All right, so here it is. Its four thirty in the morning, and I’ve finally got all the parts working, so without further adieu, I give you:

The Custom Cast Order Waitlist

In order to try and ensure more people have a chance at getting their own custom cast without having to do the equivalent of camping outside the ticket booth for three days in the freezing rain, we’re implementing a waitlist. What does this mean? More people will have the ability to order any of our regular run casts critters, in colours of their choice, without having to wait for openings (huzzah!).

What can I order?
You can order any pre-existing cast critter from our line-up which is not limited edition, or retired.
A full list with prices can be found here.

How do I get on this fabled waitlist?
A $50 non-refundable deposit secures you a spot in the queue. Your deposit counts toward the total cost of your order.

Your deposit can be made via our shop here.

2) Fill out this form.

3) Wait for your confirmation email which will include the total cost, with shipping. Once you’ve received this, you’re in the queue!

How does it work?
Like any other waiting list really.
We will be going through the queue in an orderly fashion. Once we get to you, we’ll send you an invoice for either the full, or partial payment as you indicated on your order form. You have 72 hours from this point to pay the invoice, or we’ll skip over you to someone else and come back to you again later.

Once you’ve paid your invoice, we get down to it.

Upon completion, we will either send off your wee beastie if you’ve paid in full, or send you a second invoice for the remainder of the amount owing, and send your critter along once that’s been paid.

Full details, with the TOS can be found riiiight here.

Please note orders taken now are not instantly active, as we have a few other things to finish up first! And as ever, if you have any questions please STICK TO EMAIL. Bones is much better at questions than I am. I’m mostly decorative.

i haven’t been able to like and reblog all of everyone’s acceptance posts, but i want all of you to know that i’m super proud of you and i couldn’t be more excited!! those colleges are lucky to have you!

also, if you haven’t gotten into the school of your dreams, or you’re really struggling with waitlists or rejections, i’m here for you - you did your best, and that’s all you can do. if those schools can’t see that, fuck them. they’re missing out on someone great, and you’re gonna do amazing things at whatever awesome school you end up at.

A Letter to the School that Broke My Heart:

Exactly one year ago today, I finally received the email I had been waiting for months to arrive. Exactly one year ago today, I felt my heartbeat grow faster as I opened the email. Exactly one year ago today, I felt my heart break into a million pieces as I read the email. Exactly one year ago today, I was waitlisted at my dream school.

Today I want to say thank you to the school that broke my heart. Thank you for teaching me how to accept my flaws. Last year this moment made me realize it’s okay to cry and enabled me to express many of my raw emotions. I cried for hours on end, and I needed that. All of those tears made me who I am today. They let me see it’s okay to be sad sometimes, and they showed me who my true supporters in life are.

Thank you for teaching me the value of love and friendship. That day was hard, but it would have been even harder had I not had so many people who love me to help. That email made me realize my parents will always be rooting for me and trying to help me reach my goals. My friends will always be ready to capture me from my house to take me out to dinner and gather at their houses after to take my mind off of things. My teachers will always be there to talk to and are more than willing to talk me through anything. And most importantly–a loving hug from any of these individuals can solve a lot of my problems.

Thank you for teaching me how to handle rejection. Rejection is tough regardless of when it happens, but for me it always came at the worst possible times. Thank you for helping me realize I am stronger than I think I am, and that I am not defined by my shortcomings. My flaws are part of whom I am, and I’ve learned to love all of them.

Thank you for making me open my eyes. I realized with this email the college admissions process is flawed. I realized a lot of it depends on chance and that sometimes people can do everything and still have things not work out. This realization made me appreciate all of the other amazing places I had been accepted to. In the end, this helped me find my current home.

Thank you for helping me find my current school. I love that place more than anything, and I honestly cannot picture myself anywhere else. This place makes me happy when I walk around campus. This place helped me meet my friends. This place is where I belong. This place is home. I’m so incredibly thankful I found this special place, and I wouldn’t wish things any other way.

Thanks again for breaking my heart, dream school. I needed that.

Wait List

I got an email the other day saying that I had been put on the wait list for a research program that I had applied to, but that everyone who had been accepted had accepted and therefore they were not accepting anyone else.

And while a normal person would be upset about not getting it all i could think was, I AM WAIT LIST MATERIAL!!!

