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Sometimes Rain Falls

A BTS Fanfiction

Type: AU/Alternative Universe

Summary: Sometimes a normal life is a good one to lead; its nice…its easy…
But sometimes, normal isn’t the way that things were meant to be. And when you’re chosen as a possible candidate for one of the kingdom’s 7 princes, life isn’t as nice and easy as you always presumed it to be…especially when you catch the eye of more than one of them…



Chapter 14

 ‘Tae, where are we going?’

With the further away from the party you’d been pulled, the more agitated and unsure you’d become. You didn’t know whether it was because you’d made the promise to Hoseok to stay put, or whether it was just the dark shadows creeping in around you as you ran through the gardens, but an edge of fear had begun to build in your stomach, and its not until Taehyung stops in a small grassy opening, the circumference of which is lined with blossom trees and rose vines blocking out any further view, that the feeling begins to ease.


‘Are you okay?’ he asks, and his voice suddenly breaking into your distracted analysis of where you were has you realizing he’d come to stand in front of you, his hands suddenly letting go of yours to cradle your face, forcing you to look up at him and to see the way he was almost towering over you.

Its in that moment that the dream you’d had of him saving you from Hoseok’s room, and the monster that had been hiding within, comes back to hit you full force, and for a minute the only thought you had was about how his lips looked just as full and inviting as they had in the dream, his pitch black eyes staring down at you seeming to draw you in-

His Eyes.

‘What was Namjoon saying to you?’

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anonymous asked:

Good luck with the blog, love your work so far! As for a request, I'd like to see a fic in which Reader (any gender is OK) has an ill-advised crush on Reaper, but Reader has had devastating rejections in the past and they're scared of it happening again, especially considering the object of their present affections... Sorry if it's vague or breaks a rule, this is what listening to sad George Micheal songs on repeat (esp. A Different Corner) does to my imagination. Thanks! X


Originally posted by bayonettaton

Author’s Note: Dont be sorry! It doesnt break any rules. ^^ The thing about vague request is that it gives me more room to work with. Hope this to your enjoyment!

Small warning for blood and a bit of violence.

You’re taste in partners has always been… debatable.

Quite frankly, they never panned out the way you had wanted. Rejection often leaving you regretting even coming out about your feelings. However, you weren’t one to fuss about it. Understanding that you could not force someone to accept your feelings. You’d handled it with grace.

“Just wanted to let you know.” You’d laugh, hiding the quiver of your lip and tremble of your voice. “Thought I’d give it a shot.”

It had been a long while now since you’d last developed a liking to anyone. One too many rejections leaving a sour taste in your mouth when even thinking about confessing. In truth, you’d admit it even put you off from developing feeling for anyone. But now, once more, you’d found yourself in a predicament.

You sighed, eyes drifting slowly to the curve of your leg, the bandage at your calf and the extensive tear on the formal wear you wore. It was dirty and blood stained, pieces of glass still tangled within the threads. Then you noticed a nasty scuff on the most uncomfortable but gorgeous pair of dress shoes you owned. 

“Damn, these were new too.” You mutter to yourself rubbing down the scrape in hopes it would smooth the material once more. Unfortunately, it didn’t. “Damn it.”

You had hit a rough spot while on the mission. You needed to think fast and bursting through the window was your only option. Bullets flew past you, arms and legs moving in a motion to counteract the enviable work of gravity.

Yet you landed right in the arms of one of your companions. If you could even call him that. Reaper stared at you through black holes of his mask as he caught you. For a moment, you wonder if this is death’s finally dream. Being caught in the arms of a man you fancy more than you’d liked to tell yourself. The stare down between the two of you seems to last ages. His arms are large and you can feel the muscle of his tone arms keeping you from falling. There’s dust of color on your cheeks and you can’t tell if the adrenaline is what’s making you heart beat fast. However, your thoughts are cut short as he speaks to get your attention.

“You want to get off already?” He asked, you’re a bit perplexed as to why he didn’t just drop you rather than asking but decide not to question it.

“Ah, yes.” You place an arm on his shoulder in order to keep your balance as you find your footing. There’s yelling from above you as your prior engagement has come into relevance once more. “Shit.” You mutter under your breath.

