waiting to get yelled at in 3...2...1

In which I get a wife in my first session of a campaign

Context: So I made a new character for this campaign, and she is a very punchy fighter by the name of Mae Gjallarfjall. And her trouble is “Punch first, ask questions later.” I joined one or two sessions late, so I have no context for this campaign other than “Magitech is a thing that exists and can do things.” I am a crewhand on a ship traveling across the sea.

DM: All of you hear the crashing of wood as a cannonball tears through a bit of your ship’s hull. You then hear the captain yell “PIRATES OFF THE PORT BOW!” What do you do?

Me (OOC): I run over to the captain and tell him to get me in punching distance.

DM (as captain): Wait what?

Me: Get. Me. In. Punching. Distance!

Wizard: *grabs me by the shoulder* Hold on. *rolls Magic to teleport*

DM to me and Wizard: You two end up on top of the pirate ship’s mast, a good sixty feet above the deck. The ship is also flying above the water. Below you see six pirates that do not seem to know you are here. What do?

Me (OOC): Well, my trouble is “Punch first, ask questions later,” so I’m going to roll Fitness to sprint down the mast and activate Fist of Havoc.

DM: Alright, roll.

Me: *rolls +2 on Fitness and 18 damage on Fist of Havoc*

DM: You kill two of the pirates instantly and send the other four back a ways staring at you in shock and fear.

Me (OOC): I want to roll Persuasion to convince them that fighting me is a terrible idea.

DM: Um… okay, roll for it.

Me: *rolls +2 on Persuasion*

DM: You succeed on two of the pirates. Pirates 1 and 2 sheathe their weapons and take a step back. Pirates 3 and 4 are not convinced.

Everyone else takes their turns.

DM to me: Alright, so Pirate 3 has been smacked by [Paladin], and Pirate 4 tried to attack but accidentally lost grip on his sword and is floundering to pick it up. The pirate captain has come up from her quarters and yells “What the hell is going on on my ship‽”

Me (OOC): I run over to her and punch her right in the face. *rolls +3 to hit and another +3 for damage*

DM: Wow. So you run over and deck her right in the schnoz and she staggers back a bit. In retaliation, she shoots you. *rolls +2 and deals 3 points of damage after armor*

Me: Bitch!

Engineer: *busts out from under the ship and yells* “ABANDON SHIP OR BURN IN HELL!”

Me (OOC): *rolls neutral on Fitness and jumps overboard, rolls again for Hero Landing™ and gets +2* Wait, where’s pirate captain lady?

DM: That’s a good question. *rolls dice* She says goodbye to her crew and ship and jumps overboard.

Me (OOC): I roll Initiative to see where she’ll land, and Fitness to catch her.

DM: Go for it?

Me: *rolls +1 Initiative and crit Fitness*

DM: Holy shit, give yourself a fate chip and let me paint you this word picture. [Engineer] sprints out from the engine room and yells to get off. Both of you dive off and land on your ship. [Paladin] jumps off and lands on his horse, and then Pirate Lady jumps off after you guys. You look up and hold out your arms and catch her bridal style so comfortably that she swoons and blushes profusely at you.

Me: I apologize if your fall from heaven hurt. *rolls persuasion and gets +3*

DM: She is so overcome by her emotions that she is now profusely in love with you and wants to marry you.

Me (OOC): I say yes and marry my new pirate bride.


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Collab with @texts-from-bts (go follow her for the other chapters!)

Also, we’re basing their looks off the Save Me Era (bc have you seen their hair colors then wooh mama it was nice)

Summary: You’re friends with a group of trouble makers, ‘junkies’ as the town calls you. But one day… it all gets too much.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7,

“Hey wait you’re not allowed in here!” You heard your parents yell and footsteps coming up to your room. 

“Come on! Come on!” Jin repeated to you. He grabbed your hand but you winced away. When he finally looked down, he saw your hand was a shredded mess. “O-oh my god okay uhm Hoseok grab some of her things!” He grabbed a random shirt off the floor and ripped it apart, using a piece to wrap your hand up. 

“Whe-where’s Joon?” You asked lightly. 

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Request: yes

request: please do something fluffy with Damian. it’s your choice because I know you amazing enough to do it! <3

plot/prompt: the reader tells Damian that he doesn’t have a ‘mad face and he get a little salty 

word count: 508

warnings: none

A/n: the last one I deleted…sorry again guys!

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How to be basic hiccstrid trash

Step 1-modern hiccstrid high school au

Step 2- the nerd hiccup and the popular track star Astrid

Step 3- hiccup has a cat named toothless of course

Step 4- he loses his leg at the end of the fic in a car crash

Step 5- awkward hiccstrid hangouts/being partners for a project

Step 6- sometimes a dog shelter is involved

Step 7- Gobber yells something about Astrid being hiccups girlfriend

Step 8- ex boyfriend snotlout


Step 10- hiccup getting slammed into lockers

Step 11- mwah mwah kiss kiss

Step 12- lots of hiccup povs *wow she’s so beautiful*

Step 13- happy ending

240. Sirius is not allowed to provide the commentary for the Quidditch matches. Ever.

A/N: Dedicated to Anon. You know who you are.

“Welcome to the 187th Annual Quidditch Match!”

“Oh, I regret this already,” Minerva McGonagall muttered under her breath before speaking louder, “Mr. Black, we do not number our matches that way.”

“Well, we should,” Sirius Black responded quickly, “It would be much easier to keep track of them.”

“I think the system we’re using now works just fine,” she replied dryly.

With a nod and a wink, Sirius said, “Ah, I see. Using the ol’ ‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it’ mindset. I get it. Change is hard.”

Professor McGonagall looked up at the sky, as though she were sending a quick word to any deity that may be listening above and said, “Mr. Black, when I told you you could fill in for Mr. Harper to do the Quidditch Commentary, you promised me you would behave yourself.”

“Did I?” Sirius asked innocently.

With a glare from his professor, Sirius rolled his eyes, “Yes, Professor. I promise.”

Despite the fact that she felt that should would soon come to regret this, she nodded her head once, indicating that Sirius could start the commentary for the match.

Eager, Sirius immediately called out, “Good morning Hogwarts!”

“It’s 2 in the afternoon,” Professor McGonagall interrupted.

Ignoring her, Sirius continued, “Welcome to our first game of the season.”

“This is our fourth game,” McGonagall corrected.

“On one side, we have the voluptuous, talented, and very courageous GRYFFINDORS!”

Cheers erupted from the audience as the Gryffindor Quidditch team flew out on their brooms onto the stadium.

“On the other side, we have the brilliant, stone-cold, and creative RAVENCLAWS!”

Cheers that matched the same volume from before went out for this other team.

“Let the battle BEGIN!”

“It’s – it’s not a battle,” McGonagall sighed, wondering if she should have brought a flask just to get through this game with Sirius at her side.

“And the balls have been let out,” Sirius said, watching as the two bludgers escaped from the box they were being tied down in and the snitch flirted with the team’s seekers before flying out of sight, “Oh boy, watch out for those two black balls. They look like they mean business.”

The coach stepped out on the field and lifted the quaffle out of its place, quietly lecturing the players about a nice, fair game before blowing her whistle and throwing the ball into the air.

“And the quootle has been set free!”

“It’s the quaffle,” McGonagall corrected him.

“And we’ve got Kelly from Ravenclaw who got a hold of the quootle and is racing away on her broom.”

“Mr. Black, it’s called the quaffle,” McGonagall corrected a second time.

“Kelly’s passing the quootle to Rick. Then back to her. Then back to him. Then back to – whoa. Anyone else feeling a little dizzy here? Surely there’s got to be a better way than just – WHOA! Rick threw the ball and got in into the little circle thing. Too bad, so sad for those Gryffindors. Cause it looks like Ravenclaw has just gotten themselves 15 points.”

“No,” McGonagall said with a deep breath, “It’s 10 points. Only 10.”

“Yeah, but I thought that their cool maneuvering deserved a couple of extra points.”

“That’s not how the game works,” she answered sharply, “you told me you understood the rules of the game, Mr. Black, are you telling me that you have no idea what you’re doing?”

