waiting to get yelled at in 3...2...1

In which I get a wife in my first session of a campaign

Context: So I made a new character for this campaign, and she is a very punchy fighter by the name of Mae Gjallarfjall. And her trouble is “Punch first, ask questions later.” I joined one or two sessions late, so I have no context for this campaign other than “Magitech is a thing that exists and can do things.” I am a crewhand on a ship traveling across the sea.

DM: All of you hear the crashing of wood as a cannonball tears through a bit of your ship’s hull. You then hear the captain yell “PIRATES OFF THE PORT BOW!” What do you do?

Me (OOC): I run over to the captain and tell him to get me in punching distance.

DM (as captain): Wait what?

Me: Get. Me. In. Punching. Distance!

Wizard: *grabs me by the shoulder* Hold on. *rolls Magic to teleport*

DM to me and Wizard: You two end up on top of the pirate ship’s mast, a good sixty feet above the deck. The ship is also flying above the water. Below you see six pirates that do not seem to know you are here. What do?

Me (OOC): Well, my trouble is “Punch first, ask questions later,” so I’m going to roll Fitness to sprint down the mast and activate Fist of Havoc.

DM: Alright, roll.

Me: *rolls +2 on Fitness and 18 damage on Fist of Havoc*

DM: You kill two of the pirates instantly and send the other four back a ways staring at you in shock and fear.

Me (OOC): I want to roll Persuasion to convince them that fighting me is a terrible idea.

DM: Um… okay, roll for it.

Me: *rolls +2 on Persuasion*

DM: You succeed on two of the pirates. Pirates 1 and 2 sheathe their weapons and take a step back. Pirates 3 and 4 are not convinced.

Everyone else takes their turns.

DM to me: Alright, so Pirate 3 has been smacked by [Paladin], and Pirate 4 tried to attack but accidentally lost grip on his sword and is floundering to pick it up. The pirate captain has come up from her quarters and yells “What the hell is going on on my ship‽”

Me (OOC): I run over to her and punch her right in the face. *rolls +3 to hit and another +3 for damage*

DM: Wow. So you run over and deck her right in the schnoz and she staggers back a bit. In retaliation, she shoots you. *rolls +2 and deals 3 points of damage after armor*

Me: Bitch!

Engineer: *busts out from under the ship and yells* “ABANDON SHIP OR BURN IN HELL!”

Me (OOC): *rolls neutral on Fitness and jumps overboard, rolls again for Hero Landing™ and gets +2* Wait, where’s pirate captain lady?

DM: That’s a good question. *rolls dice* She says goodbye to her crew and ship and jumps overboard.

Me (OOC): I roll Initiative to see where she’ll land, and Fitness to catch her.

DM: Go for it?

Me: *rolls +1 Initiative and crit Fitness*

DM: Holy shit, give yourself a fate chip and let me paint you this word picture. [Engineer] sprints out from the engine room and yells to get off. Both of you dive off and land on your ship. [Paladin] jumps off and lands on his horse, and then Pirate Lady jumps off after you guys. You look up and hold out your arms and catch her bridal style so comfortably that she swoons and blushes profusely at you.

Me: I apologize if your fall from heaven hurt. *rolls persuasion and gets +3*

DM: She is so overcome by her emotions that she is now profusely in love with you and wants to marry you.

Me (OOC): I say yes and marry my new pirate bride.

And Action!

Request: Hi wanted to request something cud u write an imagine where harry and y/n are like established actors and they’re both costars in a film. They both like each other a lot but only realise they’ve fallen for each other when they film a kissing scene for the movie. Idk something like this plsssssss

“You’re acting as Y/N Y/L/N’s love interest in your new movie! You’re living life, mate!” Mitch slapped Harry’s back.

Harry chuckled, nodding. “She’s absolutely stunning in real life. I had a moment when I first saw her on set. She’s extremely talented and kind, too.” He said, his hands crossed behind his head as he sat on his couch.

“Can you let me meet her?” Mitch grinned.

Harry laughed, lightly kicking his with his feet. “Bug off.”

“Are your trailers close?”

Harry nodded, “Right next to mine.”

“You’re one lucky bastard. She’s an Oscar winning actress for crying out loud.”


Harry sat on the couch besides the food catering table, his paper in his hands as he practiced his lines to himself.

“What do you mean you, uh,” He stammered, glancing down at the paper to remember the next word, releasing a low huff. “Hell.” He said under his breath.

“Hey,” His head perked up at the gentle call, eyes falling on you in your character’s casual clothes with a cup of coffee in your hands, looking at him with a sheepish smile. “Need help?”

Harry glanced at his paper for a second before looking back at you, “Uh, yeah. Sure. That would be great.”

You smiled, sitting next to him and putting your cup on the table, opening your palm. “Here, give me.”

Harry gave you his paper, beginning to feel nervous. Was he ready to make mistakes in front of an Oscar winning actress who was not only crazy talented and nice but was also drop dead gorgeous?

“Alright so, Isaac,” You smiled, using his character’s name, “I can’t do this anymore. I want to leave this town, get out of here.” You said your lines, feigning a sad expression as you switched to your character.

“What do you mean you want to get out of here? Rosie, this is where you grew up. This is where everything is, your memories, mine, ours? You want to leave that and just go?”

“I think it’s best if I just go now. I can’t do this, Isaac.” You pretended to cry in a dramatic way, making Harry laugh and you to break out in a giggle.

“Wait, wait.” Harry pretended to run in his seat, being dramatic enough as to grab the air. You both laughed, you resting Harry’s paper on his lap.

“You’re a natural.” You tucked your hair behind your ear, complimenting the handsome man beside you.

“Coming from you? Wow.” He chuckled.

You giggled before shaking your head, “But seriously, I was so stunned when I saw you in Dunkirk last year. At first I was just like, what? Harry Styles from One Direction in such a big movie?” You said, gesturing with your hands, “I was confused but I know Chris and I know he wouldn’t just pick anyone for his roles. And you were incredible as Alex.”

Harry sat blushing, heart racing as yours by your truthful compliments. “I was nervous getting into Dunkirk. I was bloody nervous. But everyone’s feedback was positive but then I got that call, they were like,” Harry put his index and pink by his face gesturing a phone, “Harry? There’s this movie with Y/N Y/L/N and we think you’d be the perfect fit for the main male character. I was like, wait, what?” Harry said, gasping out.

You giggled, “Oh stop it. You’re making me feel like Meryl Streep or something.” You blushed.

Harry chuckled, “You do have an Oscar just like her.”

“Y/N, Harry, you’re both asked on set. It’s time for the last scene for tonight.” An assistant said coming to the both of you.

You and Harry nodded, standing up in unison, talking in giggles on your way over to the set.


“My body is like a bathtub of coffee.” You said, looking down at your stomach as you and Harry sat in the coffee shop that was close to your set.

It was a new tradition for the both of you as you were 5 months into the movie, nearing the end. You’d both get coffee before going to the set, chitchatting about your life as you both tried to ignore the butterflies erupting in your stomachs.

“I miss drinking tea.” Harry said before taking a sip of his coffee beverage.

You hummed in delight, closing your eyes, “Kiwi flavoured tea.”

“Berries.” Harry added, smiling as he looked at you.

“Some cookies on the side.”

“Small caramel waffle wouldn’t hurt.” Harry shrugged.

You opened your eyes, widening them in happiness, “Oooh, I love those.”

Harry chuckled before looking at his watch. “It’s 2, we should get going.”

You nodded, both of you standing up. Harry helped you put on your jacket, smirking at your blushing face as his did so too when you linked your arm with his as you both walked out of the coffee shop.

“I can’t believe we’re filming the final scene today.” You said as you both walked around the corner.

Harry frowned, being used to seeing you everyday. At the reminder of what the final scene had, Harry smirked smugly. “The kiss scene, huh?”

You giggled, shoving him away gently. “Shut it, Styles.”

Reaching the set, you were both then taken to get ready into your characters’ outfits and makeup in your separate trailers.

“Final scene in a few!” Your manager grinned, your phone in her hands as she took a picture of you getting ready on your instagram story as per your request.

You took your phone, a grin on your face. “Can’t believe we’re almost done.”

You typed a “Final scene today!” on your photo to post for your fans, tilting your head so your makeup artist could get a perfect view of the area she was applying makeup to.

2 hours later and after you and Harry had practiced your lines and were done with makeup and costume, you stood in the put together bedroom of your character, waiting for the director to yell out.

You and Harry giggled, standing face to face. “Ready?” He whispered.

You nodded, “Ready. Are you?”

He nodded, “Ready.”

“Okay, you two. Are you ready?” The director asked, making you and Harry chuckle.

“We’re ready.” You answered for the both of you.

“Alright, 5..4…3..2..1 and action!”

“It’s like I can’t breathe anymore, Isaac. This whole damn city reminds me of things I don’t want to remember.” You cried, looking intently at Harry Isaac.

“Then let’s leave. Together. We’re best friends, Rosie. We should stick to-“

“Goddamn, Isaac! I don’t want to be your friend!”

Harry’s eyes widened, stepping a tad closer to you. “Wh-What?”