Reaper looks at the hail of bullets beginning to rain above the two of you. It’s almost immediate that your body is enraptured in his arms again. The wraith using his body as he covers you from the heavy fire. He grunts as the bullets pierce his back while as you huddle into the expanse of his chest. Though, as the enemy moves to reload he manages to shadow step into cover.

Reaper places you on the ground with ease, worry quickly overtaking you. “Are you alright?” You ask trying to look over his to his back. You place a hand on his shoulder feeling for blood but find that there is none. Smoke seeps from his wound, angry and hot before the skin begins to close.

He ignores your fretfulness but doesn’t move away from your touch. “Do you have what we came for?” His voice

“Yes, the data has been collected and Sombra should have it by now.” You assure him before peeking out from your cover. You can see the men from before beginning to search the area for you. Their pistols replaced with much more heavy artillery than before. “They haven’t spotted us yet. We can probably make a run for the drop ship.”

You pull yourself up slightly wincing when you notice a cut along the length of your calf. A shard of glass having cut you during your dramatic escape. You frown and Reaper seems to notice the rise in tension following your gaze. He sighs, twisting his neck trying to work out the kinks.

“Wait for me here.” He warns, not giving you much of an option. “And do not move.” His tone having made your knees weak, as all you can do is nod with your mouth agape.You hang back, leaning on the wall while ripping the sleeve of your formal wear off. There’s the sound of men shouting before you hear the bang of gunshots not long after. Assuming Reaper is doing quick work of the men, you move to tie the ripped sleeve around the wound on your leg.  Its uncomfortable and does little to aid the possibility of infection but you need the bleeding to stop.

“Alright, let’s go.” Reaper announces swaying towards you while discarding a pair of shotguns on the ground. You nod, using the wall to help balance yourself while your leg aches in pain. The first step isn’t so bad until you move your weight to your injured leg. The pain is intense and you hiss at the feeling stumbling a bit in your steps. 

Reaper looks over his shoulder, watching as you limp sluggishly behind him. The blood beginning to seep through the makeshift bandage at your calf. He continues to walk on until you manage to fall too far behind for his liking. With a growl, he turns around and walks over to you.You stop, looking at him questioningly as his arms reach out to you. One hooks at your back and the other behind your knees lifting you up effortlessly. Heat rushes to your face and you move to protest but he speaks before you.

“You’re slowing us down.” He says matter-of-factly. “We’ll get there faster this way.” 

You can’t argue with his reasoning. You were slowing him down and him carrying you adds less stress to your leg. A tight pull of your lips leaves you silent. Though, the closeness this particular situation has you in leaves your heart to beat loudly in your ears. You begin to feel the effects of the blood loss when you start swaying in his hold. He notices too, pulling you to lean on his chest as your eyelids begin to feel heavy. You curse yourself for wanting to stay awake to revel in the arms of your crush but the null of sleep pulls at your stronger than your resolve. It’s not long after that he feels you go limp in his arms, your head on his chest and your breathing slow but steady.

He carries you until you both make it back into the hanger, settling you into one of the seats before leaving you there for the duration of the flight. You only wake once checking over yourself when the pilot announces your arrival at base. 

The walk back to your dorm was quiet.

You mind mulled over the course of tonight’s events. After Reaper had cleared the area of guards, he’d practically carried you back into the drop ship. Though, your walk back into the base was of your own accord since he had misted away as soon as you’d landed. One long trip to the medical bay had you dismissed hours later with a “You’re fine, don’t be a baby”. Although a bit rude, you were thankful you had escaped with the least damage possible for your situation.

Silently, you kicked yourself for not giving him a proper thank you. Although, you knew better than to push your good luck so far with Reaper, it still left you feeling awkward not thanking him. You pondered your thoughts for a moment if you should approach him or leave the matter be.

This man killed for a living. He was known as a living nightmare. Yet, here you were. Wondering why you wanted to thank the same man who saved your behind three times in one mission.

You smiled dumbly to yourself. He saved me three times.

