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Sciles x Reader~ Who's better?

Warnings: sexual content, including: threesome, swearing, oral, multiple orgasms, overstimulation, fingering.

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Prompts: Scott x Stiles x reader, threesome.

Second person pov:
Day and night, day and night they fight over you. You’re incredibly flattered to have two such attractive guys want you, but you didn’t know what to do. You liked both of them, but didn’t know who to choose.

And so you hatched an idea to stop the fighting and reach a decision.


“Hey, Y/n!” Scott called from across the hallway as you stopped and waiting while he jogged over to you.

“Hey, I was wondering if you’d want to hang out tonight?” He asked you with a smile on his face, which you mirrored.

You had already made plans with Stiles for him to come over and Scott coming over as well would complete your plan.

“Sure! Come over at 8.” You smirked before sending him a wink, making his face heat up. You giggled at the effect you had on him and you waved a bit before strutting away, swaying your hips.


“Y/n!?” You heard two voices yell up the stairs, making you smirk and let out a chuckle.

“Up here, boys!” You yelled back, waiting as you heard the two sets of footsteps run up the stairs.

“Y/n, I thought it was just going to be us-” Scott’s voice spoke down the hall before pushing the door open, his sentence cutting short as he gazed upon you.

You were stripped down to your red matching lingerie set, along with a pair of black heels. Your hair was down in loose waves, your makeup light.

Both Scott and Stiles had their eyes on you, with their jaws slack in surprise. You giggled as you saw their unwavering eyes.

“Y-y/n? What is this?” Stiles asked, his eyes unflinching from your frame.

“Well, boys. We’re going to play a little game.” Your lips turned up into a smirk, pacing back and forth in front of the boys, your heels hitting the ground echoing throughout the room.

“You both are going to fuck me tonight.” Your vulgar words left your lips, making the boys flinch a bit.

“You’ll each get 20 minutes and whoever makes me cum the most wins.” You explained, a grin evident on your lips.

The two boys sucked in a sharp breath at your words as they began to fidget with anticipation.

“What’s our prize?” Stiles asked cheekily, a smirk now on his lips.

“Me.” You shrugged simply, Scott and Stiles rose their eyebrows at the challenge and licked their lips, hungry with desire.

“Now let’s see. Who’s better?”

You set a timer on your phone for the 20 minutes, and set it down and glanced up at the boys.

“Go.” You mouthed at them.

Stiles was the first to strike. He pinned you to the bed and had his lips on yours instantly. You kissed back, running your fingers through his dark locks as his lips travelled down to your neck, marking your s/c skin with love bites.

Scott sat in a chair facing you both and simply waited patiently and watched, and you smirked at the sight of his hard on.

Stiles shrugged off his flannel as his lips attached to your breasts through your thin bra. Once his shirt and flannel were off he grabbed your breasts in each hand and rolled them between his large palms, earning a soft whimper from you.

He kissed down on your skin as he unclipped your bra with one hand and slid it off. You rose and impressed eyebrow at this, and he met your eyes with a smirk before kissing down your breasts to your panties. You had a feeling he’d try to tease you so you stopped him before he could.

“17 minutes, Stiles.” You warned teasingly.

He growled and ripped the lingerie from your hips, the swift action causing a gasp to leave your lips, as the cold air met your dripping heat.

Stiles quickly then attached his lips to your clit, and began to swirl his tongue around the sensitive bundle of nerves. Your jaw fell slack at the feeling, your hands instantly going to his hair.

“Stiles!” You mewled softly, running your hands through his dark locks.

His soft pink lips sucked on your clit, then he thrusted his tongue quickly inside you, causing you let out loud moans.
Stiles swiftly then began darting his tongue in and out of you quickly.

“F-fuck! Stiless!” You hissed as you rocked your hips against his mouth, making you grunt in pleasure.

He kissed and nibbled at your clit as his fingers toyed with your entrance before slipping in one then another finger.

“Fuck yes, Stiles!!” You moaned before biting your lip, as you erupted in euphoria as you came around Stiles’ finger and tongue.

Stiles kept going, though. His fingers thrusting in and out of your heat. It was when you started to clench around his fingers that he began to kiss to your clit. The sensation started made your knees weak.

You gazed over to Scott to see him palming his large cock through his boxers, making you moan at the sight.

“What do you need, Y/n?” Stiles mumbled against your core, the vibrations of his words made you whimper softly.

“F-fuck me, Stiles.” Your voice small and tired, yet full of anticipation.

