Opening Commissions!

HEY SO I’m trying to save some money to move out of this crummy state and I feel my art is finally good enough to start trying this so!! Here we are!


$5 Sketch

$7 Clean Sketch

$10 Sketch page

$15 Clean Sketch Page

$ 20 Color Sketches

$ 25 Base color (+5 for additional characters)

(note this is a very simple example and I can do more complicated colors than this should the charecter have them, much like in the color sketch)

$ 30 Base color with a background (+5 for additional characters)

$ 35 color Shading (+5 for additional characters)

$ 40 color shading and simple background (+10 for additional characters)

$ 50 Color Shaded and a good background  (+10 for additional characters)

These are baseline prices and I am generally willing to negotiate things! 

If your interested! you can contact me at wakamolez@hotmail.com otherwise if you could reblog this and spread it around that would be much appreciated! Thanks for taking a look!!

The Earth Spirit, The Great Witch, The Science Wizard, and The Starmaster

Took me about three days to do this one I'm Really proud of it.
I wanted to draw something to commemorate my favorite of the three games in the Mother series so. Earthbound means a lot to me, and is really my favorite. So here we have the saviors of the world at their peak form. These kids will do their best.