“I said I don’t want to be your friend, Isaac. I-,” You gulped, speaking softly. “I love you.”

And even though Harry knew it was all acting, he couldn’t control the butterflies in his stomach as you gently said the three words so softly.

The anticipated part came, Harry’s hands cupping your face before his lips were pressed on yours.

No acting or faux kiss would have this passion, no faux kiss would have your lips blending in together like this. Subconsciously, your hands moved to Harry’s hair, your fingers finding their way through his soft thick hair to pull him closer.

Everyone’s eyes widened, watching. The director knew that no way in hell was this a faux kiss, making him grin at the material he had in the movie that depended on truthfulness.

You both pulled away, eyes still closed before Harry pecked your lips once more. “Don’t leave.” He whispered against your lips.

“I won’t.”

“And cut!” The director yelled out. “We have it! It’s a wrap!”

As everyone cheered, you and Harry stayed in the same position, hands gently on each other.

“Don’t leave.” Harry repeated, a smile on his face as his eyes looked into your own.

With a smile, you replied. “I won’t.”

I enjoyed writing this a lot. :)


This episode was so great because:
1) Tsuyu getting over half an episode for her development you go girl
2) Seeing how other heroes went about their internships, not just Izuku or Lida or Shouto or Katsuki (Also Jirou is doing cool stuff! I’m so proud of her!)
4)Seeing heroes in their zone?? Like that’s so cool to me
5)Bakugou’s. Hair.
6) I couldn’t fit Uraraka’s screenshot, but her development!!!
Basically I love this series and I can’t wait for the manga to update as well

Bad Boy Daniel Au [Sequel]

- Admin Xion <3

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oomgomgomg can i have daniel bad boy au sequel when he and y/n are together and just sjsjsjdkdkdk a really fluffy one


y'all keep requesting daniel soooo

+ hes my bias soooooo

- so you were at school
- at your locker
- when suddenly a familuar voice called
- “oi princess,” daniel called out as you turned your head to see him with a small smirk across his face
- “oi loser,” you replied as you closed your locker
- “i’m a loser?” he questioned as he approached you, shoving his hands into his pockets
- “and im a princess?” you questioned back as you rose an eyebrow
- “of course you are, you’re my princess,” he said as a smile aroused across his face
- “eW ITS THE COUPLE” jihoon said as he joined us with woojin
- “eW its the park couple,” daniel snapped back
- suddenly two girls approached jihoon shyly
- “uhm, is it okay if you do it?” one of them asks cutely
- you, woojin and daniel all rolled your eyes as a chuckle was released from daniels mouth
- “nae maeum sogae,
- jeojang!” jihoon said cutely as all of us mocked him
- the two girls squeeled and thanks him as they ran off blushing
- “oooh, woojin girls be stealing your man,” you scoffed as you began walking to your next class in which was art! a class you had with daniel
- “hES NOT MY MAN” woojin claimed as he rolled his eyes
- “mmmmhm” you and daniel both said in synced
- woojin and jihoon spilt up from you two as you entered the class
- ever since daniel and you began dating, a lot of gossip spreaded throughout the school
- from how you guys first kissed to how you guys will break up
- so many scenarios have been created and you laughed to every one of them
- you sat at your usual spot in art class
- in which was across from daniel
- cause this boy can get gREASY during art class
- this one time you had to share a canvas with him because it was a “work beside your elbow partner” assignment
- and he deadass placed his hand onto your thigh and rUBBED it and you were screaming and bluntly said “no,”
- and ever since then you’d sit directly across from him
- and he’d always smirk at you and you’d rolled your eyes
- art class begun as you began painting away as suddenly you could feel a splat of paint go onto your face
- you looked around as your eyes landed on daniel whom was chuckling and had a paint brush in his hand in the postion of a flick as you rolled your eyes at him
- you then had to assist to hand out sheets of paper when suddenly you got a paper cut on your finger
- you ignored it at first because it didnt sting a lot when suddenly someone pointed out how your right hand was dripping of blood
- “y/n you’re hand is like seriously bleeding,” your classmate spoke
- you looked at your hand in which was covered in blood as some classmates were a bit horrid
- “daniel, can you take her to the nurses room please?” the teacher asks
- daniel nodded blanklessly as he walked you to the nurses room
- “someones an idiot,” he spoke, opening the door for you as you both headed towards the counter
- daniel suddenly placed his hands on the sides of your waisted and lifted yiu up so you were sitting ontop of the counter as he bluntly took out the first aid kit and took out some bandages and a wet tissue
- “what? am i that handsome?” daniel asks as he notice you blankly staring at him
- you flinched as he rolled his eyes and chuckle
- “ahhh my princess is an idiot,” he spoke as he unwrapped the wet tissue from the plastic bag
- “ahhh my prince is a complete meanie,” you replied
- “do you not want me to put this bandage on you?”
- “itakethatback you'rehandsome okay?”
- “good,” daniel said as he gave you a small kiss on the cheek as he cleaned up the blood and applied the bandage all giddy and kid like
- after he was done, he made sure to give a small kiss to the bandage as he smiled warmly
- “you’re such a kid,” you commented as you messed up his head
- “you still love me though,”
- “ohshit you’re right,”
- you were walking home as it was raining
- “fuck,” you mummbled to yourself when you realized you forgot your umbrella in your locker
- “someones still an idiot,” a familuar voice spoke
- daniel walked up behind you, with an umbrella
- “shorty,” he said as he walked off
- laughing
- “if you want me to walk you home, you better start walking nowww,” daniel said bluntly
- you ran up under the umbrella as you began walking with him under the rain
- as you reached home daniel instantly clinged onto your arm and began pouting
- “daniel you’re gonna see me tomorrow,” you claimed as you try to pry him off you
- “yAH but i have to wait until tomorrow comessss,” he said pouting like a kid
- “whatta baby,” you complained as you got out your keys
- you stared at daniel blankly pouting as you could feel his grip on your arm getting slightly mroe tighter
- suddenly, daniel quickly pecked you on the lips as he ran away like a little kid
- “mKAY BYE ILOVEYOU” he yelled as he ran away from your house

Part 1 Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  


Request: yes

request: please do something fluffy with Damian. it’s your choice because I know you amazing enough to do it! <3

plot/prompt: the reader tells Damian that he doesn’t have a ‘mad face and he get a little salty 

word count: 508

warnings: none

A/n: the last one I deleted…sorry again guys!

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240. Sirius is not allowed to provide the commentary for the Quidditch matches. Ever.

A/N: Dedicated to Anon. You know who you are.

“Welcome to the 187th Annual Quidditch Match!”

“Oh, I regret this already,” Minerva McGonagall muttered under her breath before speaking louder, “Mr. Black, we do not number our matches that way.”

“Well, we should,” Sirius Black responded quickly, “It would be much easier to keep track of them.”

“I think the system we’re using now works just fine,” she replied dryly.

With a nod and a wink, Sirius said, “Ah, I see. Using the ol’ ‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it’ mindset. I get it. Change is hard.”

Professor McGonagall looked up at the sky, as though she were sending a quick word to any deity that may be listening above and said, “Mr. Black, when I told you you could fill in for Mr. Harper to do the Quidditch Commentary, you promised me you would behave yourself.”

“Did I?” Sirius asked innocently.

With a glare from his professor, Sirius rolled his eyes, “Yes, Professor. I promise.”

Despite the fact that she felt that should would soon come to regret this, she nodded her head once, indicating that Sirius could start the commentary for the match.

Eager, Sirius immediately called out, “Good morning Hogwarts!”

“It’s 2 in the afternoon,” Professor McGonagall interrupted.

Ignoring her, Sirius continued, “Welcome to our first game of the season.”

“This is our fourth game,” McGonagall corrected.

“On one side, we have the voluptuous, talented, and very courageous GRYFFINDORS!”

Cheers erupted from the audience as the Gryffindor Quidditch team flew out on their brooms onto the stadium.

“On the other side, we have the brilliant, stone-cold, and creative RAVENCLAWS!”

Cheers that matched the same volume from before went out for this other team.

“Let the battle BEGIN!”

“It’s – it’s not a battle,” McGonagall sighed, wondering if she should have brought a flask just to get through this game with Sirius at her side.

“And the balls have been let out,” Sirius said, watching as the two bludgers escaped from the box they were being tied down in and the snitch flirted with the team’s seekers before flying out of sight, “Oh boy, watch out for those two black balls. They look like they mean business.”

The coach stepped out on the field and lifted the quaffle out of its place, quietly lecturing the players about a nice, fair game before blowing her whistle and throwing the ball into the air.

“And the quootle has been set free!”

“It’s the quaffle,” McGonagall corrected him.

“And we’ve got Kelly from Ravenclaw who got a hold of the quootle and is racing away on her broom.”

“Mr. Black, it’s called the quaffle,” McGonagall corrected a second time.

“Kelly’s passing the quootle to Rick. Then back to her. Then back to him. Then back to – whoa. Anyone else feeling a little dizzy here? Surely there’s got to be a better way than just – WHOA! Rick threw the ball and got in into the little circle thing. Too bad, so sad for those Gryffindors. Cause it looks like Ravenclaw has just gotten themselves 15 points.”