Sirius scoffed, “Of course I know what I’m doing. I live in a dorm with James. Do you honestly believe that James wouldn’t lecture all of us about the rules of Quidditch? Speaking of which,” Sirius jumped up and waved his hand frantically at the players, “HI JAMES! HEY! LOOK AT ME!”

James waved his arm in a ‘go away’ motion before he dived down on his broom, knocking the quaffle out of a Ravenclaw’s hand and racing to put it in his owl goal.

Sirius tutted, clearly not pleased that his friend was ignoring him, “So rude. You’d think he’d take one small moment to say hello. But no. Instead he puts all of his attention on that dang quootle. Shows you what he thinks is most important.”

“Ten points to Gryffindor,” McGonagall spoke into the microphone as James threw the quaffle into the pitch and earned their team their first 10 points.

“Oh no, after that rude treatment he just gave me? I say we take away 20 points from Gryffindor. Start them in the negative,” Sirius insisted.

Rolling her eyes, McGonagall answered, “You can’t just take away points from the teams.”

“Sure I can.”

“No, I assure you that you can’t.”

“Well, fine,” Sirius answered with a huff, “Then I’ll just give Ravenclaw an additional 20 points.”

“You can’t do that either,” she said, pausing as the Ravenclaws scored a second time (they really needed a new keeper), “We can give 10 points to Ravenclaw because they just scored, but that’s it.”

“Ugh, fine,” Sirius answered despondently, waving his hand as though that was going to add points.

McGonagall grabbed the scoring sheet, deciding it would be best if she just did it herself.

“And Roger picks up the quootle and passes it to the gorgeous Kelly,” Sirius continued, pausing for a moment to add, “mm – I wouldn’t mind going out with her, have you seen her? She is gorgeous. Stone-cold yes, but gorgeous.”

“Mr. Black – “ McGonagall started.

Sirius interrupted her, “I’m just adding a little intrigue to the commentary professor. No harm done. Kelly passes the quootle to Rick, who throws it back to Roger, then – INTERCEPTED BY AMELIA! Damn woman. You are looking fine out there.”

“Mr. Black, stop objectifying the female players.”

“Would it make you feel better if I objectified the male players as well?” he asked sweetly, “Amelia passes to Gerry, who is looking scrumptious in that Quidditch uniform. Can I hear a hell yeah from the audience if you agree?”

Sirius looked mighty pleased with himself when a sizeable chunk of fans yelled back, “Hell yeah.”

“Gerry passes it back to Amelia who goes in for the steal and YES! She makes it in past the Guarder of the posts! Should’ve thought twice before going against Gryffindor, Marian!”

Marian, the Ravenclaw Keeper, answered back with a crude gesture.

“Alright, now where is that quootle,” Sirius spoke thoughtlessly as he searched the field for the red ball, “Ah, there it is, and – WHOA! That black ball almost knocked Adrian off his broom! Isn’t someone gonna do something about that?”

“It’s the bludger, Black,” McGonagall replied exasperatedly, “It’s supposed to do that. And another 10 points for Gryffindor.”

“The blooder?” Sirius asked.

“Bludger,” she corrected.


“BLUD-GER. 10 points to Ravenclaw.”

Snapping his fingers together in an ‘ah-ha’ movement, he said, “Ah, yes, I know the ball you’re talking about. The blooger. Very nasty ball. Probably invented by a couple of Slytherins hell bent on making children suffer.”

“Mr. Black – “

“I’m just saying,” Sirius answered back, with his hands raised in a defensive position, “If they weren’t so aggressive, Adrian wouldn’t have to be running away from one.”

“He’s not running away,” McGonagall said, tugging on the microphone, “He’s seen the snitch!”

Sirius tugged the microphone back, “The snatch? Hey! Hey everyone! Stop what you’re doing! Adrian’s gonna get the snatch!”

“The snitch!” McGonagall yelled into the microphone, throwing her hands up into the air when we couldn’t grab it out of Sirius’ grasp.

“He’s gonna get it! Any second now. He’s weaving and bobbing and doing much better than Steven with his ugly face.”

“Mr. Black, don’t insult the other players,” McGonagall said on reflex, sitting at the edge of her seat as she watched the two players race for the snitch.

“It’s true,” Sirius answered unapologetically, “His face looks like it caved in on itself. HEY! Do you think that he got hit in the face with a blooger as a child? Repeatedly?”

“10 points to Ravenclaw,” the professor shouted out.

“Anyway, I’m rooting for Adrian to get the ball. His face is slightly less off-putting. In fact I think he’s going to get the ball … now. No, wait… now. Riiiight now! Okay, okay, 1 – 2 – 3 – NOW!”

“Black! You will stop that right now!” McGonagall ordered him, before adding on, “10 points to Gryffindor.”

“He’s reaching – he’s reaching … and … yes! Adrian has got the snatch! 10,000 points to Gryffindor.”

“150!” McGonagall yelled, changing the score, “Gryffindor wins, 180 to 40!”

“Hot damn Gryffindor,” Sirius said, letting out a whoop, “Bet you Ravenclaws wish you would’ve stayed in your beds this morning, huh?”

“Alright, that’s enough, hand me the microphone,” McGonagall demanded, holding out her hand for Sirius to comply.

Sirius did with a smile and asked, “This was fun, Professor. We should do this every time.”

McGonagall answered with a swift and resounding, “No.”

If Much Ado About Nothing took place in a preschool classroom:
  • Beatrice and Benedick don’t know how to be friends. They tried yelling at each other, hitting, and biting. Those attempts were unsuccessful. 
  • Claudio, Hero, and Don Pedro decide to help them out… but their ideas are… questionable. 
  • Their very important list of ideas includes: 1. Convince them they are already friends 2. Draw pictures where they are friends 3. Masks
  • Leonato is that parent who is somehow both like ehhh let kids be kids and YOOO LET’S MEDDLE IN THIS
  • Don Jon is that kid who waits until the teacher isn’t looking, hits another kid, and screams when they hit back just to get them in trouble
Childhood Friends Au

Namjoon feels like shit as he repeatedly forces himself to take another step back to his place, completely convinced that he most likely looks like shit, too. He looks up in time to see his front door swing open, and his legs suddenly gain a surge of strength at the thought of Jinnie being home.

His mind races wildly with thoughts of apologies and a promise to straighten the fuck up when he is suddenly meet with Yoongi with a luggage in tow looking equally exhausted.

“Hyung…” Namjoon pants heavily. “Why… why are you here?”

“To get the rest of Jin’s things.”


“You know, I really can’t stand looking at your face right now. But I’m not gonna do shit about it. Because he was yours whether he realized it or not. But now, he’s his own person, and someday he’ll move on. And when he does, I’ll be there. And you bet your ass I’m not going anywhere.”

Yoongi shoves a spare key in Namjoon’s chest, sparing him one last glance before sluggishly walking away.

“Wait a damn second!” Namjoon yells as he spins around. “Where is he? Give him back to me!”

Yoongi suddenly turns around and rushes angrily at Namjoon.

Don’t talk about him like he’s some damn object,” he hisses, jabbing his finger in Namjoon’s chest. “Do him a favor and don’t ever look for him again.” He straightens himself and smirks. “Go get that big ass dream of yours, Joon-ah. Don’t worry ‘bout me. I’ll toast to your success with him in my arms.”

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*** YOU’RE ALIVE*** 

Part 1     Part 2     Part 3    Part 4 

“Is it a boy or girl?” You smiled at the middle aged woman and poured her another cup of coffee. “Don’t know yet. Wanted to keep it a surprise I think. Wait until he or she gets here.” The woman nodded and took a sip, motioning for you to sit in front of her in the booth. You looked around and figured why not, you were the only one still working and it’s not like your boss was here to yell at you for relaxing on the job. You sat across from the woman who you’d come to know was named Beth from your frequent interactions and begin talking, getting lost in conversation about children. She always came in at the same time every day to have her 8 pm coffee. You recently transferred to this diner since it was closer to your apartment. The farther along in your pregnancy you got, the less you wanted to stress and exert yourself. You were already 6 months along and things weren’t exactly getting any easier. 

