl,” he comments nonchalantly, tongue teasing into your mouth, and it’s at that moment that you realize your arms aren’t shielding your chest anymore. Instead they’re in Taehyung’s grasp, wrapped tightly with his belt, and when you tug at the bonds, they won’t even budge.

“Tae–,” you begin, surprised at the dominance he’s suddenly exerting, but yet again Taehyung cuts you off. He leans back in and captures your lips, his tongue snaking into your mouth and his large hands moving to press against the curve of your spine. Hands tied in front of you, you’re somewhat helpless to resist him as he pulls you in, caging your body against his. Taehyung then proceeds to kiss your breath away, and you moan at his touch, gasping when his hands slide down to your hips, his fingers teasing at your panty line.

“I’m gonna fuck you so good, princess,” he growls against your lips, and you gasp at his words, any remaining sanity flying out the window. You want nothing more than for him to follow through with his heated promises.

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“I should have listened to everyone who told me this was a bad idea.” for ELANDRAS!!!!!!

I should have listened to everyone who told me this was a bad idea. Andras thinks frantically.

 Trees flash past on either side of him, the speed of his movements reducing them to blurs of green and brown with the occasional tiny burst of colour. The human lands are so barren and lifeless compared to the vast expanses of lush, vibrant beauty he’s used to in Spring. Dangerous. This land is dangerous for his kind. 

He can feel death snapping at his heels as he bounds farther and farther from the wall, forcing himself to run or else he knows he’ll stop, knows he won’t be able to do his duty. He should embrace the cold whisper of death’s foul breath upon his back. This is why he’s here, after all, to seek death at the hands of a hateful human, to free his lands, his people, his love. 

Lucien. He should have listened to Lucien. In truth the only one who had outright told him that this was a terrible idea, that he should stay. The other sentries had only looked away, refusing to meet his eyes when he had volunteered. Rather him than them, they had thought. Amarantha has destroyed the Spring Court. Even though it’s still relatively intact…They’re broken, beaten, acting only on the instinct to save their own skins. That was why he had come. That was why he’d had no choice. 

Lucien had argued with him, had snarled at him, paced up and down in the study, made argument after argument about why he should stay, why he shouldn’t leave. The court needed him. Tamlin needed him. He led the sentries and they needed him. He was a symbol for the people and they needed him, trusted him, felt stronger knowing he was protecting them. Andras had listened to all of it, waiting, selfishly, to hear him say those words, ‘I need you.’ 

If he had said them like that, straight to his face in that room then maybe…Maybe he would have listened. Maybe he would have stayed. 

He knows now that he’d been an idiot. Lucien had said that. He had said that he needed him, said that he loved him over and over and over. Andras had just refused to listen to him. And now he’s here, in these hateful lands again, risking his life, offering himself as bait. A lamb sent to the slaughter in a wolf’s clothing. 

Panting hard, Andras stops for a moment, takes stock of his bearings. The forest is quiet, still, seemingly utterly devoid of any life. Perhaps the wild creatures are simply wise enough to recognise a faerie when they see one. Or perhaps…Perhaps another lean winter has seen this forest picked clean by desperate human hunters, perhaps- 

A sudden high pitched scream splits the air around them. Andras doesn’t know what makes him act, shock, instinct, or a nature that’s been honed by centuries of training to respond to such cries, to the sound of someone in peril. He plunges through the trees towards the sound, the air now full of frantic pleas for help. 

He halts just before he reaches the clearing, hunkering down behind the line of trees, just out of sight. The girl is young, unmistakably human, reeking of fear as she backs herself into a tree, her eyes wide and petrified. The basket on the ground at her feet has sent a few feeble roots and herbs scattering across the forest floor but she seems not to have noticed. Her great brown eyes are wide and terrified as she takes in the three lean, rabid wolves stalking slowly towards her. 

He should leave her to her fate. This gentle thing is never going to be able to kill him, is never going to be able to kill anything. But he can’t. He can’t just turn and walk away and let the girl be savaged. Even if she’s so thin and starved she might die in a few weeks anyway. It’d probably be kinder if he just allowed her a quick death here and now but…He can’t ignore the terrified whimper that breaks from her. 