“No,” McGonagall said with a deep breath, “It’s 10 points. Only 10.”

“Yeah, but I thought that their cool maneuvering deserved a couple of extra points.”

“That’s not how the game works,” she answered sharply, “you told me you understood the rules of the game, Mr. Black, are you telling me that you have no idea what you’re doing?”

Sirius scoffed, “Of course I know what I’m doing. I live in a dorm with James. Do you honestly believe that James wouldn’t lecture all of us about the rules of Quidditch? Speaking of which,” Sirius jumped up and waved his hand frantically at the players, “HI JAMES! HEY! LOOK AT ME!”

James waved his arm in a ‘go away’ motion before he dived down on his broom, knocking the quaffle out of a Ravenclaw’s hand and racing to put it in his owl goal.

Sirius tutted, clearly not pleased that his friend was ignoring him, “So rude. You’d think he’d take one small moment to say hello. But no. Instead he puts all of his attention on that dang quootle. Shows you what he thinks is most important.”

“Ten points to Gryffindor,” McGonagall spoke into the microphone as James threw the quaffle into the pitch and earned their team their first 10 points.

“Oh no, after that rude treatment he just gave me? I say we take away 20 points from Gryffindor. Start them in the negative,” Sirius insisted.

Rolling her eyes, McGonagall answered, “You can’t just take away points from the teams.”

“Sure I can.”

“No, I assure you that you can’t.”

“Well, fine,” Sirius answered with a huff, “Then I’ll just give Ravenclaw an additional 20 points.”

“You can’t do that either,” she said, pausing as the Ravenclaws scored a second time (they really needed a new keeper), “We can give 10 points to Ravenclaw because they just scored, but that’s it.”

“Ugh, fine,” Sirius answered despondently, waving his hand as though that was going to add points.

McGonagall grabbed the scoring sheet, deciding it would be best if she just did it herself.

“And Roger picks up the quootle and passes it to the gorgeous Kelly,” Sirius continued, pausing for a moment to add, “mm – I wouldn’t mind going out with her, have you seen her? She is gorgeous. Stone-cold yes, but gorgeous.”

“Mr. Black – “ McGonagall started.

Sirius interrupted her, “I’m just adding a little intrigue to the commentary professor. No harm done. Kelly passes the quootle to Rick, who throws it back to Roger, then – INTERCEPTED BY AMELIA! Damn woman. You are looking fine out there.”

“Mr. Black, stop objectifying the female players.”

“Would it make you feel better if I objectified the male players as well?” he asked sweetly, “Amelia passes to Gerry, who is looking scrumptious in that Quidditch uniform. Can I hear a hell yeah from the audience if you agree?”

Sirius looked mighty pleased with himself when a sizeable chunk of fans yelled back, “Hell yeah.”

“Gerry passes it back to Amelia who goes in for the steal and YES! She makes it in past the Guarder of the posts! Should’ve thought twice before going against Gryffindor, Marian!”

Marian, the Ravenclaw Keeper, answered back with a crude gesture.

“Alright, now where is that quootle,” Sirius spoke thoughtlessly as he searched the field for the red ball, “Ah, there it is, and – WHOA! That black ball almost knocked Adrian off his broom! Isn’t someone gonna do something about that?”

“It’s the bludger, Black,” McGonagall replied exasperatedly, “It’s supposed to do that. And another 10 points for Gryffindor.”

“The blooder?” Sirius asked.

“Bludger,” she corrected.


“BLUD-GER. 10 points to Ravenclaw.”

Snapping his fingers together in an ‘ah-ha’ movement, he said, “Ah, yes, I know the ball you’re talking about. The blooger. Very nasty ball. Probably invented by a couple of Slytherins hell bent on making children suffer.”

“Mr. Black – “

“I’m just saying,” Sirius answered back, with his hands raised in a defensive position, “If they weren’t so aggressive, Adrian wouldn’t have to be running away from one.”

“He’s not running away,” McGonagall said, tugging on the microphone, “He’s seen the snitch!”

Sirius tugged the microphone back, “The snatch? Hey! Hey everyone! Stop what you’re doing! Adrian’s gonna get the snatch!”

“The snitch!” McGonagall yelled into the microphone, throwing her hands up into the air when we couldn’t grab it out of Sirius’ grasp.

“He’s gonna get it! Any second now. He’s weaving and bobbing and doing much better than Steven with his ugly face.”

“Mr. Black, don’t insult the other players,” McGonagall said on reflex, sitting at the edge of her seat as she watched the two players race for the snitch.

“It’s true,” Sirius answered unapologetically, “His face looks like it caved in on itself. HEY! Do you think that he got hit in the face with a blooger as a child? Repeatedly?”

“10 points to Ravenclaw,” the professor shouted out.

“Anyway, I’m rooting for Adrian to get the ball. His face is slightly less off-putting. In fact I think he’s going to get the ball … now. No, wait… now. Riiiight now! Okay, okay, 1 – 2 – 3 – NOW!”

“Black! You will stop that right now!” McGonagall ordered him, before adding on, “10 points to Gryffindor.”

“He’s reaching – he’s reaching … and … yes! Adrian has got the snatch! 10,000 points to Gryffindor.”

“150!” McGonagall yelled, changing the score, “Gryffindor wins, 180 to 40!”

“Hot damn Gryffindor,” Sirius said, letting out a whoop, “Bet you Ravenclaws wish you would’ve stayed in your beds this morning, huh?”

“Alright, that’s enough, hand me the microphone,” McGonagall demanded, holding out her hand for Sirius to comply.

Sirius did with a smile and asked, “This was fun, Professor. We should do this every time.”

McGonagall answered with a swift and resounding, “No.”


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Also, we’re basing their looks off the Save Me Era (bc have you seen their hair colors then wooh mama it was nice)

Summary: You’re friends with a group of trouble makers, ‘junkies’ as the town calls you. But one day… it all gets too much.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9

“Hey wait you’re not allowed in here!” You heard your parents yell and footsteps coming up to your room. 

“Come on! Come on!” Jin repeated to you. He grabbed your hand but you winced away. When he finally looked down, he saw your hand was a shredded mess. “O-oh my god okay uhm Hoseok grab some of her things!” He grabbed a random shirt off the floor and ripped it apart, using a piece to wrap your hand up. 

“Whe-where’s Joon?” You asked lightly. 

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Barrel of Crackers server again. Our guests have been on another level lately, so if it seems like I’m submitting quite frequently… I am. This is a dual fuck customers/fuck managers story.

Sunday’s shift started off pretty normal. The kitchen was running smoothly, the dining room was mostly empty, I was in a decent mood. Until this asshole showed up. I greeted the table with a smile (it was just a two top, the elderly man and his wife) and my “hey y'all, how are you?” was answered with “DIET COKE.” Annoying enough but it happens 60% of the time so whatever. I’ll go get your stupid Diet Coke. I return to the table with their drinks and take down their orders. They bark at me that they want meatloaf. Cool, whatever. I ring in the order and go about some cleaning and stocking while I wait because I know I’m not going to be sat again in the meantime. A solid five minutes go by and I’m about to take out drink refills when a cook calls out to me- “hey, you know we don’t have meatloaf for 35 minutes, right?”

1. No, I didn’t know that. That was not communicated to me or ANYONE ELSE. AT ALL.
2. If I DID know that we were out, I wouldn’t have rung it in.

Now I’m pissed, because this table is already moderately annoying and I don’t want to go out there and piss them off and get yelled at for something that was 100% not my fault. But that’s life as a server. So I suck it up and walk back out there and have this sweet little interaction with this old man:

Me: Y'all, I am SO so sorry, but the kitchen has just informed me that we are out of meatloaf for about 35 minutes. I apologize. May I get you anything else?
Old man: *shaking his head, crosses his arms* Ugh. You know what… You should be shot.
His wife: *LAUGHS*
Me: Uhhhh yeah… I’m sorry. May I get you anything else?
Old man: Well I don’t know, what do you have?!
Me: I’ll grab you a menu.

So I deliver a menu to this old man like I’m not totally fucking dumbfounded by what he’s just said to me, and then immediately walk in the kitchen to find a manager. I tell one of the two managers on the floor that a guest has literally told me to my face that I SHOULD BE SHOT, and this manager just shakes their head and calls to another one to go out to the table. I tell them that I honestly think the man is joking but whether or not he’s serious, there is no universe in which it’s okay to tell a server that they should be fucking SHOT! EVER!

Different manager goes to the table as I’m greeting the next table I’ve been sat with, and as I walk back into the kitchen I hear her apologizing to them for our lack of meatloaf. Not one word (that I’m aware of) was said about what this guest said to me. The guest was not asked to leave. So I had to put a smile on and serve this hateful old man who just moments before told me that his food means more to him than another human being’s life.

