wak wak


“Hasu eh ri-hasu torvau tik vath. Rihagik heh hagik sutra-nosahp tik vath. Wu-vath heh pen mesprah tik vath. Pid heh neik mesutik tik vath.

Ni kup-bae’cok kau-bosh vuhlkansu rik’tha-tor fan-vel heh saven-tor rik’taran veh zhit. Sarlah vellar yut t’ko-veh heh ri-pehkau au ko-veh; trasha vellar heh kal-tor au sa’hal-tor ko-veh.

Sha’ko-veh ri-mat, heh bae’cok ri-gishat. Lu shahtau ar’kadan t’ko-veh, nem-tor ko-veh ri-pindor. Nash-po fa-wak palesh-tor ek’wak.”

“Being and non-being produce each other. Difficult and easy complement each other. Long and short define each other. High and low oppose each other.

Therefore the wise vulcan can act without doing anything and teach without saying a word. Things come her way and she does not stop them; things leave and she lets them go.

She owns without possessing, and acts without any expectations. When her work is done, she takes no credit. This is why it will last forever.”

Part 2 Of Gregory Hoover’s Surak’s Analects.

Members Talking About Youjin During Xportnews Interview

Original translation by @KNKpromo

Youjin: The Whaler

Jihun: Youjin is good at Internet research. He is “Research King”. When we see pretty clothes, he finds out the brand, the price, and how to buy it immediately.

Youjin: I always find it for them, but Jihun is the one who doesn’t listen. He sends another link to me saying “It is the cheapest, buy it from here” and he buys it from there.

Jihun: Otherwise it is not fun. I like to laugh listening to Youjin talking about these.

Youjin: I’m the role of Principle in our team. My father is a pastor so I think I have learned his behavior. They have nicknamed me “No Honey Jam”.

Heejun: Ah, Youjin hyung does weird raps in his room. I have no idea what he is rapping. It sounds like “Seuka! Seuka! Wak! Wak!”

Jihun: When Youjin starts rapping in his room, the members all come out of their rooms saying “What sound is this?”. His rapping is that funny. We have it recorded on voice memo.

Heejun: When Youjin hyung is not wearing his lenses, his eyes twitch because he can’t see. When his eyes are like that and he starts rapping “Seuka! Seuka!”, I get scared

Youjin: They asked me if I’m hearing spirits.


CHARACTER NOVEMBER:Wak-Wak (the orange man), Freddy the Puppet Reptile, Blisto Bunny, and Bella Winxy!

These are more of the gag characters of the crew, so there isn’t much to say.

Wak-Wak is a famous heckler who almays spouts out any remarks that are extremely offensive to anymore, but more to the people of color, which is why Annette and her sisters hate him so much. Plus, he always makes a grand entrance with his trusty anvil falling from the sky.

Freddy is an egotistical war time puppet that was born from toxic waste. And lets just say, he always fails at his job.

Blisto is a super bratty son of the boss of the pizza palor. He plays too many video games, doesn’t spend much time outside and annoys the hell out of the crew members. But at least this nerd doesn’t go on the internet.

The pixie also plays the banjo and annoys the hell out of the crew members, but mostly the ladies, since she thinks she could relate to them more. She tries too hard to make friends, but she onlys ends up bein more obnoxious than friendly.

In short, these are characters you want their head on a platter.