You were low on money and all you really owned was the belongings you had packed when you left Charming and a shitty apartment in the bad side of town. If you were being honest, you hated it but you were saving every penny you could so you could provide for the baby when it got here. You had the capacity to get a better job and make better money but the issue was staying off the radar. If you got an official job on the books, your cover would be blown. You knew how good Juice was with tracing so you decided to work under the table for straight cash, no checks or payroll. You had been away from Charming for a while now but you knew the club was probably still looking for you. Not Clay, you didn’t think he cared about you anymore, but you figured the others might be. You were usually in limbo as to how that made you feel. A part of you wished that they wouldn’t. Wished that they would just forget you. You hoped that they weren’t sad or distressed in the wake of your absence. After all, they were disappointed in you. 

But the other side of you hoped that they still looked for you every now and then. You hoped that they at least missed you, thought about you from time to time. To you, Clay was the only one you could see truly not giving a shit. He’d been the one to kick you out in the first place. He hadn’t meant for you to take off though and you wondered how he felt about everything. Above all else though, you wondered about Happy. How he’d reacted when he found out you had left. If he still thought about you. If he missed you or if he hated you. If he had a new girl now, one that he could parade around and be proud to own, not like it had to be with you. The thought made you sick. 

 The sound of your name being called pulled you from your thoughts and your eyes snapped up to see Beth waving her had in front of your face. She smiled when you made eye contact. “You alright there darling? Lost you for a second.” You chuckled in embarrassment and ran your hand through your hair. “Sorry Beth. Just stuck in my thoughts.” Beth simply nodded and tossed back the remainder of her coffee before grabbing her purse to get ready to leave. “Well it’s getting late. I better get going. You too.” With a nod, you stood and grabbed the empty mug taking it to the back. 

After you tossed it into the sink, you walked back out to say goodbye but Beth was gone, $50 on the table. You shook your head but were still thankful. Her coffee had cost $3 every night but she still always left you a large tip. ‘Buy the baby something nice.’ she always said. You were definitely struggling when it came to money and those extra dollars helped more than she‘d ever know. With a small smile, you turned back to the kitchen and went in to start doing the dishes, thinking about your family and your old life. 


 “That must’ve been why she left. She didn’t want to have to face us and say she was pregnant. Not after the scene her little rendezvous with Happy caused.” Bobby was the only one really talking while the others sat with their head in their hands. Tig looked in disbelief, Chibs was stoic and Jax had a look that could kill. He didn’t know who he was angrier with, all he knew was that he was angry and that he wanted his baby sister back. There was great relief in knowing that you were alive and ok but the thought for you out there all alone had always hurt him to think about but now finding out that you were pregnant too? His heart was broken. 

 Some days were better than others but right now he would barely stomach the guilt he felt for letting you walk out of the clubhouse that day. Maybe if he had followed his instincts, ignored Clay and went after you, everything would be fine. But everything wasn’t fine and he was making it his job to fix this mess and bring his little sister back home. The first step to do that though meant that they needed to have Happy back down in SAMCRO. That wasn’t going to be the hardest part though. Telling him that you were carrying his baby would be.


“Happy? Hap!” Happy grumbled and rolled over in his bed, pulling his pillow over his head to ignore the repetition of his name at the door. It didn’t stop though and simply got louder, now accompanied with impatient knocking. “What?!” Happy’s gruff and angry voice barked out causing Kozik to start talking from the other side of the door. “Happy man, you gotta call SAMCRO. Jax called, said he’s been calling you all morning and you’re not answering. It sounds really important.” The Killer groaned as he remembered that he had turned his burner off the night before when he had taken a croweater to bed, not wanting to be interrupted. He’d forgotten to turn it back on though and now his Charming VP was pissed.

 Happy rubbed his eyes and sat up, grabbing his burner from off of the nightstand. “I’ll call him back now.” “Ok brother.” With that Kozik walked away from the dorm door while Happy started his phone back up, 7 missed calls and 4 unread texts lined up, all from his brothers down in SAMCRO. He cleared his throat and hit the speed dial for Jax’s number, pressing the phone to his ear and shoving the sleeping croweater. “Get out.”

 The girl groggily left the room while Happy listened to the phone ring before Jax’s voice came over the line, not bothering with pleasantries or small talk. “I’ve been calling you. You need to answer your phone.” Happy nodded and swung his legs over so he was sitting on the edge of the bed. “Sorry Jax. What’s going on?” There was a silence on the other end as Jax contemplated how to deliver the news but he settled on just being upfront. “Juice tracked down Y/N.” Now it was Happy’s turn to be silent. Even though he stayed quiet, there was a flood of feelings and emotions going through him. Fear, anger, betrayal, curiosity. Out of all of them though, the one that suck out was relief. Relief that at least you were alive. The others could come later. “She’s alright?” “We think so. We tracked her in El Paso. She’s…” There was a pause and Happy’s mind was scrambling as he waited to hear what Jax would say next.

 Maybe you had found another man. One that worked a regular 9 to 5 and would be home with you. No runs or jail time. While the thought of you being happy and protected made him at ease, the thought of any man other than him being with you had him seeing red. His brain kept churning as he thought of all the things that could come at the end of that sentence. She’s happy, she’s single, she’s married, she’s coming back. It was none of those though and Happy felt his heart drop into his stomach as he heard Jax finally spit it out. 

 “She’s pregnant.” 

 With just those 2 words, Happy felt his entire body go hot and he looked around for something to break, a wall to punch. The thought of you with another guy made him furious but you carrying a baby that belonged to anyone other than him? He grit his teeth together and stared forward at the wall, his left hand in a fist and clenching by his side. “Do you know who the guy is? Did she run off with him? Or did she meet him over there? I swear to god Jax, find out who he is and send me the name.” 

 There was a silence again and Jax blew out a breath, closing his eyes. “It’s yours Hap. Juice hacked the file, she’s 6 months along. That means she was pregnant when she left. That’s why she took off. It’s your baby.” Happy sat there for a good 10 seconds in complete shock before suddenly everything started to make sense. How you had picked him over the club but then taken off. How you had been willing to leave him and your family behind. You wouldn’t have been able to hide your pregnancy from the club and that would’ve been a whole different problem. You’d left to make things easier for him and avoid issues within the club. It had, but you’d ended up breaking his heart in the process, even though he’d probably never admit it.

 “We’re gonna head over to Texas and find her, bring her back home. We could use you back.” Without any hesitation Happy nodded and stood up from the bed, his jaw set and pure determination on his face. Even after months of lying to himself saying he didn’t love you anymore and drowning himself in booze and pussy to try and forget you, he still loved you, you were still his and he was going to get you back. 

“I’ll be there tomorrow.”

The new boss . Joker x Reader x Harley

Let me just say a HUGE thank you to all of you ! I just hit 100 followers yesterday and 200 already!? This is insane!! Thank you SO MUCH! !!

Plot : Harley and Joker let themselves get cought and locked in an asylum to save you and you decided to make them proud when the come out if their prison.

Warning : swearing

Pairing : parents (Jared Leto) Joker and Harley Quinn x daughter reader

The new boss .

“Mom , dad no !!!!!! ” you yelled as tears went down your face . Being the daughter of the infamous Joker and Harley Quinn was not easy. Especially when they both let you escape while they get to be kept in 4 walls of an asylum. It’s so stupid. STUPID FUCKING BATMAN!!!! “GRAAAAAAA I HATE THAT SON OF A BITCH ” you yelled having a complete tantrum in the back of the car that drove you beck to the hideout . Joker ordered almost all his men to protect you and obey you before he and your mom got caught.

You were 16 years old and as insane as your father. Some would say your following in his footsteps. And you were proud of it . You looked out the window of the car . “I swear …” you sweared to yourself “I will keep my dad’s business going and make people fear him even if he’s behind bars ” you say whipping the tears away .

A mad smile made its way to your lips. No more tears . No more playing nice. Time to grow up .

Oh what a surprise awaited your parents. You needed time to device a plan and to get enough resources.

