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Friends - Tom Holland x Reader imagine

Title: Friends
Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader
Synopsis: Friends just sleep in another bed and friends don’t treat me like you do. I know that there’s a limit to everything but my friends won’t love me like you.
Word Count: 4.7k
WARNING: NSFW, 18+, includes smut and swearing
A/N: yet another collab with nat aka @peterfuckinparker​, oops? also, listen to friends by ed sheeran before/whilst you read, ok????

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Can I?

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Jeff Atkins x Reader
Request: No.
Word Count: 1,205
A/N: Finally a Jeff imagine! I’ve been waiting to try and finish other requests before I made this one but there was a ton of Alex requests, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE <3 I didn’t want it to be back to back Alex so I decided to mix it up a bit. Also, sorry if the ending is crappy :( Hopefully this is a good one, feel free to send in requests for ships, preferences and other imagines! Enjoy! <3
Warnings: None
(Y/C/N) = Your crush’s name
Italics = You, Bold = Jeff

   “So, what do you think?” You came out twirling in the short, off the shoulder, navy blue dress that you’d purchased earlier this week. Your high school crush had asked you out on a date, and you wanted to make sure that you looked presentable. For you, it was only appropriate to ask your best friend Jeff Atkins for help. He’d known you for the longest time and surprisingly had nice taste in dresses. Of course you’ve been on a date before, but this time you wanted everything to be perfect. However, ever since you had asked Jeff for help, he had been acting really weird and you didn’t know what was up with him. You’d decided to brush it off, thinking it was some personal issue, but something told you it was a bit more than that.
“So?” You played with the hem of your dress and looked down, Jeff had been sitting there silent for a while now and it really had you worried. “Do you not like it?” Pushing a strand of loose hair behind your ear, you frowned and looked up at him. “N-no! Yes! I mean…you look great.” “But” “But?” You sighed, “Jeff please don’t lie to me, if I don’t look good then-” He stood up from his spot on the couch and walked over to you, putting his hands on your bare shoulders, “You look amazing, and as far as I’m concerned, (Y/C/N) is the luckiest guy ever to able to have such an amazing girl like you.” His words made you smile and a rosy tint dusted your cheeks. “Thank you, Jeff…” You stood on your toes to kiss his cheek and ran upstairs to grab your purse. “Well I need to get going, or else I’m going to late! Are you gonna stay here?” Jeff muttered out a small ‘yeah’ and plopped back down onto the couch, picking up the remote and flipping through the channels. “Don’t wait up!” You giggled and jogged over to your car sitting on the side of the street in front of your house. Turning the key, you started the car up and made your way to Rosie’s diner.
   You had had about three milkshakes at this point and you were completely livid, but also sad. (Y/C/N) stood you up and it was the most discouraging thing ever. Maybe you would’ve understood a bit more if he would’ve texted you or called you, but he didn’t. You were feeling insecure, and wondered exactly what it was that made him change his mind about wanting to date you. You already had other insecurities that you’ve been dealing with, and now this? Pulling out your phone you dialed Jeff’s number, hoping that he would pick up. “Hello?” “J-Jeff?” You’d promised yourself that you wouldn’t cry but you couldn’t hold the tears back any longer. You were feeling so broken and rejected. “What happened?” he asked, worry defined in his voice. You could only shake your head and sit there, you wanted him to get it without you having to say it. He was really good at that, an expert at understanding you. “I’m coming to you okay? Stay there.” The line went dead, and you buried your face in your hands.
   Not too long after, Jeff had entered the diner and sat in the booth across from you.  He placed his hands on your wrists and moved them from covering your face. “He stood you up.” If anything it was more of a statement then a question, to which you nodded your head. “I promise the next time I see him I’m gonna-” “Don’t, please.” You smiled weakly at him, putting your hand on top of his to calm him down. Jeff let out a sigh and got up to slide into the seat next to you, he was angry and it really showed. However you didn’t need to him be angry with (Y/C/N), you needed him to comfort you. Placing his arm around your waist, he brought you closer to his body and wiped your tears away with his thumb. “Do you want to know why I’ve been acting strange this week?” You wondered why he’d brought this up at a time like this, but you’ve been curious since that day. “Sure.” He paused for a minute before answering, “I was jealous.” Coughing a little, you took the warm glass of water sitting on the table and took a sip. “Jealous?” You questioned. “Hear me out. You’ve always made me very happy. When you asked me to help you because you had a date…I mean I was happy for you but angry at myself. I was angry because I knew I was going to lose you-” “Jeff, you’re never going to lose me. We’ll always be best friends.” Jeff’s mood had completely changed, and there was something there that had tugged on your heart. “You don’t get it do you? I don’t want to be your best friend. I want to be more than that, and seeing you so hyped for another guy made me realize that I love you. I was angry because I felt that all these other guys were gonna try to play you, and look at where we are now. I know I can give you the world, you just have to let me.” You thought about it for a minute before giving Jeff an answer. “Okay.” It felt weird for a second, your best friend becoming your boyfriend, but you knew that Jeff would make sure you only had the best. He grabbed your car keys, then pulled you outside. Opening the door for you, you got in the car and giggled at the gentleman that he was. “Where are we going?” “You’ll see.”
The car ride was pretty quiet, much like your surroundings. You were about ready to drift to sleep until you felt the car stop. “This is it.” Jeff got out of the car and walked around to your side to let you out. You followed him to the wooden fence that prevented you from falling, and the view of the city absolutely was breathtaking. “Woah…” you gasped, leaning forward over the fence a little. “Easy there tiger,” Jeff laughed while placing his hands on your hips to stable you, “It’s…beautiful.” Your eyes twinkled at the bright lights that shone down below. “Not as beautiful as you.“ You giggled looking back at him, “You’re an idiot Jeff Atkins.” “Yeah but you love it,” he said shrugging. “Ever since you’ve announced your crush on (Y/C/N), I’ve always thought you deserved better than him. Now you’ve got it.” You wrapped your arms around his neck and leaned up to kiss him. “You’re really confident aren’t you?” “There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a little confident.” He flashed you one of his most famous smiles and captured your lips in another heated kiss.
   "Hey, since we’re dating now does that mean I get to wear your jacket?“ You looked up at him hopeful as he responded, "Of course, anything for you babe.” Squealing you pulled him with you to sit on the hood of the car, enjoying the view for another few hours before finally heading home.


Protective Tony x reader - part 2

A/N: Part 2 to “Protective Tony x reader” has finally arrive!!!!!!!

Warnings: Graphic descriptions and images of sex/sexual activities.

“Tony! Tony wait up!” I jog after him in the hallway.

“What the hell was that back there?” I pant out, once I’ve finally reached him.

 Tony sighs, turning around and looking at me.

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“You’re my friend Y/N, I was just protecting you from Montgomery, that’s all.” He says. I look down, slightly in disappointment. Of course he’s just protecting me from Montgomery. That’s what friends do right? A little part of me wishes there was another reason behind why Tony acted the way he did in the cafeteria, but I know that the possibility is highly unlikely. 

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the breakup // montgomery de la cruz

summary: montgomery de la cruz, a well-known student in liberty high. he hung with the popular crowd, got into very many fights and was seen with a different girl every week. long story short, he was a total dick. well, that was the case until she came into his life.

word count: 1562 words

a/n: this is based off the song the break up by lany which i have been listening to for weeks. i’ve been having a lot of monty feels lately too so i was inspired to write this. i put a lot of effort into this, i hope you guys like it. also, i recommend listening to the song while reading

you can listen to the song here

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Jumping heart to heart, and it’s starting to wear me down
“He’s a total dick” is my reputation around town

“Alright, I’ll see you around babe.” Monty winked at the blonde. He couldn’t even recall her name. But there he was, leading her on, making her think there was something between them. She was simply a good fuck, a girl he hooked up with last night.

“I’ll see you around babe,” A voice mocked from behind. Monty turned around and found a snickering Bryce. “Damn Monty, who was that?”

“Hey man,” He scratched the back of his neck. “I don’t even remember her name.”

“You’re a fucking playboy. That’s what you are!” Bryce howled, giving him a pat on the back.

They got a pretty face, but they got a pretty empty head
And I want to stick around but damn I’m bored

Monty was currently on a date with the blonde from last week. He asked her out just so he could get out of the house during the weekend. Although deep inside, he was hoping that maybe, just maybe, his brain would flip a switch and view her as more than a something he could play with. Love perhaps. Monty was human; all he wanted was to find love like everyone else.

“What do you think, Monty?” The blonde asked.

He quickly snapped out of his thoughts. “Um no?” He answered, not even having the slightest clue of what she was talking about.

“You’re not even listening to me! I asked if you preferred pizza or salad.” She huffed in irritation. He shrugged in response, obviously not having a care in the world.

“I’m getting out of here. Call me when you actually want to listen to me.” She stood up from the booth and sashayed away. He sighed and leaned back on his seat.

He made up his mind. He definitely did not like her. Sure, she was drop dead gorgeous and her attitude was somewhat tolerable but it just wasn’t working out for him.

Monty looked around the place and spotted a girl. He identified her as Y/N Y/L/N; he knew she went to Liberty High as well. He watched her carefully, she seemed to be enjoying her meal, shoveling curly fries into her mouth and he weirdly found that cute. Then and there, the switch he oh-so-wanted to flip… actually flipped. He was inexplicably drawn to her.