Am I overreacting or is this absolutely fucking INSANE?!!? Like… I literally don’t know what to do. Management did NOTHING. It’s like they didn’t even take me seriously when I told them what happened. And they didn’t follow up with me after the fact. I don’t know if I should contact HR, or just let it go. I’m still in shock over it all. I just… what the fuck

Only One - Prologue

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Slytherin!Chan x Ravenclaw!Reader

A/N: This became very long and conversation-heavy, but I love Lee Chan and no one can stop me lmao

  • As far as overprotective mom friends go, Chan did not think Minghao and Jun could become even more of overbearing mothers than they already were.
  • But he was quickly proven wrong. One night after going out to practice quidditch by himself, he came back up to his dorm room, ready to flop on his bed and go straight to sleep, only to be greeted by Jun and Minghao throwing confetti at him and popping party poppers directly at him (which it says on the box clearly not to do but that wasn’t the point)
  • Chan: “What the he-”
  • Minghao & Jun: “Surprise! This is an intervention”
  • Chan looked up to see a banner strung on the back wall, with “intervention” carefully written across it.
  • Chan: “If this is an intervention, why are you wearing party hats and throwing confetti at me”
  • Jun: “The intervention was Minghao’s idea, and I thought it might come off a bit harsh so he let me decorate”
  • Minghao: “Chan, we’re having an intervention for you because we’re worried. From what we’ve seen, you’ve been practicing quidditch more and more, and studying less. How are your grades right now?”
  • Chan: “My grades are fine! I mean, except for Charms… I’m not exactly passing that class right now”
  • Minghao: “Your grades should be better than ‘fine’, and Charms is easy as long as you do the work! Have you been doing the homework?”
  • Chan: “I haven’t had the time, I’ve been practicing for our upcoming match! I want to make sure we win the cup this season”
  • Minghao: “That’s great and all, Chan, but you can’t keep managing your time like this. Jun, tell him”
  • Chan: “Jun, tell me what?”
  • Jun: “Chan, as captain of the quidditch team, I am only permitting you to come to our scheduled practices. So no practicing on your own”
  • Chan: “But I practice on my own almost every day!”
  • Jun: “We know, but you have to be passing your classes, and should want to do really good in those classes. So instead of practicing, we’re going to get Wonwoo to tutor you almost every day, until your grades go up and you’re passing Charms”
  • There’s a little flashback for some context, now we get to see things from your eyes, lovely reader.
  • Back to present time- where you come in.
  • You’re sitting at a table in the library, waiting for whoever Wonwoo told you you’d be tutoring. All you were told is that his name is “Lee Chan”, but you don’t have anyone with that name in your classes.
  • You’re like “meh, someone will show up”.
  • But. They. D o n ‘ t.
  • You wait in the library for two hours before giving up and leaving.
  • You wander around the castle trying to find Wonwoo, to see what the heck the deal is with this kid he asked you to tutor. If there even was someone you should be tutoring, or if this is Wonwoo’s idea of a stupid joke.
  • When you realize that if Wonwoo is anywhere in Hogwarts, it’s the library. So you make your way back to the library, semi-defeated already.
  • You see long legs sticking out between two shelves of books and you’re like “well there’s Wonwoo”
  • You round the corner of the bookshelves on the opposite side from where you spotted Wonwoo’s legs, to see him sprawled out on the carpeted floor of the library, his cat in his lap and nose in a book, as expected.
  • Attempting to sneak up on him, you carefully make small steps towards him until you’re about two feet away from him and he still has no clue you’re there, smh
  • You immediately shout “JEON WONWOO!”, causing him to drop his book and his head to snap up to see what the f r i c k you were doing. You accidentally spooked the cat though, and it bolted away from the both of you.
  • Wonwoo: “Three things- 1.) This is a library, you can’t yell like that, 2.) I will get you back for scaring my cat like this, and 3.) I’m busy, so what do you want?”
  • You: “Wait, so having me tutor this ‘Chan’ kid wasn’t a joke?”
  • Wonwoo: “…no? Why would it be?”
  • You explained to Wonwoo how no one had showed up and how much time had already passed.
  • Wonwoo: “Maybe he just didn’t see you and left? Did you see a really smiley guy with dark brown eyes, and short, brown & probably messy hair? When he smiles his eyes squint up kind of like Soonyoung”
  • You: “I didn’t see him. If I saw anyone like that, I’d remember. He sounds really cute”
  • Wonwoo: “He is very cute, but that’s not the point. If you want to find out why he didn’t show up, you should go ask his mothers”
  • You: “His w h a t
  • Wonwoo then tells you to go find the “Slytherin hooligans”, and figure it out yourself.
  • You start make your way down to the Slytherin commons, only to pass Lee Jihoon in the hall.
  • It occurs to you that Jihoon is a Slytherin. And his last name is Lee?? So is Chan’s. Maybe he’s one of Chan’s moms??
  • So you awkwardly clear your throat to get his attention (tbh you’re a little intimidated by him, from all the stories you’ve heard from some of the Gryffindor kids)
  • But he turns around and is like “hmm? Do you need help with something?”
  • And you’re lowkey shook because- woah he’s actually pretty nice. AJU NICE
  • Which makes your next question more awkward.
  • You: “Um are you perhaps one of Lee Chan’s… mothers?”
  • His face became the physical embodiment of “-_-”
  • Jihoon: “Over my dead body, I am. They honestly need to leave him alone”
  • You: “So you know who they are? I need to talk with them”
  • Jihoon: “Yeah, you’re talking about Jun and Minghao. Minghao could be anywhere, but you’ll probably find Jun clinging to someone or wherever there’s food”
  • He pauses for a minute, seeming hesitant to ask you something.
  • Jihoon: “If you’re looking for them… I mean… is Chan okay?”
  • You’re like “wow, the Lee Jihoon is worried”, and assure him that Chan is probably fine, but that he was supposed to meet you for you to tutor him and never showed up.
  • Jihoon: “Normally, as prefect, I’d do something about it, but I think the wrath of his ‘mothers’ will be all the scaring he needs. Especially Minghao”
  • You thank him for his advice and walk away, a little concerned on what the ‘scaring’, that Jun and “especially Minghao” will do actually entails. Shrugging it off, you make your way to the dining hall, even though you doubt that anyone would be there at this time of day.
  • The minute you step in, you see two boys at the Slytherin table. They’re literally the only ones there, besides you. One is tall with pitch black hair, and the other, a slightly shorter and thinner boy, with deep chocolate brown hair. They were in obviously in the middle of a conversation, the darker haired one cackling at something the brown haired boy hair said. You felt a little bad for interrupting them but you needed to know if they were 1.) Chan’s mothers?? (you still felt dumb asking people that) and 2.) if they weren’t, if they knew where/who the heck Jun and Minghao were.
  • You: “Um excuse me, are you two Jun and Minghao?”
  • The boys turned their attention to you, only now noticing that you were in the room, even though you’re only like four feet away from them. They glance at each other like “do you know them??”, before directing their attention back to you.
  • Jun: “Yes we are! And you might be?”
  • You: “Oh I’m Y/N, are you two supposed to be Chan’s mothers?”
  • Minghao: “Yeah that’s us, but he’s studying with Wonwoo right now, so if you need him you’ll have to catch him later”, he said, popping one of the chocolates, which were spread out across the table, into his mouth nonchalantly, as if declaring yourself someone’s mother was a totally normal thing. (it is, I am the mom friend to several lovely kids idiots)
  • You: “Studying with Wonwoo? I’m the one who was supposed to tutor him today, but he never showed up”
  • Minghao sharply turned to Jun and mumbled something along the lines of “I knew Wonwoo was too lazy to tutor him”, and they briefly had what seemed like a whispering argument low key lover’s quarrel before they turned back to you. Jun looked inconvenienced by this news, if anything, but Minghao’s forced smile and eyes full of fiery rage made you very much glad that you were not going to be on the receiving end of that wrath.
  • Even though you don’t know this Chan kid, you figured he at least deserves a chance to explain himself before Minghao… does whatever he’s planning to do. Probably yell at him, you figured.
  • Minghao: “If you’ll excuse us, we need to go give this kid a talking to, so we’ll have to leave”, he said with tension dripping from his voice.
  • You step in front of them as they try to exit the dining hall, pleading “Let me talk to him instead! So you can think about what you want to say to him? I mean, I just-”
  • Jun: “They’ve got a point. Plus, they were the one he stood up”
  • Minghao looked like the last thing he wanted to do was agree, but with a knowing look from Jun, he nodded, and told you that Chan was almost definitely practicing quidditch in the stadium.
  • You thanked them and left the dining hall, walking out to the courtyard and resting on a bench for a few minutes, because this was the most walking around you’d done in a while.
  • After regaining your energy, you make your way to the stadium, planning to curse every god and goddess above if Chan isn’t there (because it’s a far freaking walk and you are already tired by this point, tbh I’d be dying if I had to walk around that much)
  • Quietly entering the stands, the first thing you see is a person-sized blur whip past you- someone on a broom going insanely fast. Your initial reaction was “what the hell was that”, but you quickly realized that it’s probably Chan, that thought persuading you to slowly make your way down the steps of the stands and to the railing at the edge of the stands, the closest point to the field.
  • For about fifteen minutes, you don’t say a word. You just watch him practice, entranced by his constant effort to catch the snitch he’d been chasing since before you entered the stadium.
  • He suddenly started picking up speed, reaching out with his right arm, until he closed his hand around the tiny speck of metal. Gradually slowing down to a stop mid-air, he was maybe twenty feet from where you were standing, in the high stadium stands, but his smile shone radiantly even with the distance between you two.
  • You decided now was probably the best timing you were going to get to talk to him, but you were in such awe at what he just accomplished that you start cheering and clapping for him.