Let the time star now .





Two years passed. Harley already lost all hope on escaping while J still patiently waited . He knew one way or the other they would get out . It just took time .

And it finally happened.

Explosions and gun shots were herd all over the asylum. Joker smirked “Finally! Harley get up ! We’re busting out of here !!” He yelled and got up the floor. Harley jumped up chearing to the fact that she “will see her baby (Y/n)”. At this Joker laughs. He taught his daughter well .

Doors to both their cells were knocked down as men run in to the rooms , freeing J and Harley of their straightjackets . They led the pair to a car and quickly drove off.

“Hey ! Where’s my puddin baby girl?!” Harley said not seeing her daughter . The driver answers without taking his eyes of the road “the boss is busy right now , that’s why she’s not here . You’ll see her soon ”

Boss? This was a surprise to both of them . But in about an hour they were in a familiar place.

The night club .

Joker and Harley got out of the car and walked in . The club was just as filled with people as ever . Music was blasting on high as lights af different colours were flashing everywhere.

But still no (Y/n).

“Puddin where’s my baby ” Harley asked and before J could say a thing there was an insane laughter. All eyes landed on the amazing looking female on stage .

She looked absolutely breathtaking. Her (h/c) hair was lose with 3 stripes of colour in them - red , blue and green. Her beautiful eyes were shining with insanity. She wore short black shorts and a white button up that was unbuttoned revealing her stomach , a belt on her hips with a gun and a knife. She also had gold high heals on that made her taller and look a lot more intimidating.

She was a pure copy of the Joker with a bit of Harley in the mix . Your eyes landed you your parents. Noticing a smirk on your father’s face your smirk widen.

“Ladys and gentlemen!! Today the king and queen of Gotham city have returned!!!” You yelled and pointed at them as the lights were shining on the now . Harley ran to you and J was not far behind. She jumped on you almost knocking you off “OH MY LITTLE PUDDIN IS ALL GROWN UP ” she yelled laughing.

Joker walked to you “Look at you all grown up darlin. You terrorised people for me didn’t you ” he laughed. “You did great puddin ” Harley finished . J was proud . You were just like him and even better.

But was that a good thing?


The ways in which my step-mom hates me are something else, I tell ya.

My dad just said “you can turn on the air conditioning if you want” b/c it’s a pretty hot day.  And she started complaining to him that I can’t use it. 

10 things that annoy each sign
  • Aries gets annoyed when...
  • 1. People walk or drive absent-mindedly.
  • 2. Their love interest won't answer their calls or have their mobile phone turned off.
  • 3.They feel oppressed and not free.
  • 4. Somebody is obsessed with Facebook or Twitter!
  • 5. People make silly excuses.
  • 6. They wait in long queues.
  • 7. There is traffic jam.
  • 8. People talk to them too softly and sweetly.
  • 9. They stay inside for a long time.
  • 10. There is too much peace and tranquillity around!
  • Taurus gets annoyed when...
  • 1. There is untidiness around.
  • 2. People have bad taste.
  • 3. Meal isn't ready or tasty.
  • 4. They have to attend a social event.
  • 5. They are in a hurry.
  • 6. They haven't had sex for a while.
  • 7. People speak inappropriately or rudely to them.
  • 8. No money.
  • 9. They have to do something different from the usual.
  • 10. People have no limits.
  • Gemini gets annoyed when...
  • 1. People shut the phone on their face.
  • 2. They forget their cell phone, their battery or they don't have an Internet connection.
  • 3. They speak with humorless or old-fashioned people.
  • 4. They are interrupted when they talk or they are not allowed to speak their mind.
  • 5. They wear tight clothes.
  • 6. They have to be punctual.
  • 7. There is pessimism.
  • 8. They are forced to confine.
  • 9. People around them hesitate to speak their mind openly.
  • 10. They must be silent.
  • Cancer gets annoyed when...
  • 1. They are hungry and have nothing to eat.
  • 2. The weather changes a lot.
  • 3. They sleep uncomfortably.
  • 4. There is violence...
  • 5. People around them are provocative.
  • 6. Their beloved ones insult them.
  • 7. They have to stay far away from the family or the closest friends.
  • 8. They are forgotten and ignored.
  • 9. They can't sleep because of the noise.
  • 10. People are ungrateful to them.
  • Leo gets annoyed when...
  • 1. People avoid or ignore them.
  • 2. They don't have their usual comforts.
  • 3. They have to work in the office during a sunny day!
  • 4. They can't show their talents and abilities.
  • 5. They are not the center of attention.
  • 6. They don't have enough money to lead a luxurious life.
  • 7. Somebody is better than them...
  • 8. They are not the first to get asked what their opinion is.
  • 9. They gain weight.
  • 10. They have to wait...
  • Virgo gets annoyed when...
  • 1. There is chaos, mess and untidiness.
  • 2. Public utilities.
  • 3. There is no punctuality.
  • 4. People don't answer their calls or reply to their e-mails.
  • 5. They meet people with bad taste in humor.
  • 6. People waste time in facebook.
  • 7. People complain to them.
  • 8. They have to change their schedule.
  • 9. They must pay the bills all together!
  • 10. They get ill!
  • Libra gets annoyed when...
  • 1. Somebody tells them to turn the music down.
  • 2. Somebody yells at them.
  • 3. They can't express them the way they want.
  • 4. There is poverty and misery all around.
  • 5. They stain their clothes.
  • 6. They don't look as they wish!
  • 7. It's Saturday night and they can't find people to go out with.
  • 8. No flirts!
  • 9. People demand things from them or are strict to them.
  • 10. They can't find clothes they like in their size!
  • Scorpio gets annoyed when...
  • 1. People borrow things and never bring them back.
  • 2. Their boyfriend/girlfriend is not in the "mood".
  • 3. Their BF/GF tries to make them feel jealous.
  • 4. Their beloved ones ignore them.
  • 5. People gossip about them.
  • 6. They get blamed for something.
  • 7. They can't relax when they want to.
  • 8. They haven't had sex for a while.
  • 9. People keep secrets from them!
  • 10. They catch someone lying to them!
  • Sagittarius gets annoyed when...
  • 1. There is traffic jam.
  • 2. People are violent to animals.
  • 3. They have to stay home.
  • 4. They want to travel but don't have enough money.
  • 5. People are afraid to speak their mind.
  • 6. Nothing happens in their life.
  • 7. People grumble.
  • 8. They can't act spontaneously.
  • 9. They have to be formal and typical.
  • 10. Somebody tries to control their life.
  • Capricorn gets annoyed when...
  • 1. People spend their money thoughtlessly.
  • 2. People ask them to borrow something.
  • 3. People take some personal stuff without asking.
  • 4. People insult them or swear.
  • 5. People affect their dignity.
  • 6. They are called stingy.
  • 7. Their privacy is abused.
  • 8. Someone has no values and morals...
  • 9. Run out of money.
  • 10. People don't trust them.
  • Aquarius gets annoyed when...
  • 1. They see someone polluting the enviroment.
  • 2. People are violent to animals.
  • 3. People get injured in riots.
  • 4. Friends betray them.
  • 5. There is injustice and hypocricy.
  • 6. They have to be polite and typical.
  • 7. People mock them when they speak.
  • 8. They are forced to keep the schedule.
  • 9. They meet narrow-minded people.
  • 10. They think about the misery and injustice in the world.
  • Pisces gets annoyed when...
  • 1. They are forced to make a decision on their own.
  • 2. Everybody but they is in a relationship.
  • 3. Somebody calls into the night...
  • 4. Their dreams don't become true.
  • 5. Their efforts bring no results.
  • 6. People are sarcastic to them.
  • 7. They don't find a parking lot.
  • 8. They want to eat something sweet but there's nothing in the house.
  • 9. They get forgotten.
  • 10. They get wet by the rain, burned by the sun and freezed by the cold!