“Here goes nothing.” He mumbled to himself and before heading over to her table.

How the hell do you stay in love
You’re at dinner looking down playing with your knife and fork

Friday was date night for Y/N and Monty. She felt like their relationship lacked something lately so she wanted it to be perfect, already planning it a week before. She was going to cook his favorite meal and then catch a movie at The Crestmont after.

An hour passed and there was still no sign of him. Y/N sighed in frustration. The food was getting cold and they were already twenty minutes late to the movie. She grabbed her phone from the counter and sent him a quick text.

where are you? you said you’d be here at 6

No response.

Just as she was about to press call, Monty walked through the door.

“Hey babe,” He walked over to her giving her a peck on the cheek. “The food looks great.”

Y/N glared daggers at him. “Where were you? I was starting to get worried!”

“Relax. I was with Justin and Zach. We went to grab some beers after school.” He responded nonchalantly.

Anger coursed through her veins. “You blew me off for them? We had plans, de la Cruz.” She detached herself from his grip and headed for the door.

Another day, another argument. He was sick of it. “You’re always breathing down my neck, Y/N!” Monty bellowed from behind her.

Arguments weren’t new to their relationship. Y/N and Monty would argue every once in a while but recently it became more frequent. He complained on how she bitched about his actions all the time and how he felt like he wasn’t doing anything right. In her defense, she was just looking out for him. She didn’t want him to get hurt. More importantly, she was afraid of him going back to his old ways.

She stopped in her tracks and faced him. “Since when is it such a crime to look out for my boyfriend?”

“You call that looking out for me?” He gave her a sharp look and chuckled angrily. “It’s called being a-”

“Listen Monty,” She cut him off, voice stern. “I don’t want to hear it.” He opened his mouth to say something but shut it just as fast.

Y/N stared at the floor as minutes of agonizing silence passed. She could feel the heavy tension and she hated it. She couldn’t help but think this was going to be the end of their relationship. The thought of that possibility made her physically sick. She couldn’t lose him. She loved this boy with her all, she couldn’t give him up just like that.

Monty tugged at the ends of his hair and sighed. “I don’t want this anymore, Y/N. I want to be alone.“

Y/N felt like everything was crashing down on her. She swallowed hard, trying to hold back the tears that were threatening to spill. “Fine,” She seethed. “Just leave.”

You think you wanna be alone
Just wait until you’re crying on the shower floor
It hits you in the chest, ‘bout every day you’re done
Cause once you let it go you better know its gone

Monty tried to contact Y/N at least a few times after that night. She didn’t bother returning any of his calls or texts. He tried talking to her at school but she did a good job at avoiding him. She was absolutely dejected and she hated it. She hated how broken she was.

“Y/N, wait up!” Zach jogged over, stopping in front of her.

She bit her lip in unease. “This better be important. I’m almost late for class.”

“Well, uh listen, you gotta talk to Monty,” She scoffed at his words before letting him continue. “You guys need to sort this out. He hasn’t been doing well lately.”

She snapped at the mention of Monty. “And you think I am? Sorry to be rude but I see that this conversation isn’t important. I should get going.” She stormed away leaving Zach dumbfounded.

Just like Y/N, Monty was drowning in the ocean of heartbreak and regret. He felt broken too. He was always over at Bryce’s, getting drunk and wallowing in sadness. When he threw those last words at her that night, he immediately regretted it. All the anger and pain from their arguments the past few days, got to him and he took it out on her. It was all in the heat of the moment. He didn’t just want her back, he needed her back, but he knew that was near to impossible.

It’s never the same, uh, yeah, after the breakup
It’s never the same, love, don’t try to make up

Monty stepped out of the car and headed towards the front door of Y/N’s house. It’s been almost three weeks since their break up and Y/N finally agreed to his request of talking things out.

To say he was nervous was an understatement. He ran his hands through his hair, trying to calm himself down before ringing the doorbell. A few seconds passed before the door opened, revealing Y/N. He stared at her in awe. She looked better than ever, its almost as if his absence hadn’t affected her. In fact, she looked happier.

“You can, uh, come in.” She mumbled awkwardly before opening the door fully, letting him in.

He took a seat on the end of the couch and Y/N walked over and sat on the other end, she wanted to be as far away as possible from him.

“Y/N,” He looked at her, sincerity evident in his eyes. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have yelled at you like that. I shouldn’t have blown you off for Justin and Zach when it was our special day. For fuck’s sake, what was I thinking? I would pick my girlfriend over anything else. I should have been there. I’m sorry for ignoring all your effort and making you feel unimportant. I was so insensitive to your feelings. Y/N, letting you go was my biggest mistake. Please let me make it up to you, take me back.

“Ex girlfriend,” She corrected rather harshly. She closed her eyes and pinched the bridge of her nose before speaking again. “I had a lot of time to think about us and honestly, Monty, you’re right. I don’t think this will work out. Plus, I’m not gonna allow myself to be treated like shit again.” He could feel his heart shatter as she spoke.

She took a deep breath. “I’m sorry but I think breaking up is for the best.” He simply nodded at her, too upset to come up with a response.

They stood at the doorway, saying their goodbyes. He looked at her for the last time and in that moment, it dawned upon him, that he, Montgomery de la Cruz had lost the girl he loved for good.

Melomaniac (m)

» one who is passionate about music.


Words: 11,191 (i’m sorry)

Genre: Smut, punk!jeon by night, school prep boy!jeon by day.

Summary: “Your mother had always warned you about boys in ripped jeans and messy hair but she never warned you about boys like Jeon Jungkook.”

A/N: Idk what this is I’m so sorry but @thedamfangirls @lovelymims @helloblamebts 

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13 Going on 30 (Part 3)

Summary: When your 13th birthday party goes awry, and you make a life changing wish - you wake up to discover you’ve flash forwarded 17 years ahead. 

Word Count: 1,719.

A/N: This part was super fun to write! Hope you enjoy, and feedback would be greatly appreciated. (also can we take a moment to appreciate this beautiful gif)

@spidweeb - you’re a gem, and thank you so much for always being a great help.

Part 1 Part 2

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Betty’s a serpent

imagine betty being a serpent wife. like out at work/school all day but can put the serpents in their place 

bughead fanfiction

So I came up with this when the episode aired (like 3am my time) so here’s a fluffy fic about that. 

Also slightly A/U to the ending of the episode


The bell rang signalling the end of the day at Riverdale High. Betty Cooper gathered her books and headed to her locker by herself, missing the conversation she would normally have with her boyfriend Jughead Jones.

Just before FP was charged, he had managed to sign custody of Jughead over to fellow serpent Viper who promised to keep an eye on the teen. The younger Jones had also moved to Southside High and was back living at the trailer park. 

“hey betty wait up” Kevin Keller jogged to be next to her. “Archie, Ronnie and I are heading to Pop’s now, wanna come with?”

Betty shook her head as she twisted her locker combination and opened the door “Sorry Kev, I’ve got plans”

“we’ve hardly seen you in months, not after Jughead transferred. We just wana know how you’re doing” Kevin pushed on

“Really Kev I’m fine” he gave her a pointed look “I promise. I’ve just gotta help Polly with some baby things.”

“okay but next time you are so coming with us” he reached to hug her with one arm and walked away. Betty let go of a breath she didn’t know she was holding and after putting away what she needed to, slammed her locker and headed out to her car. 


Kevin walked into Pop’s to see Archie Andrews & Veronica Lodge cosied up in their usual booth. “please no more pda or I might puke” Kevin said sitting down on the opposite side to the new couple.

Veronica shuffled slightly further from Archie “Is Betty not coming?” Kevin shook his head no. “Has anyone really spoken to her after Jughead left?” This time both boys shook their heads no. 

“What about Polly? She’d know” Archie suggested

“Betty said she’s helping Polly with baby things, that’s why she can’t come” Kevin informed

“Really?” Archie asked “cos she’s heading in here with her mom” As if on cue, the bell rang at the door and in walked the other two Cooper women. Polly looked around and waved at the trio as they both walked to a booth. 

“Hey guys” Polly said standing at the end of the booth “how are you?” she addressed them all

“We’re good, you look gorgeous Polly” Veronica replied “Is everything okay with the babies?” 

“Both are healthy and growing as normal.”

“D’you know where Betty is? She said she’d be with you” Archie interrupted. Polly looked speechless then looks to Alice who called her back to their table. “So they’re definitely hiding something” he pointed out “maybe we should visit Jughead, see what he knows.”

“Are you insane Archie? My dad told us all to stay away from the South Side” Kevin whispered loudly 

“Come on Kev” Veronica started “It’s one time. Plus you know some of the gang from Joaquin right?” Kevin nodded slowly “Right let’s go then.” The three walked out and to Archie’s car, Kevin getting into the back and Veronica the front passenger side. 

It was a short drive over to the serpents hang out which had changed since Kevin & Archie’s last visit to a shadier part of town. Daylight was fading fast and the only streetlights working were at the end of the street. Kevin was the first to spot the bar pointing it out to his friends “over there.” The three walked to a corner building with a neon light of a snake which was the serpents logo and the word Scorpion in green.

“when did they move?” Archie wondered out loud

“Just after FP was arrested, Joaquin and I came for his goodbye gathering here. One of the second-in-commands, Viper I think his name was, he and his wife bought this place and re-did it all. A fresh start of sorts.” 

