Meeting Niall’s Family - WAIW Prize for wardrobeoffeelings

“Niall, are you sure it’ll be okay?” You asked your boyfriend nervously. Things had gotten pretty serious between you two, and since his mom was visiting him on Tour he figured it would be the perfect time for you to meet her. You were meeting her at a restaurant for dinner, but you were incredibly nervous. English was not your first language, and so you were worried you may just panic and switch to Portuguese mid-sentence or something like that. As Niall spoke, he snapped you out of your thoughts. “Darlin’ really don’t worry, it’s not going to be bad I promise. Me mum is gonna love ya!” As you pulled into the restaurant’s parking lot, Niall hugged you around the waist and walked him. “Ah, mum!” He said as he saw Maura a little ways away. As he hugged her he introduced you - “And this is Mariana,” Maura immediately smiled and hugged you. “Ah so this is the Mariana my Nialler has been telling me so much about!” She said with her thick Irish accent. “Yes - nice to meet you! Glad Niall has told you about me!” You said, a little hesitantly. Your worries were put to rest as Maura smiled wide and chuckled. “Aw hun what a lovely accent you have! Where are you from?” “Brazil,” You smiled. “My first language is Portuguese.” “How lovely! Quite the wonderful girl you’ve got here, son. I can tell! Welcome to the family, Mariana.” She said. Turns out all your worrying was for nothing, you all had a great time!


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S41D’s Where am I Wednesday?

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THIS WEEKS PRIZE: Custom Preference and Outfit ! 


Halloween is coming,

it’s really quite exciting!

Full of tricks and treats,

werewolves, vampires and biting!

Just like all the candy,

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Winner:  whenyourheartspeaks


omfg i am crying

i was reading over my chapter one for WAiW and i must’ve been high or something when i wrote it

it was so pathetic and John was like crazy and sjfhaskhds

i shouldn’t have been laughing so hard over my own story but it wasn’t really supposed to be that funny anyway lol

but god

i think i’m gonna leave it in though. because after it happens john realises that he’s fucking crazy, so…

what really happened when i was writing it was that i was like, “ugh okay no john’s too crazy he’s not supposed to be like Alice crazy” and i realised i wanted him to be more like his normal self on Sherlock and so I made him be like “wtf is wrong with me”

…you’ll see.