With an echoing snarl that seems to tremble around the forest Andras launches himself at the wolves, teeth bared, hackles raised. He slaughters one in a heartbeat, leaves the other for dead and sends the other limping away in fright, a deep slash across the muzzle, all in seconds. 

Breathing heavily, his breath forming a small cloud of mist in the air before him, he swings his head around to look up at the girl. She’s sunk to the floor, her eyes wide, her skin deathly pale she stares at him, whimpering, trying to back away from him, still looking terrified. He realises she must think he’s going to kill her, that he chased the wolves off to have her for himself but…

But then her expression changes, her mouth parts slightly. She looks even more terrified than before but…There’s a sense of awe in her now as well as she stares up at him. Then she whispers a breathless, “Thank you.” Andras blinks at her, shocked, and suddenly wishes that he could speak to this girl somehow, communicate to her what her gratitude means. He’s been risking his life for years now and no-one ever thought to just say…Thank you. 

He takes a step closer to her, without quite knowing why he does so, hoping she’ll kill him or praying that she won’t he doesn’t know which is worse. She raises a trembling hand, reaching out to touch him but he jerks away, diving back into the trees, leaving her alone in the clearing, trembling, stunned, staring after him. 

Her beautiful doe’s eyes haunt him as he ends his shift and returns to Spring. 

Lucien is half furious, half deeply relieved when he staggers back through the manor doors, utterly exhausted, but all in one piece. Tamlin demands to know the reason for the human scent that clings to him and, duty-bound, Andras tells him everything that had happened to him. 

A week later and he’s heading back to the mortal lands, Tamlin at his side. This time he rides his horse, sitting straight backed and proud, a high fae at his master’s side. He had never expected this to happen. The girl hadn’t touched him, had had such a gentle, guileless look about her that he suspected she might have felt guilt about pulling the plants from the ground in case she might have hurt them. She doesn’t deserve this, shouldn’t be dragged into these games but….They had agreed. 

Andras had come in contact with a human and death had found them in that clearing with the wolves. It might be enough, if they could lie convincingly enough to Amranatha. Tamlin and Lucien had agreed that they should at the very least try. They were getting desperate. There was less than a year until the breaking of the curse when they would all be damned anyway. They had to try something, for the sake of her people too, even if she doesn’t know it. 

Still, it’s with a heavy heart that Andras retraces his steps for his High Lord, leading him back to the place where they had found the girl. From there they make their way to the outskirts of a small town, to a small, ramshackle hovel that contains the girl, her two sisters, and their father. The sisters plead and roar and rage but Tamlin is adamant and drags the girl from the cottage, whispering that she’ll go. She strayed too far into the forest, she nearly got herself killed, she owes a blood debt to the faeries, she must go. 

Her name is Elain, Andras overhears from outside the cottage where he waits, guarding the horses, while Tamlin does his part at terrorising the girl and her family in his beast form. When she steps out of the house, trembling violently from head to foot, asking her elder sister, Nesta, to please continue caring for her garden while she’s away, Andras stares down at her from his horse. 

She looks exactly the same as he had remembered. Painfully thin, in spite of her hollowed out cheeks and slightly sunken eyes…She’s still pretty. Delicate and graceful her steps are small and controlled as she moves away from the cabin. Her sisters appear in the door, the younger restraining the elder as she thrashes like a caged wildcat, trying to get to her sister. 

Andras’ eyes however flick quickly back to Elain. She’s staring straight at him, seemingly oblivious to the struggle behind her, Tamlin stalking towards her. To his utter shock she bobs a quick curtsy to him and he stares at her in utter bemusement until she looks up at him and says softly, “Thank you for rescuing me that day.” 

Andras gapes at her in astonishment. Precious few fae he’s known for centuries can recognise him in that form, and yet this human girl- “How?” he demands, startled. 