Lmao I’m fuckin burried under unanswered emails, messages and shit rn BIG SORRY to everyone waiting on me replying to their puns I apprecite yall but man life is a fkin mess so pls know that
2) YES i wanna know how ur doing
3) NO i haven’t seen/read the new episode/played the new game/watched the stream im so sorry man i wish i had but i’ve been living in work and getting yelled at by random assholes im so sry

Rich Youth | Chapter 4

chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

featuring: reader + most of NCT will make an appearance at one point

warnings: language

word count: 2.7K

“I can’t believe you’re not even coming anymore! I spent all my time here counting down till the day you get here and now you’re telling me that you’re just staying in Dubai?” I yelled at Hayi’s sun kissed face through my FaceTime app. I shot up from the comfort of my blankets and waited for her excuse.

“Y/N, I’m sorry! My dad surprised the step-bitch with a trip to Hawaii and so they’re going to be off doing God-knows-what for the rest of the summer. I can’t exactly show up to a family country club resort alone”, she pouted.

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Eye Witness Part 5

AU: WitnessProtection!Yoongi, Cop!Jungkook, Jin and J-Hope w/gang!VMin

Warnings: Gang related stuff- gun violence, threats, all around danger, etc. This chapter especially! 

Word Count: 1.5k

Summary: It should have been a normal walk home from work, but when you see something you shouldn’t have and get caught, passerby Min Yoongi is not happy that you drag him into it.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

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Can you do a cute cuddly Sammy imagine?

“Sammy! Sammy!” You yelled loudly from your bed. You giggled slightly as you looked down the hallway to see your boyfriend of two years tripping over his own feet from running so fast. “What? What’s wrong!?” He questioned, running to your side of the bed quickly. “Look he’s moving!” You said pointing at your belly. You were currently 8 and a half months pregnant with yours and Sammy’s baby boy. Unfortunately your parents didn’t handle it so well and they told you to get out, that you didn’t care for the way they raised you. You still love them of course, your parents were just very strict and always taught you to wait until someone special to have children with and to go to college and stuff like that, but they also raised you how THEY wanted you to be, they didn’t bother to stop and think what you wanted in life. Once they first found out you were dating Sammy, they were far from happy. You had straight A’s and honor rolls before you met sammy, and Sammy had low C’s and F’s, and was always late for class or never came. When you started to date sammy, you became ‘a girl version of sammy’, as they said but in reality you had just became what you wanted to be. Sammy was ‘bad influence’ as your parents claimed. He smoked, skipped school, always was getting into trouble, and in their eyes, he was just no good. But in your eyes he was perfect. He was everything you’ve ever wanted. He wasn’t stuck up, he didn’t judge others, and no matter what he always had a goofy smile on his face. Eventually your parents got off of your back about dating Sammy, but once they found out you were pregnant with his child and you wanted to keep it, they felt no need in keeping you. Yeah it hurt but you’ve never been happier living with Sammy and his family. They were all so welcoming and his parents immediately treated you like you were their own. His sister was always around when he wasn’t, whether you guys were going shopping or just having movie nights, and now your main shopping were baby clothes. “Wait so I just about busted my ass on that hard floor just for you to be notifying me that he was moving?” Sammy said pointing at your mountain high belly. You giggled before nodding. “Just watch” you whispered before pressing up under your rips on your right side. In a matter of seconds you both saw a little hand print press against your skin, sammy gasping. You grinned as he rushed to grab his phone out, immediately getting a video on Snapchat. “The fans will probably save that some how” he said as he set his phone back in his pocket. “Hey Lil guy its daddy! I love you and I can’t wait to see you” sammy said in a baby voice before kissing where the baby had just recently reached out at. “I love you” you said running your fingers through Sammy’s hair. “Love you too babe” sammy said before pecking your lips. *two weeks later* “Alright guys, just wanted to post a short video of y/n sleeping. Sounds creepy I know but a lot of you guys have been tweeting me that you wanted to see more baby movements and unfortunately the only good time he really moves is when she’s asleep so yeah, shh” he said before pressing his index finger against his lips. While you laid on your side, your mouth wide open with soft snores coming out, sammy lifted the cover slowly from your belly, showing you in a blue sports bra and your belly sticking far out. Sammy quickly flicked the lamp on before facing the camera at your belly. “He loves staying close to her ribs, she hates it but I say its because she has such a warm heart.” He said before chuckling at his cute comment. Soon sammy started to gently poke at your stomach before the baby boy started squirming around in your belly. “There we go” sammy said with a tone of accomplishment. It was another two minutes of sammy poking you and the baby getting aggaravated before you started to move around, pulling the covers back over you. “Go away” you groaned, your normal grumpy self pushing at sammy. “Rude!” Sammy said jokingly before walking out of the room. “There you guys have it! Send in more stuff that you wanna see or know and me and y/n will get on it!” He said before stopping the video. *3 weeks later* “Is it on?” You asked as you watched jack Gilinsky leaning away from the computer. “Yup! Hey guys its me jack Gilinsky here with jack Johnson, Sammy Wilkinson , and his beautiful pregnant girlfriend y/n!” Gilinsky said pointing each one of you out. Fans had recently requested a video of what all baby clothes you guys had gotten and what the diaper bag looked like so while you and Sammy where hanging with the Jacks, you all decided on doing a you now to update the fans. “Alright so I guess we could start with baby stuff and then we can just talk with you guys” sammy said before standing up, grabbing the bags of baby stuff. “Alright! First, we got these sets of three onesies from Nash. This one is a giraffe, one is a lion which is my favorite, and the third one is a zebra. ” sammy said. “I personally got myself a matching lion onesie and y/n got a zebra one” sammy said. ” I can’t even zip it up fully ” you did giggling. “I know” sammy said laughing loudly as he remembered back to when you cried for two hours straight because you couldn’t fit into the onesie. “ alright, These are from cameron, they’re blue and green baby socks.“ Sammy said holding the package of socks up close to the screen. ” Wait? Is his feet really going to be this tiny?” Sammy asked looking over at you. “Yes ” you said laughing. “He’s only like seven pounds right now and I’ve got like a week before he comes out. ” you said. “You should show them your belly” Gilinsky said. “Dude it looks like she swallowed a watermelon!” Johnson said making you gasp. “If I swear if I wasn’t so fat right Now I’d punch you” you said jokingly before standing up from the couch. “Can they see?” Sammy said turning the computer to you, trying to look over the back of the laptop. “Yup! Ok, This is what it looks like with the shirt on..” You said turning to your side before facing forward again. “and this is without. ” you said lifting your shirt up just above your breasts. “I have stretch marks everywhere and my belly button looks like its pregnant too” you said staring at yourself through the screen. “Okay I feel awkward go back to you guys” you said pulling your shirt back down and sitting down next to sammy. “Alright and this is the diaper bag. ” sammy said holding up a black blue simple but cute diaper bag. “My sister got this for us at the baby shower” Sammy said holding it up for a couple more seconds. “We filled it with extra stuff that we would probably need at the hospital. We’ve got a 'coming home ’ outfit. She picked it out guys” Sammy said pointing at you. “Yeah well your sister made it so” you said before grabbing the outfit. You held up a tie shirt loafer (pair that button up at the crotch) and a homemade beanie that was very and blue as well as simple shoes the same colors. “She made the beanie and shoes but the shirt we bought And I figured this would go well because the tie colors are matching the beanie and the shoes” you said holding them up together. “ we also grabbed extra clothes cause I heard you normally have to stay there and extra day or two” you said. “We also packed phone chargers and computer chargers” sammy said. “Here is some baby wipes to wipe the baby’s ass with” johnson said making you laugh. “Yeah you’re going to do that right?” You asked, smirking at johnson. “Ha!” He said raising an eyebrow at you. “Yeah we got like four bags of 0-8 month diapers, and five sets of baby wipes I think. And the rest of the stuff is in the baby room” sammy said. “Go show them” you said to him, pushing his shoulder lightly. All three of them quickly walked into the baby’s room showing this off while you roamed through twitter, answering questions on twitter. After a good thirty minutes, you decided to join the boys but the second you stood up, you felt your pants soak at your crotch, as if you just peed all over yourself. “Sammy!!” You yelled, standing completely still. “What!” He called from the babies room. “My water just broke!” You yelled loudly. “Ha ha very funny!” He called back. You furrowed your eyebrows together, suddenly getting very angry. You stomped down the hall before you entered the baby room, breathing heavily. “Samuel Howard Wilkinson you better grab the fucking baby bag and get me to the hospital now!” You yelled as you felt your first contraction hit you. They all three turned around, looking at your darkened jeans before scrambling around the room, quickly grabbing everything you needed. Before you knew it you were in the back seat next to sammy squeezing his hand tightly as johnson drove you all to the hospital. After Gilinsky called everyone to tell them the news, he had started snap chatting videos of everything going on. *3 hours later* “Alright, push one more time darling!” The nurse said as her and the doctor waited for the baby. “3-2-1” she counted down. The second you heard number one, you pushed as hard as you could, holding your breath as well. You cried out with joy as you heard your baby start to cry, the nurse holding him in the air. “Its a boy!” The doctor claimed before they let you hold him. After they cleaned him off, they let Sammy come into the room to see you. Unfortunately, he couldn’t handle all the pain you were going through and passed out after your first push. They sadly had to send him out of the room but he was quick to get back in there afterwards. “Oh my god” was the first words to come out of Sammy’s mouth as he saw your tired figure holding his baby in your arms. “Hey” you said as a single tear fell from his eye. “He’s beautiful” he said before kissing your lips, multiple tears falling from both of your eyes. “Do you want to hold him?” You asked, looking up at him. He just simply nodded before grabbing the baby, rocking him slightly. “He has your eyes” you said in awe. “He has your nose” he said pinching the baby’s nose slightly. You giggled before one of the nurses walked back into the room, holding a clipboard in her hand. “What’s the babies name?” She asked. “Cody Darren Wilkinson” sammy said. You watched in complete awe as he never took his eye off of cody as he answered all the nurses’ questions. After a while, the doctors and nurses left, letting everyone else into the room. “Oh my god he’s precious!” Sammy’s mom said holding cody, smiling widely at him. “Grandma and auntie is going to spoil you so much!” She said as Sammy’s sister looked at the baby with loving eyes. You sighed heavily before looking down at your hands with sadness. “Hey, what’s wrong?” Sammy said sitting next to you, caressing your cheek as a single tear fell. “I hate that my parents want nothing to do with him. And its all my fault” you mumbled, looking across the room at the smiling baby. “Hey! Look at me. Over time your parents will open their eyes and realize how stupid and judgmental they’re being. No matter what though, I want you to know me, the boys, and my family will always be here for you. We are your family. Maybe not by blood but we are. And soon, we are going to be married, and now that we’re parents, you can raise the baby how babies are suppose to be raised. Don’t be sad. Today is a good day, okay? Tomorrow we will call them and see if they want to see him, which I’m sure they will. and if they don’t. Oh well. More time for us with him. ” he said making you grin with happiness. “You’re right, I’m sorry” you said before kissing him gently. “He loves them already” Sammy said as you watched the boys take pictures and videos of Cody, Matthew making his dinosaur noises at him making him laugh. “He has a goofy personality, like you. I can tell” you said smiling from ear to ear. “I’m so glad I’m having my children with you” he said before kissing your for head once again.

