my favorite new york moment. we were waiting for the subway late at night and it was taking forever but it was ok because this man was playing the most beautiful melodies and everything else was silent and i sang along to the songs i recognized and he smiled at me.

nyc, aug 2017

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Here’s the promised video of Stumpy walking around!

I had to wait until night time when she was up to get it so not to wake her up to do so.  I really wanted to show exactly how she moves about with just the two legs at the left side.  From what I can gather, she likely missing all of her right front leg while her right hind leg she might have some of her leg left which is how she’s able to walk still.   I made sure not to let her walk too long, I rather her walking in soft bedding vs a hard surface.  As far as researching purposes, she the second case of a two legged hamster I’ve found online. 

For those wondering and didn’t see my first post, Stumpy is a hamster my family adopted from my job.  Stumpy was surrendered to us by her previous owner and was discovered she missing all her legs on her right side, due to severe neglect.  Her chances of adopt were slim due to how bad her disability is and needing special care and a special set up.  This where we came in and have given her a forever home to live out her days and let me say, she’s awesome despite that.  

This video also serves as a reminder and to educate people how a lot of the so called ‘ plastic hamster cages/hamster balls” out in the market are ABSOLUTELY DANGEROUS to these guys.  Its likely what cause Stumpy to have lost her limbs in the first place, THIS COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED. 

Why You Will Never Forget The Signs:

(And why you shouldn’t).

Aries: With them everything was easy. They had a strong, impulsive personality; one that made them look as someone who wasn’t afraid of anyone nor anything. They were honest and caring, and above all, they were always by your side no matter what. It’s normal to never forget an Aries… they were too special.

Taurus: They were too attentive. They didn’t give you everything at every hour, but when you least expected they appeared with that thing you were waiting for during weeks. Even when they were sad, they made you smile. And yes, you miss them.

Gemini: Every time you took a look on Gemini, you had one thing clear: they were one of the most expressive people you knew. They texted you just to know if you were doing ok, if you had arrived your home safe and to tell you that they missed you. They seemed to know exactly how you felt. They cared too much about you, and they weren’t even afraid to show it. You should call them.

Cancer: They were kind of complicated, especially with those mood swings… But when you discovered that they just needed love, you realized how amazing they were. They were the one who waited for you in the night, the one who texted you a million times just to tell you they were thinking about you, the one who looked for you everywhere because they wanted a hug. Maybe you don’t remember exactly when they left, but you do remember all the times they made you feel complete.

Leo: They’re just too hard to forget. Leo spent time with you, Leo made you feel soft, warm, loved. Leo was magic. Leo was the Sun, because when they left, it suddenly felt cold and dark. Everything changed. You told yourself you’re doing okay, but it’s not true. You can’t forget them because your life it’s not the same without them.

Virgo: You tried to find somebody like them, but you didn’t success. Virgo could listen to you talking about the same topic for hours and hours, and they wouldn’t complain. They didn’t tell you ‘i love you’, but they made you feel loved. Virgo was different, and, at the same time, Virgo was just like you.

Libra: They weren’t afraid to tell you how they felt and that they’d missed you, even when it wasn’t convenient for them. Libra believed in love, friendship, and everything pure in this world. And you admired them for that. It’s okay if you can’t forget them; nobody could.

Scorpio: They gave everything for you. They were there for you when nobody else was, they held you when you were falling apart, they told you not what you wanted to hear – but the truth, and now you realize that that’s what you really needed back then. They supported you, and now that they’re gone you feel as if they had left a hole in you. Well, … maybe you should speak to them again.

Sagittarius: You will never forget the excitement you felt when talking to them on the phone in the late, late night. Their laugh, their jokes, their stories. You will never forget them because they made you feel. You miss their energy and how they smiled when they spoke.

Capricorn: They had strength, they had bravery, they had character. Beside them, you learnt how to be mature, how to be a better person; to understand life. Perhaps it’s true that you didn’t miss them at first, but now they’re the only thing you can think about. Stop waiting for a sign. Call them.

Aquarius: It is quite complicated to forget someone who always tries to make everyone happy, someone who made you feel free and gave you all their love and trust, and that, my friend, is your case. You felt safe and sound next to them, and you learnt how to enjoy the littlest things in life.