Elain opens her mouth to reply but cuts herself off with a little yelp of surprise as Tamlin lifts her up as though she’s a doll and sets her on the horse in front of Andras. Settling herself with as much dignity as she can muster with her threadbare dress riding up her thighs she turns back to him and says simply, “Your eyes.” 

Andras doesn’t get a chance to respond as Tamlin urges the horses into motion, carrying them away from the cottage and the hoarse screams of Elain’s sisters. She doesn’t look at him as they ride and Tamlin’s magic causes her to sleep before they reach the wall crossing. Andras says nothing about the use of magic, just keeps a tight grip on the girl to stop her falling from the saddle. 

They arrive at the manor at last. Tamlin wakes Elain on the border of the manor grounds and she’s staring around with huge, wide eyes as elaborate gardens and the great, sprawling mansion. He strides into the manor, no doubt to fetch Lucien, leaving Andras to tend to Elain and the horses. 

It seems, however, that the girl who, Andras is increasingly suspecting is stronger than anyone might guess, isn’t done shocking him. He slides from the mare’s back first then reaches up, bracing his hands firmly at Elain’s waist then lifting her carefully down from the saddle, setting her gently on her feet. She begins thanking him again but a loud crash from the opposite side of the stable, where Lucien has just entered. 

His lover is staring at Elain, his eyes wide, his entire body slack with shock. Concerned, Andras takes a step towards him, away from Elain, who looks rather alarmed by this strange behaviour, shifting a little closer to him on instinct. 

Lucien takes no notice of either of them, keeping his eyes firmly locked on Elain’s as he whispers three hoarse words that shatter Andras’ entire world. 

“You’re my mate.” 

duct tape is magic and should be worshiped

One of Watney’s many breakdowns back on the Hermes

Vertical. Horizontal. Diagonal. Diagonal. Vertical. Horizontal. Diagonal. Diagonal.

“What’s he doing?” Johanssen whispers. Beck holds out a hand to stop her. He’s been watching Watney for the last ten minutes. The ritual is bizarre. He doesn’t know what’s going on, but interrupting him could upset him. Doesn’t take much, these days. Which is justified, given what the poor bastard’s been through over the last two years. He shudders, and Beth squeezes his arm.

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bringhopetohumanity  asked:

//Hey mods, what happens if someone tries to leave the city? Invisible wall stopping them? Black out when they cross the border and wake up in their hotel room? Something entirely different? Maria is inevitably going to try at some point so I'd like to know what will happen. Thanks!

Hi there! That’s a good question. Even though characters are not told about this, they cannot leave the city.

What happens, if they do try, is that they walk in an endless loop or the like. That said, if you walk into Wonderland Woods and try to exit the city this way; you will find yourself exiting the woods at some point and ending up at another Stella City place instead (e.g. Moonpie Motel or Bubblegum Beach, which are canonically close to the woods).

Characters who try to leave just get lost and wander to other Stella City locations by accident. Nothing weird happens to their feel, even though their sense of direction may be a bit distorted during their “quest”.

As for maps, in case you are wondering; they are not available. We have not managed to put anything together as of yet. As for the IC explanation: unfortunately the archives containing the maps has burned down a long time ago. Mapping a city takes a long time, so they unfortunately are taking a long time to restore everything…

If you have any further or other questions, feel free to let us know! Thank you!

- ♈ aries + ♎ libra


@drstanakatic: #Castle BTS 24:
These are my men. Before I go radio silent, I want to single out these two: Rob Bowman & Andrew Marlowe… What an incredible creative collaboration!
I will go anywhere with these two. Their commitment to great storytelling, their incredible work ethic & their talent made them a dynamic pairing.
@drstanakatic: #Castle BTS 23:
So much of the Castle story came from these two. I remember shooting the pilot with Terri Edda Miller & Andrew Marlowe in NYC. We were all so new to TV then. So green. We’ve learned a lot these years. What you’ve watched & the characters you’ve fallen in love with never would’ve happened if not for Castle’s creator Andrew Marlowe.
Andrew & Terri wrote the finale. One of my favorite Beckett moments ever is in this ep. Thank you, Andrew. Thank you, Terri… For giving me a capable, complex, loving & formidable woman to play. Castle wouldn’t be what
it is without you.