They were a few doors away when the door to Scorpion opened and a man flew out and fell to the ground and Veronica let out a loud gasp. “You know your limit Eli and you know not to mess with Jug’s girl” the person lying down groaned in response. The man standing in the doorway looked out and saw the three teenagers but went back inside instead of saying anything. 

When they walked into the bar, there was a large crowd around a pool table with people placing bets with each other raising by $5 every time. The trio walked round to see Jughead pot the black ball with a trick shot which earned a mix reaction of cheers and groans. Having not spotted them yet, the boy who was donning his very own leather jacket shouted “Alright so whose next?”

“how bout we make it interesting?” A female voice said coming from the bar “both our legacies deserve to find out whose better.” 

“I’m game if you are” Jughead said to someone who was being blocked by the rest of the patrons. The group assumed the other legacy agreed as the crowd cheered.

Viper came to the table “alright, FP Junior vs Ali Junior. Place your bets, this should be fun.” 

As the crowd moved towards Viper, Jughead approached who they assumed to be Ali Junior and kissed her. Kevin gasped grabbing onto Veronica’s arm who in turn wrapped hers around Archies and they all stood back further into the shadows to blend in.


Jughead had approached the girl nicknamed Ali Junior and kissed her “you sure about this Bets?” 

She nodded against his forehead and kissed him again grabbing the collar of his jacket. She pulled away and whispered in a low breath “I’m so gonna kick your butt”

The wolf whistles of the serpents broken them apart “alright kids save that for later” Viper said stashing the money in his back pocket “so whose breaking off?”

Jughead looked at Betty “age before beauty of course” he replied winking

Betty shook her head smiling walking to Viper, she pressed up against her boyfriend and leaned into his ear and said “you’re so gonna get it tonight”.

The others cheered her as she grabbed the triangle to rack up the balls. The blond placed herself on the opposite side of Jughead and leaned forward to break, hoping Jughead would get distracted by her cleavage which seemed to work. The couple continued playing the game like there was no one else in the room, teasing each other and stealing kisses whenever they could until the eight ball was left. 

Neither of them had pocketed the ball in the last couple of shots so the bets went up, more betting for Jughead to win. By this point Archie, Veronica & Kevin had made their way to the front but the two still hadn’t noticed. 
The couple shared a look and Jughead nodded ever so slightly at Betty who leaned over and angled the shot so it hit two sides before ending up in the top corner pocket. Everyone cheered for the blond who had now leapt into her boyfriends arms. Viper’s wife approached the couple with two bottles of beer and whispered something to them and suddenly they looked up at their three friends.

The room went silent with everyone’s attention now focused on the three strangers. Betty who was wearing her own honorary serpent jacket grabbed Jughead’s hand for courage who rubbed his thumb on the back of hers to help calm her down. “What are you guys doing here?” she asked with her best smile on

“We could ask you the same thing Betty” Archie said looking angry “You’re with the serpents now? This is where you’ve been, with these people, instead of hanging out with your friends? Does Alice even know where you are?”

The last question caused the rest of the bar to laugh, Viper was going to speak up but Betty shook her head and replied “These people Archie, are my friends. No not just friends, family. Mine and Jughead’s.”

“Betty these people are criminals” Veronica offered

“Oh and your dad’s not?” she snapped back which earned a few whistles from the gang “Archie my mom’s a south sider, you really think I’d be here if she didn’t trust them?”

The red haired boy looked confused so Viper spoke up “Little Ali was no stranger round here, she grew up at the same trailer park too. Her and FP always getting themselves in trouble. The serpents came naturally to most people at the park, so we snapped those two up as soon as possible. When we found out our boy Jughead here was dating her daughter, we gave her Ali’s old jacket” he pointed to what Betty was wearing 

“Really Betty? Is that what happened because we can take you home if you need a ride instead of staying with the scoundrels. Please B” Veronica pushed

“Watch you’re mouth princess” the voice of another serpent who walked out from the shadows

“Don’t talk to her like that” Archie jumped in 

“Yeah? Or what?” He challenged “You gonna run and tell daddy?” Archie lunged towards the snake attempting to punch him but missed and ended up with a punch to his stomach which sent him flying backwards slightly, the other’s around cheering. 

He grabbed Archie’s jacket and had started raising his fist to punch him when he heard Jughead shout “BP don’t do it” but he raised his fist even higher until the sharp voice of one Betty Cooper cut through the crowd 

“Buster Peters Specter you put him down right now” they all moved to show Betty standing with her hands on her hips Jughead smirking behind her. 

“you got off lucky kid” BP told the boy then dropped him to the floor as Veronica and Kevin rushed to see if he was okay. The older man looked up at Betty and tipped his backwards baseball cap “sorry miss betty” who in return nodded and he walked off. Jughead helped Archie off the floor “follow us” he said as he and Betty led their friends to a room upstairs. 

Jughead unlocked the door and walked in with Betty following, Veronica spotted that the name on the door said Cooper-Jones and showed it to Archie and Kevin behind her. Inside had a large desk which was covered with then teenagers homework, two laptops (one on each end of the desk), a filing cabinet and a three person sofa which was against the side wall, above was a photo of the couple with a white dog. Betty sat down behind the desk with Jughead leaning against the wall behind her.

“Sorry about BP, he’s very” Betty looked to Jughead for the right word

“Protective” he offered “always has been” Veronica scoffed 

“It’s true!” Betty insisted “he’s the oldest of five, his parents were’t really around so he basically raised his siblings himself so he prides himself on family. I’ll get him to apologize to you Arch.”

“What about you Bets? What about your family?”

“Jughead and the serpents are my family Arch. Mom and Polly know I’m here, dad knows I’m safe here”

“Safe?” Veronica exclaimed “these people are dangerous. Just look at Jughead’s dad”

“Don’t bring FP into this, your dad isn’t a saint either Veronica” Betty bit back

“Listen guys, I didn’t come here to fight” Kevin interrupted “Betty are you happy?” 

She looked at Jughead wearing a big smile and nodded “more than ever”

“In that case” Kevin continued “WE are very happy for you, aren’t we?”

Archie & Veronica looked defeated and nodded before Veronica added looking at Jughead “but if you ever do anything to hurt my girl, you’ll be sorry.”

“Don’t worry” Betty laughed “the serpents would get to him first. they like me better” which made the room laugh.

“What’s with the Cooper-Jones sign?” Archie wondered 

The couple looked between them before Betty pulled out a necklace with a silver ring on it. “Jughead proposed last month”


Should I continue?




pairing: theo raeken x reader, unrequited(?) liam dunbar x reader

word count: 745

a/n: theo is my fucking dad okay

Theo Raeken was possessive.

His hands were always touching you; your shoulder, your hip, the small of your back.

His eyes challenging anyone who so much as glances in your direction, daring them to step any closer.

His marks covered your body, hickeys and bruises from your neck to your thighs.

You were his.

That’s what everyone thought, at least.

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She Ain’t Yours

 Pairing: Daryl x Reader

Word Count: 2454

Warnings:  Smut, fluff

Notes: I got a little carried away with this lol, I just like the thought of possessive Daryl. I am tagging everyone who liked Baby Steps. If you want me to take you off the tags, let me know!! Hope you all like it xox

Originally posted by reedusnormanbr

Backing you against the bedroom door, Daryl smirked and began peppering your neck and jaw with light kisses, making you squirm in delight.

“What are you doing?!” You asked urgently, your hands wrapping around the biceps that were threatening to tear their way out of his shirt. “We could get caught.”

“Nah,” he breathed against your skin, leaving goosebumps in his wake. “Everyone’s waitin’ by the gate. Only person here’s Carol and she knows to stay away when it’s just us three.”

You bit your lip and grinned, wrapping your arms around the archer and giving in to him, his strong hands caressing your body through your clothes. The two of you had been secretly together for months, ever since reuniting after Terminus, and Carol was the only one who knew after catching the two of you in the act. Since being in Alexandria it had been difficult to find any time for each other so you were stealing as many precious moments alone as you could.

His lips left a trail of kisses over your cheek before finding your lips, his hand cupping your face as he pressed his body against yours, letting you feel his arousal through his jeans.

“Daryl… we can’t,” you whispered against his lips reluctantly, your body betraying your words as you pushed your hips forward and made him grunt.

“Waiting on you, Daryl,” Rick’s voice came from downstairs and made the two of you freeze.

“I’m coming,” he growled loudly, resting his forehead on yours.

“I wish…” you said quietly, making him smile.

He placed another, softer kiss on your lips before sighing and stepping back from you. “C'mon.”

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What the Hell is a Stiles?

Sterek, T, 2K, Blind Date AU

Saw the prompt from this post that someone reblogged. (Take a look at the list, there are so many good ideas!)

Our mutual friend set us up on a blind date and I thought I’d hate it but you’re actually… kind of funny? But because I expected to hate it in no way am I going to let you change my mind just because you’re gorgeous and funny and intelligent oh no my friend is not winning this

“No,” Derek says easily, without even looking up from his book. Erica groans and flops into the chair opposite him, nearly upsetting his mug of hot chocolate.

“Seriously?” she says, bracing both elbows on the table and leaning toward him. “At least hear me out.”


“He’s cute, Der! I think you’d really like him.”

“Absolutely not. You have a terrible track record with set-ups.”

Erica has the decency to wince, at least, and drop her gaze from Derek’s. “But you’re a catch, Der, and you deserve someone who can make you happy. And since you don’t want to date me—”

“You don’t want to date me, either,” he reminds her, but she just rolls her eyes.

