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No battle plan survives contact with the enemy.

Utena spoilers and shit ahead. You’ve been warned.

In general I know that we as fans tend to think that Akio and Anthy are perfect little xanatosgambit machines, (and that the only flaw in their manipulations was that Utena was JUST TOO LEGIT TO QUIT) but the more I watch the series, the less I believe that.

Don’t get me wrong. They are fucking masters of the game. The framework of The Plan, most of the players involved, and how they were going to get their target from A to B was all down pat. They had done this shit before.

But I believe that a good portion of it was essentially impromptu. Anthy, in particular, had to roll with anything that was thrown at her for a long assed time. I’m willing to bet a lot of shit went down that was NOT part of the plan, and Anthy basically had to ad lib her way through it and put it back on course. 

There were mistakes.


And one of them was Wakaba.

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a story about you // a mix for wakaba, flourishing

“but there was a time, one day, one single day, in which it was only one story” 

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my best friend is you - kate nash / wallflower - priscilla ahn / ten cent blues - eisley / not your year - the weepies / measuring cups - andrew bird /  margaret vs pauline - neko case / you belong with me (rive remix) - coyote kisses / wannabe - far east mention mannequin / you could have it so much better - franz ferdinand / are you satisfied? - marina and the diamonds / gentouchouga juuroku seiki (magic lantern, butterfly, moth, sixteenth century) - j.a. seazer / sidekick - lisa mitchell / short movie - laura marling

Revolutionary Girl Utena: Complete Triggers Guide

Revolutionary Girl Utena (Shoujo Kakumei Utena) is a 1997 anime directed by Kunihiko Ikuhara.  Utena Tenjou is an eighth-grade girl who wishes to become a prince, and because of it gets caught up in a strange dueling game played by her fellow middle- and high-schoolers. As Utena fights to protect – and befriend – Anthy Himemiya, her shy classmate but also the mysterious Rose Bride at the center of the duels, the stakes become higher and the game more dangerous. 

Utena is an amazing and very worthwhile anime, but it is also an extremely intense and disturbing one. I love the show, but it is irresponsible to recommend it to people without a warning about the subject matter. I believe Utena has the potential to be be very cathartic and comforting for people, especially wlw, who’ve experienced trauma, but also very dangerous with regard to triggers. I’ve put together this guide so that people curious about the show can be forewarned and watch it in safety, or choose not to if they deem it too disturbing.

Many thanks to the volunteer editors/proofreaders who helped me complete this!

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And to the people who’ve submitted corrections:

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Utena Meme ◆ 3/5 Quotes ◆ Wakaba Flourishing

You, that girl, and the student council, too! You all look down on people like me! Without a care in the world. You use the special gifts that you were born with and without a second thought… trample the rest of us!