Stiles nodded and pushed his fingers in your harder and deeper, causing your eyes to roll back as you felt washed over with bliss. The feeling overcame you as you felt your thighs begin to shake, as you let another orgasm flow, your bliss evident on his tongue.

“Alright, Y/n.” Stiles sent you a wink as he dropped his pants and boxers, revealing his long, hard, member.

He smirked and kissed your lips before he slid on a condom and you felt his tip line up with your slit. He slowly slipped into you, since he knew you were still sensitive from your orgasm.

You whimpered as his length slid into you fully, him letting out a soft groan. He began to snap his hips against yours in a steady rhythm.

As he thrusted in and out of you, groans and moans made their way out of both his and your mouth. Sweat formed over both your bodies in tiredness.

“Yes, Stiles faster!” You bit your lip.

Stiles groaned in reply and began to pummel into you faster, his thrusts growing faster, as well as harder.

Your back arched against the mattress as you felt your high nearing yet again.

“Fuck! Stiles! Oh yes!” You wailed as your toes curled in gratification.

“Oh fuck, Y/n.” He groaned against your skin as he placed a kiss to your neck.

“I’m so close!” You moaned out as you fisted the sheets in your hands.

“Fuck, me too!” His lips parted as pants and moans left them, and his member thrusted deeper into you as you screamed in delight.

“I’m cumming!” You screamed as you released around Stiles, your warmth spilling out of you.

“I’m gonna cum too! Uhh fuck!” He groaned loudly as he filled the condom with his load.

He slowed his thrusts before stilling and pulling out of you, disposing of the used rubber.

“Your turn, Scott.” You smirked.

Scott got on the bed, stripped down to his boxers with his hard on.

“Stiles made me cum 3 times in 17 minutes. If you beat that, you win.” You explained, making him smirk.

Scott simply nodded as his eyes dilated with desire at the challenge.

He started by spreading your thighs apart and lapping up your juices as you whimpered.

Your thighs clenched around his head as he began to lick your bundle of nerves as he slid a finger into you.

“Scott, Ohh.” You took your bottom lip between your teeth as he added another finger.

He thrusted his fingers quickly in you, and your thighs shook as your arousal coated his tongue. This was your fourth orgasm of the day, yet first with Scott.

Scott lifted you off your back and positioned you on your hands and knees.
He slid on a condom before you felt his tip at your entrance.

“Ready, Y/n?” He asked you, making you smile at his thoughts of caution.

“Yes.” You muttered almost breathlessly as Scott then swiftly entered you.

A moan left your mouth as you felt him touch your sensitive patch inside you.

“Oh fuck, Scott.” You whimpered as he kissed your cheek quickly, and increased his pace. He began to pound harder into you, hitting your gspot with each thrust.

“Oh fuck, Y/n.” Scott groaned as he kissed your neck and shoulder as he fucked you hard from behind.

“Yes. Don’t stop! Oh yes!” You wailed as your toes curled in gratification, your jaw slack as your eyes rolled back in pleasure.

Your knees grew wobbly and Scott wrapped an arm securely around your waist as he fucked you faster.

“Yes! Fuck yes, Scott!” You whimpered, your eyes fluttering close in bliss.

As he thrusted in and out of you, you both moaned and screamed out in contentment. Your back arched as you felt your high nearing.

Scott hit your spot repeatedly, causing your fifth orgasm of the day to transpire. Scott slowed before halting his thrusts, allowing you a rest.

You sighed out as you came down from your high. Scott made a love bite on your shoulder, making you whimper out, as he picked up his pace and began thrusting into you again.

“Fuck, Y/n.” Scott whispered, his lips agape as small groans and left them, as he thrusted deeper into you as you moaned louder.

“Scott, yess.” You cried, grasping onto the pillow as you moaned and whimpered.

You felt his nails dig into your skin as his thrusting got sloppier, and you felt him twitch inside you.

“Fuck, Scott.” You moaned and your vision began to blur, seeing white stars.

“I-I’m gonna cum.” He said, kissing whatever skin he could reach as his hip met your ass with each thrust.

After a few more thrusts you finally released for the sixth time, and he followed soon after.

Scott collapsed against your body and all that was heard was yours and his heavy panting.

“What was my time?” Scott smirked and asked cheekily as you picked up your phone to check.

“Let’s see, you gave me 3 orgasms in,” you paused as you unlocked the phone and gasped.

“17 minutes.”


A/n: thanks for reading! That ending thoughhh!

