Imagine being Lokis fiancée and he’s taken you to Odin and Frigga’s country estate for a weekend family get together. Thor and Jane are there too. He stays up later than you and comes to bed tipsy and horny, finding you fast asleep. He then decides to wake you in pleasurable ways, doing all the things he knows will make it difficult for you keep quiet. You plead with him to stop so you won’t be embarrassed, but he’s restrained you and theirs no escaping the moans and pleasured cries he elicits from your throat.

Imagine that you’re someone who has been cursed to be a cat. You seek out Loki, the person you’d been told could break your curse without its requirements being met (which is to be loved unconditionally by someone who doesn’t know you’re not actually a cat). Loki, when you find him, is unusually dense and doesn’t realize that you’re trying to get his help–he makes you his pet cat, even!

One night, after a year of living next to him as a cat, you wake up on the bed next to him as your usual self and not a cat.