  • Chan, thinking he was alone in the stadium, got so startled by your hollering that he almost fell off his broom. After his initial shock, he noticed that you were cheering for him, causing him to look down with a faint blush evident on his cheeks.
  • You waved him over and he flew over to where you were in the stands, flying over the railing and hopping off his broom, and landing directly next to you with an impressive amount of gracefulness.
  • Chan: “Do you need something?”
  • You: “Yes actually, I was supposed to tutor you today and you never showed up. Have you been practicing this whole time?”
  • You didn’t know someone’s eye could get so wide. His face covered a variety of emotions ranging from shock, to guilt, to annoyance, before he seemed to remember that he was mid-conversation with you. Coming back to his senses, he sat down on the bleachers and patted the seat next to him for you to join him, which you do gladly because tbh he’s really cute and obviously talented so you’d be lying if you said you weren’t beginning to catch feelings.
  • Chan: “Wasn’t Wonwoo the one supposed to be tutoring me, though?”
  • You: “He asked me if I’d do it because he was ‘too busy’, but I’m pretty sure he just didn’t want to be bothered. I don’t mind though, teaching someone else the material is one of the best ways to study”
  • Chan: “I thought I was standing up Wonwoo, if I had known someone as nice and gorgeous as you would be helping, me I would’ve showed up an hour early”, he said with a sign, somewhat lost in his own thoughts. Realizing he just called you gorgeous to your face, he became cutely flustered. “I mean I wouldn’t judge you based on your appearance, it’s just that you’re really pretty and obviously smart and caring and I should really stop talking right about now”
  • You just laugh it off, flattered, and thinking he’s freaking adorable.
  • You: “How often do you practice by yourself like this?”
  • Chan: “Almost every day for a few hours”
  • You: “!!! Every! Day! When do you sleep? Or study? Well I guess you’re probably not studying much if a sharp guy like you needs a tutor… but why do you practice so much? From what I’ve seen, it’s obvious that you’re good at quidditch”
  • Chan: “But I don’t want to be just ‘good’. I want to be the best that I can be, because as the Seeker, the whole game relies on me catching the snitch as fast as I can. If I don’t do well or if I slack off, my whole team will lose and it’ll be my fault. But Jun and Minghao are dead set on me not practicing and… I don’t know if I can do that and be happy with myself as a part of our team”
  • At the beginning of the day, your impression of Lee Chan was some punk that skips out on tutoring for no reason, but after hearing all this, you see the reality- that he’s a loyal and dedicated member of his team, who he obviously thinks the world of. With this, you decide that you should help him out as best as you can.
  • You: How about this, I’ll talk to Jun and Minghao about working out a schedule where you can spend a little time practicing each day, but also spend time studying with me. That way you don’t have to stop practicing to do your best, but you still do well in your classes. Sound like a deal?”
  • He looks so surprised that you’re offering to help him, looking at you with wonder, as if you might not be real.
  • Chan: “Are you an angel?”
  • You: “Is that a crappy pick up line?”
  • Chan: “No! I just- well I stood you up today but you’re offering to still help me out, so I’m really thankful”
  • Now it’s your turn to be flustered, because here’s this sweet boy sitting next to you, being so genuine, even though you haven’t known each other more than half an hour.
  • You: “But in all seriousness, if you’re going to go talk to Jun, and especially Minghao, you might want me there as a buffer. Minghao seems p i s s e d”
  • As soon as you say this, his expression changes from interest in you to looking like a kicked puppy.
  • Chan: “Please come with me, you don’t know how scary Minghao is when he’s mad”
  • So you and Chan make your way back to the school grounds and about three steps into the building, Minghao appears from around the corner of a hallway and is giving Chan the most intense death glare. Instinctively, Chan hides behind you a little and squeezes your hand tightly, lacing your fingers together. Your heart is suddenly beating faster, but not because of Minghao’s intimidating expression.
  • Minghao: “Chan, explain please”, he asks in the most passive aggressive tone possible trumped only by Jeonghan’s passive aggressiveness
  • You and Chan take turns explaining how he’s feeling about the whole situation, and your study & practice plan.
  • By the end of this conversation, Minghao seems pleased enough, and doesn’t yell at Chan like you both thought he would.
  • You three actually end up chatting in the hall for a little while, and all initial fear you had of Minghao went down the drain. He’s a soft bean, just a confrontational soft bean.
  • Minghao yawns and is like “well it’s getting late, we should all go to bed”
  • You’re about the part ways with them when Minghao tells Chan to go on ahead without him, and turns to face you.
  • Chan looks at the two of you together with a subtle, jealous stare and trudges down to the Slytherin dorms.
  • Once Minghao is sure the Chan’s out of hearing range, he begins to speak to you in a parental tone of voice.
  • Minghao: “When you’re with him make sure that he’s drinking enough and staying hydrated. And whenever he goes to practice on his own, if it’s not too much to ask, could you go with him? I want someone there with him so he doesn’t over-exert himself, or in case he injures himself. I’m begging you, please take care of him. He doesn’t know how to take care of himself, it doesn’t even occur to him that he should. I know that you have no reason to accept, but I really trust you with him, and I’m a good judge of character. Plus, he’s a great guy, so it’s not like I’m asking you to spend time with a complete idiot Soonyoung
  • You accept, more than willing to get any excuse to spend more time with this very passionate, pretty boy by the name of Chan.
  • You also begin to understand why Jun & Minghao are referred to as Chan’s moms. And how they might appear a little overbearing, but in reality they’re just worried about him.
  • The next morning at breakfast, you walk up to Chan at the Slytherin table to confirm the time you’d meet today for you two to study, and the whole time you’re talking to him, he seems kind of flustered and reserved. On the inside you’re like “lol why tho, you poured out your heart and soul to me yesterday after 10 minutes, why are you shy now”, but you brush it off and go back to your table once you finish your conversation.
  • As soon as you go back to the Ravenclaw table, and sit between Wonwoo and Jeonghan, you hear someone yell obnoxiously loud from the Slytherin table, “No way Chan! Are you dating them?!”, with such a tone that you couldn’t tell if it was supposed to be a good thing or a bad thing.
  • All the thoughts pouring through your head are, “what did he tell them about me”, “are they mocking me?”, and “maybe Chan isn’t as nice as I thought”
  • For the rest of that meal you close up a little bit and don’t chat a lot, much to the dismay of DK, in the seat across from you, who spends more of his meals talking than he does eating.
  • You try to rush out of the great hall when you’ve finished, but as soon as you step five feet out of the room, someone grabs your wrist and whips you around to face them.
  • Not much to your surprise, it’s Chan. You don’t want to let him get the first word, though.
  • You: “Is this some kind of joke to you? Are you just making fun of me?”
  • He looks taken back, and a little hurt, but quickly apologises.
  • Chan: “I’m sorry for that guy shouting out like that, I didn’t mean to embarrass you or anything. He just was really surprised when I told him that I think I really like you. He said something about ‘what kind of a person does it take to get Chan to like them more than quidditch”, but that’s you. Right now I’m not thinking of when I get to practice next, I’m thinking of when I next get to see you. Even if that means I have to end up studying, I know it won’t be all that bad, because I’ll be with you”
  • Your heart does a 180 flip, from “how could he do this to me” to “what did I do to deserve such an amazing guy like him”
  • Stunned into speechlessness by his confession, instead of telling him how you feel, in a split second decision- you choose to show him. You wrap your arms around his waist and bury your face in the crook of his neck.
  • Chan: “So I’m assuming you’re not mad anymore?”, he says, chuckling and pulling you closer.
  • You: “Yes, and I like you too, but you still have to study later”
  • Chan: “Well d a m n”
  • Jun: *somewhere in the distance* “CHAN DON’T SWEAR”
  • From this point on, you help Chan study every freaking day until he passes Charms. When he finally passes, the way he tells you about the big news is by sprinting towards you when he sees you in the hall, swooping you up into a hug, and spinning you around.
  • When you’re like “Chan I love you but what is this about” and he tells you he’s passing, you immediately pull him down by the collar of his shirt for a kiss, as a reward for studying so diligently.
  • So this is how your relationship with Chan blooms, whether you’re somewhat forcibly making him study, or cheering him on from the stands as he practices quidditch, and even stealing a victory kiss from him after a successful match, you two are hands down the sweetest and most caring couple at Hogwarts.
Who knows who better?? (Kian Lawley)

(Y/N pov)
Currently I’m laying in my boyfriend Kian’s bed watching a movie, its Saturday and he’s pre-filming videos for Kian and Jc with Jc of course. Him and Jc live in a house with 4 other friends, Harrison, Bobby, Franny and Corey. It can get pretty hectic but at the end of the day it’s all fun and games. Suddenly Kian comes in the room, “hey baby whatcha watchin’?” He asks sliding into bed next to me “The Grinch” I say fluffing his hair a bit “oooo reaaally?” He asks rhetorically. We sit there for a minute just enjoying each others company watching the movie since Jim Carrey is Kian’s favorite actor until Kian speaks up “sooo baby, could you please do me a huge favor?” “And that would be?” I ask “can you help me and Jc film a Wednesday video for next week? It won’t be too hectic beca-” I cut him off and finish “because it’s a Wednesday video.” He nodds his head and says “and because its 10am the only people awake are me you and Jc so it won’t be loud or anything” “of course I’ll help my love, no worries” I say kissing him on the cheek as we both get up from the bed. “Meet me downstairs when you’re ready baby” Kian says leaving the room. I’m only wearing one of Kian’s shirts and my underwear so I decide to change, I change into a pair of ripped black jeans and a burgundy crop top with my white vans (bringing back them DAMNNNN DANIELS ;)).