Question of the day:
Favorite movie?

Answer of the day:
Coraline or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. 👌🏽


Warnings: smut

You and carl have been ‘dating’ for a couple of months now. It was never really made official but you both began exchanging flirtations and then eventually doing more. You had known that Carl was and ass person when he would always mess with your ass. Slapping it, groping and squeezing it especially during your most inimate times.
Rick and the rest of your group hadnt been in Alexandria that long but a quick look around was overdue. While looking around you found Carl. Walking over to him, you were about to ask him to join you. He was intensely looking at something and then you found the target. Enid’s ass. Immediately you got self-conscious because, well her ass looked really good. Carl quickly saw you standing over there, but you stormed off.
“(y/n)! Hey (y/n) wait please.” he begged while jogging right next to you. “I didn’t mean to, it just happened accidentally.”
“Yeah whatever Carl, why don’t you go ‘accidentally’ fuck Enid too while your at it,” yes it was very immature but he was being.. Well he was being am asshole. You reached your house that you shared with your mom, who was currently on a run. Walkign in and slamming the door in Carl’s face you walked up the stairs and ito the bathroom.
You then turned on the hot water and stripped yourself. Hot showers always made you feel better. A while had past and you were still in the shower, you heard the front door open but just assumed it was your mom.
“Hey mom!” you shouted hopefully she could of heard you. But then the bathroom door opened. Tensing up as you feel someone’s arm wrap around you.
“Hey (y/n), looking pretty steamy.” it was Carl. You unwrapped his arms from around your waist. As you resisted the urge to smile because of the shitty pun.
“Did Enid get tired of bending over?”
“I don’t care about her, (y/n). I just wanted to see you bend over” he then again wrapped his arms around your waist and then surprised you with his next moves. “So bend over sweet cheeks.” He then grabbed your hair in a fist and bent you over so that your cheek was resting against the cold, tiled shower wall.
“Like what you see?” you asked innocently, swaying your hips just a bit.
“Oh (y/n), you have no idea,” he mumbled, while kneading your ass.
“Why don’t you show me you asshole” you said as you grabbed his hand and kneading with him. You looked back and saw him bite his lower lips and you felt as if you were going to explode.
“Your words, not mine.” He then quickly flipped you over, hand still in your (h/l) and (h/c) hair. He pressed him wet abdomen to your and dragged his finger tips down your body. He finally reached your heat and you let out a sharp gasp.
“Babe, I’m just getting starting,” he put his middle finger on your clot and began rubbing slow circles, increasing his pace as time went by. You were a moaning and squirming mess, pleading over and over again for him to go faster.
“C-carl please, f-faster,” he obeyed your wishing and moved faster but then he removed his hand from your hair and slipped a single, slender finger inside you. Pumping in and out, rubbing faster and faster.
“Carl I’m gonna cum,” you tightened round his finger, ready to hit your high. Carl felt it and pulled out.
“Jealous girls are bad girls,you are a bad girl (y/n), and bad girls don’t get to cum.” he stuck his finger between your lips, rubbing your wetness on them. Bringing his lips to yours he kisses you roughly and intensly.
“On your knees, (y/n). I’m gonna fuck you until you know how to behave.” You lowered to your knees and rested your hands on the side of the tub, “that’s a good girl, are you gonna make me cum?” you shook your head yes. “What’s that?”
“Y-yes, I’m gonna make you cum so hard.” Carl grinned at your response. He began to slowly run his hand up and down his shaft, you hadn’t noticed how hard he was until now. Rubbing his head in the slit of your heat and mixing his pre-cum that had leaked out with your wetness.
With out hesitation Carl pounded into you, making you moan so loud you were sure that if anyone was home they would of heard. He slowly pulled out and you could feel every inch of his member leave you but like the first time he pounded into you harder again, and yet again retrieving a satifying moan from you.
“(y/n), say my name. moan my name. Let the neighbors know who fucks you this good.”
“Carl, oh Carl Fuck me harder. Punish me for what a bad and jealous girl I’ve been.”
Carl grabbed your waist and began to fuck you harder and faster. Your boobs bouncing from him colliding his body to yours. And to push you over he put his finger back on your clit. The other hand was slapping your ass, causing moans from your lips, his name mixed in there.
“Ugh (y/n) your so fucking great, I love being inside you.” he pulled your back against his chest and deepend his thrust. Your entire body shook as he reached your g-spot.
“Ah Fuck yeah, right there. Oh my fucking gosh Carl right there.” you moaned as he repeatively hit your spot.
“S-shit (y/n) I think I-im gonna cum’” you reached back and grabbed his arm.
“M-me too babe. Wait f-for me.”
Carl’s thrust got sloppy and he began to twitched. You knew he was close and he damn well knew you were too. Carl slows his pace down and is moaning and twitching, you felt his warm load go inside you, it threw you over the edge and you hit your high also. Carl leaned down and kisses your shoulder and then your neck. He finally bent all the way down and kisses your ass, he even bit it.
“Ow, I didn’t know Grimes had a biting fetish.”
“Pfft, (y/n), please you know I’m an ass person,”
“More like an asshole,” you both laughed and turned the water off, dressing one another after drying.
“So hopefully (y/n), you know not to be jealous anymore,” he hugged you and cupped your ass.
“I don’t know, if it’s gonna get me this, well I think I might be jealous more often.”