“Yeah, whatever. But seriously. You’re great.”

“I thought I was grumpy and terrible with people?” he asks, parroting her words from after the last failed date, and she huffs.

“Please?” she wheedles, poking her lower lips out a bit. “For me. If it goes badly, I’ll never try to set you up again.”

Derek sighs. Fuck.

His facial expressions must be more transparent than he thinks because Erica’s eyes light up. “Oh my god, you’re gonna say yes.”

Derek scowls at her. “Just coffee,” he says firmly. At least that way, he can get it in a to-go cup and make a neat escape after five minutes if he needs to. “No dinner, no movie, no activities.”

“Fine,” she says quickly, digging in her jeans pocket for her phone. “You got it.”

“This is not gonna end well,” he warns her, but she just waves her hand without looking up from her phone.

“Have some faith, Der,” she says, patting him on the hand absently while she pushes her chair back and stands up. “I can’t wait to tell Stiles.”

Derek blinks, watching Erica walk away. 

“Wait, what the hell is a Stiles?” he calls after her.

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It Started With A Note (Zach Dempsey)

From: 13 Reasons Why

Warning: shorter than usual? Visuals are shit

A/N: Let me apologize for the visuals because I just made that note on Photoshop and I’m a noob HAAHAHHAHA And incase you didn’t know, Badminton is a sport where in you use a racket. It’s pretty similar to tennis but different ball and rules and the racket is lighter.

It was the end of the first half of communications class. Honestly everyone found this class stupid but this was your favorite. Why? Because you loved understanding people and helping people out.

You see, in communications class, you had this thing called “compliment bags” the only rule was to be nice. And you loved it. You were always the type to write sweet notes to make people happy and you wrote for everyone…. except one guy. Zach Dempsey. He was your crush actually. You didn’t want to write in his in fear that he might tease you or he might laugh in your face. You were an athlete but you weren’t popular. You didn’t do group games. In fact, you played badminton and not much people watch your games but you loved it no matter what. You weren’t popular but you weren’t an outcast either. You just didn’t hang around Zach’s friends. And that’s why you were scared to approach him.

But to everyone you had nice notes for whether it was something as simple as “you look amazing today! Keep smiling and being you!” Or as complicated as “I saw that you were sad today and I really don’t know why, but I know that you are an amazing person with a strong personality and I know you can get through this. I wish you the best”

You checked your compliment bag to see 5. Surprisingly. You usually only get one and it was always anonymous. The anon usually wrote Pick up lines. You read the names out loud. “Hannah, Sheri, Alex, Skye and Anon??”

“Wow y/n/n! That’s a lot” Sheri says gesturing to the notes you had in your hands. “Uh thanks Sheri for yours” you say politely. “Damn girl, I’d thank you because you always write a note for me” she replies holding it up proudly. You laugh and look at Hannah. “What did you get?” You asked her keeping your notes. “Besides my usual note from you, I got another bunny” she smiled. “Aww what a cute bunny. I bet whoever wrote that likes you” you say winking at her. Both her and Sheri laugh as the begin talking about who the mystery bunny man could be. You glance to see your crush Zach looking in his bag frowning.

Your head slightly tilts to the side as you look at him confused. How could THE Zach Dempsey be sad about his compliment bag? He should have dozens of notes. You watched him trying to see how many notes he’s got but then he doesn’t pull out any and makes his way out. He turns back and you turn away pretending like you weren’t watching him. Sheri giggles at you and your obvious red cheeks.

“Hey Hannah, got anything?” He asks with a smile. “Nothing earthshaking. You?” She asks him folding her notes. “Nada. Kinda soul crushing, isn’t it?” He says walking out. Your heart melts upon hearing this.

“Poor Zach” Sheri begins. “I wonder how someone like him gets nothing though” Hannah asks, mostly talking to herself. You sigh and sit down and begin to write a note to him

‘I’m sorry this is late. I’ve been scared to write to you but I honestly love you and you deserve the best. Watching you sad makes me sad. You deserve all the notes from head to toe and I think you deserve to be loved and reminded how amazing you are. I love you I love you I love you. I’m sorry I can’t tell you in person. But smile for me and I’ll always be happy. Because you make me happy’

And you fold it and put it in his bag. “Nice way of making a move y/n/n” Sheri teases as you guys walk out. “He deserves it” you shrug. “So what does your anon note say?” Sheri asks gesturing to the note you just opened. “A letter. This time it’s a ü” you say putting it in your wallet. Little did they know you knew what the letters meant. And in your wallet written with the small letters read “I like u”

The notes from anon were the ones that made you smile the most. And another attached read “Good luck with your badminton tournament today” Wow, Anon does know everything. You giggle and hide your wallet and walk out communications class. You walk and sit with Alex today seeing as he was alone. Alex was your only close friend from Zach’s circle. You were friends with all of them but not enough to hang around with them. Little did you know that Alex’s friends were just finishing up.

“What’s up with the sports get up y/l/n?” Alex asks looking up as he takes a bite of his sandwich. “I have a tournament after lunch” You say putting down your gym bag. “No friends today?”

Alex was about to reply until the lunch doors open and you see all his friends. You begin to stand up before they walked over but you were too late. “No, y/n, stay! We’ve been meaning to hang out with you” Justin says grinning. You look over to Alex who shrugs. You sit back down as everyone else sits down. You were sat beside Zach and Justin, the two best friends, with Monty, Alex and Bryce sitting across. “You guys are less today” You comment biting an apple. “Yeah well Jess has cheerleading practice and Marcus has a student council thingy” Justin explains. “May I say, damn y/l/n, nice legs” Bryce comments. You shift in your seat uncomfortably. “shut up walker” Zach says in a half joking tone but you can tell he’s serious. Bryce shrugs it off.

“So what do we owe the pleasure to see THE y/f/n y/l/n wearing shorts?” Bryce asks winking. You force out a small chuckle and explain that you have a game. “Can’t wait to watch” He says winking. You glance at Zach seeing him ball his hands into a fist. You look at him confused but then shrug it off. You never spoke to Zach unless he talked to you first because you kinda feel like a nobody and you don’t want to make a fool out of yourself.

The bell rings and you shoot up grabbing your bag and fixing your shoe laces. “Good luck y/n” Zach says after walking out. You sigh knowing he probably won’t watch because it’s free cut for the rest of the school. It’s supposed to be so that they could watch but they usually throw a party and what not.

You walk into the sports hall and see your competitors warming up. “Y/n, guess who else is here to watch” Hannah states running up to you. “You?” You reply giggling. “Nope. Dempsey” she says pointing over to Zach who’s reading a note in the bleachers with a cute smile plastered upon his face

Originally posted by rafaelasgomes

“Is that-“ Hannah cuts you off before you have a chance to finish what your saying “Your note? Yeah. And I can tell he likes it. This is like the 4th time he’s been reading it. And he keeps asking Sheri who she thinks wrote it” she smiles beamingly. “Not now I’m gonna look disgusting when I play and I might be nervous and screw up the whole tournament” You sigh. “Tell him when you win y/n/n, plus you look amazing when you play” Hannah says patting your back then walking to the bleachers.

You breathe in and out then start the tournament.

Zach looked at his long time crush playing badminton, this was where he felt he could see her best. She looked flawless when she’d play. He clutched the note in his hand. “Sheri who wrote this?” he asked the curly haired girl. “I dunno, who do you want it to be Zach?” she asks him teasingly. “Honestly, I really like this girl and I wish she liked me back” Zach replies as a tint of red flushing upon his cheeks. “No way who?” Sheri asks looking around. Zach looks was about to reply until he saw you going in for a smash and all he could think about was how cute you looked with your shorts and jersey, how your ponytail swishes from side to side, how you have this different aura when you play. Hell he was mesmerized by you. “Zach? Zach? Zach who is it??” Sheri whines shaking Zach out of his trance. He blushes looking down “Number 13” he mumbles. “I knew you were here for a reason!” Sheri screams searching for “number 13”

“Yo Dempsey, what number is your girl?” Justin asks beside him. “13… and she’s not my girl…. yet” he mumbles. Sheri finally spots number 13 and once you turn around her face is filled with shock. “Sheri don’t tell” Zach pleads. “Zach, she wrote that note for you” Sheri says with a grin on her face.

Zach’s pleading face quickly turns into a wide smile. “What are you waiting for? Get her” Hannah whispers to him. “What? She’s playing” Zach says gesturing to the court. “You were to engrossed talking to Sheri, you didn’t see it was half time” Clay says beside Hannah. Zach quickly runs down to where you are. “y/n!” he says running up to you. You wave at him and smile “Hey Dempsey! And what do i owe this pleasure?”

“Did you write this?” He asks quickly bringing out the note you wrote and handing it to you. “You figured it out? Look Zach, I don’t want things to be awkward and I know you don’t feel the same way but please don’t point and laugh and make fun of me right now I reall-“ he quickly cut you off. “No, God I won’t do anything like that. I love you actually. Ever since I saw you. There’s something about you, i don’t know if its the way you move, the way you talk or the way you play badminton. Heck I don’t even know if its the way your hair falls perfectly on your shoulders, the way your eyes sparkle or those lips that are just so damn kissable” he says walking closer.

