Mianite Fandom: It’s been 7 months since the end of season 2! It’s dying and losing steam. I can’t believe I have to wait this long!

Shadow of Israphel Fandom: Try waiting four years without a solid promise that it’s coming back.

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Hey guys! It’s been awhile :) I want to tell you I love you and I have no idea why so many of you are with me but that’s amazing <3 I just have to tell I really appreciate your kind words, your messages and I hope you’ll send me some of your arts because I really want to share it on my blog :) my email is: santo.misaki@gmail.com

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Advent Midnight

An hour before midnight
and while houses are filled
with sleeping people
the heavens, trees, and air
are awake and alive
with joyful anticipation.

The trees are so excited
one taps my shoulder
in greeting and points to
its angel neighbor
whose leafy wings are
raised in adoration.

Up the hill with a
passing ‘Merry Christmas!’
the air is overflowing
with unsung, unheard music
from beyond the moon and stars.

In reply the trees
cry out ‘We want to dance!’
and lift snow laden limbs
in lilting, leaping, appeal.

One giant stands guard,
unnoticed, unappreciated,
stretching into the frozen night.
In melancholy joy the
stolid sentry stands to his post,
watching, waiting.
A murmured thank you
and he smiles after me
with an almost imperceptible bow

Back down the hill
under Orion’s watchful gaze
the ice forms as buds
on the twigs and branches,
new life in death.

Walking under the stars
I recall the one star
that lit the way
to the Christ child.

I love you. I really do. And I can’t think about anything or anyone else. I think about you every minute of everyday. I love you.

But I can’t love you, it hurts too much. Loving you is hurting me and I can’t do it anymore. I won’t.

I feel a little sorry for newer fans who won’t know the joy of waiting for the books. Or the insanity that is downloading the final book before it was released and reading it via photographs taken of all the pages of the book. Anyone else remember that? The book laid down, open, and someone took photos of the pages before the book was released. Such joy in getting to know before others.