cosleia  asked:

lol I love your tags on the kylux walking gifs...Hux is like GODDAMN your leisurely prowl is tripping me up! Meanwhile Kylo's just trying not to trip over his robes

HONESTLY hux is literally stepping under himself to stay next to ren like ?? it makes sense of course that hux can’t just sprint away at his power-walking pace but like…we’ve seen kylo move faster than that like we have

goddammit kylo we get that u and hux are enemies or whatever but it doesn’t mean you have to make hux trip over himself to keep up with your slow pace!!

Edmund x Reader: You Know I Love You, Right?

Anon asked: Hello! May I request something? An Edmund x Reader where the reader is always saving him from increasingly dangerous situations and slowly gets more fed up with it until he is almost killed and she’s super upset and feelings are shared? Thank you! You’re the absolute best! 😊♥️


Edmund braced himself for cold glares and silence when he saw (Y/n) in the corridor.

      She seemed like she was going somewhere, until she saw him. She immediately pivoted on her heel and headed in the opposite direction.

      “(Y/n), wait,” Edmund said, jogging to catch up with her. She wouldn’t stop, so he stepped in front of her. She rammed into his chest, obviously not expecting his actions. This gave him a chance to grab her arms and hold her in place. “Will you talk to me?” He exasperated. “It’s been a week since I–” he stopped short.

      “Since you almost died?” She finished. The edge in her voice made his stomach twist.

      “I didn’t–”

        “Don’t you dare tell me you didn’t almost die when I was the one covered in your blood, waiting for someone to come and help,” she snapped. She yanked herself out of his grip and tried to walk past him. Edmund stepped to the side again.

      “Look, I did what I needed to do,” he tried.

      (Y/n)’s jaw tightened, and her fists clenched. “Hmm,” she grunted. Her eyes were fixed on the ground. There was no warmth in them at all.

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Imagine “listening” to Magnus when he talks about Alec and vice versa.

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Magnus: Read my list back to me.

You: Okay?? Margarita mix, a dozen Ashwinder eggs, rose thorns, peppermint, moonstone, toothpaste, and a deck of cards.

Magnus: One more thing: I need Alexander.

You: Meaning?

Magnus: I just need Alexander Lightwood. Go ask if he’s single. 

You rolled your eyes

You: Alec, wait up! *jogs over to him and is a tall caramel frappucino next to the Empire State Building* Magnus needs -

Alec: Magnus is quite magical, is he not?

You: I’m done! Just go make out with him!!!


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Masterlist Request things!!

Park Prompts
  • We both use this jogging trail but you’re always ahead of me by only a few steps and I never catch up. Today I came later and I found you waiting by the trail, waiting for me to go jogging with you. 
  • I’m spending the night at the Yosemite camp grounds and I met some very pretty strangers on my way in who I partied with, woke up to some wolves huddled around my tent, and may have been accepted into a werewolf pack. 
  • I failed to realize that the park squirrels were so forward as to jump into your hands if you so much as have food. I hope this explains why you just got a squirrel thrown at you. 
  •  You come by the dog run every day to pet all the dogs, and I don’t care that much because my dog loves everyone, but now my dog doesn’t even want to play with me at the park, only you. I’m going to have to either ask you to stop doing that or get to know me better so you can play with my dog more.
  • I’m taking an art class that’s held at the park and it’s nice and all but the wind is getting too much to handle and my canvas flew onto you, leaving a big paint smudge on you. I swear I’ll personally clean your clothes, I know how to get the paint out.
  • We’re both park rangers and nothing ever happens here so we just play games at out station and wait for the next shift to come in.