“If they’re so damn kissable, what are you doing talking to me” you whisper leaning in. And from hearing your consent, Zach smashes his lips on yours kissing you ever so gently. Holding you close like this would be the last, but both of you knew it wouldn’t be. Once you pull apart all you can do is smile at him and hug him.

“y/l/n! Stop smooching and get back in the game” Your coach yells just as the bell rings signaling break is over. “y/n! Wait” Zach calls as you jog back to your team. You turn around and he asks “Will you be my girl?” he shouts and its as if everyone in the whole sports hall stays quiet just to hear your answer. “I thought you’d never ask” You grin and begin to play. Zach grins widely and runs back to his seat.

“Nice one Dempsey!” Justin says patting him on the back. “You got the girl” Sheri comments. “Number 13 is all yours” Jessica winks. Zach just smiles as his cheeks heat up. He turns to Hannah and Clay “Thanks for waking me up”

“No problem jockhead” Hannah replies smiling. He watches you play, more than in love. But when he sees your smash he does what he’s been wanting to do ever since he walked in. He stands on the bleachers and screams “GO Y/L/N! THAT’S MY GIRL RIGHT THERE”

You suddenly get a rush of confidence and before you know it, You won the game. Everyone screams and lifts you up “MVP ! MVP!” they chant. You smile cheering with them while holding the trophy then someone lifts you and puts you on their shoulders. “I knew you could do it” Zach’s familiar voice rings through your head.

“You brought out the best in me” you shrug. You both walk out of the Sports hall and go to his car “hey Zach?” you say playing with his hair

“Yeah?” he replies holding you tighter so you won’t fall

“Let’s have our first date right now in Rosie’s…. if that’s okay” you mumble

“Of course baby” he says bringing you down. He opens the car door for you and closes it when you get in. He walks to the driver’s side and goes in.

He turns on the ignition but before driving he looks at you. “God I’m so lucky” he mumbles and leans in and kisses you once more and with that you both drive off

Mirror For The Sun - Part 5: A Drive

Masterlist  -  Series Masterlist  -  Part 4 - Part 6 

Summary: Nat tricks you into leading a road trip with Bucky, Sam and Steve. Her plot is partly to get the boys to travel for fun for once but mostly to get you and Bucky together. You and Bucky, who seemingly despise each other.

Warnings: swearing, panic attack/flashback

Word Count: 3392

Author’s Note: I dunno about this one. Lots of ups and downs, lots of sass. Also lots of jumping around in the timeline, so seriously, feedback welcome, let me know if I need to add some section headers to clarify…

Originally posted by marvxl-trash

Steve paces the few steps he can take in the cramped hotel bathroom, holding the phone to his ear, waiting for Natasha to pick up. He’s peeked around the door twice to make sure the others are still asleep and turned on the shower for good measure before she finally answers.

“We have a problem,” he confesses before she can finish her groggy greeting. Steve had a habit of waking up at an ungodly hour.

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anonymous asked:

Alrighty so y’know ma boi (Richie) probs eats tons of candy and like at this point it’s just natural for him and what not so he doesn’t really get many sugar highs, but then we have my son (Eddie) who’s mom never lets him have candy and one day the losers just buy tons of candy and he’s all scared about eating it first because dIABETES but then he eats some aND MY BOI GETS ON A SUGAR HIGH AND HE’S SO ENERGETIC ITS THE CUTEST THING EVER?!?!??? (@toomanyfandoms-oops)


BUT YESSS!!!! I’m laughing just thinking about it.









Richie rolls his eyes and looks at Bill, “Is this what I’m like all the time?”

“Surprisingly not-t as ba-ad.”

“LETS STAY UP ALL NIGHT!!! LETS GO…. FOR A JOG! Wait, I need another Snickers first!!!”

“Slow down, cowboy. No you don’t!” Richie says as he grabs the bag of candy and holds it in his lap. Eddie keeps pawing at him to get it back and the other Losers laugh.

…1 hour later….

Eddie’s sugar high is over and he is passed out against Richie’s shoulder while they all watch a movie. Richie has his arm around him and chuckles down at the sleeping boy. 

“I remember my first Reese Cup…”

Hwang Minhyun Harry Potter AU

  • everyone at hogwarts has heard of hwang minhyun but not that many people have ever really seen him
  • you, a simple hufflepuff, are definitely no exception
  • your best friend says she once saw him in the kitchens with kang dongo 
  • you were like
  • “seems fake but ok”
  • yeah lmao it wasnt fake
  • one time at like 3am you couldn’t sleep so you went to the kitchens to get a cup of tea
  • and you didn’t have your contacts in so you couldn’t really see
  • so you’re just standing there in the kitchens blindly sipping your tea
  • when you hear kang dongho go “uh, (y/n)?”
  • you kinda rub your eyes and squint and dongho and minhyun are sitting there eating pizza and staring at you
  • “uhhhhhhhh”
  • you realize that you’re standing there in your huge hufflepuff t-shirt and shorts and you turn bright red
  • like you don’t know dongho that well even though he’s only a year older than you
  • and you’ve seen minhyun like ONCE
  • “sorry, i’ll be going now”
  • you’re speeding away and trying not to die of embarrassment 
  • and you could have SWORN you heard minhyun go “who’s that, they’re kinda cute”
  • whatever its not like hes drop dead gorgeous or anything
  • anyways that was the first time you saw hwang minhyun
  • the second time was at the beginning of your fifth year 
  • you were selected to be a hufflepuff prefect
  • go you
  • anyways
  • the prefects are all expected to meet on the hogwarts express
  • so you get there w/kang daniel, the other hufflepuff prefect
  • minhyun is there just kind of lounging gracefully
  • you’re the only new prefect that year so you kind of just sit there awkwardly while yoon jisung, the head boy, explains everything
  • and when he informs you that your night patrol partner is minhyun you almost pop a blood vessel
  • “let’s have fun, (y/n)~”
  • you thought that having weekly night patrol with minhyun would be awkward or scary but he’s actually a total gentleman
  • you were patrolling the hallways near the slytherin dorm and it got kind of chilly so he went to his dorm and grabbed you a sweatshirt
  • it smelled nice as fuck
  • he’ll ask you about your day and how your classes/owls are going 
  • you guys become pretty good friends from all the time you’ve spent together
  • and it’s not like awkward or uncomfortable at all around him
  • just an all around wholesome guy tbh
  • he knows that you struggle in potions so sometimes he’ll stop by the classroom and send you a wink since you have class when his free period is
  • your friends tease you mercilessly about that
  • you guys have the night patrol on halloween and you end up having to break up aprox. 431895 couples from making out in hallways/closets
  • its kind of embarrassing tbH
  • then the yule ball is approaching
  • all your friends have dates and ur like excuse you what happened to friendship and solidarity how could you betray me like this
  • you complain about this to minhyun during patrol one night and he kind of stops and looks down at you
  • “you should go with me then”
  • and youre like excuse you
  • “we would be a real-” he punches your arm gently “-hit”
  • you glare at him for a bit before accepting
  • the dance is fucking amazing first of all
  • he collects you from the hufflepuff dorm wearing the world’s most amazing dress robes
  • dad jokes to daddy real quick (cannot believe i just typed those words out)
  • he does the thing ™ where he offers u his arm and you tuck your arm under his hand
  • and you feel the butterflies  🌚
  • everyone is like holy fuck is that hwang minhyuN 
  • is that HWANG MINHYUN WITH (Y/N)
  • behind the two of you dongho and ren are like 
  • iS tHaT hWanG MinHyUn wItH Y/n 
  • because minhyun has been talking about his crush on you for like 20 years
  • he’s a gr8 dancer and super courteous the entire night
  • some sidehoe first year named seonho tries to steal ur man lmao not tonight girlie
  • you don’t wear fancy shoes often so they pinch your feet and he whips out this Pain-Relieving Potion from his pocket
  • “the boy scout’s motto is always be prepared, so here i am”
  • you make fun of him because he was never actually a boy scout
  • when the night ends he takes you back to your dorm
  • you’re standing near the painting of the fruit and he kind of half-smiles at you
  • and you quickly hug him and thank him for such a nice night
  • he’s a gentleman obviously so he lets you head off to your dorm bc he doesn’t want to overstep his boundaries
  • somewhere in the back of his mind he can hear dongho and ren chorusing “iS tHaT hWanG MinHyUn wItH Y/n “
  • “Y/N, wait”
  • he jogs up to you and does the classic kdrama wrist grab™
  • the two of you kind of stare at each other and lean in?
  • and youre like five cm away from each other??????
  • and hes like can i kiss you?
  • “are you fucking stupid, would i be this close to you if i didn’t want you to kiss me?”
  • minhyun laughs, super relieved, before leaning in all the way to kiss you
  • dating slytherin minhyun is adorable
  • you guys are the poster children for the hufflepuff/slytherin relationship
  • if minhyun hears someone starting gossip about you, you can bet that you’ll be hearing some nasty rumor about that person in like two hours
  • if you see someone being rude or casting a stupid hex at minhyun just because he’s a slytherin, your wand is out and house points are going to be docked, because no one does that to my boyfriend
  • you two are fiercely loyal to each other and will stick up for each other no matter what
  • and neither one of you are too into pda but you ARE into cuddles
  • cuddles in the slytherin common room
  • cuddles in his dorm
  • cuddles on the way to hogsmeade
  • yall just hecka cute ok
Break A Little

Pairing: Tom Holland X Actress! Reader

Warning: Some swearing

Songfic: Based on a song called ‘Break A Little’ by Kirstin.