I go down the stairs to find Kian and Jc in the back yard by the pool, “Y/N to the rescue! Yes I like it!” Jc yells as I walk towards him and Kian “Alright whatchu guys need?” I ask. “Well Jc can explain while I set up the camera” Kian says fixing the camera on the tripod so we’re facing the camera but the pool is behind us. “Ok so a while back we did a video with Trevor where it was ‘who knows who better’, like Trevor trivia to see who knew him better. Have you seen that video?” He asks. I nod my head indicating for him to proceed “yeah, so it’s literally that but Kian trivia, where it’s me vs you” he finishes “oooooo that sounds dope” I say. Kian then chimes in “yeah and the consequence will be being covered in random shit and thrown in the pool fully clothed” “of course” I add. “Ok let’s get started” Jc says grabbing three chairs, Kian in the middle and us on either side of him. For the intro we decide for me to jump in. “WASSUP EVERYBODY ITS KIAN AND JC” Kian yells “Yup one two three…” Jc says counting the chairs “wait who’s three..?” He finishes acting confused “Oh is this seat for me?” I say jumping into it “ayyyyy” we all yell hyping everything up. “Welcome Y/N everyone” Kian says “yeah this is our friend Y/N and she-” Jc says but Kian cuts him off “let me rephrase that, this is Y/N my wonderful GIRLFRIEND and everyone else’s FRIEND there we go back to you Jc” we laugh a bit and then Jc continues “ok so we’re doing who knows who better, basically Kian trivia. Jc vs Y/N edition” then Kian chimes in “basically the name of the game is who knows me better my girlfriend or my besssttt-boyfrienddddd.” I laugh at his humor. “That’s a pretty long name of the game” I say “shut up” Kian says playfully “We’ve done this before on our channel with Trevor and you’ll get it as we go along, OK let’s get started” Kian says. He brings out his phone with the questions in his notes. “Ok first quessssion düd” he starts “when is….. my birthday” he quickly finishes “SEPTEMBER 2nd!!” I yell a smidgen before Jc yells “SEPTEMBER 3rd!”, he then realizes I was right and says “fuuuckk”. “Jc! Really?!” Kian says shocked “dude I was off by one day oooooo call the cops ooooo” Jc justifies. “Yeah yeah ok, one point for Y/N. NEXT!” Kian says. “Ok, on which arm- or wrist is my O2L tally mark tattoo on?” Kian states quickly turning his wrists over. “Left, nononono right, yeah right” Jc shouts. “Ok that’s your final answer, Y/N?” Kian says as they both look at me. “Haha its on both bitch!” I say confidently “GOOD FUCKING JOB BABY!” Kian says giving me a high five “DAMNIT! A fucking trick question” Jc says. “You should know your boyfriend better” I say to Jc snobbishly in a joking matter of course. “Ok next question, so we all know that 2014 Kian dyed his hair blonde and then some weird blue shit right after but when did I dye my hair rainbow?” Kian asks “it’s either the end of 2014 or beginning of 2015… shitt” Jc contemplates out loud “ok say your answers together on three, ready 1…2…3” Kian calls off “2015” we both say. “Wow you both got that right, it was April 2015. So that’s 3 Y/N and 1 Jc. We’re going up to 6 by the way” he says talking to the camera towards the end. “Alrighty what is my fourth latest photo on Instagram and its caption?” Kian asks “fucking nope Y/N you got this one” Jc says giving up “OMG OMG ITS THE UMMMMMM the one of you IN THE POOL AND THE CAPTION IS ‘POOL DAY’!!” I yell “wow I can’t believe you actually got that” Kian says amazed “haha I only know that because I was stalking you this morning” I cheekily confess “huh I keep up on my boyfriend” I say to Jc smirking “shut up I’ll have a come back” Jc responds “it’s 4 to 1 you literally can’t win” I say “SHHHHH NEXT QUESTION,” Kian starts “ok who is/was my ultimate best friend like since forever? Hint, it’s not Jc” Kian asks. I sit there for a second just so lost, I say “wait give me a second” until Jc immediately shouts “SAM, Sam Pottorff” “yeah” Kian says. “I would’ve never guessed that, like I was so lost. Every fan probably thinks I’m just so dumb” I say. “You’re still gonna win baby” Kian says “hey that’s biased-” Jc starts but Kian cuts him off “OK LADIES AND GENTLEMAN THIS IS THE LAST AND FINAL QUESTIONN CAN I GET A DRUM ROLLLLLLL” Kian shouts as Jc and I hit our chairs continuously imitating a drum. “What is my favorite color?” Kian asks “BLUE”. “BLUE” Jc and I shout, “THAT WAS ME I GOT IT FIRST!” I yell “NO WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN IT WAS OBVIOUSLY ME, REPLAY THAT SHIT NOPE CUT IT. I will SHOW YOU IT WAS ME” Jc says. “Kian who do you think it was” I ask, Kian smiles and says “I honestly don’t know” “fuck it, we’ll be back in a sec guys” Jc says talking to the camera. “Are you actually?” I ask “yes” Jc responds. He then proceeds to stop recording and replay the footage, he then proceeds to show us in slow motion that he in fact said blue a millisecond before I did.

We then set the camera back up and turn it on “ok so we played back the footage, and the winner prevails” Jc says gloating. “Whatever I still won” I say “OK SO since my baby one and Jc fucking lost were gonna throw shit on him and push him in the pool” Kian says standing up. Kian runs to go get the condiments and such that they already set out earlier. He hands me mustard and mayo while he holds ketchup and jelly. “Ok get over by the pool” Kian says pushing Jc “ok ok I’m going– wait wait I don’t want to get the pool dirty…” Jc says trying to stall “shut up it’ll clean you, now on three Y/N.. 1..2..3!” Kian yells and we start throwing condiments on Jc right away. “THAT DIDN’T EVEN MAKE SENSE!” Jc says, Jc tries to cover his face but then realizes there’s no use. Once we cover him almost completely I decide to pull a stunt. “Wait Jc hold on” I say making Kian stop and Jc look up “come here.. what’s that thing righttttttt….” I say dragging the word on as I walk closer to him “THERE!” I yell throwing him in the pool. “HAHHAHAHAHAHAH THAT WAS SO FUCK- THHHAT WAS SO FUCKING FUNNY BABE! Gosh I love you” Kian yells laughing hysterically while stuttering, I give Kian a high five and say “I learn from the best, love you too” indicating Kian as the best. “Fuck you Y/N, ahhhaha I didn’t see that coming at all” Jc says once he surfaces. “Ok thank you guys for watching, a big thanks to Y/N for being in the video” Kian says turning his attention from the camera to me “anytime for Kian and Jc” I say smiling. “MAKE SURE TO SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON AND SUBSCRIBE IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY AND COMMENT IF YOU WANNA SEE Y/N IN OUR VIDEOS MORE OR DON’T WE DON’T REALLY CARE” Jc yells from the pool. We all laugh “Alright,” Kian starts as he grabs my waist “we’ll see you guys on Friday!!” He says before pulling me in for a kiss and covering the camera with his hand then turning it off once we pull away. “That was so cheeessssyyy ugh” Jc says as he gets out of the pool taking his shirt off “shut up” Kian and I say in sync as we push Jc back into the pool, smiling.

**Decided to switch it up a bit, let me know if you enjoyed this bc I had fun writing it! Thxx and send in some KnJ requests!!!

peace&love :)***

How to be basic hiccstrid trash

Step 1-modern hiccstrid high school au

Step 2- the nerd hiccup and the popular track star Astrid

Step 3- hiccup has a cat named toothless of course

Step 4- he loses his leg at the end of the fic in a car crash

Step 5- awkward hiccstrid hangouts/being partners for a project

Step 6- sometimes a dog shelter is involved

Step 7- Gobber yells something about Astrid being hiccups girlfriend

Step 8- ex boyfriend snotlout


Step 10- hiccup getting slammed into lockers

Step 11- mwah mwah kiss kiss

Step 12- lots of hiccup povs *wow she’s so beautiful*

Step 13- happy ending

Dear Customers: I don't have magic printer-fixing powers.