The pads of your feet flinching every time you made contact with the cold tile. You held your uncomfortable dress shoes in your hand swinging them as you walked along with a slight limp. The corridors were silent, save for the buzz of the lights and electricity, and no one else seemed to be awake at this hour. That is until you rounded the corner to your hall, finding your ‘hero’ walking through.

“Reaper!” You called out before you could stop yourself.  The man halted before turning as you caught up with him.

“What.” His tone was none too pleased. You stopped before him with a hint of nervousness rather than fear.

“I, um,” You took a steady breath, fiddling with your shoes on one hand. “I wanted to thank you.” You began, “For helping me earlier. I was a bit surprised when you caught me, I’m sure you were too.” You laughed. He simply stares at you motionless. “But, uh, yea. Sorry to bother you.” You gave him curt bow before moving to walk past him.

He blocks your way by extending a leg out. His mask moves slightly towards your, as if he’s watching you through the corners of his eyes. “Your leg.” He states, you’re a bit confused on what he means till the holes of his mask gaze down your calf.

“Oh!” You pipe, moving your hands nervously. “Doc said it was fine. Just a minor graze and no real damage. Might leave a scar though.” A bit of nervous laughter is added at the end as his gaze went back up to level with yours. It’s quiet for a moment before he moves his leg out of the way and brings his arms to cross of his chest.

“Do you always make it a habit of falling into people’s arms?” He asked, his tone was suddenly different. Almost as if it was flirtatious. You raise a brow before tossing him a wink.

“Only the good-looking ones.” You wink, clicking your tongue at him before stepping around him. “Have a nice night, Reaper.” You add, turning the corner towards your dorm room.  You almost feel a weight leave your shoulders as the door shuts behind you. A rush of realization hitting you with fever.

Did I really just do that?

You place a hand over your beating chest before closing your eyes. The way he asked you was more than just a question. The way he blocked you, his tone, and even his body language. You’d seen him work with Sombra and Widowmaker before and he always held a different aura. Though, he seemed a bit more relaxed, maybe even playful? A wave of laughter rushed through you as you felt giddy.

Alright, alright, take it slow. You assure yourself. Take it slow this time. Maybe it’ll work out, you never know!  You shut your eyes, thinking at the possibility a bit to eagerly. Maybe.

Move A Mountain add-ons  →  #eternalmam
 ↳ first drive

Finley Quaye, Beth Orton - Dice

Stiles gets his license at the end of the summer, only a few weeks short from the anniversary of his move to New York.

There’s a mountain outside the city with the perfect view to watch the sunset. They’ve been there several times before on Derek’s Harley and it quickly became Stiles’ favorite spot. Back when they first started the driving lessons they had made a promise: that once he got his license, Stiles would come pick Derek up at the shop and they’d drive up there.

It’s late afternoon by the time Derek picks up the sound of Stiles’ engine: lighter and faster than his own. He looks over his shoulder from where he’s kneeling next to the Yamaha he’s working on, gazing out towards the street until the bike rolls into view when Stiles parks it on the drive in. He leaves the engine running as he jumps off, practically tearing off the helmet before rushing inside the garage with a blinding smile.

“I did it!” He exclaims, as if anything about his arrival hints otherwise.

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Take My Breath Away

Title - Take My Breath Away by Berlin

I wrote this from Richie’s perspective, just to switch it up. Anything in italics is Richie’s beautiful ADHD mind at work. Lot’s of Richie and Eddie PDA. 

Also on Archive of our Own

For other chapters - 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8


“Richie gets more jealous with Eddie.” Mike pointed out. “Well, he gets needy is more accurate.”

“Mikey is right about that. But it is because I’m always needy and horny for you.” Richie pulled Eddie in to kiss his cheek.

Eddie pushed his face away, “Don’t be gross.”

“What? You can be gross and couplely but I can’t? Double standard.” Richie protested.

“You make everything sexual,” Eddie complained.

“Also, couplely is not a word.” Stanley piped in.

Eddie’s lost his mind. Which Richie knew would happen eventually. His small and carefully controlled boyfriend (well, controlled compared to me) was bound to go crazy sooner or later.

Eddie vowed to be a disgusting couple while they were in Vermont to punish their friends, which Richie did not take seriously. Eddie will not even hold hands in public, there was no way he was going to KISS me too.