These are a bit old by now (I think approx 2010?). Some of the art I did while at Gaia Online, for the Chance Item “Famestar Hero.”

Basically, Chance Items at Gaia Online are random box items with a bit of a story attached to them. The theme of this one was music oriented. 

“In a forgotten basement, a dusty old vinyl record holds a hidden prophecy: soon, a great pop hero will save the world with the power of music. If you’ve got the chops, you could rise through the ranks of musical stardom and become the legendary Famestar Hero!”

As one of these characters (including a few others- I’m only posting the art I did for this item), you go through several stages of increasing venue size. Things get a bit crazy as the world gets invaded by the nefarious “Vylons.” Only the power of music can stop them, apparently!

Characters, stages, stage clear images, Vylons, the final battle, and victory screens.

Anyway, you guys should go check out the current Gaia Online artist tumblr account, for stuff that is actually on the site and relevant still haha: http://fyeahgaiaartists.tumblr.com/

CEO!Luke Part 6

Y/N’s POV:

I pause looking at the winky face at the end of his text. Why does he always do that after every text he sends? I wonder what he wants to show me. I get out of my chair and walk over to his door and knock gently. “Come in!” I hear Luke say. “You wanted to show me something?” I ask. Luke looks at me and puts on a big smile. “Yes, what do you think about these dresses?” Luke asks pointing towards three dresses that were displayed on mannequins. My eyes widen. “Their beautiful” I say still in shock. Luke admires my face and smiles. I walk over to them and feel the silk against the palms of my fingers. The first dress was an elegant floor length navy blue dress that was gorgeous. It had tank straps joined by sheer off the shoulder straps that support a sweetheart neckline. The second dress was a dark green long sleeve maxi dress that was floor length as well. I should mention that all of the dresses are floor length. The dress has a beautiful long v neck line stopping in the middle of the breast area. Risky but gorgeous. Ending the look, the dress has a long leg slit that trails to the floor. It was so radiant. My eyes glance up to check out the last dress and I’m in heaven. A stunning reddish maroon dress sits on the mannequin. It has lace long sleeves also having an elegant touch to it. An open decolletage neckline sits at the top. I gasp just admiring the beauty of the fabric. “What are these for?” I ask turning towards Luke. He smiles and walks towards me. “These are for the Gala this weekend that a friend of mine is hosting.I know I said that i was later on this month but I looked at my schedule this morning and I was wrong, it’s much closer than I thought. Many business people will be there along with their colleagues” he says. “Well they’re gorgeous Luke” I smile. “I know that is why I bought them” he says. “You’re kidding!” I say whipping my head towards him. “Nope” he chuckles. “Luke you’re crazy! Why do you need these?” I ask. “Because I want you to attend with me..as my date” he says. I froze when he said date. “Date? You want me to be your date?” I ask. “Yes as my date” he chuckles. “Oh wow I’d loved to go” I laugh. “Wait does that mean I get to wear one of these” I ask pointing towards the dresses specifically the red one. “Yes Y/N you get to wear one of those” Luke chuckles walking over to a chair and sitting on the edge of it still looking at me. I scream like a little girl jumping up and down. Luke laughs at my awkward dancing. “Which one are you interested in” he asks. I was gonna blurt out the red one but I stop and smirk to myself. “It’s gonna be a surprise” I smirk at him. Luke’s eyebrows raise. “Oh I see” he smirks. “Well Y/N I look forward to seeing you wearing one of these dresses” he grins at me. We hold eye contact for a few seconds more. I can feel the tension rise again. “And I will look forward to seeing you as well…Mr. Hemming’s. I say softly. Luke gulps and looks down at his knees. He looks up again at me and smiles. “Will you print some copies of this file for me? My next meeting is in about 30 minutes. I sent you them to your computer” he says still holding eye contact. “I’ll get right to it sir” I say as I break the contact and head towards the door.