I work in a grocery store, nothing horrible usually happens.

So today we had more cashiers than we had registers (we actually have 9 but technically we have 7 bc we don’t use registers 1&2) so they put me on 2, and a few customers later the reciept printer broke.

I had 3 ladies at my register, and i’m calling them by number
Lady 1: I had rung all her stuff through already, and it was at this point i realized my reciept printer was broken. She was a sweetheart about the entire thing.
Lady 2: All her stuff was on the belt already, ready to be rung through. She was a sweetheart too.
Lady 3: None of her stuff is on the belt yet, all still in her cart. She is cranky.

I ask Lady 2 to tell Lady 3 that my register is closed (two managers told me to move to register 4) and then i explained that my reciept printer is broken. At this point it would be faster for her to go to another line bc idk if my manager is getting me a new printer before i move or not. She yells that she’s been waiting in this line for a while (hint: its because the reciept printer broke and its been a problem for at least 5 whole minutes), and that she’s going to talk to my manager, but still goes to another line.

Fast-forward to finishing with Lady 1, she was very nice about the whole mishap. I help 2 put her stuff back in her cart and bring her to register 4. As I’m scanning all her stuff, we see 3 talking to my manager about what happened. 2 is watching, laughing, and doing a mocking “blahblahblah” as soon as she leaves, 2 calls my manager over and goes “Everything that lady just said was bullshit.” And went on to back me up and defend me, and my manager knew none of it was my fault.

Bless understanding managers, but fuck cranky customers who take it out on you/expect you to overcome and impossible (at the time) obstacle.

If Much Ado About Nothing took place in a preschool classroom:
  • Beatrice and Benedick don’t know how to be friends. They tried yelling at each other, hitting, and biting. Those attempts were unsuccessful. 
  • Claudio, Hero, and Don Pedro decide to help them out… but their ideas are… questionable. 
  • Their very important list of ideas includes: 1. Convince them they are already friends 2. Draw pictures where they are friends 3. Masks
  • Leonato is that parent who is somehow both like ehhh let kids be kids and YOOO LET’S MEDDLE IN THIS
  • Don Jon is that kid who waits until the teacher isn’t looking, hits another kid, and screams when they hit back just to get them in trouble
Childhood Friends Au

Namjoon feels like shit as he repeatedly forces himself to take another step back to his place, completely convinced that he most likely looks like shit, too. He looks up in time to see his front door swing open, and his legs suddenly gain a surge of strength at the thought of Jinnie being home.

His mind races wildly with thoughts of apologies and a promise to straighten the fuck up when he is suddenly meet with Yoongi with a luggage in tow looking equally exhausted.

“Hyung…” Namjoon pants heavily. “Why… why are you here?”

“To get the rest of Jin’s things.”


“You know, I really can’t stand looking at your face right now. But I’m not gonna do shit about it. Because he was yours whether he realized it or not. But now, he’s his own person, and someday he’ll move on. And when he does, I’ll be there. And you bet your ass I’m not going anywhere.”

Yoongi shoves a spare key in Namjoon’s chest, sparing him one last glance before sluggishly walking away.

“Wait a damn second!” Namjoon yells as he spins around. “Where is he? Give him back to me!”

Yoongi suddenly turns around and rushes angrily at Namjoon.

Don’t talk about him like he’s some damn object,” he hisses, jabbing his finger in Namjoon’s chest. “Do him a favor and don’t ever look for him again.” He straightens himself and smirks. “Go get that big ass dream of yours, Joon-ah. Don’t worry ‘bout me. I’ll toast to your success with him in my arms.”

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*** YOU’RE ALIVE*** 

Part 1     Part 2     Part 3    Part 4 

“Is it a boy or girl?” You smiled at the middle aged woman and poured her another cup of coffee. “Don’t know yet. Wanted to keep it a surprise I think. Wait until he or she gets here.” The woman nodded and took a sip, motioning for you to sit in front of her in the booth. You looked around and figured why not, you were the only one still working and it’s not like your boss was here to yell at you for relaxing on the job. You sat across from the woman who you’d come to know was named Beth from your frequent interactions and begin talking, getting lost in conversation about children. She always came in at the same time every day to have her 8 pm coffee. You recently transferred to this diner since it was closer to your apartment. The farther along in your pregnancy you got, the less you wanted to stress and exert yourself. You were already 6 months along and things weren’t exactly getting any easier. 

You were low on money and all you really owned was the belongings you had packed when you left Charming and a shitty apartment in the bad side of town. If you were being honest, you hated it but you were saving every penny you could so you could provide for the baby when it got here. You had the capacity to get a better job and make better money but the issue was staying off the radar. If you got an official job on the books, your cover would be blown. You knew how good Juice was with tracing so you decided to work under the table for straight cash, no checks or payroll. You had been away from Charming for a while now but you knew the club was probably still looking for you. Not Clay, you didn’t think he cared about you anymore, but you figured the others might be. You were usually in limbo as to how that made you feel. A part of you wished that they wouldn’t. Wished that they would just forget you. You hoped that they weren’t sad or distressed in the wake of your absence. After all, they were disappointed in you. 

But the other side of you hoped that they still looked for you every now and then. You hoped that they at least missed you, thought about you from time to time. To you, Clay was the only one you could see truly not giving a shit. He’d been the one to kick you out in the first place. He hadn’t meant for you to take off though and you wondered how he felt about everything. Above all else though, you wondered about Happy. How he’d reacted when he found out you had left. If he still thought about you. If he missed you or if he hated you. If he had a new girl now, one that he could parade around and be proud to own, not like it had to be with you. The thought made you sick. 

 The sound of your name being called pulled you from your thoughts and your eyes snapped up to see Beth waving her had in front of your face. She smiled when you made eye contact. “You alright there darling? Lost you for a second.” You chuckled in embarrassment and ran your hand through your hair. “Sorry Beth. Just stuck in my thoughts.” Beth simply nodded and tossed back the remainder of her coffee before grabbing her purse to get ready to leave. “Well it’s getting late. I better get going. You too.” With a nod, you stood and grabbed the empty mug taking it to the back. 

After you tossed it into the sink, you walked back out to say goodbye but Beth was gone, $50 on the table. You shook your head but were still thankful. Her coffee had cost $3 every night but she still always left you a large tip. ‘Buy the baby something nice.’ she always said. You were definitely struggling when it came to money and those extra dollars helped more than she‘d ever know. With a small smile, you turned back to the kitchen and went in to start doing the dishes, thinking about your family and your old life. 


 “That must’ve been why she left. She didn’t want to have to face us and say she was pregnant. Not after the scene her little rendezvous with Happy caused.” Bobby was the only one really talking while the others sat with their head in their hands. Tig looked in disbelief, Chibs was stoic and Jax had a look that could kill. He didn’t know who he was angrier with, all he knew was that he was angry and that he wanted his baby sister back. There was great relief in knowing that you were alive and ok but the thought for you out there all alone had always hurt him to think about but now finding out that you were pregnant too? His heart was broken. 

 Some days were better than others but right now he would barely stomach the guilt he felt for letting you walk out of the clubhouse that day. Maybe if he had followed his instincts, ignored Clay and went after you, everything would be fine. But everything wasn’t fine and he was making it his job to fix this mess and bring his little sister back home. The first step to do that though meant that they needed to have Happy back down in SAMCRO. That wasn’t going to be the hardest part though. Telling him that you were carrying his baby would be.


“Happy? Hap!” Happy grumbled and rolled over in his bed, pulling his pillow over his head to ignore the repetition of his name at the door. It didn’t stop though and simply got louder, now accompanied with impatient knocking. “What?!” Happy’s gruff and angry voice barked out causing Kozik to start talking from the other side of the door. “Happy man, you gotta call SAMCRO. Jax called, said he’s been calling you all morning and you’re not answering. It sounds really important.” The Killer groaned as he remembered that he had turned his burner off the night before when he had taken a croweater to bed, not wanting to be interrupted. He’d forgotten to turn it back on though and now his Charming VP was pissed.

 Happy rubbed his eyes and sat up, grabbing his burner from off of the nightstand. “I’ll call him back now.” “Ok brother.” With that Kozik walked away from the dorm door while Happy started his phone back up, 7 missed calls and 4 unread texts lined up, all from his brothers down in SAMCRO. He cleared his throat and hit the speed dial for Jax’s number, pressing the phone to his ear and shoving the sleeping croweater. “Get out.”

 The girl groggily left the room while Happy listened to the phone ring before Jax’s voice came over the line, not bothering with pleasantries or small talk. “I’ve been calling you. You need to answer your phone.” Happy nodded and swung his legs over so he was sitting on the edge of the bed. “Sorry Jax. What’s going on?” There was a silence on the other end as Jax contemplated how to deliver the news but he settled on just being upfront. “Juice tracked down Y/N.” Now it was Happy’s turn to be silent. Even though he stayed quiet, there was a flood of feelings and emotions going through him. Fear, anger, betrayal, curiosity. Out of all of them though, the one that suck out was relief. Relief that at least you were alive. The others could come later. “She’s alright?” “We think so. We tracked her in El Paso. She’s…” There was a pause and Happy’s mind was scrambling as he waited to hear what Jax would say next.

