So, a while back I found the entire Vampire Knight musical, as well as the behind-the-scenes documentary, online! It’s not subbed, so if you don’t know Japanese - like me - you’ll be able to understand the gist of it, since it covers the Shizuka arch of the manga. They’ve made some alterations, such as cutting out some scenes and some characters (like Yagari, Ruka, Rima etc) but all in all they’ve kept the most important moments, and I’m very pleased with it!

The actresses did a wonderful job! I really felt like I was watching the characters come alive on stage, complete with all their traits - for example AKIRA as Kaname. She had that haunted kind of authorative air around her, which softened whenever she was interacting with Yuuki. To be honest i kind of forgot they were females dressed as males for the most part, which really is a great feat. Yuuki, played by Wakatsuki Yumi, was a sweetheart; she played the part of devoted and concerned Yuuki when Zero was transitioning into a vampire, as well as the lovestruck Yuuki whenever Kaname was near. ROOT as Zero was phenomenal as well, as you could really feel his pain and struggle whenver his vampire urges kicked in. All in all I’m very pleased with everything from special effects to the soundtracks. I was also very pleased with the soundtrack - sometimes it was a tad bit overdone Dracula styled - but most of the time I felt the songs fit the charachters’ emtions and the current scene. I even have some stuck in my head already!


I hope we can one day translate the musical so we get to have the full experience! Any volunteers? :)

And here’s a sweet lil preview of a wonderful duet between Kaname and Yuuki:

What a huge surprise to see these two cuties in Lala again.

Hino gave an interview with Wakatsuki Yumi, Yuuki’s actress in the musical, in this month’s Lala to promote the revival of the musical. 

In the interview, Hino talks about her process for creating this cute image together with Wakatsuki Yumi. Yumi-chan added the flowers, and Hino added the characters. Originally Hino wanted to add the full trio, but then she decided just to show Yuuki, and then she thought that the Yuuki of this time period (first arc) wouldn’t be without Zero, her partner in crime, so Zero just had to be added. 

Yumi-chan said her favorite scenes in the manga are Zero and Yuuki’s parting scene in chapter 46 and Kaname reaching for the sun after Yuuki changes him in chapter 93.