I close the door behind me gently looking over at my desk. “What do you think you’re doing” I say noticing Clara sitting in my seat. “I’m bored so I came up here looking for you and I noticed you weren’t here so I just sat here” she says. “Haha okay” I chuckle. “Wanna come with me to photocopy this file?” I ask her. “Ugh yes please I’m tired of sitting” she groans standing up. We both walk down the hall and enter the photocopy room. I lift the head of the copier and shut it. I click on 10 copies. After our quick trip we head back to my desk. Luke walks out with a black haired man with an eyebrow piercing. They both shake hands. “Will I be seeing you this weekend?” the man asks Luke. “Of course you will” Luke grins at him. “Awesome see you then” the man says winking at Clara as he walks away. I look over to Clara who has a small smirk on her face. Luke looks at us and nods walking back into the conference room. “Who was that” I whisper. “Michael Clifford” she sighs like shes in a dream. “He’s one of Mr. Hemming’s best mates. He will be taking me to the Gala this weekend which I cannot wait for!” she smiles sitting in my chair again. “Sadly I don’t have a dress yet. Y/N can you please come with me to find a dress. I need to look hot” Clara says. “We don’t have to go shopping” I smirk. “What why?” she asks. “Because I have your dress” I tell her. “You do? What? I’m confused” she said. “Spend the night at my place tonight okay?” I’ll text you my address” I say. “Um okay then. I have to get back to work now. I’ll see you tonight” she laughs walks off. I sit back down and paperclip the copies I made for Luke. “Y/N?” Luke asks popping his head out of his office door. I look up. “Are my copies ready?” he asks. “Yes they are, I’ll bring them to you in a second” I say. “Great thanks” he smiles then closes the door. Putting a paperclip on the last stack, I get up and knock on Luke’s door. “Come in” he says. “I have your copies” I say walking over to him. “Lovely thank you Y/N” he smiles taking them out of my hand. “Uh Luke?” I ask. “Yeah?” he asks looking over the files. “Do you mind if Clara borrows one of the dresses you bought to wear for the Gala?” I ask shyly. “Oh yeah of course. She can have it if she wants” Luke replies. “Really? Awesome thank you so much” I say. “No problem. Are you heading out soon?” he asks. “Actually yeah I am. I’m having Clara over for a girl’s night tonight” I smile. “Oh well you two have fun then” Luke smirks at me. “Thank you and thank you again for taking care of me yesterday” I say truthfully. “No problem love” Luke winks at me. I blush hardcore and head to the door. “Have a nice night Luke” I say. “Bye Y/N” he smiles picking up his pen and spinning it in his hand.

Later that night..

“Keep your eyes closed!” I yelled at Clara. “Okay! I’m sorry I’m just really excited” she laughs with her hands over her eyes. “Okay open in 1..2..3!” I yell. Clara opens her eyes and they widen. “OH MY GOD! IT’S BEAUTIFUL! HOLY SHIT Y/N! HOW DID YOU GET THIS!?” she says running over to touch the dark green dress I was holding up for her. “Luke showed me these 3 stunning dresses today in his office and asked for my opinion because he wanted me to pick one” I say. “Pick one for?” she asks. “Wait he asked you to be his date didn’t he!?” she yells smiling. “Kinda yeah” I laugh. “Yes! Yes! Yes!” Clara yells jumping around. “We’re basically going on a double date!” she says. “Yeah basically” I laugh jumping with her. “What dress did you pick?” she asks. “This one” I say pulling out the stunning red dress. Clara’s mouth opens but she doesn’t say a word her facial expression says it all. “Trust me I had the same reaction” I laugh. “We are gonna be the hottest one’s there!” she yells. “I’m really excited to wear this bad boy” I say. “What does Luke think about it?” she asks. “He doesn’t know. I told him that it would be a surprise” I smirk. “Oh I see. You’re playing the teasing game with him aren’t you?” she grins. “I don’t know if you would call it that but he has been calling me ‘Love’ a lot” I say. “He likes you” Clara spills out. “He does not!” I protest. “Oh come on Y/N don’t be dumb!” she says. I laugh throwing a pillow at her. “Go to bed we have a big day tomorrow” I say. “Alright alright” Clara says turning over. “Night Y/N who’s boss likes her” she laughs. “I will hit you” I laugh shutting off my lamp. “Haha no but seriously goodnight” she says. “Night Clara” I say getting under the covers and falling asleep.

The Next Morning..

My alarm clock goes off waking Clara and I both up. I hear my phone vibrate and I notice Luke sent me a text message.

Good morning Y/N. Today I’m attending a couple meetings out of town so you do not need to come into work today. Tell Clara she doesn’t need to come in either. You both probably want to spend the day getting ready for the Gala tonight. A limo will be arriving at your place to escort you to the party. Michael and I have to attend early on business terms. I look forward to seeing you in the dress you picked out. ;)

Oh wow this is great! “Hey!” I say hitting Clara. “Ow what do you want” she groans into the pillow. “We have the day off” I say. “What!?” she says whipping her head to look at me. “Yeah read what Luke just sent me” I say handing her my phone. “Okay two things. One..yay! Second..this is what I meant by the teasing game” she says giving my phone back. “I mean read that last sentence! She points. “Ugh whatever maybe he is” I groaned laying down. “And that is why you have to play back” she smirks. “Fine. What do you have in mind?” I ask, terrified of her answer. “All I’m gonna say is that I’m gonna make you look hot as fuck” she smirks.Oh god. We both get up and eat breakfast and get ready for the day. We went out to get facials, massages, our nails and hair done. We also needed heels to go with our dresses so we bought some for ourselves. “I’m doing your makeup” Clara said to me in the driver’s seat. “I know you told me about 50 times now” I laugh. “Just making sure” she says. We finally arrived back at my place and carry all our shopping bags upstairs. Time to get ready!

A couple hours later..

“Okay we both turn around on 3 okay?” Clara asks. “Yup” I laugh. “Okay, 1..2..3!” she yells. We both gasp at each other. “You look so hot!” Clara yells. “No you look hot!” I yelled at her. “We both look hot!” she chuckles. Looking in the mirror I feel amazing. Red lace was a great pick by me. Go me. “Red is definitely your color Y/N” Clara says looking me up and down. “If I was Luke I wouldn’t go to the Gala” she chuckles. “Oh my god, stop!” I laugh. “Enough about me, look at you Clara! You look gorgeous!” I smile. “Aw you’re too sweet Y/N! This dress was your idea so thank you!” she hugs me. “Here we must add the final touches” she says. “What more else is there?” I ask. “Come come sit sit” she says pointing to a chair. I walk over and sit down. “Close your eyes” she says. Next thing I know I feel Clara is putting something on my lips. “Rub” she says and I rub my lips together. “Can I look now?” I ask popping an eye open. “Yes” she says. “Whoa” I say. Clara put a nice smooth red matte lipstick on my lips and it does look good if I say so myself. “Matching is always key” she says proud of her work. ‘Beep’ Beep’ we hear outside. “That must be the limo. Let’s go!” Clara yells excitedly. We gather everything we need and head downstairs. We open the door to find a butler waiting by the door. “Good evening Ms. Y/L/N  and Ms. Evans. I am here to escort you both to the Gala” he smiles. “Okay great thank you” I say. He nods and leads up both to the limo door opening it for us. “Thank you” we both say. The butler nods “You’re welcome” he says closing the door gently.

The ride to the Gala wasn’t very long maybe 15 minutes. The car comes to a stop and we wait for our butler to open the door for us. He gives us both a hand getting out of the limo. “Mr. Hemming’s and Mr. Clifford are inside” he smiles. I glance at his name tag. “Thank you Ben. Your very kind” I say sweetly. “Thank you Miss, enjoy your evening” he nods and walks back to the limo. Clara and I lift our dresses so we don’t trip over them up the stairs. This place is huge! When we got inside we both look around. “Whoa” we say simultaneously. We both laugh. “Okay first things first, we need to get some alochol in us” Clara says holding onto my arm. A waiter walks by and offers us both a tequila shot. “Tequila already?” I ask. “Yes now take it” she hisses. We both down the shots and put them back on the tray thanking the waiter as he walks away. “Now where are our dates?” Clara smirks looking around.

Luke’s POV:

Michael and I are discussing some business stuff with some fellow colleagues but all my mind is focused on right now is Y/N. Ever since the incident with April, I just couldn’t get my mind off of her. I wanted to be the one who looks after her. I still do. I was going to offer if she wanted to stay over again at my place but when she told me that her and Clara were having a girl’s night I understood. All night I couldn’t stop thinking about which dress Y/N picked for tonight. I can’t stop thinking of the way her body felt on mine when I held her in my arms or the way her small words comforted me when I couldn’t forgive myself. I still can’t I won’t. “Luke everything okay?” Mr. Lincoln asks me. “Oh yes sir, I apologize just mesmerized by this place” I laugh looking around. Mr. Lincoln owns the building the Gala is being held in and it is one fine place. “Okay well I would like to introduce you to a few people later on so don’t get too drunk” he laughs hitting my arm. “Don’t worry sir” I laugh back. “Damn that man sure can talk” Michael says sipping his drink. “Ugh I know” I say checking my watch. The girls should be here by now. I told Ben to get them here by 9:00. “Holy shit” I hear Michael say. Looking up I glance at him. “What is it” I ask. “Look” he smirks nodding his head toward the main entrance. I look and see Y/N and Clara looking lost. Holy shit. Y/N looks absolutely stunning. She is so beautiful. To be honest I don’t even wanna be here. I just wanna take her back to my apartment and make sweet love to her but the other half of me wants to rip off that dress and take her against my desk. God Luke snap out of it. She doesn’t feel the same. “C’mon let’s go get them” Michael smiles admiring Clara from afar. Downing my drink and putting it on a tray,”Let’s go” I smirk. Tonight I’m going to make Y/N mine.