I do not own Marvel, Ben & Jerry’s, the photos, etc. I only own the writing. (Because this was a plotline I came up with after listening to ‘Break A Little’ by Kirstin.) All rights go to their respectful owner. And I don’t think the tweet is real. I just made it up on the spot.

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Hit it N’ quit it (M)

This scenario contains sexual and mature content, you’ve been warned!


Originally posted by trash-for-bangtan

“Oh would you just fuck off Namjoon!” You ranted quickening your pace, wrapping your arms around you to keep out the cold.

“Y/N! Would you just wait!” Namjoon jogged after you, pulling you arm to halt your fast pace away from the booming party.

“Y'know, when I first bumped into you I thought I met a really cool guy. Little did I know I just set myself up to fall in love with the biggest fuckboy ever..” you try to hold your tears back, as you didn’t want Namjoon to see you week.

“Y/N… you love me?” Namjoon’ irritated stare disappeared turning into a soft smile.

“Yep! And don’t worry Namjoon I’m going to stay clear of you.” Namjoon was standing, staring at you stunned. You huff, practically running away. 

You met Namjoon at the start of first year in college. He was so sweet and amazing.. but of course he was a player. He didn’t want a relationship, he wanted to get into you panties and leave. But he kept coming back for more… until one day your feelings got a lot stronger.

Four mouths before this incident is when you met Kim Namjoon. It was your first week on campus, you were completely lost and had no clue where you were going. You had lost your friend between lecture halls, now in a trance trying to figure out we’re to go on the school website. 

“Are you okay?” You look up to see a tall, handsome man with the most glorious dimples. His eyes were a deep brown, you could get lost in them forever.

“You look quite lost, are you a first year.” “Is it that obvious.” You groan in embarrassment.

“I’m meant to be in robin hill house, but I have no idea which way to go.” You pout.

“I can take you, I’m actually heading that way now.” Namjoon smiles at you, melting your little heart.

As you both walked Namjoon told you he was a third year, majoring in music production. His voice was comforting to hear, the deep husky voice filling your ears. You could see he was self confident by the way he carried himself, everything was attractive about him.

“Here you are.” Namjoon stops, pointing to the stone building. The walk was too short for you, you wanted to stay and get to know Namjoon more.

“Thank you so much, I’m sorry for the inconvenience.” You smile shyly, trying to avert your gaze from him as you didn’t want to get lost in his eyes again.

“No worries, I hope I’ll be seeing you again, Y/N.” Namjoon smiles, walking into a mass of people. You sigh, walking into the building.

“Y/N!” Your look up, your friend was waiting for you. “Did I just see you with Kim Namjoon?” She asks, her face frowning.

“Yeah it was. Why?” You ask. “I heard so many bad things about him, you should keep your distance.” She advises, walking into your lecture room. Namjoon was on your mind that whole week. 

You wanted to know why he had such a reputation, he seemed so nice and genuine, you couldn’t believe it. It couldn’t be true that he’s such a player. Not the sweet boy that helped you. You were always keeping an eye out for him, wanting to bump into him, or see him. Unfortunately, he was hard to come by.

You were invited to your first college party, which you were extremely excited about. You made sure to make more of an effort for the night. Wearing your favourite dress, heels to match, doing your make up and hair flawlessly. You had a bounce in your stride, feeling sexy.

You walk into the packed house with your friends, late due to pre-drinking. You were already a little tipsy, you head straight to the dance floor. You moved your body to the beat of the music.

Your hips were moving, as your hands ran up your body, giving the crowd around you quite the show. You were having fun, not having a care in the world. You closed your eyes, lolling your head back. Someones hands land on your hips. They lean down to whisper in your ear, you can feel their hot breath against your neck.

“Y’know when I first met you I thought you were innocent.” The deep, husky voice you’ve wanted to hear for the last few weeks was back. It made a shiver run down your spine.

“Well, you obviously don’t know me.” You say, smirking. You turn in his arms, looking up to see his bottom lip in between his teeth. His eyes were full of lust for you.

“I want to get to know you.” Namjoon smiles, melting your heart yet again. His hands on your hips pull you closer against his body, you could feel the heat radiating off of him.

“Then do.” you whisper back at him. He kisses your neck, testing the waters. When you don’t pull away, he continues. His soft plump lips, kissing and nipping at the sensitive skin on your neck.

One of his hands moves to the small of your back, pulling you right up against his crotch, feeling the hard member. He trails his kissed up your neck, along your jaw until he meets your mouth.

He finally presses a kiss to your lips, you moan at the contact. His other hand moves down to grope your ass, as your hands wrap around his neck, your fingers playing with the collar of his shirt. His tongue slips past you lips, playing with yours. You didn’t care that so many people could see you face fucking Namjoon, you just didn’t want it to stop.

“Let’s go some where private.” Namjoon mumbles against your lips, you just nod. Letting him take your hand in his, guiding you through a mass of people.

You decided to go to your apartment, as it was closest to the party. Bursting in the door, he slams the door behind him, pinning you up against the wall opposite. His lips attack your once again, his hands pinning yours against your head.

“Take your dress off.” Namjoon commands, pulling away from you. You kick off your shoes, trying to unzip your dress, but it gets stuck.

“Ahem, my dress is stuck.” You inform him, turning so he could help you. Namjoon gives the zip a good tug, huffing in frustration.

“Fuck this.” Namjoon grabs either side of the zip, ripping the fabric apart, the dress falling to the floor. “Problem solved.” Namjoon breathes out.

“Namjoon.” You gasp out, turning around to face the smirking man. “That was my favourite dress.” You pout, standing before Namjoon in your skimpy panties and bra.

“Opps.” He shrugs. “You’re so beautiful, fuck. I’m so hard right now.” Namjoon grunts, pulling his shirt over his head, revealing his toned stomach. He leans down, throwing you over his shoulder.

“Namjoon, put me down!” You giggle. Namjoon smacks your ass, twice.

“No, which ones your room?”

“The one on the left.” you say, still giggling, most likely due to still being a little drunk. Namjoon strides down your hall, going into your room, slamming the door behind him. He throws you down on the bed.

Namjoon kicks off his shoes, pulling his trousers and boxers off, before climbing up your body. Kissing up your body, his hands come under your ass. He squeezes before roughly pulling your panties off.

“You’re so wet for me, babygirl.” He says between kisses on your mound. “Did you think about me touching you?” Namjoon asks, looking up to your eyes, starting to kiss your pussy.

“I thought about you fucking me so hard I couldn’t walk the next day.” You moan out. Namjoon stops licking your pussy, there was a dangerous grin on his face.

“Fuck, babygirl I knew you weren’t innocent at all. Were you thinking about he fucking your tight pussy while you touched your pussy at night?” Namjoon kisses up your stomach, pulling your bra down.

“I fucked myself thinking about your face in between my thighs.” You confess, Namjoon moans out.

“Such a dirty girl.” Namjoon chuckles, sucking on your breasts. “I fucking love your tits.” Namjoon puts his hands behind your back, turning you around so you were straddling his hips. “Ride me.” He commanded.

You would be lying if you said you didn’t think about doing this countless amount of times. You grind your wet pussy down on his hard member, before easing him inside you. You moan as he fills you up, your head lolling back.

“Fuck, you’re so big.” You moan out. Namjoon unclasps your bra, throwing it off the bed. You start to bounce on top of him. Your hands on his firm chest to balance yourself. Your breasts bouncing up and down.

“Just like that, babygirl.” Namjoon grunts, his fingers digging into your hips, surely going to leave bruises. One of his hands moves to play with your clit, you can’t help but moan his name loudly.

He was sending so many shock waves throughout your body. You didn’t care that your neighbours were probably sleeping, you never wanted to stop feeling him fill you up.

Namjoon sits up, wrapping his arms around your waist, flipping you both over again. Namjoon pins your hands up beside your head, his hips starting to slam into yours.

“I’m going to make sure you can’t walk tomorrow morning.” Namjoon grunts, your back was arching into his chest, you could feel his dick twitching in your pussy. You knew you weren’t going to last much longer.

“F-Fuck.” You moan, Namjoon leans down his lips on yours, hushing your moans a little. He kisses you roughly, kissing down your jaw to your hear.

“Cum all over my dick, babygirl.” Namjoon whispers, his hot breath sending you over the edge. You were seeing stars, in a whole other world. Your pussy clenching hard around Namjoons dick.

Namjoon rode out your high, before pulling out and emptying his load all over your stomach. Your heartbeat was rapid, your eyes were closing, you were so exhausted after Namjoon destroyed your pussy, in a good way.

You were one hundred percent sure Namjoon cleaned you off and cuddles next to you before you feel asleep, but when you woke up you were naked and alone. Maybe it was true what your friend said about Namjoon, he was a hit it n’ quit it kinda guy. Much to your dismay. 

there will be second part to this. I hope you enjoyed, please don’t be shy and give some feed back!!

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Smutember Challenge Day 5: Toys

This is for @judithcore216, who asked me to write Adrienette with sex dice ages ago!  This is actually a part 1 of a larger story arc, so while there isn’t any smut in this post, it sets the stage for some smut later on.  (Side Note:  How the heck does all this story keep getting in the way of my smut?!?)