Workout update:

I -think- I feel a slight bit of progress. Slowly getting better push-up form and increasing situps every couple of days. Overall I’m really hitting the core hard, and I can tell because my stomach muscles feel…tightened? Like not stiff but definitely slightly rigid as I walk around. Not painful though, feels…correct?

I gotta start getting cardio in. If I had a treadmill or exercise bike that’d be no problem at all, but I gotta go to that creepy workout room to do it, or wait for spring to actually jog outside. I really want to start getting some of this flab off of me.

Cutting down on sugars too. Sugar-free mint gum is my best friend.

Overall it’s certainly gotten easier to just -start- the routine entirely. The first few days was really a “ughhh I gotta do this” and now it’s a case of me clapping my hands together and saying “Okay, gotta do this, can’t skip it.”

So at the very least I’ve made mental progress.

Ults stevetony fake dating

For the “canon: ultimates” square on my stevetony bingo card.

“Mister Stark, a question?!” a journalist called. Tony turned away from where S.H.I.E.L.D. agents were putting a pair of mutants the Ultimates had just subdued into power dampening cuffs.

“Sure, darling.”

“Is it true you and Captain America are dating?” the journalist, a young black woman, asked.

Tony gave her his most charming smile. “Captain America likes to keep his life private,” he said. “But he knew who I was when he kissed me.” Another fake, wide smile. “We’re very happy.”

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Prompt Request #3

This one is for number three which has been requested twice…well three times but the last one has another number to be added with so here is for the first two that requested it! Also, ROGUE ONE HAS ME HYPED.

3 - We’re not just friends and you fucking know it

“Poe, wait!” you call, jogging to catch up with him. He didn’t stop, instead he slowed down. You managed to catch up to him, seeing his face creased with anger.

“Why did you go off like that?” you ask but he didn’t reply, just kept walking.

“Was it something I said? Or did they say something?” Still no reply.

You recalled back to what started this chase. You were talking with one of the new pilots that had recently joined the Resistance, nothing but small talk. They had asked about your time here and how you met your husband, which sparked confusion in you. You didn’t have a husband. The recruit then went to describe the person; big, brown eyes, curly unkempt hair and strong build. You identified the person to be Poe Dameron, a close friend of yours. The recruit went to apologize but you laughed it off, saying it was nothing. At that point, Poe made his appearance and you told him how the recruit thought the two of you were married but you corrected them by telling them you were just friends.

This seemed to set Poe off as his friendly, open demeanour changed to being closed and dark. He excused himself and rushed off, causing you to follow him as you knew something was wrong.

“Come on, talk to me!” you cry, grabbing his arm to pull him to a stop. He obliges, turning to you.

“There isn’t anything to talk about,” he said, staring down hard at you. It made you feel uneasy.

“Well obviously there is when you go off in a mood like that,” you reply, letting go of his arm to cross yours over your chest. Poe scoffed at you.

“I’m not in a mood,” he states. You shrug.

“Could have fooled me. Since when do you just brush off new recruits? You are usually front and centre with them!”

“You seemed to be doing a fine job.”

“Why do I feel like there is more behind that sentence?”

“Because you would know, wouldn’t you?”

“Okay, I KNOW there is something behind that. What is wrong with you?”

You didn’t understand. Poe was fine before this, he was fine at breakfast, he was fine last night! He was his usual self; giving you a kiss on the cheek as you said goodnight, barging into your room in the morning to drag you out of bed and making sure you ate properly at breakfast. No other events had occur to spark this with him. At least, none you could see.

“What? You don’t know? Thought you were my friend,” he said, his hands placed on his hips as he leaned towards you. There was something about the way he said friend that was off, he put more emphasis on it as if to mock it.

“I am but this-”

“Cause that’s what friends do isn’t it? Friends constantly ask until they get bored of asking the question or hear the answer they want to hear. They don’t just know, do they?”

“Poe, what in Maker’s name are you talking about!?” This whole conversation was confusing you. Yes, you were friends. Close friends, kriff, closer than close but he wasn’t making sense.

“We’re just friends, aren’t we Y/N?” he asked. You nod.

“Yeah we are friends-”

We’re not just friends and you fucking know it!” he cried, pointing a finger towards you. You were taken back by his outcry, seeing his eyes were now shiny with tears threatening to fall.

“Poe…is that what this is about? The fact I said we were friends?” Poe looked away from you, his arm falling to his side. He shrugged.

“What we have…friends doesn’t cover it. You are trying to tell me what we feel between us is mere friendship?”