Your car is German. Your vodka is Russian. Your pizza is Italian. Your kebab is Turkish. Your democracy is Greek. Your coffee is Brazilian. Your movies are Canadian. Your tea is Tamil. Your shirt is Indian. Your oil is Saudi Arabian. Your electronics are Chinese. Your numbers Arabic, your letters Latin. And you complain that your neighbor is an immigrant? Pull yourself together.
—  unknown
Captain China

ximen replied to your photo “I love Steve and Bucky so much, but part of the problem of drawing…”

You should draw captains for other countries! Like 中国队长 and such!

Oh man, I’ve actually been thinking about this before your comment.  I’ve been hesitant because (a) I suck at costume design, and (b) I’m somewhat uncomfortable imagining the sort of ultra-nationalist propaganda piece a modern “Captain China” would be.  But!  Then I remembered that what attracts me to Captain America is (a) his “man out of time” aspect, (b) the fact that he really cares about America the people and the ideals, and not so much America the government, and © his relationship with Bucky.

And so I started imagining someone with a similar life experience as Steve Rogers, but in China – a weak, sickly boy born to an impoverished scholar family in some northern village.  Let’s call him 罗侍文*.  He hangs out with the village 财主 (landlord)’s son, whose name is 白珍盟**, but his nickname is 八弟 (Badi) – eighth brother, because he’s the eighth son (but the 3rd to survive).  The Sino-Japanese War happens, and they join up.  Well, 八弟 (Badi) joins the Nationalists, but 侍文 is rejected because his poor health.  It’s only when the Communists stop by his village that they’re like “Hey, we nabbed some crazy experimental stuff from the Japanese.  Wanna try?"  So 侍文 (Shiwen) becomes Captain China.

He gets frozen in some isolated part of Siberia in winter of 1944 when he was beating the Japanese into retreat, a few days after he loses 八弟 (Badi) on a failed train tracks mission, on the Soviet side of the border.

He wakes up in 2014 China.  Let’s see what’s changed: EVERYTHING.  Things that might be in his notebook to look up: Chinese Civil War, Mongolia, Great Leap Forward, Cultural Revolution, Gang of Four, Deng Xiaoping, etc.  Other things that might not be in his notebook, depending on how closely Chinese SHIELD works with the Chinese government: June 4th, current Taiwan/China relations, etc.

Captain China is someone who cares about the common people, the 老百姓, though.  So as he surveys the new China, his question would be: are the people better off?


Steve: "China has changed!  To think of those ideals from back then… I wonder if the common people now…”

Old man selling stuff: “Mister, maybe get this for your kid back home?”

Steve: “Sir!  Is your life… good?”

Old Man: “Umm….”

And then, 八弟 Badi as the Winter Soldier.  I imagine the Winter Soldier story to be closer to the comics than the movie – a Soviet asset who, through his ability to blend in, is responsible for a lot of “accidents” and assassinations in the last 60 years of Chinese/East Asian history.  (Finally, the truth behind that Lin Biao plane flight!).

Language and Design Notes:

* Luo Shiwen, Luo = last name, approximating Rogers, and Shiwen (steven)= Serve Literacy/Language/Culture/Civilization

** Bai Zhenmeng, Bai = last name, approximating Barnes, and Zhenmeng (james) = treasure alliances/friendships

- I decided to give Shiwen a squarer face, because I feel like the more traditional Chinese standards of manliness involve a square-jawed face and strong eyebrows.  (This is before the whole jpop kpop look).  Also why I gave Badi a pointier face – handsome-yet-mousy is classically seen as more devious/unreliable.

- Captain China’s outfit: mostly Sino-Japanese war inspired – an army hat from the Siberian region, the good old Communist soldier leg bindings, and then the more generic jacket, with the 5 stars of the flag.  I hesitated about the face mask – I feel like masked figures in China either have the bottom half of the face covered, or would be… Chinese-opera style full-face masks???  But whatever.  Told ya I was bad at costume design.

[More Captain China here]

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