Due dates and babies this week

Me! Due 11/12/12

Hannah (grewupatmidnight.tumblr.com) due 12/12/12

Lisa (babyboywatson.tumblr.com) due 12/12/12

Crystal (frostbittenmoonbabe.tumblr.com) due 12/12/12

Sarah (waitingforindia.tumblr.com) Due 12/12/12

Dawn (x-o-dawnanderson-m2b.tumblr.com) was due 04/12/12 getting induced on 14/12/12

Cassandra (livebreathegrow.tumblr.com) due 14/12/12

Megan (naturalmomma.tumblr.com) due 16/12/12

Sonya (hippypotter.tumblr.com) due 17/12/12

Who am I missing?

Going to eat some breakfast

and then my mom is coming to get me and we are going to my OB appointment and then we are going out to lunch with one of my closest friends Eli and her mom( who is also close friends with my mom) 

Wish me luck that I’m more dilated or there is at least some noticeable progress!

I’ll update you guys as soon as I can!

Good luck today Megan and Sarah!