Pisces: You will remember their generosity, their kindness, their patience towards others. Pisces was too special for you, because you always had that strange feeling of freshness with them. Probably they were your favorite person in the world. Maybe you won’t forget them in the near future, and maybe you shouldn’t try to.

Ok so Dany is very beautiful so it’s no wonder Jon was immediately attracted to her

But imagine if he had seen her in the dresses she wore in Quarth and Mereen where it was much warmer than it is in Dragonstone/The North:

I can’t wait for the Long Night and Winter to come and go because jonny boi is in for some sexy af outfits from his queen



short, sweet, & to the point back to school tips

An anon recently asked for some back to school tips, so I thought I’d give a few for both high school and college.

For high school & college:

  • Need new stuff? Have you checked your backpack? Is it falling apart? Make sure your most basic needs are covered.
  • Be certain you have the right supplies for each class, such as a folder and a notebook for each.
  • Of course, make sure you have pencils, pens, paperclips, tape, post-it’s, index cards, and anything else you might need.
  • Prepare your workspace! Clean out your desk and make sure everything has a designated space. Clear away clutter. A cluttered desk makes for a cluttered mind.
  • Freshen your wardrobe! If you have the extra cash, use some to buy yourself new clothes and shoes. It’ll definitely get you in the back-to-school spirit.
  • Did you do your work for over the summer? Please do not wait until the last week/day/night to do this. Try to enjoy the rest of your break!
  • Do you have a reading list for the upcoming year/semester? If so and if you have the time, get a head start on your reading before you start getting busy.
  • Get a planner or a bullet journal! Set it up and fill out as much as you can: important dates, big projects, etc.
  • When picking a seat on the first day, sit at the front of the classroom. You’ll be free from distractions, be able to hear & see better, and more likely than not your questions will be answered.
  • Start organized, stay organized. Keep all your handouts in separate folders or binders. Use a color coded system: match your folder/binder to your notebook for a particular class.
  • Get on a good sleep schedule. Gradually start going to bed earlier and waking up earlier. It takes two weeks to establish a new sleep schedule.

For college:

  • Make sure you have everything you need to furnish your dorm or apartment!
  • Stock up on some healthy study snacks.
  • Look at a map of your campus and learn the routes you will have to take to get to your classes. You don’t want to be late on the first day!
  • Get your books early to err on the side of caution. Professors are very unsympathetic to, “I didn’t do my reading because I didn’t have the book.” Figure out how much you’ll use your books and/or if you can effectively share, and sell your books back as soon as you can.

Best of luck to everyone as you get ready to head back to school!

I can’t wait for the winter nights with you, cuddled up under a blanket with mugs of hot chocolate, your face lit up by the fairy lights as a movie plays quietly in the background, but I’m only half paying attention because I keep looking up at you. My head resting on your shoulder as I sit, wrapped up in one of your oversized hoodies as we snuggle together to keep out the cold. 

I can’t write when I’m happy, most of the time.

It’s an unfortunate affliction, but I’d much rather be happy and empty of words than sad and pouring my heart out onto a piece of paper.

I’d much rather have your arms around me every night than fall asleep next to a phone filled with unsent letters and apologies that are nonsensical and unnecessary. Nostalgia once was a friend of mine.

I feel like I’m floating most days. I can soar high into the atmosphere, high enough to see where the rainbows start and sit on the clouds like they’re thrones. The only thing tethering me to this earth is your hand pressed firmly into mine, fingers intertwined and unflinching in their grasp.

I don’t write very much because it all spills out the same. You are the love of my life, you know this. I need you. I crave you. You’re the air in my lungs and the stars in my sky and I’d pluck every single one down and give all of them to you if you asked me to. But you don’t ask, because you know. You don’t need the stars as long as I’m waiting for you at home every night.

I don’t write because I’m not scared anymore. I’m not afraid to let my love pour out of my mouth and dribble down my chin. It’s messy and half the time I’m buried into your neck, but you listen and love me right back. It’s special.

You told me connections like this are hard to find. I rolled my eyes back then, but I get it now. When two hearts beat in sync, you don’t let that go twice.

—  cut scene: “i can’t find the words to write because i’ve said them all to you already”

I can’t wait for cool nights and lots of blankets, wine, candles lit all over the apartment, fresh flowers on the dining room table, iced coffee, the smell of pine trees and cold weather, pumpkin picking, the colors of the leaves changing, hand holding, oversized sweaters, bonfires, football games, breakfast for dinner, and you.