He was right. The feelings you had were more than ‘just friends’, it was deeper than that. Neither of you had said or even mentioned it before now. Your relationship just kept growing into something more. The way you would, sometimes, hold Poe’s hand because it felt right and he didn’t object, instead giving your hand a squeeze back. Poe giving you kisses and slight touches every time he passed you. The fact you would just stay in his room and share a bed with him, playing with his hair as he held you close.

The more you thought about it, the more it seemed offensive to say you and Poe were 'Just Friends’.

“No, it isn’t. But…it’s just we never talk about it. We haven’t acknowledged what this,” you motion between you and him. “is! I’m not saying it needs to be shouted from the top of mountains or anything, but some verbal confirmation would be nice, I guess. I mean, I don’t want to tell someone I just met 'oh yeah, that’s my boyfriend’ or something like that without you stating that is what we are. So, friends was the safest thing.”

You believed you explained yourself well enough to get your point across. Poe seemed to agree, sighing as he rubbed his eyes.

“You’re right. We haven’t actually talked about it. It just felt right doing all those things with you. I understand and I’m sorry for rushing off like that,” he said. You nod.

“It’s fine. I mean, no harm came from it…did it?” You hoped Poe didn’t think this was your way of saying you didn’t have feelings for him. He shook his head, smiling slightly at you.

“No. Actually some good came from it,” he said, moving closer to you.

“Oh? And that would be?” you asked. Poe took your hands in his, looking into your eyes as he pressed his forehead with yours.

“Y/N, will you be with me?” he whispered. You couldn’t help but giggle a little. You pressed you lips to his, giving him a sweet kiss as you whisper your answer;

“I already am.”


Sweat pooled up on his forehead as he took another lap through the park in New York City. He had already done around fifty laps, but his mind was still trying to take in everything that had changed. The streets were cleaner in some ways, but dirtier in others. There was so much noise…and nobody seemed to want to walk anywhere anymore. Still, New York was his city, and he was slowly taking the time to get to know it again.

In between running laps and working for Fury and SHIELD anyway. He was just heading out of a mildly irritating meeting with Fury (the man had so many secrets it was a small wonder that he managed to get anyone to work with him) when he got caught off guard by the sound of fighting. Deciding that grabbing a bite could wait, he jogged in the direction of the sound, looking just in time to see a guy go flying from a woman’s fist. He paused in the doorway to take note of it, a small smile flickering across his face as he thought of the first time he had met Peggy.

He took a moment, but eventually he managed to say, “that’s one strong arm. How long have you been training?”


For anon who requested more Kol imagines

“C'mon Rebekah” Kol said as he followed behind her. He had been trying to get Rebekah to tell him the secret you told her. You and Rebekah were best friends and you trusted her with the secret. Kol moved in front of her blocking her path. “Oh of my way Kol” Rebekah huffed trying to move passed him. “Just tell me” he smirked up at her. “I bet I can guess what it was about” he grinned. Rebekah folded her arms and pursed her lips. “She likes me doesn’t she” Kol said cockily. Rebekah’s eyes widen lightly as she looked at him. Kol’s grin grew “I knew it” he said cheerfully, before walking off. “Kol wait!” Rebekah called, jogging after him, worried he’d tell you he knew the secret.

Request: Big Secret

Request: Hey! I’m requesting a one shot where TFW have crushes on the reader so they get very protective and even a little jelous when they find out that she has a boyfriend. Really fluffy please! Thank you darling!! <3

Word Count: 886

Here it is, I hope you like it! Thank you, have an awesome day!<33

“I’m headed out!” You call to the guys, who are huddled around a book in the library, “I’ll be back tonight – or tomorrow. We’ll see.” You grin, securing the bag on your shoulder before opening the door.

“Hey! Wait up!” Dean jogs to the bottom of the stairs, grabbing your attention. You turn reluctantly, just wanting to get going. It’s a couple hours’ drive anyway, even if you don’t hit any traffic.

“What?” You groan, pulling the door shut.

“Where are you going?”


“Out where?”

“Out somewhere! I’ll be safe. It’s no big deal.”

He seems loathe to let it go just like that, and you have to evade more questions before you can escape.

It’s not as if you want to hide this from them. You don’t – they’re your best friends in the world and you’re sure that they’d be happy for you. It’s just that you don’t know if you’re ready. It’s such early days, and you don’t want to tempt fate by spilling all of the details right away. Nonetheless, you grab your car, slip out of the garage, and get onto the road.