When Marinette pulled her phone out of her purse in the elevator, something else came out with it and fell to the floor.  She didn’t really think anything of it, initially.  It’s the kind of thing that happened to her all the time.  She also didn’t think anything of it, when Adrien bent to pick up the fallen item before she’d even registered that it had fallen. It’s the kind of thing he did for her, all the time.

She didn’t think anything of it at all, until he froze with an exaggerated ‘ummmm’.  And by that point, it was far too late.

She looked up at him, and found him staring at the whatever-it-was in his hands.  She noted that, and his flushed cheeks, with alarm.  “Adrien?”

He cleared his throat awkwardly, and held the thing out to her.  “You, uh, dropped this.”

Almost panicking now, she forced her eyes down to his outstretched hand, and felt the blood drain from her face.  “OhmygoshIamgoingtokillAlya,” Marinette shrieked, snatching it from his hand and stuffing it back into her purse.  

“So…” He trailed off, rubbing the back of his neck uncomfortably.  “Alya?”

Marinette nodded miserably as the elevator stopped with a muted ding, and the doors slid open.  

“Ah,” he said, as if that explained everything.  And honestly, it kind of did. He followed her out of the elevator and fell into step beside her with a frown.  “She gave you sex dice?”

Marinette wanted to sink into the floor.  “Ah, yeah. Apparently.  And I’m going to kill her for it.”

His look of confusion grew. “Why?  I mean, I didn’t know that you two…uh, you know, have that kind of relationship, but since you do, what’s so wrong with sex dice?”

Marinette stopped a few meters from her apartment door and gaped at him in shock.  “What?! We don’t have that kind of relationship!”

“Oh.”  He blinked, and stopped with her.  “Then why did she give them to you?”

“Because she knew you were coming over today and she’s an interfering busybody with no boundaries.” His mouth dropped open, making him look like the most attractive fish ever, and Marinette spun on her heel and stomped the rest of the way to her door to avoid having to look at him.  Of course she fumbled her keys, with him still staring at her in shock from several steps away.  With a groan, she scooped up her keys and got the door open, pushing it with enough force to make it bounce against the door stop.

“Marinette, wait!”  He jogged the few steps to her door and entered behind her, carefully closing and locking the door behind himself.  “Alya wanted you to use those with me?”

Marinette dumped her things on the kitchen counter without stopping, and went straight to the cabinet for a pair of glasses.  Then she went to the fridge and pulled out the bottle of wine she’d been saving for the weekend, opened it, and filled both glasses.  When she’d downed half of the first glass, she set it on the counter with a sigh.  “Yes. Yes she did.”  He blinked, digesting that, and she lifted the glass back to her mouth.  She paused just before taking a sip, and muttered, “Either you or Chat Noir,” then tipped it up and downed the rest.

She probably shouldn’t have said it, but then, he wasn’t supposed to have heard it.  It was just her luck that he apparently had better hearing than anyone else she knew.  Of course, she didn’t realize that until his bag hit the floor, and she turned with the glass still at her lips to see him staring at her with his green eyes blown wide.

“Chat Noir?” He croaked out.

“You weren’t supposed to hear that,” she sighed, refilling her glass.  She then picked up both glasses and walked over to offer the second one to him.

He took the glass from her absently, and followed her to the couch.  “You have that kind of relationship with him?”

“No more than I do with you. Or anyone else, for that matter.” She toed off her shoes and put her feet up on the long, low ottoman.  She dropped her head back on the plush cushion, wondering why she wasn’t a big ball of blushing mess, and decided that she was past the point of embarrassment that afternoon. “She thinks she’s helping.”  

“I…see.”  He’d initially only perched on the edge of the couch; now he settled back into the seat and copied Marinette’s relaxed pose. “Can I, uh, ask you something?”

She rolled her head toward him warily, and nodded.

He fingered the stem of his wineglass.  “Am I just convenient, or is there more to it?”

Merde.  He would ask that.  If she told him the truth, her long held secret would finally be out and it might make things weird.  She cherished their friendship, how could she risk it?  But, if she lied, then he would think that she might only want him for his face, or his body, and she knew that he already had issues with that.  (Fucking Gabriel.)

“You don’t have to lie to spare my feelings, Mari,” he said softly, sipping his wine.

“You’ve got it backwards, Adrien.” She shifted on the couch so that she was nestled into the corner with her feet tucked under her, facing him.  “I was thinking of lying to spare mine.”

“Oh.”  He frowned into his glass, clearly not sure what to make of that.

“There’s definitely more to it.  If I wanted convenient sex, I’d hop into bed with Nino and Alya.”  Marinette felt herself blushing again, and realized that perhaps she wasn’t completely beyond embarrassment after all.

To her surprise, though, he laughed.  “I guess they’ve propositioned you, too, huh?”

Her eyes widened, and a surprised laugh burst from her lips.  “Oh my god, they have no shame!”

“Hey, they know what they like,” he grinned.  “Nothing wrong with that.”

“No, of course not. And I might take them up on it, one of these days.  Just…” she paused, looking down into her glass.  “Not yet.”

His grin faded to a quiet smile.  “What are you waiting for?”

“Haaa!”  She lifted her glass for a healthy swallow of the sweet liquid courage.  “There’s the million Euro question.”

“Was it—”  He cut himself off, and licked his lips nervously before trying again.  “Was it me?” She jerked her head up, and he read the answer in her startled, wide-eyed gaze.  He set his glass on the coffee table, and scooted closer to her, tucking a stray tendril of hair behind her ear.  “Marinette, was it me?”  He asked again, wanting to hear her say the words.

“It’s –Adrien, it’s always been you.”

Shy Part 2

Summary: You like Bucky but every time you try and talk to him he avoids you.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: none I think

A/N: Have nothing to say but enjoy :)

Bucky didn’t mean to bump into Y/N in the hall. He actually was on his way to the gym, he just stopped by his room to get changed.

When he saw Y/N crying, his heart nearly shattered right then and there. He’s never seen you cry before, you weren’t one to cry. Did one of the others make you cry? The thought made him mad.

He wanted to say something - anything but he was at loss for words. He watched you pull away from his grasp and lock yourself in your room. With a frown he took the elevator to the lounge, ready to talk to Steve.

Everyone had barely started going back to what they were doing when Bucky entered to room.

“You cheated again!” Clint shouted.

“Did not! You just don’t know how to hide your cards from me.” Nat replied with a smirk on her face.

“I don’t wanna play with you anymore.” Clint frowned, throwing his cards on the table like a kid. This made Natasha sigh, promising she’ll play fair if they go for another round. Clint agreed.

Bucky makes his way over to Steve who was in the same spot as before, talking with Thor and Sam. He gained everyone’s attention as he passed by. When he finally stood before Steve, everyone was silent, watching him.

“Steve.” he spoke, causing his friend to look up.

“What’s up?” he responds.

“I just passed Y/N in the hall and she was crying.” Bucky says and everyone seemed to lean in a bit, interested in what Bucky had to say about it. “So which one of you made her cry?”

His voice was firm; demanding. Just the thought of one of them making her cry made him mad.

Wanda was the first to react, bursting into fits of laughter.

“What?” Bucky questions as he watched her double over on the couch.

“You are so stupid.” she laughs, holding her stomach. Next was Tony who also started laughing.

Everyone reacted some way to his words and Bucky huffed. “What the hell guys?”

“Buck.” Steve says, standing up to face his friend. “It’s a bit complicated. I mean.. She said.. She-” he stuttered out but was cut off by Tony.

You made her cry, idiot.” Tony says and Bucky’s eyes widen. What? “She likes you and you ignoring her for whatever reason made her think you don’t feel the same way.”

Oh no.

Oh god no.

What has he done?

“I- But-” Bucky sighs, placing his head in his hands.

“How do you feel about her, Bucky?” Bruce questions from his spot in the kitchen.

“Now’s not the time for your doctor shit, Bruce.” Bucky grits, turning and walking back to the elevator. “I’ll be back.”

“Bucky wait!” Steve shouts. He jogs up to his friend and places his hand on his shoulder. “Just tell how you feel.”

“But what if I fuck up again?” Bucky sighs as he rubbed his face.

“Remember what you told me in the infirmary after you got hurt on that mission?” Steve questions and Bucky nods. “Tell her that.”

Bucky lets out a breath of air he didn’t realize he was holding in and nods. “Okay.”

“Go get her, pal.” Steve smiles, patting Bucky’s shoulder.

You had just calmed down from your crying session when a knock on your door made you lift your head from your pillow.

“Coming.” you mutter, loud enough for whoever was at the door to hear you.

You pull your door open, revealing Bucky. To say you were confused was an understatement.

“Oh, hi Bucky.” you say, trying to make it seem like hadn’t been crying a few minutes before. “What can I do for you?”

“Stop pretending you’re fine, Y/N.” he says and you were taken aback. Not at what he told you but because that was literally the most he’s ever said to you since he got there.

“I’m not pretending, Bucky. I’m really fine.” you even throw in a chuckle, hoping he’d fall for it.

“Your red swollen eyes say otherwise.” he points out and you curse, turning around and walking up to the mirror you had hanging up in your room.

You look at yourself and frown. He was right. Your eyes were red and swollen. You shut your eyes tightly, feeling them begin to burn and sigh.

Bucky had taken the liberty to enter your room and shut the door behind him to have some privacy with you. He was nervous, to say the least. He was about to tell you how he felt about you and it terrified him.

“Y/N.” he spoke again. You turn around, seeing him standing at the foot of your bed. He kept a reasonable distance from you.

