Opening Commissions!

HEY SO I’m trying to save some money to move out of this crummy state and I feel my art is finally good enough to start trying this so!! Here we are!


$5 Sketch

$7 Clean Sketch

$10 Sketch page

$15 Clean Sketch Page

$ 20 Color Sketches

$ 25 Base color (+5 for additional characters)

(note this is a very simple example and I can do more complicated colors than this should the charecter have them, much like in the color sketch)

$ 30 Base color with a background (+5 for additional characters)

$ 35 color Shading (+5 for additional characters)

$ 40 color shading and simple background (+10 for additional characters)

$ 50 Color Shaded and a good background  (+10 for additional characters)

These are baseline prices and I am generally willing to negotiate things! 

If your interested! you can contact me at wakamolez@hotmail.com otherwise if you could reblog this and spread it around that would be much appreciated! Thanks for taking a look!!

The Earth Spirit, The Great Witch, The Science Wizard, and The Starmaster

Took me about three days to do this one I'm Really proud of it.
I wanted to draw something to commemorate my favorite of the three games in the Mother series so. Earthbound means a lot to me, and is really my favorite. So here we have the saviors of the world at their peak form. These kids will do their best.

I’m the part of you that just wants to quit. Why are you even trying so hard? do you think anyone really cares about you? Loves you? No! Your a worthless blue freak! No amount of PSI or Prophesy will change the fact that everyone hates you! You should just go back to your little cave and stay there out of everyone’s way and sight. Forever.


these are some character designs for a story idea or somthing I’ve had for awhile
I’ve been calling it Dreamscape Story for lack of a better name 

anyway this is Eran, Rupert, and Audrey. previously named the horned guy with the poncho, the yellow lizard and the disco toga bear. their a buncha dumb fun loving nuts X)

I’m really fond of their designs though! they came out really well.