It’s the early hours of the morning when you press open the door to the bunker, praying inwardly that it won’t creak. Naturally, it lets out a squeal worthy of a twelve year old at her favourite boyband’s concert. You fear for a moment that you’ve woken someone – but the light is already on.

“Cas?” You call out softly as you slip down the stairs, but as you reach the bottom you realise that it is not, in fact, only the angel sat at the library’s table. All three men stare at you as if you’ve grown another head.

Where is she going?” Dean pops open a second beer and passes it to his brother, who shoves the book away from him in disgust and taking a long swig of the beverage.

Hell if I know.” Sam shrugs, “Secret family? Kids, a husband.”

Screw off, we’ve known her since she was sixteen and she’s never been pregnant. Plus, it’s only been a few weeks.”

Alright, scratch that, then. She’d tell us, anyway.” Sam shakes his head, “Maybe… I don’t know. A job?”

You reckon she’s working the graveyard shift?”

Maybe.” Sam shrugs, “There was a bar downtown advertising a few weeks ago.”

That must be it. I bet Y/N would be hot as a bartender.” Dean muses, taking a drink of the beer.

Absolutely. I’m calling dibs.” Sam says quickly. Dean scowls.

I’m older. I called dibs first!”

You did not!”

I believe I’m older than you both,” Cas interrupts, “And I call, dibs.

“What are you guys still doing up?” You ask casually, offering a tired smile. Dean raises an eyebrow.

“We’ve been conferring.” He informs you, beckoning you over to the table. You frown, ut cross over to them and take a seat.

“What’s up?”

“You have to tell us what you’re doing.” Cas says seriously.


“Because we’re your friends and we’re curious.” Sam finishes, and you laugh. Sure, you’d figured that they’d be curious but to go as far as conspiring behind your back? This is curious on a whole new level.

“Sure, I’ll tell you.” You nod, leaning against the table, “I have a boyfriend.”

What?” The guys chorus, all as one, staring at you in awe. You can’t help but giggle.

“Don’t look so surprised!”

“Who is he?” Sam asks, his eyes wide, “Is he good to you?”

“Of course he is.” You assure him, “You don’t know him. He works in the bar downtown – his dad owns the place. He knows about us – his brother was killed by a demon back in the apocalypse days.”

“Is he a hunter?”

“No.” You shake your head, “Not even a dabbler, as such.”

“What’s he like?” Cas asks, and you shrug.

“He’s kind. Generous. Funny. Smart.” You list with a smile, “He’s so accepting. I mean, it’s only been, like, a month, but I think it might be something real, you know?”

“What if it’s not?” Dean demands, “What if he breaks your heart? Cheats? You have to tell us who he is so we can teach him a lesson.”

“And that is exactly why I’m not going to tell you who he is. Not yet. I don’t want you turning up on his doorstep and beating his face in.” You grin, pushing your chair away from the table, “Go get some sleep, you dorks. It’s nearly dawn and I’m exhausted.” You yawn to accentuate your point, and stand up from the table, “See you in the morning.”

“See you.” Cas nods slowly, letting you stand up and walk off to your room. The three guys are left staring after you, their eyes wide.

“What about dibs?” Cas pouts, and Dean scrunches up his nose in distaste.

“This guy has no respect for basic dibs etiquette.”

“I think we have to find out who he is.” Sam adds, and the other two men nod.

“Let’s do it.”


“Hey- Hey, Cass! Wait up!” Reese begged, jogging to catch up with the shorter girl. “Come on, don’t be like that. I’m not stalking you, I just wanted to see if you’d like to hang out tonight,” he said with a hopeful expression, giving her his best puppy dog look. “Look, I had a really rough week, alright? It’s nothing more than that. I don’t only talk to you because of Tino,” he insisted. “So? How about it? Want to do something tonight?” He knew that Cassie still did not trust him, and he supposed he couldn’t blame her; it was his own fault that he couldn’t keep his mouth shut. However, that didn’t mean he would not still keep trying.

Imagine you're Juice's sister and you like Happy but you're the most innocent **REQUESTED**

You walked into the garage looking for Juan. Everyone around here called him Juice and you didn’t know why. You looked around and you saw him knelt down working on a bike.

“Hey Juan.” You called after him.

“What do you need?” Juan said viciously.

“Never mind, I guess I’ll just leave you alone.” You said leaving the garage. As you were thinking about how you wanted to go home you bumped into your crush, Happy. 

“Oh, I’m sorry.” You said trying not to run away in panic.