“Is there something you needed?” you ask politely, wanting him to leave as quickly as possible before you bursted into tears again.

Bucky sighs heavily, reaching up to scratch the back of his neck. “I um.. Yes. I wanted to talk to you.”

You frown. “If it’s about me trying to talk to you, don’t worry. I won’t try again. You’ve made it clear that you don’t want to talk to me so I’ll quit bugging you.” you smile up at him.

It’s Bucky’s turn to frown. “No!” he suddenly exclaimed, startling you.

“What?” you question.

“I don’t want you to quit talking to me.” he says and your eyebrows knit in confusion. “I like when you talk to me. It makes me feel normal. Everyone else is hesitant to even say hi to me but you don’t care.”

“Bucky I-I don’t understand.” you confess, stepping closer to the tall brunette. “Every time I try and talk to you, you find some excuse to leave.Sometimes, even before I can say hi to you, you leave the room.”

“I know it’s just-” Bucky groans softly, plopping himself on your bed. “You make me nervous. I get shy around you.”

This catches you off guard. “Me? I make you nervous?”

“Yes! I always choke on my words when you talk to me.” he says and you listen to what he has to say. “I like you, Y/N. I want to talk to you, to have a long conversation, to here your voice and to hear you laugh but I get nervous. I think I’ll say the wrong thing or word something wrong and embarrass myself in front of you.”

You stay quiet, allowing him to continue.

“When I first saw you, when you opened your door I felt like I had the breath knocked right out of me. You were just so beautiful. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone as beautiful as you. Then I started to doubt myself. Why would someone as amazing as you like a monster like me?”

You frown at his words. “Bucky.” you nearly whisper, gently taking his hand in yours as you stood in front of him. “You’re not a monster. To me, you’re Bucky Barnes. Just a normal guy. I have never, not once, thought of you as a monster because you’re not.”

“But I am.” he gave you a pained smile. “You know what I did. You know how many people - innocent people I’ve killed.”

“That wasn’t you, that was the Winter Soldier. What did you think, just because Hydra fucked you over and turned you into something you didn’t want to be that I wouldn’t like you? Fuck that. I’m not going by what happened in your past, I’m going by what Steve had told me about you and he’s said way too many nice things about you for me to hate you just because some assholes made you into something you didn’t want to be.” you huff, sitting next to Bucky on your bed.

Your words make Bucky smile and he turns his head to you. This may possibly be the first time you’ve ever seen him smile - well, smile at you.

“You’re an amazing person, you know that?” he says and you smile as well.

“I’m not going to hate you unless you do something horrible and unforgivable to me.” you respond and your eyes widen. “You’re not going to do something horrible and unforgivable to me, are you?”

Bucky laughs. “No, I don’t plan on it because I want you to like me back.”

You play with his metal fingers as you respond. “Bucky I’ve liked you since the first time I saw you.”

You look up, your eyes meeting his and there was a little shine in his eyes. “You’re the first girl to ever make me nervous. Back in the 40′s I was a bit of a flirt.”

“So I was told.” you giggle. “I hope you don’t plan on flirting with any other girls.”

Bucky shakes his head. “I only plan on flirting with you, Doll.” he reached over and grabbed your hand with his flesh one.

“Good.” you breathe. The feeling of his hand on yours was something new but you liked it.

“How about I take you out on a date tomorrow. We can start fresh.” Bucky suggests and you nod.

“I’d like that.” you smile. You found the both of you moving closer to each other, his eyes locked on your lips.

“Can I kiss you?” he questions as he caressed your cheek with his thumb.

“I don’t kiss before the first date.” you tell him. “But I can make an exception.”

Bucky licks his lips, biting his bottom lip in the process before pulling you to him in a kiss.

A/N: Hope ya liked this :)


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You’re mine | Jonah Marais

Requested? Yes! by @amelie-wolfbane

Could it be something like where your dating Jonah but Logan comes to the Why Don’t We house and starts flirting with you. Jonah gets super annoyed and almost starts a fight with Logan but Logan backs off once he understands.

Warnings? Swearing I guess 

Summary: After you meet the famous vlogger, Logan Paul, Jonah gets a bit jealous. 

Word Count: 1,165


You turn slightly at the sound of Jonah’s voice but still don’t fully wake up. Suddenly you feel kisses pressed all over your face and you immediately break out into a smile. Your eyes flutter open to see Jonah leaning over you, his smile reflecting your own. You lean up and press a kiss against his lips before laying back down.

"What time is it?” You ask while laying your head back onto Jonah’s chest.

“Almost 10:30.” He says kissing the top of your head once again.

Jonah was always more affectionate in the morning and you loved every second of it. Waking up to those beautiful blue eyes staring into yours, short kisses in between falling in and out of sleep, and legs tangled  together in a mess was nothing short of blissful. You and Jonah lay there for a few more minutes just drinking in each other’s presence before having to get up for the day.

You slowly sit up to go get ready for the day when you feel Jonah wrap his arms around your waist and pull you back towards him. Before you can protest you feel Jonah’s lips attach to your neck making your previous thoughts slip away almost instantly. He travels from your neck to your jawline before kissing just behind your ear and then letting go. You turn to look at him and see a smirk resting on his perfect face. You can’t help but roll your eyes before getting up and heading into the bathroom to take a shower. Once you get out and dressed you walk back into yours and Jonah’s room to do your hair.

“Aw, you took a shower without me?” Jonah asks as you sit in front of your full length mirror.

“Someone’s affectionate this morning.” You say smiling up at him.

He winks at you before walking into the bathroom to take a shower. He comes out about 15 minutes later with wet hair and only a towel hanging from his hips. Your face immediately reddened as you take quick glances of him through the mirror.

“Like what you see?”

Before you can answer you hear someone open and close the front door and then shouting from downstairs. You turn to give Jonah a confused look and he shrugs his shoulders before walking back into the bathroom to change. Curiosity gets the better of you and you head downstairs to see what all the commotion was without waiting for Jonah. You jog down the stairs to the living room to see the rest of the Why Don’t We boys standing and talking to a tall blonde guy.

When he turns around you recognize him as Logan Paul, the famous vlogger who was close friends with the boys. He stops talking as you walk into the room and you flash him a shy smile. You see Zach nudge him from behind causing Logan to stop staring at you, making you blush.

“Hi, I’m so sorry I’m being rude. I’m Logan.” He says taking a few steps towards you.

“(Y/N).” You say taking his outstretched hand. He smiles widely at you staring for a beat longer before turning back to the boys.

“How have I not met her yet? She’s gorgeous.” He fake scolds the boys.

“Cause she’s mine.” Jonah says suddenly appearing behind you.

“Damn Jonah. You sure as hell know how to pick em.”

You hear Jonah huff in annoyance before heading into the kitchen. You give Logan an apologetic smile but all he does is wink at you causing you to blush once again. You head towards the kitchen to find a very upset looking Jonah leaning against the kitchen island. You stand in front of him but he refuses to make eye contact. You carefully lift a hand to touch Jonah’s chin making him finally look at you.

“Whats wrong?” You ask quietly.

“Don’t worry about it.” He says stepping away from you once more and walking into the living room.

You sigh in annoyance but follow him out to where the other boys are, trying your best to brush off his bad attitude. You walk into the room to see the boys practicing for what must be a mashup they’re about to film. You go and sit on the couch and pull out your phone to pass sometime. Logan walks towards you making you look up and flash him a smile.

“So, how did you and Jonah meet?” He asks sitting next to you on the couch.

“We grew up in the same town and have been friends since middle school.” You say while putting away your phone to place your full attention on Logan.

“How long have you been dating?”

“Three years.”

“Damn. Well little homie definitely got lucky. You are one hell of a catch.” He says flashing you an award winning smile that most girls would swoon over.

“Why thank you.” You say looking down at your shoes shyly.

You two talk for a bit more, bonding over your love of youtube and music. Out of the corner of your eye you can see Jonah walking over and flash him a smile. He doesn’t return it only stares Logan down.

“Can I talk to you for a second?” He says anger flashing in his eyes.

Logan wordlessly follows Jonah out to the backyard and you can’t help the worried expression that crosses your face. You follow after them and hear Logan’s voice responding quickly to Jonah.

“I seriously don’t know what you’re talking about bro.”

“You’ve been flirting with my girl all day long.” Jonah snaps.

“I honestly didn’t think I was.” Logan starts defensively.

“I don’t care.” Jonah snaps once again. “Back off my girl.”

“Okay bro I will.” Logan says holding his hands up in surrender. I hear Jonah sigh and I assume they bro hug before deciding to head back inside.

When you hear them start to walk towards the door you go to move back to the living room, but Jonah walks into the room and spots you first. He walks towards you and takes your hand in his and pulls you towards the stairs. Just as you step into the room and shut the door behind you, Jonah pushes you against it attaching his lips to yours.

Your taken by surprise but only hesitate a second before kissing back. He grabs onto the back of your legs signalling for you to jump. Barely breaking the kiss you jump up and wrap your legs around his waist, while your hands go towards his hair. You tug at the ends of his hair slightly causing him to moan quietly into your mouth. When you two finally break for air you push your face into his neck breathing heavily.

“You’re mine.” He whispers into your ear. You nod in agreement before attaching your lips to his once again hoping to convey your feelings. You were his and you always would be.


I hope you liked it! Feel free to request imagines for Jonah or any of the other boys :)