waiting to get my disposable camera developed


aaaaaand sometimes you wait 7 months and pay $19 to have your disposable camera processed and get five only okay photos out of the 27 you took… but that’s the game you play when you shoot film

Green Day & Against Me! // Pittsburgh, PA // 03.25.17

25 Days Of Christmas

Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Words: 3390
Requested by Anonymous:  Can I request a Jensen imagine? Jensen and the reader have customized advent calendars for each other. Jensen chose the items for the readers advent calendar and vice versa, and on the last day either Jensen or the reader have a surprise. Hope that makes sense :)

           It was your first Christmas as a married couple and you had wanted to do something special. Something that would become a meaningful tradition for the two of you. And you couldn’t have been happier with what the two of you had chosen.

           You and Jensen had both made an advent calendar for each other. They were simple, but great in your opinion. A large piece of felt with smaller felt pieced attached to make little pockets. Each pocket held a note or a small trinket or gift. Each day, you would each take out one of the items to count down until Christmas. You were so excited for this tradition to continue, even when you had children.

           You each had decided on days that would be for notes and what ones would be for gifts. You loved the idea and hadn’t been able to wait until the first of December to start the new tradition.

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