Arizona Vetarans Given Fatal Waitlist

At least 40 U.S. veterans died waiting for appointments at the Phoenix Veterans Affairs Health Care system, many of whom were placed on a secret waiting list. The secret list was part of an elaborate scheme designed by Veterans Affairs managers in Phoenix who were trying to hide that 1,400 to 1,600 sick veterans were forced to wait months to see a doctor, according to a recently retired top VA doctor and several high-level sources.”

This underscores the Red State/conservative mentality about two massive subjects:  1.] not expanding health care coverage and 2.] unconditionally mistreating veterans/public workers.

It is the conservative reflexive notion to make people wait, to limit access, to give care to those that ‘deserve’ it. This mindset creates a dark world with eroding compassion and hostility toward the vulnerable.

Hey guys, we’ve gotten a lot of questions about being waitlisted, so I decided to create a post to explain certain things!

First, what does waitlisting mean?

Universities waitlist students who have met the requirements for acceptance but there is no room for them in the college, or even the major, that they have chosen. Universities sometimes will not accept someone as an engineering major, but accept them in the college of general studies. Universities usually admit more students than they can fit in their college, as they know only some will accept and go there. Once accepted students decide if they are going to that college, the university can look at waitlisted students.

Can I figure out where I am on the list?

It all depends on the college! Sometimes you can call the admissions office and they’ll be able to inform you of what number you are. Remember to be friendly even if they decide not to tell you because they know who you are now! Ask if you are eligible for financial aid if you do get accepted. If not, you should probably ask to be taken off the list, unless you don’t need financial help.

What are my chances of being accepted after waitlisting?

According to the National Association of College Admission Counseling (NACAC), 30% of waitlisted students get in. Remember it may be lower depending on how selective the college is.

Can I improve my chances?

The answer is a solid maybe. You want to establish who you are to the school without being annoying or desperate. Things you can do are:

-Send in an email about the college being your first choice, that you’re excited, etc.
-Call the school to let them know you’re still interested.
-Talk to an admissions representative and establish a relationship. Send in updated grades, awards, new extracurriculars.  

What other steps should I take?

Send in your deposit to a different school that you have been accepted in. Understand that there’s a large chance you won’t be accepted to the school you’re waitlisted at, and come to terms with it. Enjoy your senior year of high school and realize you’ll have a great time no matter where you go as long as you have the right attitude. Maybe you just weren’t meant to be there….but maybe you were! If you seriously want to attend that particular college, you can always transfer after freshman year!


I got into the speech class I reeeeally wanted to get into! 

AND I did something wrong when I signed up for it, so I wasn’t even on the wait list!

AND the professor is really really really funny!

It’s a good day, you guys. A really good day.

Dear Teenage Geniuses,

Yeah I’m talking to you guys.

I know some of you applied to schools like UCLA and Berkeley as your “back up” and don’t actually intend on going there. Or for some, these aren’t even your dream schools.

Some of you have probably been accepted to far more prestigious and elite universities and have your heart set on that school already.

If this is the case, please do the rest of us teenagers who are not exactly up to par with you a favor, and decline their admission so someone who actually WANTS to attend these schools can get off the waitlist and have YOUR spot. Please think of the other students who REALLY want to go to these schools.

There are some students who are ready to jump off buildings because they got waitlisted or flat out rejected to their dream university.



Alexis Andom

Advice for Waitlisted Students

We know many of you are wondering what you might be able to do after receiving a waitlist decision. Here are some (hopefully helpful) tips and bits of information I have for waitlisted students wondering “where do I go from here?”

First and foremost…

-          Take a second to pause, relax, enjoy a delicious food treat, and think about something that isn’t college just for a moment. I promise: it will help!

OK, now for the facts!

-          The only thing you need to do to be considered part of our waiting list is to accept your place on the waitlist through your UChicago Account. And, it’s perfectly fine if you don’t want to remain on our wait list! If you have been accepted to a college you would prefer to attend, it is OK to decline your place on the waiting list, too, and this can also be done through your UChicago account.

-          We do hope to be able to admit students off of the waitlist, but do not know how many students we will be able to admit. In past years, our ability to take students from our waiting list has ranged widely, from zero to many dozens of students.

  • Remember, our ability to take students off of the waitlist this year is independent of our ability to do so in past years—when we know we will have more beds in our dorms than admitted students deciding to attend to fill them, we offer those places to students on our waiting list.

