We’re all sinking in the same boat here. We’re all bored and desperate and waiting for something to happen. Waiting for life to get better. Waiting for things to change. Waiting for that one person to finally notice us. We’re all waiting. But we also need to realize that we all have the power to make those changes for ourselves.
—  Susane Colasanti, Waiting For You

My review of Waiting for You.

The film itself is enjoyable but nothing particularly special.

Taking place for the most part in it’s French setting, the cinematography is generally unsettling.

You cannot relax between the time cuts and the eerie silences. Which makes you highly aware of everything little sound and movement.

Colin for his part as Paul is flawless. Perfectly embodying the mannerisms of the 20-something who doesn’t know what to do with their life.

As Paul sleeps with his arms wrapped around himself in some sort of half-hug you feel his loneliness and directionless even more viscerally, and you can’t help but route for him even as his actions boarder into more questionable territory.

The camera truly loves Colin, with close-ups abound. His fluffy, and just this side of unkempt, curling around his ears.

The plot is not the strongest, many things are left unsaid, the viewer left to come to their own conclusions about somethings. But it does hold interest none the less.

After the film, Charles answered a few questions, saying:
- They do want to have a mainstream cinema release, but they are still struggling to get it, so will continue with the screenings as a part of film festivals.
- Charles approached Colin about the role after discovering him in some interviews online.
- Colin wrote a partial essay on his character, and his lines. While on the other hand Fanny made no notes, and played her character mysterious.
- Colin and Fanny were kept separate during rehearsals so their final meeting could be more genuine.

You know the reason why I’m still waiting for him? It’s because I don’t want to spend my whole life wondering ‘what if he comes back looking for me’.
—  Late night thoughts #33 // i can wait forever

Dan thinks I am always strong
But sometimes he has been wrong
For I have been vulnerable to pain
Once in a while it spills out like rain

That’s when I’d like strength of his arms
To wrap me up in his supportive charms
Hold me tight within his energy
I’m courageous, but a tender woman definitely

I offer my strength when friends need me
Listening as they lean on me
But there are times occasionally
I’m gonna need somebody to lean on