Wrong party of 1 under Tozier. 

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anonymous asked:

NikMik: also not to sound greedy, but a part 2 could totally work ;P i'd love to see what happens during their dance. & possibly flashbacks, especially klaus coming to her door. i'm just saying :P

Guys, you know I’m susceptible to peer pressure! ;) Hope you like it, NikMik!

Sequel to Best Wishes

To the Happy Couple || Klaroline

“A toast,” Klaus called, tapping the side of his champagne glass to gather the reception’s attention. He grinned at a blushing Freya as Lucien whispered in her ear. “To the happy couple, the oddest pairing no one expected to get here.”

Chuckles rose from the crowd. Caroline warily kept the head table in her peripheral vision while supervising the catering staff plating the cake the newlyweds had just cut.

The night had been a weird experience for her, both familiar and startling. Her work automatic, natural - she was in her element. But it was strange to realize it was Klaus’s element, too, especially with his eyes lingering on her so often.

He was with his family, celebrating with his business partner. She couldn’t remember a time he had looked so comfortable in a room full of people. Klaus was always on guard for something, his eyes scanning the area to get his bearings.

The only time he had that look during the wedding was when his eyes searched for her.

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The Test

With arms filed with grocery shopping, you opened the door to your apartment with your hip and called out for your fiancé. “Jongdae! Could you give me a hand?” You kicked your shoes off and leaned against the wall, waiting for help to arrive.

Jongdae sprinted around the corner, skidding slightly in his slippers. When his eyes fell on you, he gasped dramatically and hurried over to your side. “Babe you shouldn’t be carrying so much! It’s bad for your back!” he scolded you, relieving you of the bags and carrying them with ease into the kitchen.

You followed, rotating your shoulders as you walked. “How else am I supposed to get the shopping home?” you retorted, poking your tongue out at the back of his head.

“You should call me first and get me to come and meet you,” he answered, dropping the bags gently on the country to start unpacking. “Or just not buy so much junk food! Is this the first sign of cravings?”

Nudging him away from your shopping so you could put it away properly, you frowned at Jongdae in confusion. “Cravings? What are you talking about?” you muttered, taking the jumbo packet of snacks out of his hands. “Half of this is for your poker night with the boys tomorrow night!”

“Yeah about the boys, I think we should tell them tomorrow. You know how bad I am at keeping big secrets like this,” Jongdae said, leaning on the counter and scratching the back of his head.

“What are you talking about Jongdae?” you exclaimed, opening the fridge in order to stack the two crates of beer inside. “What secret?”

Your fiancé slammed the door to the fridge and gripped your hand, pulling you to the sofa. “I know you’ve been hiding something from me babe but I found out on my own,” he started, confusing you more and more with every word. “Why didn’t you tell me instantly? I know it’s not what we planned but this is still great news!”

You couldn’t help but stare at Jongdae in confusion. “What great news?” you stammered in frustration, running a hand through your hair. “I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about babe.”

He let go of your hand placed his own on your stomach. “I know,” he declared dramatically, grinning from ear to ear like a clown. “I found the pregnancy test in the bathroom.”

“Jongdae, you idiot!” you exclaimed, batting his hands off your stomach. Falling back on the sofa, you couldn’t contain your laughter to the point where tears were streaming down your face. “I’m not pregnant, you idiot!” you managed to say between your gasping, giggly breaths.

It was Jongdae’s turn to stare at you with a look of confusion on his face. “What do you mean? I found the positive pregnancy test in the bathroom this morning,” he explained, his bottom lip jutting out in a little puppy pout.

Trying to keep the laughter from bubbling back up, you reached out for Jongdae and squeezed his hands, sliding up the sofa until you were practically on his lap. “It wasn’t my pregnancy test; it was a friend’s. I’m not pregnant babe.”

“B-but I found the test?” he stuttered, looking at your face with a lost expression. “You’re really not pregnant?”

You shook your head, letting go of his hands to wrap your arms around his neck instead, pulling yourself closer to his face. “I’m sorry babe,” you murmured, peppering his lips to little kisses.