Y/N’s POV:

Clara and I have been standing around probably looking like idiots for the past 5 minutes still having no sight of Luke or Michael. “Excellent choice of the red dress Ms. Y/L/N” a voice says behind me. I turn around and see Luke smirking at me. God he looks good. Tonight he wore an all black suit making him look more delicious. Delicious Y/N really? Anyway I smile and accept his comment. “Thank you Mr. Hemming’s. You clean up very well yourself” I smirk. “Seriously Y/N red is your color” he smirks taking my hand and twirling me around.In that moment I felt like princess and Luke is my prince. “Well thank you very much. Clara said the same thing” I chuckle looking beside me noticing Michael and Clara were gone. “Where did they go?” I ask Luke.

“I have no idea to be honest. Those two have history together so I wouldn’t be surprised if they are found doing it in the bathroom” he says. Clara never told me about that. I mean she did have this smirk on her face when we saw him leaving the meeting the other day. “Anyway, can I get you a drink?” Luke asks offering his arm for me to take. I kindly take it as we walk off to the bar. “Some champagne wouldn’t be too bad right now” I laugh. Luke looks and signals the bartender. “Champagne for the lady and scotch on the rocks for me” Luke says. “Coming right up Luke” the bartender says. “Wow he knows your name” I raise my eyebrows at him. “Oh Teddy? Aha I’ve known him for awhile now” Luke says grabbing the drinks. “Thanks man” Luke says giving Teddy a tip. “Here you go my lady” Luke says handing me my glass. “Thank you” I smile taking a sip. “Y/N I seriously can’t get my mind over how stunning you look tonight” Luke says looking me up and down. “Luke stop you’re making me blush” I say. “Hardcore too which isn’t good because then my face gets red and I look like a strawberry” I laugh fanning my face. “Y/N your insanely cute” Luke chuckles. “Stop!” I say hitting him. “Okay okay I will for now but don’t be surprised if some slip from my mouth later on” he smirks. What is up with him? He takes another sip from his drink and takes mine out of my hand. “Hey that’s mine!” I protest. Luke chuckles at me. “It’s okay love you’ll be okay” he whispers taking my hand. “Where are we going” I ask following behind him. “To go dance” he smiles. “Oh I like to dance” I smirk. I’m about to dance with the hottest man I have ever laid eyes on and this man is my boss! Can you believe that!? I think I’ve had a couple drinks in me even though I don’t remember drinking at all. Whatever this will be fun. Luke guides me to the dance floor and puts his hands on my hips while I wrap mine around his neck. Face to face well he is obviously much taller than me but my heels give me a good 2 inches. The DJ puts on a slow song as Luke and I sway back and forth to the soothing music. I rest my head against his shoulder feeling his chest rise up and down calmly. “You smell good” I giggle into his chest. “Thank you” Luke chuckles. “You still look beautiful as ever” he grins down at me, his voice deep.“What did I say about commenting me on my looks tonight” I lift my head up. The music turns into a slow jazz bringing more couples to the dance floor. “I can’t help it love so I suggest you just shut your pretty little mouth and accept it” he says turning me around. His voice is deep as ever sending chills down my body. Suddenly Luke twirls me around and my back is now pressed against his chest as his hands bring me closer to his body. His hand still having a hard grip on me. “Lay your head back sweetheart it’s okay” Luke whispers. My god this game has to come to an end before I rip his damn clothes off. I lay my head back giving Luke full access to my neck. I feel his hot breath travel down my neck making me close me eyes shivering. Luke leans his head down to whisper in my ear. I wasn’t expecting the next words Luke says to me. “Do you feel me against you sweetheart?” Luke says rocking me us back and forth slowly to the music. He pulls my hips towards him even more so my ass is fully against him. I feel his hard length against me as Luke chuckles. “Seems like you do darling. That’s what you do to me. Ever since you came into my office I couldn’t stop thinking about you. You drive me absolutely crazy and I fucking love it” Luke says slowly biting my ear. I wanna let out a squeak but there are other guests around. Luke’s mouth hovers directly over my ear now and honestly I can’t contain this anymore. “You see all these women baby?” Luke whispers. I nod gulping. “None of these women look good compared to you darling. You’re the sexiest and most ravishing one here and you’re all mine” Luke says kissing behind my ear. I let out a small moan and that was it for him.

Luke unwinds our bodies and firmly grips my hand leading me somewhere. “Luke where are we going?” I ask out. Before I knew it, I was pushed against a wall in some hall by Luke being attacked by his lips on mine. God he tastes like heaven. I moaned right into the kiss. His hands grip both sides of my face having complete control. Our tongues battle for dominance but Luke ends up winning. Lips meshing, bodies grinding, mouths moaning. My panties are soaking I can feel them. “Luke” I moan against his lips. He steps back wiping his mouth out of breath piercing his lustful eyes into mine. “Come on darling” Luke says grabbing my hand again leading us towards the entrance. “Jeffrey! Keys!” Luke calls out for Jeffrey who throws Luke his keys. Luke catches them with his left hand still holding my hand. “Luke why are we leaving” I ask. Luke stops and kisses me hard again when we are outside shutting me up. “I’m taking you back to mine” he says opening the door to his car for me. “Why can’t we just get a hotel room upstairs?” I ask. Luke stops and looks at me. “Because why would I wanna fuck you in a cheap hotel bed when I can just take you in my own bed?” he says. My eyes widen. I rush into the passenger seat and put on my seat belt. Luke climbs in and puts his car in drive and looks over at me. “Plus all of Daddy’s toys are at home” he smirks taking the wheel and speeding off.

Alright you lovely people that was Part 6 of CEO!Luke! I think we all know what Part 7 will be about ;) If you wanna know (you probably already do) but you should let me know anyway! I hope you liked this!! Lots of love! :)  -Steph

That perfect fanfiction

1.) Waiting to read it: oh geez I’m scared
2.) Starting to read it: holy skittles this is perfect
3.) Halfway through reading it: WHY THE FUCK DID I WAIT A WEEK
4.) Finished with reading it: what the shit where did my heart go why is it raining on my face

Page 1:

Sakura: Wa… Wait, Sasuke-kun… I can’t…

Sasuke: It’s okay… Touch my…

Sakura…. hurry up

Here is the school infirmary

Page 2:

Sasuke: Now what did I say Sakura…

The one who lured you into the school infarmy was me, wasn’t it?

I prepared for this and I won’t be stopped easily

Don’t yell or people will come in

Sakura: no…. mmmmm…

Page 3:

Sasuke: Sakura, here is good… you are getting wet

Sakura: no…

aa… hmmmm…

Sasuke: In the school’s infirmary you are getting touched and getting aroused?

You’re hips are shaking a lot, if I’m rubbing right.

Sakura: Sasuke-ku– Th— impossi—

Sasuke: It feels best if you getting touched here

Sakura: Don’t…. Sasuke-kun…Not ther– aaaah

Sasuke: Even though you say you don’t want it, your hips are shaking and your legs open screaming for more

Sakura: aaa… nnnn

Page 4:

Sakura: Dont! Get ouuu~t…. ahhh

Sasuke: Great, you are sopping wet, Sakura. Did it feel this good?

Sakura: aa, nnn…

Sasuke: The bell rang… If we don’t finish soon…

Sakura, I’m going to put it in

You are really sensitive, it [feels] great, you are so wet

Sakura: Ahhh