 Maybe you had found another man. One that worked a regular 9 to 5 and would be home with you. No runs or jail time. While the thought of you being happy and protected made him at ease, the thought of any man other than him being with you had him seeing red. His brain kept churning as he thought of all the things that could come at the end of that sentence. She’s happy, she’s single, she’s married, she’s coming back. It was none of those though and Happy felt his heart drop into his stomach as he heard Jax finally spit it out. 

 “She’s pregnant.” 

 With just those 2 words, Happy felt his entire body go hot and he looked around for something to break, a wall to punch. The thought of you with another guy made him furious but you carrying a baby that belonged to anyone other than him? He grit his teeth together and stared forward at the wall, his left hand in a fist and clenching by his side. “Do you know who the guy is? Did she run off with him? Or did she meet him over there? I swear to god Jax, find out who he is and send me the name.” 

 There was a silence again and Jax blew out a breath, closing his eyes. “It’s yours Hap. Juice hacked the file, she’s 6 months along. That means she was pregnant when she left. That’s why she took off. It’s your baby.” Happy sat there for a good 10 seconds in complete shock before suddenly everything started to make sense. How you had picked him over the club but then taken off. How you had been willing to leave him and your family behind. You wouldn’t have been able to hide your pregnancy from the club and that would’ve been a whole different problem. You’d left to make things easier for him and avoid issues within the club. It had, but you’d ended up breaking his heart in the process, even though he’d probably never admit it.

 “We’re gonna head over to Texas and find her, bring her back home. We could use you back.” Without any hesitation Happy nodded and stood up from the bed, his jaw set and pure determination on his face. Even after months of lying to himself saying he didn’t love you anymore and drowning himself in booze and pussy to try and forget you, he still loved you, you were still his and he was going to get you back. 

“I’ll be there tomorrow.”

Walking Dead Game FanFiction - "Holding On"

Title: Holding On
Characters: Clementine, Javier, Gabe
Summary: Inspired by a scene in The Last Of Us, Clementine is almost attacked and assaulted. Luckily, Javi and Gabe bust onto the scene before anything has a chance to get too far.
Author’s Note: This is in celebration of my TWDG Wattpad book hitting 100 chapters! So I decided to write a piece I was really inspired to do :) tw; swear words, violence, alluding to sexual assault. Another long one y'all brace yourselves.
Requested By: @fetchketchum
The squirming from inside the room sent chills down their spines.

Javier and Gabe, arms crossed and staring at the metal door with pressed, quizzical brows, listened intently to the muffled groans and shuffling from within the small storage room.

“Who do you think is in there?” Gabe asked softly, glancing up at his uncle with desperate curiosity.

Javi, knowing this was only going to detract from the work they had yet to do in the day, sighed. “We’re about to find out.”

At first, it was locked. But the moment they kicked the door in, they froze in horror at the sight before them.

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10 things that annoy each sign
  • Aries gets annoyed when...
  • 1. People walk or drive absent-mindedly.
  • 2. Their love interest won't answer their calls or have their mobile phone turned off.
  • 3.They feel oppressed and not free.
  • 4. Somebody is obsessed with Facebook or Twitter!
  • 5. People make silly excuses.
  • 6. They wait in long queues.
  • 7. There is traffic jam.
  • 8. People talk to them too softly and sweetly.
  • 9. They stay inside for a long time.
  • 10. There is too much peace and tranquillity around!
  • Taurus gets annoyed when...
  • 1. There is untidiness around.
  • 2. People have bad taste.
  • 3. Meal isn't ready or tasty.
  • 4. They have to attend a social event.
  • 5. They are in a hurry.
  • 6. They haven't had sex for a while.
  • 7. People speak inappropriately or rudely to them.
  • 8. No money.
  • 9. They have to do something different from the usual.
  • 10. People have no limits.
  • Gemini gets annoyed when...
  • 1. People shut the phone on their face.
  • 2. They forget their cell phone, their battery or they don't have an Internet connection.
  • 3. They speak with humorless or old-fashioned people.
  • 4. They are interrupted when they talk or they are not allowed to speak their mind.
  • 5. They wear tight clothes.
  • 6. They have to be punctual.
  • 7. There is pessimism.
  • 8. They are forced to confine.
  • 9. People around them hesitate to speak their mind openly.
  • 10. They must be silent.
  • Cancer gets annoyed when...
  • 1. They are hungry and have nothing to eat.
  • 2. The weather changes a lot.
  • 3. They sleep uncomfortably.
  • 4. There is violence...
  • 5. People around them are provocative.
  • 6. Their beloved ones insult them.
  • 7. They have to stay far away from the family or the closest friends.
  • 8. They are forgotten and ignored.
  • 9. They can't sleep because of the noise.
  • 10. People are ungrateful to them.
  • Leo gets annoyed when...
  • 1. People avoid or ignore them.
  • 2. They don't have their usual comforts.
  • 3. They have to work in the office during a sunny day!
  • 4. They can't show their talents and abilities.
  • 5. They are not the center of attention.
  • 6. They don't have enough money to lead a luxurious life.
  • 7. Somebody is better than them...
  • 8. They are not the first to get asked what their opinion is.
  • 9. They gain weight.
  • 10. They have to wait...
  • Virgo gets annoyed when...
  • 1. There is chaos, mess and untidiness.
  • 2. Public utilities.
  • 3. There is no punctuality.
  • 4. People don't answer their calls or reply to their e-mails.
  • 5. They meet people with bad taste in humor.
  • 6. People waste time in facebook.
  • 7. People complain to them.
  • 8. They have to change their schedule.
  • 9. They must pay the bills all together!
  • 10. They get ill!
  • Libra gets annoyed when...
  • 1. Somebody tells them to turn the music down.
  • 2. Somebody yells at them.
  • 3. They can't express them the way they want.
  • 4. There is poverty and misery all around.
  • 5. They stain their clothes.
  • 6. They don't look as they wish!
  • 7. It's Saturday night and they can't find people to go out with.
  • 8. No flirts!
  • 9. People demand things from them or are strict to them.
  • 10. They can't find clothes they like in their size!
  • Scorpio gets annoyed when...
  • 1. People borrow things and never bring them back.
  • 2. Their boyfriend/girlfriend is not in the "mood".
  • 3. Their BF/GF tries to make them feel jealous.
  • 4. Their beloved ones ignore them.
  • 5. People gossip about them.
  • 6. They get blamed for something.
  • 7. They can't relax when they want to.
  • 8. They haven't had sex for a while.
  • 9. People keep secrets from them!
  • 10. They catch someone lying to them!
  • Sagittarius gets annoyed when...
  • 1. There is traffic jam.
  • 2. People are violent to animals.
  • 3. They have to stay home.
  • 4. They want to travel but don't have enough money.
  • 5. People are afraid to speak their mind.
  • 6. Nothing happens in their life.
  • 7. People grumble.
  • 8. They can't act spontaneously.
  • 9. They have to be formal and typical.
  • 10. Somebody tries to control their life.
  • Capricorn gets annoyed when...
  • 1. People spend their money thoughtlessly.
  • 2. People ask them to borrow something.
  • 3. People take some personal stuff without asking.
  • 4. People insult them or swear.
  • 5. People affect their dignity.
  • 6. They are called stingy.
  • 7. Their privacy is abused.
  • 8. Someone has no values and morals...
  • 9. Run out of money.
  • 10. People don't trust them.
  • Aquarius gets annoyed when...
  • 1. They see someone polluting the enviroment.
  • 2. People are violent to animals.
  • 3. People get injured in riots.
  • 4. Friends betray them.
  • 5. There is injustice and hypocricy.
  • 6. They have to be polite and typical.
  • 7. People mock them when they speak.
  • 8. They are forced to keep the schedule.
  • 9. They meet narrow-minded people.
  • 10. They think about the misery and injustice in the world.
  • Pisces gets annoyed when...
  • 1. They are forced to make a decision on their own.
  • 2. Everybody but they is in a relationship.
  • 3. Somebody calls into the night...
  • 4. Their dreams don't become true.
  • 5. Their efforts bring no results.
  • 6. People are sarcastic to them.
  • 7. They don't find a parking lot.
  • 8. They want to eat something sweet but there's nothing in the house.
  • 9. They get forgotten.
  • 10. They get wet by the rain, burned by the sun and freezed by the cold!

anonymous asked:

I'm rewatching the Gorn videos and I think that it's actually Chase playing it. 1. Chase yells when he gets a trickshots, which Jack does a lot of victory yelling along with his own sound effects in the game. 2. Jack seems oddly aggressive while playing and in the Bro Average video, Chase "supposedly" killed a bunch of people in The Drive By. 3. In the first episode, Jack was wearing Chase's shirt. I think it's been Chase playing Gorn, but it's mostly just a thought. ~KitKat

Ooh, with all these clues it could definitely be him!
We’ll have to wait and see! 👀 - Mod Lily