He quickly curled you up onto his lap, tucking your head under his chin. “It’s my fault. I jumped to conclusions and should have asked you first,” he replied, sighing softly above your head. Even though you weren’t pregnant and you hadn’t planned to be, you could immediately tell he was a little bit disappointed.

As you sat there cuddling, listening to Jongdae’s slow and soothing heartbeat under your ear, you found yourself contemplating the idea of children. Both you and Jongdae had said that you did want children eventually but you’d never put a timeframe on it. You were still on birth control as well, more out of convenience than anything else. You’d always assumed that you’d figure it out when you got married.

“Do you want to have children soon?” you asked Jongdae after minutes and minutes of silence. Pushing up on his chest, you lifted your head so you could look at the handsome face you fell in love with.

Jongdae kissed the tip your nose, dropping his head back and closing his eyes. “It’s not that I want children straight away, but I think we’re ready for them if they came along,” he replied, pressing his forehead against yours and smiling. “You’d be a great mother,” he added, sweetening you up.

“I want children too,” you told him, letting your head fall onto his shoulder so you could still look up at him. “But can we get through this wedding first? Afterwards we can talk about babies,” you promised him, planting a soft kiss on the little bit of skin behind his ear.

You watched as his face changed into a mischievous smirk, as if a thought had suddenly occurred to him and you were watching it unfold across his features. “Does that mean we can start trying on the honeymoon?” he asked, a twinkle in his eye you now knew was from his 18+ thoughts.

Two could play at that game.

“How about we practise now?”


Kiss me you animal

Summary: (Vampire!phil, hybrid!dan(werewolf and vampire aye) AU)

Like, they both act like they hated each other’s guts, when in honesty they are basically the sappiest couple in school.

Genre: floof

Warning: swearing whats new

Words: 1,964

A/N: this was originally meant to be kirsten’s bday fic but then i thought it wont make her cry s o hehehe. what u mean i used an mcr title. what u mean im an emo fuck. i also wanted to write an au like this since the beginning of time but i never had an idea for a plot but holla here we are. 

“Honestly, go suck on a garlic.” Dan sneers at the pale man seated across him, by means of complexion as a human or not.

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Wanderlust: City of Sin -- Bughead (Chapter 1)

Word Count: 5,129

Rated: PG-13

A/N: This is my first multichapter fic for the Bughead fandom. I based a lot of stuff in this off of real events from when I was traveling in Europe. Of course, I didn’t meet a cute boy or anything, so I just inserted events wherever they seemed to fit, including the photo on the bottom left. Enjoy and I hope you continue to follow wherever the wind takes our world travelers in the future chapters. (Also on AO3)

“Cheryl! Keep up!” Betty shouted to the girl trailing behind her. Veronica was leading the way, marching into the hostel they had booked for the next four nights. “There’ll be plenty of time for shopping tomorrow.”

Betty was already dragging one of Cheryl’s bags behind her as well as her own two bags. How she’d gotten roped into that she wasn’t sure, but at least they were finally at the end of their long walk from the bus station. By the time Betty had gotten Cheryl’s attention and led her to the entrance of the skinny building, Veronica had already them checked in.

“Top floor, it’s practically the penthouse suite.” Veronica announced to her friends who were just entering behind her. “And I have these three young gentlemen who are going to help us with our bags.”

Betty widened her eyes at Veronica. What happened to stranger danger?

“Don’t worry, they’re from the States too, so no language barrier. They’re taking the other three beds in our room.”

“Well well well, would you look at these tall drinks of water.” Cheryl crooned. She dropped her duffel dramatically and hooked her arms with the redheaded boy and the tall, handsome Asian boy standing next to him. The third boy leaned against the wall, as if waiting for this whole interaction to end. His small beanie could barely  confine the thick locks of black hair underneath.

Betty was still trying to figure out just how Veronica had managed make friends in the two minutes that they’d been separated. The redhead lifted Veronica’s bags and headed toward the stairs at the front of the building.

“Wait for me, Archiekins.” Veronica winked at her friend and followed the well-built boy to the stairs. “I’ll get the door for you.”

Cheryl had clearly already claimed her pack mule, gesturing to her bags that she’d dropped earlier. “Betty, don’t be silly, he’ll carry my bags the rest of the way.”