-          Our waitlist is not ranked, meaning that no priority or placement is given to certain students on our waitlist vs. other students. You have a place in a pool of students who have been waitlisted rather than a ranked position in a line.

-          We do not yet know if or when we will be able to extend offers of admission to students off of the waiting list. Therefore, it is imperative that waitlisted students accept and secure a place at a school to which you have been accepted by May 1, the national reply date for all colleges. We strongly encourage you to look carefully and thoughtfully at your options, and to find a place at a school that will be a good intellectual, social, and financial fit for you should UChicago not become an option.

-          You may wish to indicate your continued interest in UChicago by emailing your regional admissions counselor. It only advised to send a brief email indicating that UChicago is still a top choice for you, and it’s ok to wait to do this—we strongly encourage you to wait, consider the other options you have as further decisions roll in, and then decide whether or not UChicago remains your top choice with knowledge of your other amazing possibilities. Submitting other additional material such as recommendation letters, additional essays, etc is not necessary, nor do we recommend doing so.

-          We strongly discourage waitlisted students from visiting campus. Your likelihood of admission from the waiting list is not affected by a campus visit, and we won’t be able to offer you any additional information here that we couldn’t otherwise offer you by phone or by email. We want to encourage you and your parents to use your time, resources, and energy to visit schools to which you have been accepted, so that you can determine which of your (likely awesome!) options will be the best fit for you.  

ok so I feel kind of weird asking about this on here...

..but I’m so unsure, I feel like I need to.

I was all set and ready to go to Lehigh University in the fall for engineering; however, I just found out I got off the wait-list at Brown University but only for the fall of 2013 meaning I would have to take a gap year and start college next fall instead.

I have soo many mixed feelings. Brown as a general university has a better reputation and it is an Ivy but Lehigh is known for it’s engineering program. And I was so prepared to go to college in 2 months, a whole other year is a long time. But then again people who take gap years love them and it could be one of the only opportunities I ever have to do things like travel.

Does anyone have any thoughts or advice for me?

Waitlisted Schizophrenia

I got waitlisted this weekend.

Being put on a school’s waitlist is about the most confusing thing in the world. Because no matter what you feel, it doesn'tfeelright. You get excited: heck, they’re considering you and you’re on the list and you could get a letter any day this summer having them tell you to sign up for classes - you’re in!

But that doesn’t feel quite right because it’s definitely not a guarantee. The odds of admission are different for every school and for every academic year. So there’s also the possibility that you take the glass-half-empty approach and all you can think is: “I didn’t get in.” Which is technically not true because there’s always the possibility that…

And see how it goes round and round in this sort of alternatingly encouraging and self-deprecating cycle of emotional turmoil? Being waitlisted is its very own emotion, I would say. It’s a whole process, and I feel like it - more or less - goes like this:

1. Cry. This one is entirely optional and given your state of mind when you find out, crying is a very real possibility.

2. Rage (also, an alternative to Step 1). Again, if you’re in the appropriate state of mind, you might need to go outside and let out a really primal scream in your driveway.

3. Wallow. Grace period of between 12-36 hours (after that it just gets patently unhealthy) wherein you convince yourself that you are a complete idiot and were stupid for applying in the first place. Or alternatively, you are convinced that your education has plateau’d and without the advantage of this school, you will never get to where you want to be in life.

External image

4. Alternating patterns of denial (“I’ll hear from them, they’re bound to let me in, my application was rockin’”) and something akin to acceptance.

5. Make shit happen. Realize that instead of passively laying on your bedroom floor/kitchen table/neighbor’s lawn/best friend’s couch and waiting for the academic deities to take you from this world, it might be best to actuallydo something. Respond to the letter/email confirming that you want to stay on the school’s waitlist. Call the admissions office, tell them you got waitlisted but you still really love the school and want to come and take a tour. Or if it’s too far away, ask to speak to an admissions representative and ask some pertinent questions about the school. Make your interest known. The amount of stories I have heard of people having their waitlist turn to an acceptance after showing a proactive interest in the school is vast.

So suck it up and realize that you’re going to have to play nice and talk yourself up, and maybe kiss some butt.

External image

I’m currently at Step 4 and at the beginning of the week I will take my own advice and call admissions to reassert my interest and I will ask for a tour. Because even though I live rather close to this school, I have never been and I really should if I want to go so bad.

Wish me luck. I shall keep y'all posted.