“No its okay.” He said looking around in the garage. You smiled and walked around him, walking across the lot to find Gemma.

“Hey y/n!” You turned around as Happy called after you.

“Wait up!” He jogged over to you and he went into the clubhouse with you. You watched as Happy went behind the bar and grabbed a few beers. He handed you one and you took it.

 You wondered why he was being like this.

“So Juice told me.” Happy looked at you. You had told Juice not to tell Happy that you had liked him.

“Of course he did” You took a big drink of your beer.

  “Hey its alright. I mean how could you resist this?” He laughed and you pushed him playfully.

“I can’t, that’s my problem.” You said looking at him.

“Well you’re pretty hard to resist yourself” He said, winking at you. You felt the blood rush to your cheeks and you looked at him with a sweet smile.

“Is that so?” You said tilting your head. He nodded as he moved in, and kissed you softly.

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Awkward Encounters: Kyle, 49

You were taking a step to help Kyle out in the world. He still had very limited speech, but his comprehension was getting better, and the next best thing was to take him outside. You planned to go get something to eat. Not in a restaurant, but off the street, so he didn’t have to communicate with anyone besides you.
You were ready to leave when you realized you didn’t have your money. “Hey, Kyle?”
He looked to you, watching your eyes.
“I’m gonna go to our room and get some money, okay?”
Kyle nodded, sitting on the couch to wait.
You jogged upstairs to your room, which Kyle had been staying in since you, Zoe and Madison revived him. The other two vied for his attention viciously. You didn’t see the point in overwhelming him more, and let him choose whoever he wanted. That happened to be you.
“God, Madison!” you screamed, covering your eyes after finding her wrapped in a half undone robe on the bed.
“Ew!” Madison pulled her robe tight around her body.
You scoffed, walking over to the dresser. “Well this is awkward. What are you doing here?”
“Trying to seduce the boy toy, duh.”
“How’s that working out for you?” You laughed, stuffing money in your pockets.
“(Y/N)?” questioned Kyle in a small voice from the door.
You turned around, quickly, “Hi. We’re gonna leave now, okay?”
Kyle nodded, taking your hand and kissing you, glaring at Madison as you both left the room.

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Laws of Attraction: Part 2

background info // part 1

He was immediately met with blinding sunlight and a mass of people as he stepped outside. It took him a while to spot the little pink dress that was stalking down one of the sidewalks towards North campus. “Hey, wait up!” Newt yelled, jogging to catch up to her. She didn’t even bother looking over her shoulder to see who it was, she just kept walking. By the time he reached her, she was already by the fountain in the center of the quad. “Hey, wait!” She stopped in her tracks, finally, and Newt had to catch his breath a bit.

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lacrosse practice - Liam Dunbar

(Inspired by Liam vs. Hayden S5xE6)

“Hey Y/N, wait up!” Liam jogged over to me. It was the second week of school and already the Lacrosse boys were getting ready for the spring season, which is probably why he was walking with me too the field.
“Yes Liam?” I asked.
“Let’s have a contest” he held his lacrosse stick tightly and looked at me. I glanced at my soccer gear and raised an eyebrow. “We’re just shooting today, so let’s see who scores the most.” Liam playing lacrosse was something I couldn’t turn down. He just looked good while playing.
“And what does the winner get?” I asked, smiling.
“Well, that’ll be for the winner to decide. Yes or no?” Liam chuckled.
“You’re on Li” we parted and I put on my shin guards and cleats as Liam got warmed up. Never in my life had I turned down a contest or bet with Liam, and I wasn’t about to start now.


During the course of practice, I missed a few goals, and so did Liam. I was just hoping I’d won, because losing to Liam was not something I liked. “So Y/N, did you see my amazing skills” he flexed and smirked.
“Did you see mine?” I smirked.
“Oh yeah I loved the one where you nearly hit Mason” he rolled his eyes. “How many goals?”
“I got 24” I proudly said. It was practice but still.
“Ooh looks like I beat you this time, I had 35” he smirked. My jaw dropped, had he really gotten so many?!
“Okay Mr. 35, what am I doing today? Learning Lacrosse? Running across the field while singing a Hannah Montana song?” I sourly said. It was rare for me to lose to Liam.
“Nah, I got something better. You’re going to close your eyes” I closed my eyes, listening to Liam. “And tell me if you feel uncomfortable, or want me too stop” he whispered. Seconds later I felt Liam’s lips pressed against mine, and I knew then, I’d also won today.