The pair disappeared up the stairs and Betty was left with the third mysterious stranger.

“Well, that was weird.” The boy pushed off the wall and sauntered over to where Betty stood. He nodded toward Betty’s luggage. “Need any help with those?”

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I Want [Liam Dunbar]

Pairings: Liam Dunbar x Reader 

Request: none. 

Warnings: none. 

Word count: 587 (kind of short, I know, but it’s my first one-shot, so bear with me)

With the burning sun tickling your eyelids and the grass tickling your arms as you lay down, your lips leave a sound of comfort mixed with exhaustion. Days like these were your favorite. When all the boys had to worry about was the upcoming lacrosse game. No supernatural creatures lurking around every corner. For once, Beacon Hills was peaceful and quiet, and you intended to enjoy every minute of it. 

 Together with Scott, Stiles and Liam, you decided to stay behind at school to help Liam control his inner wolf completely. Liam, the boy who had stolen your heart in just a few days after his arrival. The boy who had captured you with his eyes so blue, the sky seemed grey and dull. Gods most beautiful and precious creature was here, here on Earth with you. And he was your best friend, but how you wished you were so much more than that. 

 "Come on Liam, focus,“ Scott ordered his beta to concentrate on what they were doing. Liam was standing in front of Stiles, just far away from Y/N for her to not hear them talk. Scott and Stiles were going through the same process with Liam as Stiles did with Scott when he was bitten: get him angry, so he, in order, can control all his anger swirling like a storm inside of him. 

 Liam, however, wasn’t paying attention at all. His eyes were focused on you, and on you only. Even after months of being your best friends he still couldn’t figure you out. You were like a puzzle with missing pieces. You were unable to be solved. And how he wished he’d knew what thoughts were racing through your mind, and if his name ever occurred in it. 

 Stiles and Scott followed Liam’s eyesight and grinned when they saw what caused Liam to be so distracted. Or better, who caused it. 

 "Young love,” Stiles muttered to Scott dramatically as he placed on both his cheeks for an even greater effect. “Do you think he knows she’s hopelessly in love with him as well?” Scott questions, not even bothering to be quiet. Liam didn’t seem to hear anything they said anyway. 

Before Stoles could answer Scotts question, Liam sighed deeply while dropping onto the ground. Scott and Stiles looked at the young beta curiously, waiting for him to say something. 

 "I want to call her mine,“ he said bluntly, surprising the two seniors. They had thought they needed to wriggle the answer out of him. "I want to hold her hand in mine as walk through the schools corridors, and glare at boys who stare at her.” At this point, Liam was fully ranting on about you and all his desires and bottled up emotions came in waves. “I want her to wear my lacrosse jersey to my games, and I want to cuddle her when she’s having a bad day. I want to kiss her nose, lips and cheeks and love her in every possible way.” The words just kept flowing out of his mouth while Scott and Stiles started at him in awe. “I want to tell her how beautiful she is as she hides her blush with her petite hands. But most of all, I want to be there for her. In good and bad times." 

 Scott and Stiles stranded perplex at Liam’s confession, and they knew they had to get you and Liam together. Little did Liam knew, that he was all Y/N thought about as well.

Loki's Labyrinth

TITLE: Loki’s Labyrinth

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter 1 of ?

AUTHOR: MrsWinxerSoldier (prev. SassyShoulderAngel319)

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being in an alternate universe where Loki is the Prince Jareth to your Sarah.


NOTES/WARNINGS: No warnings. I haven’t seen Labyrinth in a while so I don’t remember it exactly so there will be a few differences.


Babysitting wasn’t something I particularly enjoyed. My cousins were crazy. I mean, technically they were my second cousins because my first cousins were their parents. But they were still family and I was born in the awkward middle where my first cousins were fifteen years older than me and their kids ten or more years younger so I was stuck babysitting.

I was in charge of three of the ten wild children on my dad’s side of the family for the next six hours—from six in the evening to midnight. On top of that, it was raining, making the kids go even crazier than they already were. At least at around nine I could put them to bed and then just sit with my music and book until their parents got home.

In particular, the oldest of the three was a handful. He was almost nine years old and convinced he was Thor.

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