waitng for the bus

That Wasn't What I Meant

Request: Could you do an Alan Ashby one where you have a night out with the bands and Alan tags along and some other band member starts hitting on you and Alan gets jealous and it ends in smut thanx


“Y/N! Y/N! Look what I did!” Austin ran to my girlfriend to show her something on his phone

“That’s awesome! Oh My God, Austin!” She said looking at the small screen

“What?” I tried to see, but they were too busy to hear me

They got up and walked away talking about silly things and laughing around.


Late that night we were sitting on the couch cuddling when Phil started to talk something with her.

I got up and walked away showing my anger in each step.

“What’s happened?” I heard at distance

“I don’t know… Let me see” Y/N said

“Okay, I’m starving, lets get some food while they talk?” Austin said

I sat on the backlounge waitng to see what Y/N would say to me this time.

The bus door shut and Y/N walked over to me.

“Whats happening, Alan?” She crossed her arms, standing in front of me

I said nothing, just adjusted on my seat and held her thighs firmly, looking up on her eyes. My hands slid under her skirt and then under her underwear, pressing her butt forcefully. She closed her eyes and thrown her head back.

“I don’t like to see boys flirting with you, little one” I whispered

I pulled her pantied down to her knees and fingered her slit softly. Y/N let out a moan ans then started to take her shirt off. I pushed her bra up and grabed one of her breasts, massaging in brutally.

Her legs trembled and I felt her wetness, streaming over my fingers. Y/N pushed my arm and sat on my lap pulling my shirt off and attacking my neck with her lips, sucking and bitting a little.

One on my arms was around her waist while the my other hand was pulling her boobs together.

“Touch me, Alen” She whispered on my ear

I could be angry but nothing in this world was sexier than my girlfirend when she got dirty.

“Touch yourself for me little slut…” I whispered back

I spread her legs and Y/N started to touch her clit with one hand and the other she used to open my jeans, I adjusted to push them down a little and find my length, massaging it.

The moans the both of us were letting out where loud and lustful.

“I need you, now” She said trying to breath

“You need to convince me before…” I teased and she sighed

Y/N knelt in front of me and pulled, my half erect length. Kissing and sucking from the head to the base and massaging my balls carefully. She licked it all then grabbed the whole erection on her mouth, Making me moan like crazy. She bobbed her head some times while touched herself and I pushed her head, fucking deeper her mouth, almost gagging her.

Y/N took her mouth off and breathed deeply.

“Alan, please” She begged “Please”

I pulled her by the hair and she sat on my lap with one leg in each side of my hips.

“Now, you’re gonna feel hell” I said, looking deep in her eyes

I positioned it and pulled her sitting on my erection, penetrating deep on her. Y/N started slow movements but it wasn’t pleasing me so I forced her to go faster and deeper, with my hands pressing her hips, pulling and pushing.

“Alan, I can’t handle it!” She said between moans

“Yes, you can…” I pulled her hair “Even if you can’t, you will, anyway.”

My mouth attacked one of her nipples and I kept sucking it hard, till I got tired.

I pushed Y/N aside and put her on four on the groung. She looked a little norvous but I had to make it clear, who she belong to. So, I adjusted on her entry and pushed the whole thing in. Y/N yelled in pain and I started slow movements waiting for her to calm down.

“Alan, you’re going to kill me” She whispered, breathing heavily.

I ignored her coment and made everything fasted and fasted, maybe a little painful, but just the way I wanted. She tried to dodge but it just made thing worse, because I loved that feel of being more than people could get.

“You’re going to get it till the end, babe” I groaned at her

She said nothing so I held her hairs and pulled them forcefully. Y/N was moaning a lot and I could feel she was coming. So did I.

I made everything harder because I wanted her to explode, and I did. Coming very soon too. I took it off of her and saw that things streaming down her thigh. Laying on the floor, pulling her to lay over me.

“Are you okay?” She asked looking at me

“Yes…” I said breathless “I just got a little jealous…”

“That fine” She kissed my forehead

“Don’t ignore me to talk with them….” I looked down

“I didn’t” She said thinking “I’m sorry If you felt ignored. That wasn’t what I meant”

“I know, honey”