waits for the season premiere

My Cartoon Agenda for the Summer

Star vs the Forces of Evil - Battle For Mewni (July 15th)

Rick and Morty - Season 3 (July 30th)

Milo Murphy’s Law - Missing Milo [special ] (July 22)

Voltron:Legendary Defenders - Season 3 (August 4th)

DuckTales - Season 1 premier (August 12)

Still waiting to hear good news on Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir  and Steven Universe. But besides them it looks like a good summer.

Almost forgot Voltron

I can’t wait for when the Legends have their annual season premiere disbanding and Jax is like well okay I guess I’ll go back to school and stuff and of course at some point Sara and Mick burst into the lecture hall yelling GET UP JAXIE WE’RE RE-BANDING and jax is just yelling back ARE YOU SERIOUS THE SEMESTER LITERALLY STARTED THREE DAYS AGO

Sense8 Renewal

Since the start of season 2, everyone has been claiming that sense8 won’t have a season 3 due to its budget which is really high. It’s estimated to be $9 million per episode & $108 million for 12 episodes all together. It’s understandable considering how big the cast is, the crew, the extras being hired from country to country, flights, etc. With this, I just want to say can we please keep the hopes for a season 3 in a positive light and can everyone just settle down and wait? it hasn’t been a month since season 2 premiered and everyone is making it seem like that’s it for the show. Tell everyone you know or don’t know to watch it. What matters is the views it gets, not hashtags or petitions.

“I’ll be back Samurai! You wait and see!”
I started this last weekend, after watching the season 5 premiere of Samurai Jack~
This was my childhood! I used to watch this every monday at my grandparents, and I was always stoked for it! (We didn’t watch Cartoon Network at home for some reason)

I am very happy with these! They were so much fun to do, and I like this style I chose for him~
Aku was very silly to me when I was younger, and by god he still is xD - one of my fave villains though~

ENJOY! and feel free to comment! C:

Art © Me, Seffiron - you may not repost or redistribute in any way!
Aku and Samurai Jack © Cartoon Network

Crystal Musings: That moment when Lars and the Off Colours basically turned into the freaking Guardians of the Galaxy man! Lars of the Stars! That’s literally the Steven Universe equivalent of calling him Star Lord!

So I just popped over on Youtube today and saw the ♦ new sneak peak clip of Steven Universe S5 from this year’s SDCC Steven Universe Panel and oh my STARS! Was it a MEGA TREAT!

I mean I expected a lot of things to happen to Lars and the Off Colours between the time Steven left them to return to Earth and reunite with the Crystal Gems but…I didn’t expect them to turn into the Guardians of the Galaxy.

///Warning: SPOILERS AHEAD///

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