waiting waiting waiting for her debut


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Red vs Blue

I’m very excited for this season because I feel like when you have the end in sight, so much more gets released about the story. To say we’re going to do another 20 episodes after this 20 really just draws out the ending and our fans who’ve been so patient through six seasons deserve answers.

Blackjacks, what’s going on lately? This “Minzy blocking fans on her Instagram” issue makes me worried for the group and Minzy too. I’ve read the article about why is Minzy doing it and I think she had enough. Don’t send her something like hate comments or comments that can make her loose her confidence. You know, our maknae Minzy has the best confidence while she is is performing. I don’t want this some kind of issue anymore. Bom’s is resting because of the issue, CL is preparing for her U.S debut and Dara’s been doing a film lately. Minzy’s being happy and relaxed on her vacation. Let’s just wait for them to have their comeback, VIPs have waited for almost 3 years for Bigbang to release their 3rd full length album. We, too Blackjacks can wait right? Nolja 2NE1!! ^^